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    Given a Excel worksheet that has 9 columns, the first one is a link for a product. You need to open this link, identify what image contains nutrition facts and extract data from others 8 colums that are servingSize, calories, carbohydrateContent, proteinContent, fatContent, saturatedFatContent, fiberContent and sodiumContent. The content of images are

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    ...EuroCode. Pretension load of the membrane should be considered. These pretension loads will be given. Structural report will be prepared. 2. Shop drawings (Steel S 235 JR, colums: square sections, beams square or rectangular sections, others square section or tube) 3. Sidewalls can be open or closed. So the analysis should be done for both options.

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    Excel work Encerrado left

    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. with in 3 days 4000 lines and 24 colums

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    EXCEL VBA EXPERT Encerrado left

    Have a workbook with sheet 1 & 2 , sheet 1 has several rows and colums , what I need is programing which should check specific column for Yes. if there is Yes corresponding row must get transferred to sheet 2

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    Data entry job Encerrado left

    Hello, I have data entry job for who can do data automation( l...contains alot of data which can only be done by web automation(Winautomation). The data file is attached to the project. The payment for the project is hourly. so check the data colums to see if you have the requirement to do it. If interested, kindly message me. await your reply ASAP

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    Build Alexa Skill Encerrado left

    Build alexa skill to read from online database. "alexa check 'name' of 'employee' XXX" Where 'name' and 'employee' are the colums in the database. Alexa will find employee "xxx" and read back the 'name' field.

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    Desing a table of row 50 and colums 10. till 20 rows random number from 0-9 and after twenty rows if similar number found from previous columns then software should suggest from previous record Data from pdf file Actually its for lotto in india but only i need for single number data is avilable after every 15 minutes on rajshree lottory app. U need

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    I need to build a list with all the contact from all the radio stations in the picture below. A spread sheet or numbers sheet with following infos from the different radio stations. the screenshot below all those radios and check if [login to view URL] all these radios are in there aswell. the spreadsheet

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    Project for Adam C. Encerrado left

    Hi adamchleb, I noticed your profile and was hoping you were still available to do work.... how are you with Excel.... ?? Mostly setting up a mailing list... so multiple colums for names, address, spouse name, [phone number email etc....I can explain more when we speak....if you are available....

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    Write some software Encerrado left

    ...software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows . I would like an email application that allows me to have various stages represented by individual colums. Allowing me to visualy see my sales pipeline within my inbox and not have to exit to the application and use a separate [login to view URL] would be able to drag I would also want the

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    Csv fill ins Encerrado left

    Four colums that need to me filled in with numbers, all you have to do is automate

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    I am looking for a expert who knows how to integrate with google sheet ...user interface dashboard which is this - [login to view URL] its a free php and mysql dashboard, so the main thing is if we have 100 rows and 100 colums in our google sheet we can add each cell as widgets here in the dashboard, some are total values.

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    Someone made my website. When I try to edit text it changes font on the whole page. When I try to make a photo gallery with a few colums it does not work but lists all photos in a vertical line. If someone please help me figure this out. 20 dollars.

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    Data cleaning Encerrado left

    I've got 10.000 lines in Excel which should be cleaned (reduce multiples to 1 line and add extra info to different colums)

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    hello i have 5 concerns ...accident in disaster and changing web app to mobile app and a bit more explanation to it 4) on APPENDIX you need to add GANTT chrt like the sample i showed showing all colums 5) now when you open disaster announcements you can see screenshot is in 1 row in the report . please make in different rows for differnet data

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    ...paste to Import sheet. There could be more xls files appending the data from the last data. Step 3. MAPPING > From Import sheet, copy colums to Covert sheet in accordance to the mapping table. Step 4. Append the data to TARGET excel File, Find the last record in the file then append the newly converted data

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    ...subcategories for cleantech classification system. For each of the subcategories (e.g. "Bioenergy") you make a desktop research and fill the excel table (also attached) with the 3 colums. Major Trend; Opportunities; Constraints in 1 or 2 sentences each (bottom line) Applicant must be experienced in Research; need lat least little background in Energy and

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    ...piece of paper. We would scan the piece of paper to you to insert into the Microsoft Word tables and adjust the table appropriately. You may have to add or subtract rows and colums on the tables. You would also have to insert a map created as a .jpp image on a separate page (the map is created by another freelancer). Each project is short, but we hope

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    Every day I have around 10-15 CSV files. They all have the same colums and can be easily merged into one txt. file. I have already a script for this. What I want now is for someone to deliver me a solution so that I can automatically delete certain rows, that contains certain values. The CSV files are saved on a FTPS. I want to extract them, and

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    i need an interface with 2 users for login with user and password ...when second user make login the make and acceot for change and color now makes green . allso 2 nd table is for onother table wth the same function : but have this colums : brokers , brokers tiranan , brokers napoli , brokers + , customer service it , custmer service uk .

