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    Uso leitores e teclados com saída USB, mas preciso conecta-los a equipamentos com entrada PS2. Preciso usar um microcontrolador ou Arduino, ou CI dedicado para fazer a conversão de dados. Preciso da ideia de como fazer e do firmware. A PCB pode ser pelo freelancer ou meu trabalho.

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    Produção de 12 Artigos/Posts para Blog Criação, redação, e otimização de artigos para Blog Prezados, O Projeto é referente à produção de 12 artigos otimizados e...englobadas na proposta - Conteúdo deverá ser original, livre de plágio - Cada artigo deverá ter no mínimo 1 imagem de alta resolução - Mínimo de 600 palavras por artigo - Deverá ser utilizado banco de imagens público/gratuitos (livre de direito autorais) - Prazo de entrega da primeira versão: 7 dias Referencias de formatação de Artigos (modelo, fonte, espaçamento etc.) O projeto ficará aberto para captação de Propostas at&e...

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    ...várias marcas de Impressoras Fiscais ==> Entrada por Código de Barras ou Teclado ==> CPF/CNPJ do consumidor no cupom ==> Atende a Legislação vigente ==> Baixa de Estoque ==> Terminal de Consulta de Preços Boxfront ==> Fiscal Coupon Issue (ECF) and NFC-e ==> Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) ==> Compatible with various brands of Fiscal Printers ==> Input by Bar Code or Keyboard ==> CPF / CNPJ of the consumer in the coupon ==> Meet the current legislation ==> Low stock ==> Price Inquiry Terminal...

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    OpenGL Robot Model Encerrado left

    EN-US I'm looking for someone capable to model a 3D simple robot using OpenGL / C++. The robot model needs to have at least one complete arm divided in arm, forearm and a claw (or tweezer) in place of a hand. The robot has to move and rotate his all body and the claw has to open, close and spin. The arm need to be articulated as well. All types of movement have to become by input (keyboard keys or mouse) The scene needs a font of light and the camera has to be puted on a projective transformation. The libraries allowed to this project are the Glew, Glut and RbImage. Textures are welcome too. Budget starts at 5 and can go up to 25. It depends on how well the project will be delivered. You can see some reference examples attached. PT-BR Estou procurando alguém capaz de mo...

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    ..."who is the CEO of Apple ?", "options": [ "Donald Trump", "Joe Biden", "Tim Cook", "Bill Gates" ], "correctIs": 2 // The array position of the string options We have already the scenario with is something made for VR to run on Quest2 headset, so the professional in some point of the scenario should make a VR virtual keyboard to pop in front of the user. Then, with your own hards, the user should type a code and see if the code exists on the user list...if yes, the quis should start...on the scenario, a LCD TV will turn on and the user will see the questions on the TV. User should click on the right option (or thw wrong option..does n...

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    Language keyboard app 3 dias left

    Project Title: Language Keyboard App Platform: Android Design: - The client has a specific design in mind for the keyboard app. Languages: - The keyboard app should support a single language. Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing Android apps - Proficiency in designing and implementing custom keyboard layouts - Knowledge of language localization and support - Ability to integrate various input methods for typing in the selected language - Familiarity with UI/UX design principles for a seamless user experience - Strong problem-solving skills to address any compatibility or performance issues - Attention to detail to ensure accurate language input and functionality

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    needs to be 100% accurate. In the form of sheet music for both piano and other keyboard sounds (strings etc. = everything that is included in the song). Must be separate sheet music for piano and separate for keyboard. I am not paying more than 35 USD. the song is attached below

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    I need an Excel application for manual expense input and automatic financial result generation. The app should provide overall company results and results for each workplace. Keyboard input for expenses and income, with automatic generation of other reports. I can share the current app we're using and a sketch of what I want. Expenses are per workplace, with common expenses distributed based on the number of employees at each location. Design is crucial, aiming for a corporate style.

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    ...ideas in mind, so the programmer has creative freedom in designing the game. The theme of the game is at your discretion, only it must meet these requirements: Using the "ncurses library", write any program (game or something creative), and your project must have the following: The project must have a 2D world. The project must eventually work with at least 3 of the following: Color handling Keyboard control (without having to press enter) More than one level (levels) Working with time (the situation in the game changes over time) Working with command line arguments Working with files The project should be something more complex than just demonstrative examples and its complexity should be appropriate. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency ...

