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    Gostaria de um projeto de PCB com os seguintes componentes: ESP8266 AD8232 MPU 6050 MicroSD DS 1820 Se possível utilizando o software open source Fritzing

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    Hello, i need an research on this topic. Which possibilities are there in the market to automate an calibration task for a control unit. Theses should be searched, descriped and compared.

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    Hi Aldo- I have another requirement with very similar output. I have done some reading about the methods we used for concordance testing and they probably are not accurate enough. I was therefore hoping you can do one excel spreadsheet with a calibration curve plot and concordance AUC chart. Will send more instructions in the chat. If you are able to do this within 48 hours that wicked be great! ...

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    I need 2 Artworks: 1 for MPU - 300 (w) x 250 (h) PIXELS 1 728 (w) x 90 (h) PIXELS

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    I am making a project using Flutter / Dart to run on Raspberry Pi using Flutter-pi. I am using dart_periphery package ([fazer login para ver a URL]) to access the GPIOs, SPI and I2C bus of the raspberry pi 3B. Now, i need to connect an accelerometer MPU 6050 to the I2C bus of the raspberry pi. I need someone who has experience with Flutter / Dart to port the MPU 6050 library written in C language ...

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    Components ================ --> Arduino UNO --> DFRobot LCD Keypad Shield ([fazer login para ver a URL]) --> DHT22 Humidity Sensor --> Arduino 2 Channel Relay --> 4.7K Resistor for jumping across the DHT22 Signal and 5V pins. Functionality ================ The Arduino UNO R3 will activate/deactivate one of two relays based on the humidity settings. If the Desired Humidity(Hs) is ...

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    To do is a Software solution to log signals from multiple 0-10V sensors. - 4 analogue channels with 0-10V input channels (expandable to 32 Channels); - 1 digital input to trigger the recording cycle; - Continuos recording or repetitive triggered timed recording; - Displacement of the each cylinder is recorded and shown in real-time on the screen; - A so called calibration curve can be recorded o...

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    Please read carefully before submitting our proposal. The app should be very similar to the Measure app in iOS 12. However, I want it to automatically recognize an animal body (to be defined later which) in the scene and measure a few key measures on it (height, length for example. To be defined later). Assume there could be multiple recognized objects on the screen. Assume that the camera will a...

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    How to calibrate my screen to see the identical photos on my instagram ? (iPhone) I did the photoshop and Lightroom and when I see my photos on instagram on iPhone Color is different it's a simple task it's a calibration issue

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    I would like to create a car parking sensor for vehicle detection on LoRa network using a magnetometer + radar sensor. Features: 1) Auto calibration 2) Battery level status report I already have: Magnetometer MPU-9250 Radar HB100 Radar CDM324 I was thinking to use the ATMEGA 328P chip. I am open for a better idea or any improvements. The goal is to have low power consumption and avoid ...

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    Calibration plot project - as discussed, a calibration plot with assessment of slope is required for the data within the excel spreadsheet concordanceDATA_20Feb - just for the second sheet here "AdultComp". If you can please provide two different calibration plots and measures of slope - 1 only for those with time up to 5 years and 1 for those with time up to 10 years. If you can do this...

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    I am looking to integrate an existing custom video-calls scheduling app with Asterisk. At meeting start time the app will send a webhook to asterisk to initiate the call. Once the call is established on asterisk the video call should start on the app (via webhook). When call is terminated on asterisk call should be terminated on the video app (via webhook). Initially Asterisk may need some calib...

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    I have designed a model in R with few unknown parameters. The remaining task is to calibrate unknown parameter against observed data. I would like to discuss further about the details one to one.

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    ESP32/ESP8266 preferred your discretion. Will measure Temperature Will meassure Humidity Will have 4 outlets if possible. Integrated with TuyaOS If designing for application: App will have: Temperature Target + max Temperature before Cooling - max Temperature before Heating' Alarm high or low Delay Calibration Temperature Unit C or F Humidity Target + max Humidity before dehumidify - max...

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    Wemos D1 mini + MPU6050 GY521 project. Obtaining tilt angles for all axes with high accuracy (full orientation of the device in space, without failures and errors), with filtering and calibration. Output to Serial Port in “X, Y, Z” format. Testing is done using Unity. We can send Unity application for sketch testing. Schema (5V - VCC) (G - GND) (D2 - SDA) (D1 - SCL)

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    Javascript Work Encerrado left

    input string= "Feb 10 2021 07:03 AM Feb 10 2021 08:15 AM Production Production None Selected Feb 10 2021 08:15 AM Feb 10 2021 08:21 AM Break Break None Selected Feb 10 2021 08:21 AM Feb 10 2021 02:00 PM Production Production None Selected Feb 10 2021 02:00 PM Feb 10 2021 02:30 PM Meeting Workflow Syncs Calibration Sessions Feb 10 2021 02:30 PM Feb 10 2021 02:55 PM Production Production None S...

