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    MS Access 2000 application requires finishing touches. This application in divided in to Access front-end and a seperate Access back-end. Tables are linked. This project is only for a payment schedule generator that is 60% complete. A payment schedule must be generated based on amount financed with an interest rate of 0.0%. Payments can be made weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or semi-monthly (first and...

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    Chat Program Encerrado left

    I need a chat script that has the following: With possable additions: Fast loading Users online list Moderator Icon (one for all) Sound on enterance Sound on message Clickable URLS Seperate moderators screen, attatched to the bottom of the chat window with additional features like, Page button Urls list Pre stored message lists THe best way to describe this project is f...

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    We are a management company in search of a design company or person to design and developed a complete high end flash web site for one of our music clients. THIS SITE MUST BE VERY HIGH END. The designer will also be required to design and create all graphics used within the site by using such applications such as Photoshop or other. All music tracks, text information, and pictures will be supplied...

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    301432 LoveMonterey Encerrado left

    There are possible items I am requesting for this project if you agree. (1) I need my flash wording & intro images added page for: [fazer login para ver a URL] A. New drop-down menu buttons will be added & needed. B. A butterfly approaching instead of the man walking is needed. C. The loading counter should be placed some place else. Where, I'm not sure yet. A. Look at [faz...

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    We are looking for a professional looking redesign of an existing small corporate website. The site is currently contains 10 pages of text and will rely on an elegantly designed homepage to make the proper impression and convey professionalism. Examples of sites that we like: [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] We...

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    Hi, I need a little help writing a small program that would change the names of some Internet Explorer files for a university research project. The fact is that the names have been cut accidentally when the files were put on the CD and we need their original names restored so that the image files will open properly. I have a VBScript program the finds out which files open and which ones don'...

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    I have several .psd files that need converted into html. This will include the use of .css files (and advanced css coding including non repeating backgrounds, rollovers, etc). -html is to be clean coded no fireworks or comment tags Text must be editable. No lump graphic cut outs. These are professional designs and must be use professional quality coded html. I am really interest...

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    we need 3 images for this site <[fazer login para ver a URL]>. Two will be on the site and one is for ebay. we want a banner image (725 pixels wide and no more than 250 high) and a square logo image (75 x 75). The third image should be about 400 x 300 pixels and allow the viewer to easily see our domain and phone # and license number. The third (for ebay) image does not have to match the oth...

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    $30 - $35
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    I would like to have a complete domain registration website. I'll be using Enom API, programmer has to be familar with Enom API. Preferred someone who has done such project before, will be given extra advantage. Programmer has to show me which domain registration websites are developed by him. The Enom API should be developed something like [fazer login para ver a URL] Programmer are adviced...

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    This job is for the clean up and graphic optimization of a home page and an inside page template. I already have the graphics and design, but it needs to be optimized for the fastest loading time. For example, border images should be made into cell backgrounds. I have a second border example that I want to try after the optimization is complete. There are a couple corner graphics that need to ...

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    Banner, popunder, exit traffic exchange system with ALL the FEATURES and FUNCTIONS in enclosed text file. Allow admin to define like accounts, point ratios, referral ratios, payment gateways... There are 4 requirement: Admin, Sponser, User, and General. See the enclose zip file. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete sourc...

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    In need of 3-4 web designers with varying styles to work on immediate needs and long term projects. We primarily look for people who can take some specs and ideas, and come up with totlaly custom, original stuff if required, or just make modifications to current looks/layouts. Designer must be able to put the designs in html and apply text if needed as well, but most are just one page sales page...

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    Hi Here is a challenge for all you .NET coders to rpove yourself for future projects. We largely develop our webbased applications to be as lean and mean as possible, so we developed our own way to compress javascript, have external xml based javascript files and more to make pages as fast loading as possible. However microsoft screws it all up with there huge viewstates in the code...