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    I am in need of a talented studio artist who can create a custom-made background music track or Kareoke for my singing performance. Should be able to produce a keyboard, guitar, tabla, flute and others based(chords) background track Preferably: Indian person because the songs include mostly Indian classical, old melodies and some remix with classical ones. It includes KANNADA, HINDI and ENGLISH songs. Genre: Electronic - The background track should be in the electronic genre, with its distinct beats and melodies. Instrumental Only: - I prefer the background track to be instrumental only, without any vocals. Length: More than 5 minutes - The background track should be longer than 5 minutes, allowing for a continuous and seamless flow throughout my project. Ideal Skills and Ex...

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    ...Entertainment colours, backgrounds and design Set and manage disappearing messages Data usage options (WLAN & mobile) Note to me Archive or unarchive conversations In-app payments Proxy support Show in suggestions Incognito keyboard Change phone number View message details Group link or QR code Edit a group Delete for all @ mentions in groups Memory management Font size options Language settings Mark as unread Forward Pin or unpin conversations Share media content In-app notification options Message reactions One-time viewable media Stickers Buy phone number anonymously (Twillio) Keyboard shortcuts for Messenger Desktop Navigate to "Settings" Tip indicators Messenger Android statistics Link previews Screen protection Unpair devices How do I know if my message...

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    Though data entry is an old money making job, it has some difficulties which can only be solved by being conspicuous and sagacious. The work of data entry is to operate keyboard to input numeric or symbolic data into the system of a company with some requirements of changing or editing the data as it is entered. So you are required to have some basic skills and years of experiences before you try to win a big budget project.

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    Though data entry is an old money making job, it has some difficulties which can only be solved by being conspicuous and sagacious. The work of data entry is to operate keyboard to input numeric or symbolic data into the system of a company with some requirements of changing or editing the data as it is entered. So you are required to have some basic skills and years of experiences before you try to win a big budget project.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create an inventory counting ...counting retail inventory using handheld devices. Skills and experience required for this project include: - Proficiency in Windows CE development - Experience developing programs for handheld devices - Knowledge of inventory management systems - Familiarity with retail inventory processes The ideal candidate should be able to create a user-friendly interface that supports both touchscreen and keyboard input. The program should be intuitive and efficient, allowing users to easily input and track inventory data. If you have experience in Windows CE development and are familiar with retail inventory processes, I would love to hear from you. Please provide examples of similar projects you have completed in...

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    ...enhancing readability and hierarchy. Interactive Elements: Design easily identifiable and usable buttons, text fields, and toggles, keeping the user journey and engagement in mind. - Responsiveness: The interface must be responsive, offering a consistent experience across various devices and screen sizes. - Accessibility: Make the design accessible, including considerations for color contrast, keyboard navigation, and screen reader compatibility. - Personalization: Incorporate the client’s personalized avatar and any specific branding elements to make the interface feel uniquely tailored. Functionality: Enable easy text input, AI-generated responses, and adjustment of GPT Builder settings. Clearly indicate loading or processing states. Provide guidance or tooltips for firs...

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    Hi, I am looking for a freelancer to create a video tutorial in English (Spoken or subtitled) on how to create a flat design image using either Illustrator or Inkscape of the attached image. Please use a KeyPress OSD (KPO) softwa e to display keyboard keys and mouse clicks on-screen. Regards,

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    We are working on a hardware automation project, we need to record all mouse and keyboard movements and replicate them, without using any script or software. In practice, the board (Raspberry or similar) will have to record the mouse and keyboard, and the pins of the board will have to physically interact with the keyboard keys and the mouse in order to replicate the movements as if they came directly from the keyboard and the mouse WITHOUT Emulation/Virtualization. We need to record these movements and save them to an SD card or similar to be able to edit them before we can replay them in the future.

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    Project Title: Pixel or Color based detection with keyboard and mouse function I am looking for a freelancer who has experience in both pixel-based and color-based detection for a project that involves keyboard and mouse functions. Skills and Experience: - Experience in pixel-based and color-based detection - Knowledge of computer vision and image processing techniques - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, or C++ - Familiarity with machine learning algorithms and frameworks Specific Keyboard and Mouse Functions: - Ability to detect and track mouse movements and button presses - Capability to detect and interpret keyboard inputs - Implementation of click, scroll, and typing functions Please include your relevant experience in your appl...

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    I am looking for a developer who can assist me with a YOLO + OpenCV project that involves object detection. The main objective of the project is to detect objects in real-time. The ideal freelancer will have expertise in YOLO and OpenCV, as well as experience in integrating mouse and keyboard input into computer vision projects. They should be able to understand and work with specific requirements for mouse and keyboard input. Must know kmbox or chinese. Read the document about kmbox before bidding.