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    Trophy icon Create Display Ads Encerrado left

    Hi ladies and Gentleman We are looking for a selection of display ads, to promote our website [fazer login para ver a URL] Below are the sizes required. MPU AD (desktop, tablet, mobile): 300px (w) x 250px (h) BILLBOARD AD (desktop, tablet): 970px (w) x 250px (h) SKYSCRAPER AD (desktop only): 120px (w) x 600px (h) MOBILE STICKY BANNER AD (mobile only): 320px (w) x 50px (h) here is a link to o...

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    Hi, The project consists of 5 load cells (4 100g and 1 1000g load cells) connected to an arduino (Uno or Mega) using the HX711 amplifier. I want the output to be displayed on an LCD in real-time and be able to generate a log file into an Excel sheet and the graphs/plotter too. **I want the load cells input to be read independently, as each load cell is subjected to a different weight and the log ...

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    Hi, I would like you to work on the air quality data I have collected. I have a set of uncalibrated raw data and a set of ground truth. There are 5 items that require calibration: NO2, CO, O3, PM2.5 and PM10, the raw data also includes RH and T which will be required for a temperature and humidity correction proposed by you. I will need you do the followings, with Python and libraries NumPy, Panda...

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    Smart Bartender GUI Encerrado left

    I would like a touch screen GUI for the [fazer login para ver a URL] Smart Bartender. Features should include; 1) Full Setup/configuration/calibration through the GUI 2) Pin protection for specific ingredients 3) screen saver Customizable Graphics; 1) Screen Saver 2) Icon Colors Deliverables; 1) .img package for Raspberry Pi memory card that automatically starts the application. 2) all source f...

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    Project involves calibration of robotic assembly line in Boston area. Manufactures N-95 masks. Weld point of elastics off, cutting line off, folding off. Distributor weeks from fixing. Could lead to permanent job if wanted, or provide training to existing mechanic.

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    I need to reproduce the schematic first and then the pcb that is no longer manufactured i only have the photo of the pcb that like to copy its a pcb to control a 1-axis Brushless Gimbal, with imu invensense mpu.6050, usb to uart bridge, microchip atmega328p-mu to work with simpleBGC firmwares. No shmatic avaliable

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    I have an database where customer can manage there assets(inventories) with pictures, calibration records, maintenance records Now a sample should created, that users can use as sample. The inventories are measurement systems like Fluke | 79 | DMM Multimeter | 1234321 ... Manufacturer | Type | Description | Serial .... Approx. 200 devised measuring devices with at least 3 calibration data ...

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    Hi I'm Torey, I make and develop FiveM Servers , GMod Servers, Minecraft Servers here in near future maybe youll see me do some rust and other game servers but for now i can make you all those three Me and my team over discord have been developing a server since mid 2019 it is 2021 and due to covid some of you may see why i made one :) this FiveM server is all you need to get started has...

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    Hi, ***will be decline and report if you dont have experience**** We're looking for a developer that can code a Unreal Engine Plugin to use the Intel RealSense D455 camera to input Position and rotation to a scene. The Deliverable: - UE 4.X compatible Plugin - precice X,Y,Z as well as Rotation in all axis tracking - realtime readout - smoothing slider for filtering for all values, or for in...

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    I am looking for a developer that can code a Unreal Engine Plugin to use the Intel RealSense D455 camera to input Position and rotation to a scene. The Deliverable: - UE 4.X compatible Plugin - precice X,Y,Z as well as Rotation in all axis tracking - realtime readout - smoothing slider for filtering for all values, or for individual values - simple 1 button calibration procedure with a black and ...

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    Hi, ***will be decline and report if you dont have experience**** We're looking for a developer that can code a Unreal Engine Plugin to use the Intel RealSense D455 camera to input Position and rotation to a scene. The Deliverable: - UE 4.X compatible Plugin - precice X,Y,Z as well as Rotation in all axis tracking - realtime readout - smoothing slider for filtering for all values, or for in...

