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    SETTING UP PROFESSIONAL WEB SITE FOR MY RETAIL BAKERY. PICTURES OF SEVERAL CAKES PRICING INFORMATION HIT COUNTER FOR EACH PAGE SEE SWEDISH [login to view URL] FOR EXAMPLE ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install

    $500 - $5000
    $500 - $5000
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    ...which collects approximately 2,000,000 records a week, and recommend/implement ways to improve efficiency. 2) Review two (2) MS VB 6.0/crystal reports programs which store data in the database and retrieve reports. Recommend/implement changes to improve speed of queries, modify as necessary to support changes made in #1, and generally optimize code

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    I have VB/Access2000 program with Crystal Reports . I would like to convert the database so my customer can use it in a multi-user enviroment. They scan data with a partable data collector and import the data into the system . They generate reports using the builtin Crystal Reports. The problem now is the data is getting very big so it is slowing down

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    ...We can provide a high wuality version of the audio that is attached. Loop must sound obviously similar to the theme song, particularly the opening sounds. Must be crystal clear. Must NOT sound at all like a midi file. Must be "broadcast quality". Will be used in a flash intro approximately 30 seconds long. ## Deliverables

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    **Relational database report in Crystal Reports Requirements** 1. Must be able to work with VB.NET and the built in Crystal Reports 8.5 2. Must be able to use location of database set by VB.NET variable ??" already have code and can provide sample 3. Must be able to switch between MS SQL, MySQL and MS Access database types (structure and tables

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    We receive many comma delimited files containing sales prices of rare coins. The records include the date, mint, coin condition, sales price, etc. of the sales. We would like software code (preferably Excel, with or without VBA) to parse the data into categories (year/mint/etc) and then summarize according to those categories. The individual records will need some parsing to eliminate extraneous c...

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    ...handwriting signature in a crystal report form version 4.6.1 (vb5, vb6 had those crystal report version). Any other way of getting same result, could be discussed and evaluate. Graphic represent vb for use for digital signature. Will send the coder the form with the inkcollectors as well as the database and a crystal report attach to it.

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    ...the table - selection of which columns to show in the grid - export to Excel, saving the selection with a name to a SQL Server Database and running one of a selection of Crystal Reports passing a parameter. see attached spec ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all

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    ...and no custom ocx's Reports preferably using VB reporting ideally. I have crystal reports but would prefer without. Reports on best/worst seller and stock reports. VAT (tax) will have minimum 4 rates 0% 5% 17.5% Excempt and will report on nett - tax - gross and break down of each tax rate. X and Z reports Will use normal k...

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    Need program and front-end to run auction and a retail store. ( example would be [login to view URL] ) This would include login to site, email to subscribers etc. Program would have to communicate with shopping cart. The only none straight forward part is, I would like to have a certain type of client receive discounts on other parts of site. Could be a simple

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    ...back to the register. System should be similar to COMCASH POS ([[login to view URL]][1]) and RETAIL PRO ([[login to view URL]][2]) but with the true client-server architecture. Total of 3 programs. 1) Register program for ringing up sales. 2) Manager program for adding products, etc. 3) Inventory program for receiving/submitting orders.

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    Modification to existing sales report system to support file upload of approximately 25 fields in a flat file format. Also the user authentication will need to be changed from session to cookies.

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    I am looking for a developer to produce a website that will allow the user or search for particular retail outlets based on the products the outlets sell. The website should be able to provide map of each outlet as well as be able to store emails of registered users and distribute automated emails to these users. The website should also allow space

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    This is a very simple project for a programmer who knows what they are doing. I need 5 reports created using Jasper Open Source Library([login to view URL]). Report#1 and #2: reports can have up to 10 fields depending on a boolean flag assigned to each field. Report#3: Certificate of completion Report#4:

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    ...module calculates 6 at 10.50. I need it to calculate 3 at 10.00 and 3 at 10.50. We do not have the MAS90 code, only master developers do. We may be able to do this using the crystal report designer and a couple of user definable fields, But I need some help to see if it's posible. Thanks John ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working

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    ... | SQL Server 2000 | SQL Server 2000 / MSDE | MSDE for smaller installation. | | Reports | Crystal Reports 8.5 | Crystal Reports for .NET | Simple upgrade | | User Interface | Traditional dialogs, buttons and grids, etc. | Infragistics

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    I will be launching a web site that will sell mens, womens, childrens clothing.... primarily t-shirts, and custom clothing. Logo should be very funky, urban, creative, edgy, etc. I would like the logo to match the colors found on this template: <[login to view URL]> I like the warm reds, pinks, orange colors of this site. I don't particularly like the dark greys. *...

