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    The play factor 6 dias left

    I am doing a research proposal and need to submit an alternative paper using an alternative method. My research proposal is using a qualitative thematic analysis, therefore the alternative method is quantitative. I'm proposing a two condition comparative study of an experimental condition of playful counselling with young people compared with a control condition of non play counselling with ...

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    Please make sure you READ and are an expert in the fields below: (comment "READ" in proposal) - Regression and Correlation - Probability, Distributions & Sampling Distributions - Measuring Variation - Analysis of charts - Measure of variability **** My budget is 25$ however I only need an hour and a half of your time! ****

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    I am looking for an expert in Machine Learning that is proficient in Matlab I want the expert to perform 2 main tasks 1) Provide the Code for the Non-linear Autoregressive (x) NARX model 2) Provide the Code for the Support Vector Regression (SVR) model Please read the terms of reference and state how much you are bidding to do the work.

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    Dear, I am working on analyzing cargo flow from 4 origin point to 13 destinations by using 1 dependent and 6 independent variables. I have tried to model using regression, but heteroscedasticity was detected on residual plot ( as shown in the attached residual plot). Therefore, I need someone whose expert in dealing with regression modeling to adjust and resolve the heteroscedasticity error by d...

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    I need help with SPSS, doing a multiple regression analysis. I asked companies (n=12) to rate 15 items (literature-based hypotheses) such as "For us, the potential costs of implementing Industry 4.0 are too high" on a 5-point-Likert scale (Strongly disagree to Strongly agree) I would need help in doing the Multiple Linear Regression in SPSS as a couple figures irritated me. Thanks :)

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    I am a Civil engineer and I am trying to obtain lifetime predictions of Polyethylene pipes subjected to internal pressure and affected by the pressence of a point load. There are some papers concerning the prediction of the lifetime of polyethylene pipes (PE100RC) using linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM). The program that I am using is COMSOL MULTYPHYSICS. The problem consists on the followi...

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    Data Analysis 5 dias left

    Hello, I am working to launch an eco-friendly product in UAE market and have conducted a survey to analyze my market. I want someone very professional to help me analyze this survey responses. I need four tests to be completed; 1) Frequency Analysis (bar charts of responses) 2) Reliability analysis (of each variable and the data) 3) T-test between gender and the dependent variable that is cust...

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    So we wanted to develop a android based app like Dunzo . so we want to develop the app in 2 months time period with full system , regression , sanity and user acceptance testing done. So we are ready to hire 4-6 developers . So once Android based app is released to the market then we will be needing a IOS based [fazer login para ver a URL] here we will be having our own warehouse where we will be...

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    I have a project in R but i face some difficulties. I actually want to run a local level model for the growth rate of deaths of a pandemic without using structTS or any other ready package for time series models. I want to find the forecast error using the kalman filter and smoother and take these as an input for a regression that i want to run. Bellow you can see the code for the kalman filter th...

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    Select two variables from the data set provided ● Use complex procedures, and, apply simple and complex mathematical concepts and techniques to interpret and analyse the data-set in response to the chosen variables ● Draw conclusions from your analysis of the bivariate data set ● Evaluate and verify your solution ● Present your response in a written report

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    Task here is to implement procedure which is a logistic regression classifer using gradient ascent.

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    Data Scientist needed to help on various analytics / machine projects in eCommerce field. Requirements: - Machine Learning algorithms / methodologies (e.g. linear regression, etc.) - Create a deployable model in Python - Proficient in Python - SQL - RDBMS - Top notch communication skill - Be willing to sign an NDA The project will be discussed over the interview call.