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    Parser settings for EBAY Encerrado left

    Hi everyone. I need settings for parser to be done. I have parser Datacol v5., and need tune it for parse EBAY. In result i need some xls table which consist of a few colums. I give trial version of the parser, your task will be to set it for me. Thank you.

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    We have a file that out system produces. We need all the data from that file laid out in a specific way with a click of a button.

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    ...captured image is as follows.  · 100 times to 300 times skin surface transmission photography  · Resolution 2448 x 2050~ 1280 x 960 (Resolution input Mat attribute Rows / Colums)  · 24 bit color PNG, JPG, BMP (limited to the format readable by the imread function)   - There is reflection of the light source in the image, and the part requires mask

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    ...ERZc67E6mVdCRuGhDW6z-dxZDSRYACsTv6MvIuvYyCe8aiKat4cphoNY9FMZ8ZOYfUI-kzJK87Nju6Wee5kAl1x1x537VXC1s6A-CI3L7ehK9dMcGr9J7HUhicQ5khm2kDryo9e7N7wvfAk.9rNUiwVCyN-8gC66uLUJvg The colums are of diffrent height, I would them to be as long always (today it's dnamical depending on how many pictures / length of text there is). See another example here: http://www

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    Hi, we have a PDF product catalog which we want to copy in an simple excel sheet. In the attached pdf document (Broschuere Sonderangebot Baubranche [login to view URL]) you find on every page product information in the table: Artikel-Nr. = article number Artikel = article description VE = quantity Preis = price We need to insert

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    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data. similar to the attachment but will be from lots of pictures of different information. i have about 100,000 columns with upto 15 rows on an Excel spreadsheet that need populating. Numbers likely to be lower. timeline up to 2 weeks but would need completed spreadsheets on a weekly basis. NO ERRORS as the input needs to be 100% correct guaranteed.

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    I was trying out this theme for MODX [login to view URL] I want this slider to work on my templ...[login to view URL] I want this slider to work on my template. But my template works with grid css and the advance-template works with bootstrap colums. So being a grapics guy I'm stuck on this one...

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    jquery and updating mysql in background. Simple look, should look pretty much like an excel- or calc-sheet. Need about 10 columns to manually fill in from keyboard.

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    EXCITING PROJECT Encerrado left

    ...to develop some software for me. At the moment the web based solution requires the following - a log in for users - a function to upload an excel sheet with one hundred of colums of data - we will require the platform to run a series of tests on the data looking for exceptions to the rules we define - we estimate we will have approx 50 rules - the

    $450 (Avg Bid)
    $450 M\u00e9dia
    28 ofertas

    ...Extract a CSV file from an email attachement (I've found a script on Internet so if you struggle with that I can send the script) - Import on a Google Sheet only the needed colums (can be identified by columns headers) but please note that the columns position can change. For example: on a CSV file the column "name" can be into the column A and in the

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    ...shopping theme? I need a wordpress theme model like amazon, bestbuy, alibaba. That has capacity for as many categories as possible. The listing on mobile must be at least 2 colums (see attached image) I dont want a single column theme On the homepage i need different rows of carousel of featured products, with each row dedicated to a different category

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    File Reconciliation Encerrado left

    Basically , i have 2 excel/csv files which are generated on Daily Basis, here i need to do a v-lookup to find the difference and ...files which are generated on Daily Basis, here i need to do a v-lookup to find the difference and with the raw data a pivot table is expected to be generated with selected colums..I will share a sample file shortly

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    Trophy icon Dentist Resource Guide Encerrado left

    ...must be submitted with .psd Flyer description: 1) Title at top = Dentist Resource Guide 2) include a graphic of teeth - "Take a BITE out of your expenses!" 3) Table - 3 colums titled "Company" "Services" "Member Discount" Minimum of 7 rows but you can leave room for more. see attached spreadsheet for first 5 rows use company logos (atta...