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    ...identify and track objects in real-time. The project requires specific mouse and keyboard inputs, specifically clicks and key presses. These inputs will be used to interact with the system and control its functionality. I am expecting a level of interaction with the project that is semi-automated with user interaction. This means that the system should be able to perform certain tasks automatically, but also allow for user input and control. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Strong knowledge of opencv and computer vision algorithms - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or C++ - Experience with object detection and tracking techniques - Familiarity with mouse and keyboard input handling in opencv - Ability to develop a user-friendly ...

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    Looking for BDE Encerrado left

    If you're read project start with qwerty word Hello everyone, Hope your doing well. My name is hardik from Shift DigiTech I'm looking for someone who can help me with project we're looking for BDE for commission basis and we're working on web and digital marketing project so any one have experience in BDE and fresher can also apply I'm happy to discuss more details on chat Happy bidding

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    home studio consult Encerrado left

    I am in need of a home hobbyist recording studio consult. Specifically, I am looking for someone to come to my home studio in Lynnwood, WA to help in configuring an older DAW (Roland XP-80) to be both an audio source (i.e. using the on-board XP-80 patches) and a MIDI controller (i.e. as a keyboard for 3rd-party VST keyboard sound libraries) for use in Presonus Studio One. Have a flexible budget and timeline.

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    Hi, I was abled to install Sonoma 14.1.1 in my ASUS ZenBook UX425J. But some of the drivers dont work, like the wifi, bluetooth, keyboard backlight,trackpad, etc. The network card, audio, camera work well. I can install teamviewer or anydesk if you need. Thnx

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    Hi, I was abled to install Sonoma 14.1.1 in my ASUS ZenBook UX425J. But some of the drivers dont work, like the wifi, bluetooth, keyboard backlight etc. The network card, audio, camera work well. I can install teamviewer or anydesk if you need. Thnx

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    I am looking for a capable freelancer to create a commercially-offered desktop application for managing the sound library of a Hammond SKX Pro keyboard. The application's main (and only, at first release) function will be to pull the existing set of "combinations" (the term on this platform for a collection of parameters for a sound to be played), display them by their location number, enable the sounds to be moved to different / new location numbers, then push that new location configuration to the keyboard upon user confirmation. Also needed is the ability to export the currently-displayed ordering to a file on the computer, and re-load a previously-exported file to restore that previously-exported set. For reference, there is a similar program availabl...

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    I am looking for a skilled Unreal Engine developer to create a 3D model of the sun that can accommodate 1,300,000 simplified versions of the earth. The 3D model of the sun should be of medium detail, providing a realistic representation. The earth models should also be simplified versions, allowing for smooth processing and rendering. When the button is pressed on the keyboard, the earth models should appear one by one, creating a dynamic and visually engaging experience. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in Unreal Engine and 3D modeling - Experience in creating detailed 3D models - Knowledge of optimizing performance for large-scale scenes - Ability to implement button triggers and animations If you are a talented Unreal Engine developer ...

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    Project Title: Audio Clarity Improvement for Video Description: I am in need of someone who can repair and enhance an audio file for a video project. I recorded unamplified voices singing with an amplified keyboard in a large foyer. The audio is very echoey and just does not sound great. Looking to see if someone can improve it significantly. There are 4 files included in this Dropbox folder (): 3 individual unedited tracks, along with 1 "Current Version" which shows you how the audio sounds after I edited/mixed the tracks myself. Please be upfront about how much you think you could enhance the audio. Please respond with these 3 pieces of info: 1. How much you will charge (Total $). 2. How long this

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    I need a transcription of "Work Shit Out" by Dirt Loops for piano and keyboard. It has to be 1000% accurate and precise as I need it to be perfect. It has to be in the form of sheet music and printable so preferably as a pdf file and a bonus would be if you could attach recording of your transcription

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    I am seeking to develop an android java app with gesture recognition that utilizes hand gestures to control keyboard functions on air. It must be highly accurate for the best user experience and response to inputs. This could be used for game controls, accessibility features, and navigation controls.

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Encerrado left

    TL/DR - Logo for piano player making candles: Kevin by Candlelight. Logo to be used on candle labels. I am looking for a designer to create a logo for my candle company, Kevin by Candlelight. I am a musician making candles, so I would like the logo to incorporate both. Something musical (piano keyboard, music notes, a piano, treble clef, etc), and combine that with some element of fire (a flame, a match, a candle, etc). I am looking for a minimalist design that could look clean when placed on a label for the candles. I am open to colors, but it also needs to look clean in black. I am imagining I will have multiple labels created: one that could be in color, and one that could be in black, printed on a clear label to affix to the candle jar. Since some of the candles/labels wil...