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    Dear Coders I have a small requirement regrading passing a date parameter in crystal reports in I have a basic stored procedure which needs to get all the entries in a table for that particular date. I can get the values if I use the range values but my problem is when I try to export it into pdf or word the parameters dissapear and list

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    Please see the attached document. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform All ...

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    ...VB. And the database to be SQL or Access will work as long as it can do crystal reports. This software will be for medical billing and have sections to add medical codes with descriptions, patient information, insurance information, physician information, ability to run reports by date as well as by patient name or ss#, ICD-9code, and the ability to

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    ...orders, or items to be batch processed (downloaded), we should then be able to select which program format to export the data to - like iif for Quickbooks , tab delimited for MYOB, etc. If we process customer orders, the status should then automatically update to processing in the database. And to upload ofcourse. We should be able to conduct searches

    $30 - $60
    $30 - $60
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    Crystal Reports Scheduler The purpose of this application is unattended generation and output of one or multiple Crystal Reports. IMPORTANT: The report generation application shall run as a service on a Windows 2K server or workstation. IMPORTANT: The reports should be generated with no user interaction and even when the server is not logged in

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    ...quicker. Simple explainations include creating comboboxes with data populated from a recordset, proper ways to access and manipulate forms and controls, minor help on using Crystal reports and other minor help. I am not asking anyone to develop or write any code for me unless desired by the bidder. All I really ask is that the winning bidder be available

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    4 ofertas searchable and the results should be able to be printed in a report format. It is not necessary to use Crystal Reports just as long as the reports are easily readable and formatted neatly. In fact, we would prefer not to use Crystal Reports. We do not want any third party components or ActiveX controls/DLL's used without prior approval. The application

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    ...model numbers, engine injector sizes, turbo, etc... Ultimately, it determines wheter or not an engine has "passed" or "failed" testing. Currently, a report is printed via Crystal Reports somehow. This is not a "small" project. On our current TestSheet program, there were roughly 100 pages of code involved, and thats just the VB side. The database side...

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    I have VB/Access2000 program with Crystal Reports . I would like to convert the database so my customer can use it in a multi-user enviroment. They scan data with a partable data collector and import the data into the system . They generate reports using the builtin Crystal Reports. The problem now is the data is getting very big so it is slowing down

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    VB 6.0 Acess2000, ADO (1) Store Front (2) Order form (Password to get in) with product and customer search(when find it show on order form to begain order) And show user name when get in order form After order Print invoice 8 X 11 (3) Customer order histary. (4) RMA form (5) Change Empolyee name and Password (6) share DB with workstation For network (7) Sent Email ## Deliverables 1) Complete an...

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    We are seeking a programmer experienced in Crystal Reports, ActiveReports, or some other data mining/report generation software, to assist us with the final development stages of our VB6 application, which is approaching the Beta stage. Specifically, we seek a knowledgeable outsource who can transform report mockups into flexible, finished, compile-able

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    Retracted. See subsequent request. ## Deliverables Retracted. See subsequent request. ## Platform Retracted. See subsequent request.

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    ...above pictures to an another IP. 3) add a facility that can make the program to set the quality of the picture being transferred. Thats It! I think the project details are crystal clear and you dont need to do anything else in this project. ANY QUESTIONS...Just ask me. ANd I would be happy to answer you. SUggestiond are welcome. The program would work

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    30 ofertas experienced and proficient VB programmer to add a facility that will allow our users of the app to design reports for each of the things (invoices, packing slips, etc) to be printed, have the ability to save those reports, call the reports up when the data has been "updated", select which records are to be printed in a given report, and have them

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    ...the demo from their home page before bidding on this application. Please note: We need the Cash Register Express For Retail Solutions, not Restaurant Solutions. This application must be developed in VB 6.0, Access database and Crystal Report. We prefer someone had experienced on doing this type of system. If you have the demo, please bid with your demo

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    ...separate months. For example, If I enter in April and May, the program will compare the fee difference between the two months. I think the best way to view the reports would be to use Crystal Reports. I will need to able to view this information in the program as well as extract it to MS Excel for saving and printing. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    A hopefully simple question. I am makeing some reports to package with my program. in when i look at the property of the report it is hard coded to the location i have the file in. that is not the same place the file will be. Looking for a way to have the report use the command [login to view URL] or application.start.path. the data base will always be