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    **Basic instructions: ** Design, code, test and document a C++ program that allows two players to play a game of 4x4x4 noughts-and-crosses. Your program should be able to load & save game states and include a human-versus-computer ability. It must make use of the Winand Penclasses attached, and display a board such as the one attached in the jpg file. Description Of the game First, playe...

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    File loader Encerrado left

    I want file loader framework coded in java that allows me to have the following points of variability: File name, loading policy, file structure. Meaning i want to be able to program and plugin classes for each one of these as i need them. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installat...

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    I need a 3D modeller whose only use is to compose plans and room layouts for virtual houses. One pane contains a "library" of 3D objects - e.g. "bed", "table", "chair", etc. Each object is rendered in this pane as a thumbnail image. Each object can be dragged from that pane and dropped into the main window, which is a full 3D rendering of the current room. O...

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    I am looking for more than 2 different designers or design teams to submit their best ideas for a website upgrade. For each designer selected, we will create a closed project bid for those designers and each will be paid for their samples. I will be making my selection based on 1 - quality of design and creativity - the biggest consideration 3 - page loading speed 2 - timeliness 3 - price I wa...

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    VB 6.0 Program Encerrado left

    Surfer's ToolKit - (Working Title) General Overview The purpose of this program is to provide all the tools that a surfer may need while surfing the net. The program will be a taskbar application that can easily accessed by the user. It will include the following features: 1> System erase of all internet and other system tracks (Code provided -simply integrate into new interface) 2>...

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    **Here's a simple project for the experienced Windows (Visual Basic, C++?) Programmer (Creating Windows based programs in a variety of languages) **This is an email spam filter checker designed to run on the users Windows PC. It is a combo text editor-spam filter calculator. Please see the attached file for **explicit details** for this simple project as my description is too l...

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    Various HTML work. Encerrado left

    I have several things that I need completed. I would like to choose a coder whom I can keep working with, however I am going to start with a simple project and hopefully keep you busy and do bonus or private projects till this is complete. This is what I currently need completed. I have several hundred .psd files that need converted into html. This will include the use of .css files (...

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    index calculator Encerrado left

    to see what I'm looking for ... please visit ... [[fazer login para ver a URL]][1] ... what I want to know is how much to make a similar page but: - only 3 indexes - all data will be provided in an access database - hosting is already setup - no graph functionality required (just the calculator) ## Deliverables ... I just need the final asp page with the database ... ## Platfo...

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    The aim of this is to produce a simple gui based calculator in c++ builder and provide necessary source code (bcb files etc) also there are some other simple tasks to do as stated in the zip file attached with this request. This really is simple for someone to do and would take less than 1 hour. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well ...

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    I need an Income Calculator script like the one at [fazer login para ver a URL]

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    there is a javascript calculator at: [fazer login para ver a URL] All this job requires is that you convert this into visual basic 6. (not VB.net). it doesnt have to be pretty, but it has to work. ## Deliverables visual basic 6 source code consisting of 1. one .frm file with a tab control on it with a tab for each of the calculators on [fazer login para ver a URL] 2. one .bas file...

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    We are currently upgrading our "create your own website" system and are needing to develop 1 new DYNAMIC website template for each of the following categories: Note: Although we would like some Flash in the site we do not want or require the entire site to be done in Flash. We would like to only have some moving images or a Flash Header Image. The main focus of the site needs to be ...

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    I need some java code that will process a single string variable containing a infix mathematical expression, e.g. "43*22+1/66" and output the answer as a double. The code must be able to handle errors in the string, such as white space and non valid characters, and of course, be able to handle devide by zero! So far I have built the gui for the calculator and can pass a st...

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    I have 2 PHP scripts running on Linux servers . One of them is Renewal script & the Other for Addon Features . The Two scripts is already done & working . What i need the follwoing 1-To add some New Features to the Addon working with Calculator . 2-Few modifications (Adding Username of client , His domain ,Password , etc.) to the the Renewal form . 3-To send Notificatio...