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    I am looking for academic articles that focus on prediction 3 articles used Fuzzy optimisation Model for prediction 3 articles used ANFIS Model for prediction 3 articles used ANN Model for prediction 3 articles used regression Model for prediction 3 articles used Gaussian Model for prediction 3 articles used Hidden Markov Model for prediction discussing the method used, input, output, etc

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    Hidden Markov Models (HMM) 2 dias left

    I am looking for academic articles that focus on prediction 3 articles used Fuzzy optimisation Model for prediction 3 articles used ANFIS Model for prediction 3 articles used ANN Model for prediction 3 articles used regression Model for prediction 3 articles used Gaussian Model for prediction 3 articles used Hidden Markov Model for prediction discussing the method used, input, output, etc

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    Predict stock price using time series analysis and machine learning algorithms ( ie. - Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, Ensemble Models, Random Forest, XGBoost, Neural Network, ARIMA, LSTM ) We need 1 week of the forecast of any stock (for the students who is learning to trade) For example - the current date is 1st of August then based on previous trends of the stock and pr...

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    Hello, I have a task in Applied Economics and Econometric for an economic regression topic that needs completion. I will need a short research, where different variables are given as input to STATAMP software (Feel free to use templates in the Stata database). For the regression, it is a must that a minimum of 10 variables are used where at least 3 should be dummy ones. You are free to choose an...

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    QA - Marketplace Test 14 horas left

    We are developing two projects B2B & B2C and we need someone able to execute variety of different testing techniques such as UI Testing, Automated Testing, Regression Testing, and Test-Driven Development Strategies. Must to have strong knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools and experience working in an Agile/Scrum development process and defect management, performance and security test...

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    We have a mobile app(simple Game) built on Unity framework. Looking for mobile automation & Performance testing skillset. Need to understand the app, write test cases, once approved need to develop automation and performance test scripts with reports(will use Jenkins to run the test suite).

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    I would like to have a Regression model built to measure the relationship between the S&P500 and VIX index. Logically: I would like to define the S&P500 "change amount" and the "time period". The system needs to look through historical data to find periods in time when these conditions occurred. Then build the regression model off this data

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    Possible Solutions/Answers for a project leveraging Logical regression, Random forest and R programming

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    I have a data file, i need log regression analysis and its interpretation in statement for results for my research paper. Looked at two signs A (1) and B (0) in 4 ethnic groups 1, 2, 3 , 4 Risk factors included like (DM) Diabetes, HTN (Hypertension), HLD (High cholesterol), smoker Analyse the occurence of pattern A or B in ethnic groups? Is there a statistical difference in occurence of patter...

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    Hi, You may use linear regression or any other ML algorithm. I have data from electricity energy meters and an event trip (loss of electricity) list. I need a simple machine learning model where i need to predict and/or find co-relations as follows: Inputs: 1. Three phase Voltages 2. Three phase currents 3. Date and time stamp 4. Trip event list Calculate 1. Negative Sequence Voltage (I'l...

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    Possible Solutions/Answers for a project leveraging Logical regression, Random forest and R programming

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    Possible Solutions/Answers for a project leveraging Logical regression, Random forest and R programming

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    I’m looking into gender differences in the uks labour market. Using stata!! Here is some information about my project: Goals listed in my research diary Identify, describe and critique the dependent, independent, and potential control variables for your quantitative analysis, including their levels of measurement. Produce and describe initial table of descriptive statistics of your analyt...

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    Regression optimiser Encerrado left

    We need to build a testcase selection/prioritization algorithm based on the change in the C++ code written in the software . For eg : for every new change in the C++ Code , we need to figure out which test cases will definitely hit the changed source code , and hence select/prioritize them from the whole test suite .

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    Need someone with Business analytics knowledge. Need to have understanding of Hypothesis testing and regression analysis. This project is of less than 1 hour for business analytics person and expected delivery is today before EOD.

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    its a marketing analysis project. The idea should address a business problem for an existing brand or product using marketing analytics. The final project report should provide marketing strategy guidelines for the business problem you addressed using analysis of marketing data. Should use data that they collect or source on their own. Use any 1 of the following marketing research techniq...

