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    I have 80 plus websites being developed which require search engine optimization. Currently they are not listed in any ranking order for search engines and require enchancement coding to allow good placement results. Some are duplicate topics and thus will not require new tags. The websites in this list being constructed can be viewed at <[fazer login para ver a URL]> Please indicate ex...

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    Looking for: WebSite Creation/Design Creation of scripts and installation The site will have products/funtionality similar to the ones below: [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL];no=54 We are going to start with 5 products. The user will be able to: Upload their own image to a template Preview, crop, rotate, scale Add type to certain predetermined areas Fi...

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
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    Simple DVD Copier Encerrado left

    I need a very easy to use DVD copier that can backup any movie/software on a DVD to a CDROM, another DVD or onto local harddrive in an open format, e.g. for movie, it can be viewed using Windows media player. Would welcome any proposal for more features and good ideas. Please indicate with details, if your proposal is dependent on any 3rd party software and licensing details. ## Deliverables 1)...

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    Need program in Python that Prompt the user to input a list of numbers (Hint: be sure to have a way for the user to indicate that they are done finished providing the list of numbers) Open a file that contains a list of numbers Compute the average, statistical median, and mode of the list of numbers Store your answers in another file Asks the user whether they want to see the answers and...

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    Website Encerrado left

    I have a client wanting a website completed...something along the lines of the [[fazer login para ver a URL]][1] and [[fazer login para ver a URL]][2] Please have a look at these sites and indicate your price for completing something similar...your own ideas are required. Your site design can not be a copy of the two mentioned above. Content management is also required. Cleint needs to be able to ...

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    Hi, We're looking to have 2 websites search optimised and have it within the Top 10 results for some of the major search engines. When quoting, please indicate your past experience, your portfolio and references, etc. We have quite a few projects coming up as well as customers who are also looking for such services so if this project is successful, you can be sure of future projects from u...

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    I need a set of icons that can be used as icons or glyphs, so they must be transparent GIF's, not bitmaps. The icons/glyphs need to fit in a 30 pixel by 30 pixel image area, have transparent backgrounds (so they can be laid over other graphics), and be delivered as transparent GIF's and adobe PSD files. I would prefer them to be created from photos (where backgrounds have been removed) a...

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    I have a modification needed in an Access Report. this report also gets exported to Excel. I need to have empty records show (in certain situations) in the report. I am looking for someone is very good at Access and Reports in Access, who can do this without needing my help. As I have not written this program, and I can't answer many questions, only to tell you what is wanted. BTW, this is Ac...

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    I need an MS Access application to track my investment portfolio performance. Each investment (i.e., stock, bond or mutual fund) will have the following attributes attached to it: name, symbol, type (stock, stock mutual fund, bond mutual fund or bond), objective class (growth, income, value, growth and income, etc.) and size (small, medium, large). Each account will have the following attributes a...

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    A bridal client is using a Caribbean theme for her wedding reception. She wants to incorporate a variation of the attached image in some of the wedding favors, etc. She would like to modify the image in the following ways: 1. Instead of "We Be Jammin," she would like the text to read "We Be Marryin." 2. On the male image on the left, she would like to incorprate a bow ...

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    We are looking for an experienced SEO to 1. To improve the search engine ranking of [fazer login para ver a URL] We need a company to help us with Search Engine Optimizations for our exisitng site. Currently we rank in to 60's on Google, but much better on other search engines such as MSN. In particular, we are interested in the keywords 'restaurant software', 'resta...

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    Hi, My Clickbank downloadable health product does not do as well as some products in the Clickbank Health & Fitness marketplace ranking at [fazer login para ver a URL];c=health&s=1&i=10&t=ClickBank_Marketplace. There are listings with less serious products for example Mole, Wart & Skin Tag Removal at [fazer login para ver a URL] that do better than my listing Cure Your A...