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    Skills required for this project: VB.NET, Threads, Error catching, Web services I have an application that consumes a webservice and uploads pictures with an FTP component. The app needs some improvements, they are listed below: -Thread webservice calls and FTP uploads so I can move windows and the progress bars are updated. -Log upload operations (WS-FTP style) example: -contacting web serv...

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    Calculator in Access Encerrado left

    I have a calculator (+-*/) in an Access project. It currently works fine, except that it only accepts mouse input. I would like it to use keyboard input, also. If you have something like this, even if it has some memory functions, that is fine. A scientific calculator would not be suitable. I can provide an Access database which only has this form, with all other objects deleted (for a small ...

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    **Basic instructions:** Design, code, test and document a C++ program that allows two players to play a game of 4x4x4 noughts-and-crosses. Your program should be able to load & save game states and include a human-versus-computer ability. It must make use of the Win and Pen classes attached, and display a board such as the one attached in the jpg file. Description Of the game First, p...

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    I need a really good DHTML and Javascript developer who has extensive knowledge knowledge in the IE browser and how it works, i need someone to make us DHTML/javascript examples inside IE that will be used within a collaboration system for live chat and web browsing, technologies used can be Javascript, SHTML, HTML and anything else which is suppoerted within IE 5.0+. Below are some of the...

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    Sing-A-Ringtone Encerrado left

    This product is a mobile phone ringtone creator for Windows 98, 2000 and XP. The basic functions are to create a mobile phone ringtone by singing, whistling or humming into a microphone, or loading a WAV or MIDI file. Its other main function is to send the ringtone to a mobile phone. The ringtone editor can also be used to create ringtones graphically as well. All other information is provided in...

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    Email harvester: This delphi class consists of the ability to import emails from .dbx outlook express files and microsoft outlook. I currently have sample source code for both the .dbx import and the outlook import. Most of your work will involve combining the two source code into one class. Included in this is writing file attachments in the .dbx and outlook to a specified directory, and contact ...

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    Novice Programming Encerrado left

    I am preparing for an exam and need help with specific problems. These include the following four problems (see below). I am most interested in 1, 2 and 4 and I will consider bids for partial work. The simpler the programs, the better, because I am quite new to Java. I am also requesting that any required instructions be included with the programs. 1. Write a program (GUI Based) that all...

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    I need a website built. Basic needs are the main homepage with the logo/top banner, top nav, left nav buttons and copyright bottom bar. Company Website name is 247Reps.com. The logo needs to be of a globe with "24 x 7 Reps" going horizontally across the center of of the globe. I also need a banner for the top of the site with the logo above on the left side with a nice pro...

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    Website Brief Encerrado left

    We are a relatively new and growing company who specialise in 3D visualisation, animation and graphics. We are currently looking to put together a simple, tasteful and modern looking site. We would like flash elements in our site but are keen that the site is fast loading on dial-up and ISDN therefore we would anticipate an HTML based site. We also require the site to be optimised for search engin...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    I need more than 20 Logos for my products: 1.- Secure Mail (Anti-Spam) 2.- Secure FTP-Client 3.- Secure FTP-Server 4.- Privacy Protector 5.- Network Sniffer 6.- Scientific Calculator 7.- HTML-Optimizer 8.- Secure Eraser 9.- WinGuard (Windows-Commander) 10.- HomePage Prof. Templates 11.- Backup NOW 12.- Secure CyberCafe Pro. 13.- AntiSpy-Ware 14.- Delphi-VCL (Translation...

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    I have a java script that ran on my auction website at [fazer login para ver a URL] It worked fine on 5.0 but now I'm using MX and it doesnt run. It basicly controlled what categories would be seen. If someone clicked one category, it would change the catories shown in a 2nd collumn. Similar to how [fazer login para ver a URL] does it in their selling fields. I'd like to show it to ...