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    This should hopefully be a simple question for someone who knows Acive Reports 2.0. I have searched their web page, and found no useful information. I am making a report using Active Reports 2.0 Professional, and I am at a point where I can go no further. I have created a report using multiple VSFlexGrids and MSCharts, which I fill through VB code on

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    ...need a reporting system that will report on any and all variables in database at any time. Please look at the databases and suggest a format for the reporting. You should use Crystal Reporting or a similar database reporter. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work

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    Need Bidding, Estimating and Tracking software written in VB-6. I am a Painting Contractor. This could be an expanding application. It would need report capabilities (Crystal). I have the basic framework that I have been using in MS Access 97. Basic Structure (tables) would be: Customers Estimates Invoices Job Cost Accounting Bulk (mail) Letters Accounting

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    Description: We have an existing application that we would like to change its interface and technology to a more netscape or Java look ...Technology: Java, [login to view URL] 5) Report out of application using native language, or embedded to Word or Excel, would considered a more rich third party report application(Crystal, Actuate??) for future developments.

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    17 ofertas with the project and I must have a right to use and distribute them. I am using ComponentOne controls, so you can and encouraged to use them also. You can also use Crystal Reports for reporting. All programming has to be object oriented. You will use separate classes for data access (using ADO) and business logic. If you have experience with getting

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    I need a point-of-sale system for a cellular retail store with multiple locations that will: -keep a perpetual inventory for multiple locations -tracking customer sales by serial number of inventory item for warranty purposes -calculate and keep track of commissions we are owed by parent co. -calculate and keep track of commissions we owe to our outside

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    ...clicks, record the keys. 2) Pass on the above instructions to an another IP. 3) Assign the same mouse-coordinates and stimulate keys. Thats It! I think the project details are crystal clear and yu dont need to do anything else in this project. Happy Bidding. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    ...Several additions/modifications are to be made to this ASP/IIS solution. Some brief program architecture advice is expected from the bid winner, and coding 3 or 4 additional reports which should be output as Graphs and/or Charts: possibly Excel. May consider a third party tool or solution, if it is affordable and does not involve high money expenditures

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    ...Y, Z graphing. A graph for each calculation off to the side would be helpful. +100 to -100 for the X Axis and +100 to -100 for the Y Axis +100 to -100 for the Z Axis. Crystal Reports will probably need to be used. A small graph and if they desire a bigger graph full screen if they clicked on a button which navigated to a bigger graph. They must be able

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    This is a tourist retail e-commerce site that is to be made. We are using [login to view URL] e-commerce starter hosting service which comes e-commerce ready with shopping cart, SSL, and Shared Digital Security Certificate. We also have Flash, MYSQL, PHP4, PERL5 and SSI Support on our hosting service as well. We need someone to use the e-commerce scripts and

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    ...invoice where financial transactions are entered. after this i need the user to be able to select the jobs to be printed to an invoice for the customer - i want it done in crystal 8.5 or less. selection would be from an msflexgrid. invoice would be limited to 20 job entries. on the invoice i would need a company header then these fields which are all

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    ...backend. Approximately 5 data entry screen, login screen, splash screen. Approx 10-15 Reports, that we could develop in Crystal for the consultant. Approx 15 tables involved. Table design is completed. Screen shots (or actual VFP forms available, as well as VFP reports). Many (100 plus) other mini aps available for development after this one. ## Deliverables

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    24 ofertas to it. This must be in vb6, and the database is Access 2000. I will provide the coder with the actual database. I need this (Preferably) in the report designer, NO CRYSTAL REPORTS. It can be done as well on a form if necessary, but the user must be able to print results the same way a report would show. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    1. I need two reports done. This can be done using the data report designer, but NOT crystal reports. It also can be done using vb6 and creating a report of your own. [login to view URL] a CRR report. This is a customer retention report. This measures how effecive a staff memeber is at getting repeat business. It is calculated by the number of total session perfomed

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    I need an installation package written for a Visual Basic 6 application. This application uses several 3rd party active-x controls, such as Far Point, Crystal Reports and Sheridan. All missing dll or ocx files will be supplied to the winner bidder. The installation package must be able to set up the ODBC on the workstation. The Executable application

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    ...provided. I can handle money processing although if you'd like to code some for me I'd appreciate it. You will need to make all the graphics, code, etc. For: Every game in the crystal palace casino ([login to view URL]) I need that level of functionality. By the way, for those who haven't thought of this: the server needs to do the thinking, and

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