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    Google Ad Management Encerrado left

    Hi, Our webhosting site is currently being advertised on Google Ads with little success and we're looking for an experienced admin who understands the industry and is able to help us maximise our advertising dollar and help us expand. Please bid how much you would expect to be paid a month for your efforts. If successful, this project will be an on-going project and your 'pay'...

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    Hi, We're looking to have our webhosting provider site search optimised and have it within the Top 10 results for some of the major search engines. When quoting, please indicate your past experience, your portfolio and references, etc. We have quite a few projects coming up as well as customers who are also looking for such services so if this project is successful, you can be sure of ...

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    www.evite.com Encerrado left

    Hello web programmers... This is a very easy project for some1 who knows what they are doing and should be able to provide me with work within 5 days according to my experience. The project is to clone [fazer login para ver a URL] You can choose the language you will use with the database. PLEASE ENSURE you indicate this in you bid. I WOULD REQUIRE COMPLETE OPERATIONAL CLONE ...

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    Linking Campaing Encerrado left

    Please make an offer that we wil consider for our mix of 22 sites of different content and style types. We don't want "Can do this" only statements but rather a clear indication of how you plan to help us and your success record. Disregard the pricing and indicate your own dedicated to the type and quality of links. Do NOT offer Google PR related pricing as the PR system is no...

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    I have two requirements. The first involves estimating "win" probabilities for a given set of variables. As the variables are assumed to be drawn from a normal distribution, I imagine this will be done by running a random number simulation based on a normal distribution for a given number of trials and counting the number of times each variable had the lowest value in any one trial. If a...

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    I need a very small application to count Words and Characters in one or more Word (.doc), RTF (.rtf), TXT documents. I need to have the possibility to select one or more documents, then get the total word count, characters including spaces and characters without spacing. In case of Word documents the count should clearly indicate footnotes, Annotations, Headings, Text boxes and document body. ##...

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    ![][1] Solis is a nonprofit organization developing the "Connect Program" - a unique cross-cultural education initiative that enables university students in the US and the Muslim World to communicate in a rich online environment about the relationship between the US and the Muslim World. This fall we will be working with Harvard University, the American University of Beirut, Birzeit...

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    SNMP Discovery Tool Encerrado left

    I want a basic Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) tool on managed devices. I am looking for all networking hardware, hardware/software revision levels and hardware/software configurations, such as Number of routers, LAN switches, PBX, voice mail, ACD, and stations, number of interfaces and telephones, voice network, LAN/WAN technologies within the network.I am interested in the ability to h...

    $100 - $300
    $100 - $300
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    PHP ARRAY CLASS Encerrado left

    I need to construct a PHP script that will take the results of a query to a MYSQL database (fields may vary) and then construct an array that is indexed on the State field or the Country field. THe script needs to tacke whether there are results for any given state/country, and if there are print out the results for that state/country. There needs to be a row check for the number of results by sta...

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    I am currently building a sites on **1. Pizza recipes**..I would like to compile pizza recipes from around the world. Including but not limited to vegetarian, meat, seafood, desert, italian, french etc etc etc... **2. Paper Aeroplane making instructions:** instructions must be in a format that is easy to read, understand and easy to build....2 wings, 4 wings 6 wings etc etc....Folding in...

    $129 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a PHP programmer to write a consignment plug-in for my shopping cart QuikStore. Quikstore currently uses a flatfile database, however I have a plug-in that captures all data to mySQL. The requirements are as follows: -An admin area where I can add accounts for producers of items I have on consignment. -Name, address, contact info Commission rate %. -Rate for exclusive conte...

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    Dear coder I would like to have a peer-to-peer--or person-to-person--photo sharing software, This P2P program provides a direct connection between computers enabling user to swap pictures in real time. I would like the app written in VB6 [As im trying to learn it!] The user will need to register either before downloading or on installation The app will need to : Create Gallery Albums ...

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    I am interested in writing a program that needs music notation. I am trying to use Adobe's Sonata Std OpenType font with C#, but am having some problems and need someone to write some sample code that shows how the two (C# and the Sonata Std font) can be used together. According to Adobe, "OpenType symbol fonts are mapped to unique code points contained in the extended Unicode range...