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    Browsing Engine Encerrado left

    We are looking for a webbrowser without interface. We need a navigation engine, capable of using scripts (VBS or JS) inside HTML pages. The idea: Creating several COM interfaces to implement Browser, Window and Document. The browser should use WININET for browsing. When loading a page, it should create a holder (based on IHTMLDocument2) to hold it. It then will execute the vbs/js scripts embeded i...

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    Car sales Encerrado left

    I need a professional front-end for a site that I have provided the back end coding for. Site is very basic, comprises of 4 basic pages in total. No flash, just professional fresh looking, fast loading code that will display the car sales showroom in a professional manner. I would like to view a portfolio of your work if possible. The current site is: [[fazer login para ver a...

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    Hello, I need a web page design done like [fazer login para ver a URL] with some excellent and attractive images. My site is related to money making opportunity and the images must be relevant to it. The web design and graphics must be of high quality. I have the content ready. Once a bidder is selected, I will forward the content to be inserted inside the template. I need the work done immediatel...

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    PLEASE only bid if you are very sure you can pull this off. We need someone who is able to fix some bugs and increase performance of the application. Please see this program first: [fazer login para ver a URL] We need someone who understands how this program works. (download tr. version) Please pay attention for JavaScript and data loading. More information will be provided, as you need it. Rememb...

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    Create a handy calculator tool for my website that will tell the customer how much yarn they need to buy. There is a tip page already on the site that explains how to do this math. I already have a calculator that determines how much fabric you need if you change the stitch count. So use that general format and colors, but follow the instructions from the website. The tool needs to fit in the same...

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    I need a calculator that takes 5 inputs: A, B, C, D, E The quartic equation is: a X4 + bX 3 + cX2 + dX + e = 0 The calculator needs to be written in PHP. Before I will accept the calculator as finished I will need to be able to test it. After testing is complete and the payment is processed I expect full ownership of the code, and I do not want it being used in other places. I also...

    $11 (Avg Bid)
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    **Purpose:**For the Database Services and Certification Web Site. **Development Language**: PHP **Back End Database**: MySql **Hosting Environment**: Apache, Free BSD, CGI **Methodology**: Object Oriented. Internally documented. Written in a simplistic format as to make future modifications and maintenance easy. Minimal graphics to make loading of web pages quick. Purpose of W...

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    I need a website that is very close to [Http://[fazer login para ver a URL]][1] I also have attached a template and coporate logo that I would like to incorporate in to the design. I would like for the website to be done with cascading style sheets so that I can change the look or feel if needed. I will provide all content for the website. Basically I just want to have the same page layout, naviga...

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    This will be a plain vanilla email system. A data file and a letter file will reside on the Unix server. The data file will contain First Name, Last Name, email address, and several additional fields. The script will read the data file, load the Names into the header, load the email address, and load a canned letter. The script will ignore the additional fields. The data file will be a text file,...

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    This is a very simple project for a programmer that knows what he is doing. I want a web site around 5 pages mostly content that I will provide, Using a Template that I wil provide. I want two forms; 1. contact form and 2. pre-apply form (Information Form). I want a Calculator page with two calculators, 1. simple interest calculator, and 2. compound interest calculator. There will be some simple m...

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    We need an online financial calculator for a new mortgage company website. Ideally we would like a clone of the financial calculator that is found on the following website <[fazer login para ver a URL]>. If you click the "Mortgage Calculators" link on the left hand side of the page, you will see what type of calculator we are aiming for. There are 4 Buttons at the top of the calcul...

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    ASP Fusebox Website Encerrado left

    The website will be written in ASP using the Fusebox 3.0 methodology found at _<A href="[fazer login para ver a URL]">[fazer login para ver a URL]</A>_. The site will contain only _Javascript/_VBScript, HTML, and graphics and be compliant with most browsers. Frames will not be used. Navigation menu will consist of only text and will remain the same throughout the site. Search...

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