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    I have a task in R, which needs to be completed in "six hours" precisely. This task will require the knowledge in Linear Discriminant Analysis and Subset Regression. I have attached the requirement. Please review it and get back to me with your quote only if you are 100% sure that the task can be completed accurately and timely. Thank you!

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    We are looking to have frequent and significant changes to our bigcommerce frontend template. The person should be able to create code that reacts responsively and be able to regression test the code.

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    ordinary least squares regression involving 8 variables. SPSS

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    I need help analyzing my data set and with a logistical regression. Also, I need help with cleaning the data and re-coding.

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    I have a data analysis and guidance task to understand the role of caste and gender on mobility. For more details message. I already have a cleaned dataset.

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    Machine Learning OCR Encerrado left

    Good understanding on python language in Data science ecosystem (Pandas,Scikit-learn, tensorflow, numpy , opencv , matplotlib etc) Understanding of data structures, data modeling and software architecture Deep knowledge of math, probability, statistics and algorithms Ability to write robust code in Python Solid background and knowledge in machine learning and deep learning Proficiency in various d...

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    In this project we require Data cleaning, treatment of missing values, conversion of the data into normal distributions by not removing the values then shortlisting of variables by complete EDA process utilizing 2 methods Multiple linear regression and Neural network technique. Compare both models to show which one is performing better. This project should be using R-programming. I'm providi...

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    you're allowed to imply open source scripts as much as you want. i provide you with 11 years of minute data (txt files). i have only tiny amount of python experience, so you need to make it as easy as possible for me to use it. it feeds the excel file with multiple linear regression values (left and right price value of linear regression lines), ATR of 5 timeframes. and takes the signals fr...

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    Hello, I need an experienced biostastician for assistance in carrying out/understanding/plotting the results of a statistical analysis I am carrying out, as stated in title it's a multilevel logistic regression in R

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    Fix this plotly graph using R which uses the plot_ly() function. The attached code generates a plane (regression plane) and plots some points. The point color comes from one variable (I think it is active_factor). Instead of having different colors, I want different shapes (for example x and circle) because this needs to be printed in black and white in a text. The code and data file are attache...

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    Need to implement a logistic regression using gradient ascent as per the algorithm in document.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows.

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    I have a small matlab project on regression to finish in next 24 hours.

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    Hi I have tables saved in BigQuery. It's time series data. I would like to create a google colab sheet that graphs that data, runs an ARIMA model and shows outputs and possibly a neural net. Thanks

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    You must be good with probability and statistics for the engineer. you must know the following topics in detail. Concept of Random Variables, Discrete Probability Distributions, Continuous Probability Distributions, Point Estimation, One and Two Sample Hypothesis Testing, Analysis of Variance, Completely Randomized Experiments, Randomized Complete Block Experiments, and Regression Analysis.

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    I want to create a set of 100 machine learning problems which have dataset, problem and solution in each folder. Supervised, Un-supervised, Regression, classification, Neural networks, clustering and other machine learning techniques.

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    Need a prediction with a data set based on a linear regression.

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    A classic regression problem solved with supervised machine learning. Ark Bike is a ride sharing platform where customers can rent bikes on an hourly or daily basis. The goal of this project is to use machine learning and regression and develop an effective model that can predict the number of bikes that will be needed in any given time period, using historical data. This data is highly correlated...

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    I want someone to write blog posts on topics related to data science, AI/ML, etc. I'll give topics and you have to write 700-1000 words of content. Topics to begin with, "Gradient Descent, regularization, Linear and Logistic Regression". I need at least 3 articles per week. I'll pay per article so please mention your rate and maximum articles you can write in the proposal.

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    Automated QA Tester Encerrado left

    Experience: Intermediate Duration: 3 months to start with potential for full time placement We are a funded startup building an exciting B2B software platform with a development team of nine: CTO, 4 developers, 1 Project Mgr, 2 Product Mgr, and 1 QA. We are looking for the right candidate to build automated tests to address regression issues when new code is rolled out. We do regular releases...

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