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    ...convert .doc and .rtf files to plain text with UTF-8 encoding. Here is what the app needs to be able to do: **1)** Allow us to select all .doc and .rtf files from a folder (including subfolders) **2)** Convert them to plain text with UTF-8 encoding (please note that it has to be UTF-8 **AND NOT** UTF-8Y). I don't really understand the difference

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    ...and description are ok, but the field long description does not give out the letters correctly. So this might be a minor problem but it quite urgent to be resolved. Please let me know if you can check the script and find the problem. I would give you ftp access and you can download the files. Thanks Franz Berg ...

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    ...Sir or Madam I need professional help for: + implementing a forum/ board on my multi-language site (english german japanese) + make japanese language display properly (utf-8) + important: board language has to change according to user´s choice on the main site (joomfish) + even if user choice is e.g. "english" only "core"

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    4 ofertas Windows. It must continue to compile in 8-bit mode (without -DUNICODE -D_UNICODE) on Windows but must be able to handle wide-character input, presumably by storing it as UTF-8, and then deliver it to a webserver. I need a demo program showing how this is done. Therefore I require a simple test program which begins with a wide-character string and

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    3 ofertas issue with a website that has to switch between Japanese characters (in UTF-8) and western European character sets (in ANSI). Currently, we’re duplicating content between two different websites and jumping sites when the user chooses to change their language. The problem we have is that if the user hits the back button, we’re unable to change the

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    We want to print locations from the world gazetter: [login to view URL] which are in utf-8 format. We are using PHP 5.0.4 (no unicode libraries compiled) and Apache 2.0.53 on Linux FC3 We want to print in web with php this locations, the project includes all configuration

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    I need function written on PHP which insert spaces if string is too long. U must remember that string can be UTF-8/Multibyte encoded. This function need to keep formatting (do not calculate carriage return). There are similar functions but they don't work properly - change chars before space or insert tab instead of space etc. Here is this function

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    ...Notes: 1. Because I need to see how you are doing it, documentation is very important. 2. The code needs to be able to "auto-detect" what type of manipulation (i.e. converting to utf-8, htmlentities, etc) needs to happen, so that I could theoretically throw any url at it and it would fetch it and display on my end properly. 3. I need to know the schema of

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    Hi, I need somebody who expert with JSP to make little modification on my current application. It was convert from UTF-8 Hexcode to Web compatible Chinese Character, for example: Convert UTF-8 Hexcode: 0052003500200074006500730074002053CB60C5662F63E15728624B4E2D76847EC66C99FF0C53EA898160844E0D7559795E4E5F8BB85C314ECE63077F1D4E2D6E9C8D70FF0

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    Mysql, JSP, UTF-8 Encerrado left

    ... It looks fine in MySql. I've tried 2 different JDBC drivers; jdbc connect string contains ?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=utf-8 JSP page contains pageEncoding="UTF-8" contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8" But still no joy. ## Deliverables A JSP page which can select a name like Ana González or Eddy Oña from...

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    Hello, I need a unicod skilled coder knowing vbscript to create two functions to operate with unicode strings. First one will take a unicode string like (Enter site in korean) : chrw(49324) & chrw(51360) & chrw(53944) & " " & chrw(51217) & chrw(49549) and convert it to utf-8 encoded string : ì‚ì?´í? ¸ ì &lsqu...

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    ...textual values inside the quotes is hebrew. I need a way to convert this output to a valid xml that will work in utf-8 (unicode). I DO NOT wish to add a special tag of encoding in the top of the xml. I need the entire file translated into utf-8 format and have this file appear correctly in IE WITHOUT specyifing any encoding tag. The solution can be whatever

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