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    Need help debugging Raspberry pi to work in a built-from-scratch retro gaming machine. Everything is complete and the Raspberry Pi motherboard has been installed but there is a glitch in the software and it is not working properly with the buttons on the gaming console. I can get some of it to work with the keyboard but not all. I need help to debug it.

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    Weather Monitoring App Requirements • Compile Android app in Embarcadero RAD Studio Community license software (current version: Embarcadero Delphi® XE5 Version 19) for Android 12 or newer. • Deliver all source code required to compile app for Android • App must successfully compile on my installation ...text in app d. Let user select the Font color Additional notes • If USB camera is connected to device then display USB camera feed instead of device camera image. • App must display properly in both Portrait and Landscape orientation. • If no alternate location is specified by user, display a blank screen • Swipe up and Swipe down to change between screens, as well as Page up and Page down keyboard keys to change between screens, as well a...

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    keyboard maestro Encerrado left

    I am looking for someone to write a keyboard maestro macro on a Mac. You must have a mac to do this...not debugging non-Mac to Mac issues. I will provide step-by-step instructions, but in a nutshell, I want to be able to assign a hotkey (say F5 for now) that will grab the upcoming (in the next [configurable amount of minutes]) calendar invite, extract the Zoom link, and start Zoom. I will separately have logged into the automation doesn't need to do that. Must use Keyboard Maestro. and hopefully nothing else is required to be installed on the machine (except the Mac calendar app, and Zoom)

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    I am looking for an help me design the schematics and custom PCB for a keyboard which will be used to operate an x-ray machine. I have a detailed specification that the Freelancer must follow, and the project will not be considered complete until it meets my requirements. I have a flexible timeline for completion and am open to discussing a timeline with the selected Freelancer. The project involves designing schematics and developing a PCB for the keyboard, which will accommodate key functionalities of the x-ray machine. The design must meet safety regulations and should have low power consumption. The Freelancer should be familiar with hardware design and circuit board design to provide an optimal solution. Attached is a design of a similar keyboard to be...

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    2d Phaser js game Encerrado left

    ...will tap and hold left and right sides of the screen to avoid different obstacles, and the gameplay will get faster making objects harder to dodge. Here is where the idea comes from https:// Controls: Our controls will be two simple instructions. Tap and hold either the left or right of the screen to direct your Speedy Santas. Desktop players will use their keyboard arrows. Moving down the slope is automatic and speeds up over time. Gameplay: The game is set in the snowy north pole with snowmen, yetis snow-tipped trees, icy rocks, logs and icy rivers. There will be ramps which allows the user to jump over the logs and icy rivers. When players open the game, they will view the game from a top-down perspective. This will not be a birds eye view but more

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to make some edits to an existing logo. Specifically, I need design modifications, as I already have an idea in mind. However, I am flexible with the timeline. But it would require longer black hair (going behind the shoulders) (same colour), not on a controller it would need to be on a keyboard and mouse and wearing a headset. Her name "Lilster" to be there with no quotations

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    Hello, I need someone who is proficient in Blender and can help me modify an Avatar created by to suit my needs. What needs to be done: 1. Improve animations. I have downloaded animations (FBX) but they do not meet my requirements. I need a standing keyboard typing animation and a looping waving animation. 2. I need to add a logo to the sweatshirt and slightly modify its textures to resemble more of a material (I repainted the sweatshirt in Blender to a different color but I changed some parameters) It would be best to close the topic today or tomorrow. Feel free to write a private message with the price and completion time.

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    ...**Manager's Office:** The largest room for the office manager, equipped with a spacious desk, two chairs, sofas, a TV, and a door. It's preferable for this room to be in a corner with a nice view. 6. **Meeting Room:** A room with a meeting table for six people, a TV for presentations, and a door. The room should have a door. 7. **Drafting Room:** A room for four drafters, each with a computer, keyboard, and drawing materials. It's not necessary for this room to have a door, but it's preferable to have space for document storage. 8. **Supervision Office:** A relatively small office with 3 or 4 chairs, located near the entrance but away from the manager's office. This area will be used by contractors and laborers, so it should be somewhat separate from t...