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    Images 1) We are looking for single X-Rays of full legs of patients below 18 years (pediatric images) in the AP-view 1.1) Although we use single full-leg images, we are aware that most images are stitched and come as a series of up to four images (hip, knee, ankle, stitched full leg). In such a case we would consent to take the whole series and perform the filtering ourselves. 1.2) The X Rays shou...

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    Octoprint with octodash or octoscreen & lcd calibration raspberry pi 3 install. Need recommendations for which most up to date octodash or octoscreen.

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    I am an Occupational Therapist with an idea to decrease gait abnormalities in neurological disorders. The present invention relates to gait correction systems and methods with utilization of magnetic calibration. I need assistance to develop a prototype draft in order to progress for research grant application. Provisional patent currently in place, please contact for more information about concep...

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    Based on Mega 2560 I will read out Yaw, Pitch and roll from several (6) MPU6050 to get the topology of a surface. The measurement is not time critical. The active MPU should be select by ADO == LOW, all other should be ADO=HIGH. I2C communication is preferred. Roll, pitch and yaw of each sensor will change by each measurement. After each measurement I will change the position and will receive new ...

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    Build of website Encerrado left

    Calibration service website which cater services of instruments

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    The project is about an access control to a water source, the hardware will do all access control, identification of the operator of the pump, identification of the customer, identification will be done through ibutton, the identification will be validated, the hardware will activate a relay releasing the pump operation as well as the flow measurement used, finalizing the hardware use will gather ...

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    i need to make a body scanner using camera based on correct calibration and measurement

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    The device is an advanced GPS tracker for trucks, motor, busses, Automobiles, agriculture, and other specialized machinery. It is designed for vehicle tracking and can perform advanced tasks  The device uses GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), and LTE Cat M1 (4G)  Read on-board computer data (CAN), monitor driver behavior, remotely  Digital tachograph data reading (.ddd)  Jamming detection  External and Int...

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    Need to automate fulfillment of website orders. Will need to identify product type ordered and select a script file in another program to automate fulfillment. Input of vin number from order to calibration as well.

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    Update/re-structure of a pre-existing Labview end of line test system design including the following. 1) Interface software design and completion. 2) Test process software design and completion. 3) Calibration interface design and completion. 4) HMI software design and completion. 5) Safety interlock control software build. 6) Motion system control software build. 7) IOT (Internet of Things...

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    Our company is NetBrake Africa. We use an android application to test brake efficiency in vehicles. The application creates an A4 test report with the results and graph. Unfortunately there is an error in one of the strings. It displays: "Last calibrated" instead of "Next calibration". We have been using it as is for almost 6years, but have been instructed to correct it, o...

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    We need software and hardware design four our led display and spring touch reading board. Our board working very close to an ec fan motor so is taking to much noise. And we have diffrent touch button height. we are already achieved this but need more heat stability and self calibration while working. Device must be able to talk to a master device using r232 at ttl level.

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    find DH parameters forward kinematics inverse kinematics camera calibration pose estimation robot follow chessboard

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    Hello. I need a computer vision expert for stereo camera calibration and tuning the soonest. More details will be discussed via message. Thanks in advance.

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    Lab report write-up The maximum length of the write-up, excluding tables and graphs, is 1500 words ± 10%. You will be given the data in an Excel spreadsheet to use. Write up You are expected to complete a lab report (1,500 words ± 10%) based on your results. This should include FIVE sections: Introduction (≈600 words) (30%). In this section you should introduce the reader ...

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    We are trying to create some prototype PCB boards. They are HAT boards that sit above various versions of the Raspberry pi boards. The boards only have a few circuits on them a w5500 ethernet chip and a MPU 6050 Gyroscope chip and they need to connect to certain RPI pins . We have an existing design that works and we'd like to make a few modifications. The deliverables for this project will b...

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    Project for David L. Encerrado left

    Hi David L., I've got a little problem with ADC calibration at the moment. Is this something you might be able to assist with?

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    Labview and MPU-6050 Encerrado left

    Need some help with LabView I am using an IMU (3-axis accelermoeter and 3-axis gyro) to eventually get position data.

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    We got a tensile tester machine we need the calibration procedure for. It is manufactured in China and about 5 years old, but we have not been able to get the user manual or the calibration manual. We need to calibrate it. I need help to get the calibration manual in english, and it should match the options in the photos. Thank you.

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    I need to do an excel sheet showing (tool name, calibration date, next calibration date after 1 year, reminder for the next calibrtion date before 15 days with color red and green) with good colors and nice design .

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