    $17 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for a PDA (HP IPAQ) GPS solution, a near replica of [[fazer login para ver a URL]][1] which will be adaptable by the end user and updateable for new maps/overlays/vector layers and spatial datasets via PC by the end user. The user must be able to add additional fields if needed and draw on maps to indicate status or change of resource and captured for reporting. Most options of...

    $7495 (Avg Bid)
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    I would like to have a peer-to-peer--or person-to-person--photo sharing software, This P2P program provides a direct connection between computers enabling user to swap pictures in real time. Similar software <[fazer login para ver a URL]> + hello <[fazer login para ver a URL]> 1, Organize image gallery with note (I dont need to search image over the hard-disk, but the pro...

    $338 (Avg Bid)
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    Scope of Project We are looking for a developer who is fluent in the Microsoft MapPoint products to be our partner and develop the mapping interface to our existing field service and wireless solution, as follows: - To build an interface with the Microsoft MapPoint Server products into our web-based field service application. - To use the Microsoft MapPoint SDK and API to update resource l...

    $900 (Avg Bid)
    $900 Média
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    I am looking for a coder who can develop a basic database with some unique features so that we can keep Botox patient records on the computer. We would need to collect basic patient information and have a way to attach scanned forms to the patient record for access later. We will want to take an initial picture and attach it to the record and a subsequent picture after each medical treat...

    $263 (Avg Bid)
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    Some basic array problems. Please, documentation is important. Problem 1 (The Sieve of Eratosthenes) A prime integer is any integer that is evenly divisible only by itself and 1. The Sieve of Eratoshenes is a method of finding prime numbers. It operates as follows: a) Create an array with all elements initialized to 1 (true). Array elements with prime subscripts will remain 1. All other a...

    $23 (Avg Bid)
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    Website Langauage Translation We currently have a 1000 word website translation project for the following language pairs, no technical, no medical... English > French English > German English > Spanish English > Japanese English > Russian English > Chinese English > Korean English > Portuguese NO MACHINE TRANSLATIONS!!! What is your charge per 1000 words? You must be a...

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    XML DB with queue Encerrado left

    I would like a class written in c# as a DLL component that can be implemented into .NET IDE that will perform the following: * Locally accept data such as datetime, int and string headers and values, prefer dynamic assignment * Queue the data in memory using a message queue or array of some sort to allow fast data input acting as a buffer * Write the data from the queue to XML file using ...

    $86 (Avg Bid)
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    I need an window based application to run a test on laptop batteries. the software should have a grahical interface to indicate battery level. MS windows OS complies with the Windows, Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) specification should be able to report information. the purpose of this software is to obtain the information and represent in graphical output which is eas...

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    68164 for drbrahm Encerrado left

    As discussed. Place your bid and in it indicate your acceptance of the TOA and we will get started.

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    The job is simple. I need you to give me a list of 10 self-improvement membership sites that have affiliate programs which I can join. The details: -- The web site should accept affiliates from Bulgaria and have an option to pay by check and/or PayPal. -- It should look professional and the product should sound like an interesting one. -- The affiliate program should pay at least 15%. -- It ...

    $7 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for a developer who is fluent in the Microsoft MapPoint products to be our partner and develop the mapping interface to our existing field service and wireless solution, as follows: - To build an interface with the Microsoft MapPoint Server products into our web-based field service application. - To use the Microsoft MapPoint SDK and API to update resource locations on the MapPoi...

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    We need a Chinese (mandarin) speaking coder(s) to modify and transform the current code we have for sniping on ebay to suit sniping on a chinese based website. All the functions have already been coded, it is just a matter of modifying the code for this chinsese auction site. A simple sniping application that will be able to snipe on a chinese auction site, and perform the necessary sniping funct...

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    68257 Google SEO Encerrado left

    We are looking for some one to set a google adword campain up for us using the right keywords for our website. You will also be required to check keywords and add new onces in order to keep our campain live. This campain needs to be set up to genarate traffic which will then lead to sales. In order to bid on this you need to have seo experiance and dealing with google adwords. Please also indica...