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    Need mobile app Encerrado left

    As a mobile app developer, I am looking for someone who can help me develop an app that can run on both iOS and Android platforms. I do not have wireframes or mockups available yet, so I need help with the design. The estimated timeline for the project is 4-6 months. In order to successfully complete the project, it is essential to find a freelancer with the necessary skills, creativity, and ex...creativity, and experience in mobile app development. The ideal candidate should have an understanding of the technicalities of both iOS and Android platforms, as well as proficiency in UI/UX design. The successful freelancer will have the opportunity to work with me on the entire development process, from the initial design stage all the way to the launch of the mobile app. write first letter ...

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    Trophy icon Design a Book Cover and Ecover Encerrado left

    Book Title: AI And The ...Book covers people have designed for me that I really like -I want this new Book cover to be made in that same style And when it comes to the rough outline of how the Book cover is going to look I have made some rough drafts see attached files: Sketch nr1... and Sketch nr2... when it comes to what picture to use on the book I am not sure but Maybe an Apple MacBook Pro Laptop or an Apple Magic Keyboard maybe also a stack of cash besides it, and I think also some sort of picture or graphic that has to do with AI. I do NOT like cartoons so please do not have any cartoons in the picture. P.S: -PLEASE MODEL THE LAYOUT, FONT AND DESIGN IN THE BOOKS I INCLUDED HERE IN THE ATTACHED FILES! The Only thing you need different is: What`s written in the text and t...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a web app for professional use that allows for simple 3D modeling. The level of complexity required for ...3D objects - Import/Export functionality: The ability to import existing 3D models into the app and export the created models in various file formats. Additional details: - The web app will be used primarily for the modeling of radiation shielding structure or radiation detectors. - The app should have a user-friendly interface that allows for easy manipulation of 3D objects using mouse and keyboard. - Online collaboration features are preferred but can be enabled at a later stage. If you have the skills and experience in web development and 3D modeling, please submit your proposal outlining your relevant experience and previous...

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    ...cutting, board cutting, panel cutting, glass cutting, sheet cutting and other similar industries. Key Feature Requirements • Maximize productivity by reducing panel waste and costs and by saving the time needed to create and analyse patterns. • Measurements in Metric (mm, cm, dm, m) and US Customary / British Imperial (in, ft, din) units • Easy input of panels and parts data manually through keyboard or by importing from CSV files or from the clipboard. • Jobs management system • Highly optimized cutting layouts (avg. 95%-97% coverage), computed very fast. Even for 2000 parts the cutting layout needs to be generated in less than 10 seconds on modest computers. • Calculate the optimal panel size for a given parts list • Multiuser web support (se...

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    BROKEN gaming Encerrado left

    I'm looking for an experienced game developer to create a mobile game for me called BROKEN Gaming. The game should be built for Android and utilize a keyboard input. It should be an action-packed game with a pixel art style. This project requires a seasoned game developer who has experience in creating games on the Android platform. If you feel you are up to the challenge, I'd love to have you join my team!

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    My goal is to create an e-commerce website specialized in selling online gaming accessories such as headsets, mouse, keyboard, camera, etc. I'm looking for a high-quality website design from a to z and asap.

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    I am looking for a developer to create a customiz...environment or any other functions of the local machine. - Regular users should not be able to tamper with or modify the RDP connection parameters. 4. Custom Branding: - Replace default splash screens and icons with client-provided designs. 5. Hardware Compatibility: - Ensure the OS works seamlessly with Orange Pi 3 LTS. - Ensure compatibility with Audio (both HDMI and Jack output), Graphics, Keyboard, Mouse, and USB inputs. 6. Research: - Review available OS options for Orange Pi 3 LTS and determine the best option based on compatibility and performance. Timeline: 8 to 10 days from the project commencement date. Guarantee: Full refund if the client is not satisfied with the work delivered. Payment Terms: To be discussed and ...

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    I have a pdf file that was designed in Photoshop and I need to make a few corrections to the writing in the file. The corrections are needed for the Arabic & English text . I have specific requirements for the font style and size that should be used for the corrected text. I need the corrections to be completed within 24 hours. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Photoshop and editing text in pdf files - Proficient in Arabic and English language - Attention to detail and accuracy in making the corrections - Ability to work quickly and meet tight deadlines

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    Hello! I am looking for somebody who speak Farsi as his first language. I have made a software which includes a Farsi keyboard. I don't speak Farsi myself. I am looking for somebody who can give it a quick check via Anydesk and tell me which mistakes I have made or what is unconfortable / wrong. Thank you!

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