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    Email List Encerrado left

    ...looking for a list of 1,000-2,000 Smoke Shops and Sex Shops throughout the United States. For example, 500 smoke shops and 500 sex shops. Or 1,000 smoke shops and 1,000 sex shops (depending on the quote). I need an Excel CSV file that has Three Colums: 1. Business Name 2. Email Address 3. State they are located in. It must be a CLEAN list with no repeats

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    Hi, I need an edit in the delivery note that you can find and download in back end > Orders > Order...bottom of the page should be present: page 1 of 2 - [the first 6 digits of the company name of the customer]. 4. Delete Reference column and put instead of this the Quantity colums which must be move from the right column to the left column.

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    $40 M\u00e9dia
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    A DXL script for to use with IBM tool DOORS is required. Input is a textfile with lines and two columns per line, or a DOORS module with two colums (your choice). Each line consists of two DOORS ids, one in each colum. The ids are hosted by two DOORS modules, one for each colum. Records of the modules may have been linked to each other in a n:m

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    I need a APP that will allow me to extract lines and colums from xls and auto generate a word doc from it. example xls: line Column 1------- Column 2 1 text data 1 Text data 1 2 text data 2 text data 2 3 text data 3 text data 3 4...... etc etc the output should take line 1 and copy text data 1 from

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    I have a current view that needs to have two columns added to it. C#

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    Get the data from my local sql db and make an api. About 8 colums in my db.

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    ...project management tool to sugar. Therefore we want to add following to the standard sugarcrm package: - Set custom colors to subpanels as a background - Set the number of colums to a higher number than 2 - Create a subpanel containing contact and account name for the contact on 1 line - Create dynamic dashboard that shows graphs, lists, based on

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    quick R script Encerrado left

    Quick R script. Take parent CSV file with a list of datetimes and an ID variable and a third variable x. Then take key csv file with list of datetimes and an id variable. Return parent CSV, but with three new colums: Near, NearClose and Numbernear Near = 1 for all values where the key matches and the time in parent is 45 seconds or less after

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    ...(*.db file) This Database contains a table, with 10 colums. I need a Delphi project doing the following. It needs to query the database via SQL, and display the all records of this table in a TDBgrid. Also asside the grid there are 10 edit fields. When I click a record the data in the colums of the current record needs to be displayed in the TEdit

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. I have a pdf of roughly 220 rows/ 13 colums that I need entered into excel. I woukd like to have completed ASAP because I have to present on Monday.

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    ...of s= range 1-20 and n = 5 I want to limit/restrict the output(print) of the Columns(vertical collections) #say 1st columns from (1-5) # 2nd colums from (6-10) #3rd colums from (11- 15) 4th colums from (16 - 20) without printing all the numbers in the combination series. I have to be able to scale it from 1 to 12 either ways both both the

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    Excel Expert Encerrado left

    ...can automatically add new spreadsheets and the formulas will automatically update in the summary spreadsheet. I would also like to add buttons so that I can add new rows and colums without comprising the integrity of the spreadsheet. The summary spreadsheet also sets out the labour and overhead rates that need to populate every new spreadsheet. Each spreadsheet

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    ...the other online shop (products should be reserved either for online sales or offline sales). Primary functionality: tool should list all (several thousands of) products (extracted from 3-5 MySQL-Tables) in rows. Colums should contain filters. On the left, there is the "Online Shop", on the right there is the data from the "Offline Shop". In the middle

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    $200 M\u00e9dia
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    ...need a VBA code to take colums of data from an website to copy and pase excel in rows and colunms. The website link is: [login to view URL] From the website above, each cars info in each page (for example for now it is 746 pages, 20 cars in each page) and copy/paste it to excel. There should be colums in excel as; "serie"

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    ...subscription base and the FREE template im using wont allow money to be made as its free. I want the same type of layout and features. There is basically the header then 3 colums and footer. I can access a page which allows me what boxes to put in that column. All the scripts can be reused but changed so they dont look like the same. For the subscription

    $529 (Avg Bid)
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    ...subscription base and the FREE template im using wont allow money to be made as its free. I want the same type of layout and features. There is basically the header then 3 colums and footer. I can access a page which allows me what boxes to put in that column. All the scripts can be reused but changed so they dont look like the same. For the subscription

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    Using Hoovers & Mint UK (Bureau Van Dijk) & Orbis (Bureau Van Dijk), please provide a list of companies in Excel, with the following criteria: • Only companies in the state of New York, USA • Only companies in the state of California, USA • Only companies in the state of Florida, USA • Only companies in London, UK • Only companies with annual

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