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    HGH Website Encerrado left

    I am looking for a template for a hgh (human growth hormone) website with logo. The site should include pictures of older people doing outside activities and looking happy and young. I want a banner at the top with links on the left side. The links should be text links only. All pictures should be background images only (except for the top banner) and i like the color blue on the site with cur...

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    Create a dialog based application that does several calculations as described below * Add a button that will perform the selected operation. * Create a set of radio buttons to indicate the type of calculations to perform: *Conversions*, *Geometry*, *Constants*. * * When a radio button is clicked, change the title of the dialog to agree with the selection. * Change the label of the b...

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    I have a two lists of text, about 50 lines long each, that I want several users to be able to distribute amongst themselves. Any of these users should be able to visit a webpage hosted on my webserver. When visiting the "upload" page, they will see two data areas where they can paste their lists. There should be another small text label that they can enter once to indicate their ID, ther...

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    This project consists of making small changes (just a few words, no images) to some text in two flash files. One flash file is used for a menu, the other is a "featured item" animaton, shown when the page is loaded. Source files will be provided to the winning bidder. The "featured item" will change monthly, so this could become an ongoing opportunity - please indicate in ...

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    I need an application written in C++ (Windows platform, prferably including project files, etc. for VC++ 7). The application needs to extract information from the downloadable windows client at Pokerroom.com. After getting a handle to the window, I am able to find 4 RICHEDIT widgets, but I have had no success reading from them. I have had success writing a string (using SendMessage) to the chat ...

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    I'd like to create some new Teechart Tools/functions to add some Moving Average & statistical functionality. Each will need a properties dialog that allows formulas to update dynamically. I will need a demo showing these functions and the edit dialog which is activated by double clicking on the line or a popup. I will supply links to the formulas used in each study and on T...

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    We are looking for an experienced SEO to To improve the search engine ranking of a start up yellow pages kinda site. If you do not have proven record in this field, please do not bid. We would like to see examples of your work (sites you have worked on and their respective rankings on different search engines). In your bid request please indicate examples of some sites you have optimize...

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    68386 Web based FTP Encerrado left

    PLEASE LOOK AT ATTACHED .bmp file for a feel of what we want. We would like a web based FTP program thats works with Bulletproof FTP server. It would work as follows, a client would open thier web browser and type [fazer login para ver a URL] They would then see a LOG IN page, input their User and pass from bulletproof and it would take them to a GUI. We supplied a Picture of a GUI that we would...

    $250 (Avg Bid)
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    Math Program Encerrado left

    I am behind on homework assignments. Please help me and I will pay you well. I need this program finnished no later than July 21st, 2004. Please send as soon as possible. THANK YOU! Please write a program that inserts 50 random integers from 0 to 150 into a linked list using pointers. The first task is to output the original linked list. The second task is to create two linked lists, one w...

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    Merchandise website Encerrado left

    I am developing an adult merchandise website and it will have no actual nudity. You must first of all be comfortable with working on adult oriented merchandise. The website deals only with one main product line that has 40 different versions of it. The layout and design of the site is up to your creativity, including the number of pages. I am looking for a little bit of flash. Please indicate if...

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    Dog Breed Database Encerrado left

    Hi all. I want to add to my site, dedicated to a breed of dog, a pedigree database. It should work with PHP and MySQL. I want it to have the features of [fazer login para ver a URL] and some more features indicated also in the attached image. I want it to support 4 different languages, if needed (english, spanish, french and italian). New tables, like inbreeding tables will be required. You can s...

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    The following are our requirements from the Internet Audience / Usage Measurement software. What do we need? - An application that works across OSs for a user base of 2000 Indian and international users, to begin with. This app will sit on the users' machine, capture usage details (browser, IM, and FTP), store it in a log, and send the log data to a server. - Web server, web services - fo...

    $1971 (Avg Bid)
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