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    <strong>SmartGSM                                                                ...

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    I already finished Integer Singly Linked List which is long_list.c file so i need : 1. Integer Singly Linked List (long_list.c) Already DONE 2. Array-Based Stack (istack.c) initialize function already DONE 5 functions 3. Array-Based Circular Queue (iqueue.c) 6 functions 4. Generic Doubly Linked List (linked_list.c) 8 functions 5. Generic Doubly Linked List Queu...

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    shopify store 4 dias left

    I'm entrepreneur and startuper. I would like to create Shopify store for sport materials. I don't need high skilled, but someone who already did something similar, someone who can teach alos about adds, and how promote product on other social media. The person MUST manage very well configuration and some programing in Shopify. High preference for people from India, or North Africa.

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    Hi, I'm looking for person who can set up, deploy, manage display/ video campaigns for your business using DSP advertising

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    I need develope a very good APP and the same functionality in web for Tarot Reading Cards Games. Very similar than this app: [fazer login para ver a URL] The most important thing is the Design of the movement of the Tarot Cards in APP and WEBS. I would like a design for movement similar than: [fazer login para ver a URL] but I haven't problem in other programming language or design. Addi...

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    To design and build prototype of full solid-state static voltage stabilizer using IGBT/ MOSFET in PWM AC Chopper/Inverter topology with Buck Boost Transformer with any suitable DSP IC # Deliverables WORKER MUST PROVIDE : 1. Complete and detailed Schematic Diagram of the product. 2. Complete artwork of the PCB including laser print out of the tracks and pads, laser print out of component layou...

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    c++ programing 3 dias left

    I will let you know in the message

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    We need an expert in signal processing (image specifically) to enhance medical images (Xray) by removing effect of ant scattering Grid lines like the attached. they might be shown in more than one frequency band, they are either Vertical or Horizontal but may have very small angle like 4 degrees or something. We need an automatic wau to detect them then remove them from the image without affecting...

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    We need an expert in signal processing (image specifically) to enhance medical images (Xray) by removing effect of ant scattering Grid lines like the attached. they might be shown in more than one frequency band, they are either Vertical or Horizontal but may have very small angle like 4 degrees or something. We need an automatic wau to detect them then remove them from the image without affecting...

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    There is 3 simple mathematical for implementing with julia JuMP

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    I want programmer applications for the application of reading texts and books Please to give the right price for you and we will negotiate on Messenger Note: the app is very small just 4 pages, I have the design pages, I just need programing

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    Hi, I need some who had hands on experience of inverter control using texas instruments dsp piccolo/delfino micro controllers like TMS320f28377s or TMS320f28069m. You should be an expert using code composer studios. I will give you my MatLab code. Then you should write that in ccs studio and give me an user friiendly code for the motor(induction motor) or inverter control( like PI Controller, PR...

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    We are looking for a firmware engineer to support the the development of firmware for a mmWave sensor board based on TI IWR1642 chip integrated with Raspberry pi4 board. The board will be able to support usage of TI mmwave development studio and uniflash tool The fully developed board must support Raspbian OS on the Rpi4 board, the mmWave board must support DSP programming on it.

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    I need a program do drawing and after finish drawing do the pick and place with details from beginning till the end

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    We are looking for a programmer who is familiar with python requests and web crawling. to create a Python Class to do automated stuff on a website. The Class will have couple function. 1. Browse to a specific site. 2. Login a website ( Using Email/Password ). 3. Use Capatcha Software of your choice to decrypt capatcha. 4. Read New Messages. ( if plenty of message will be on a json file. ) 5. Send...

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    I want to monitor temp ,pulse sensor data send it to cloud and apply an ml algorithm Using Arduino ,esp8266, lm35 ,pulsesensor

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    We need a professional that can program in arduino with experiece in linux and reapberry. It could be ideal to know about network systems.

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    I need an existing website rebuilt. I need you to design and build it.

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    Hello Dominik, Hope all is well. I am looking for a Full Stack Developer than can take care of all the technical side of our newly developed mobile tracking platform/ DSP. I came across your profile and I see that you do have experience in that. Please let me know when you would be available for a chat [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Co...

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    Hi Durchenko Y., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I would like an expert in web programing language to develop a web site for gaming. including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, django.

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    Hi. I am Saori. Nice to meet you. I'd like to learn PHP by making online language lesson web reservation system like below with PHP and Wordpress by myself. [fazer login para ver a URL] I am thinking to use this wp plugin. [fazer login para ver a URL] but I don't know it is adequate or not. I want to some advice for that, too. I only know HTML and CSS. So I guess that it's goin...

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    R_studeo_Programing Encerrado left

    1500 words report with R-codes Things to consider: 1. The final function should address a clear problem and turn the raw data into information. 2. You may wish to integrate the plotting of data into the function, but this may not always be appropriate. 3. The function should offer a number of clearly explained parameters for the user to adjust if they wish to experiment with a range of results. T...

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    To write an application C C++ which can pack of binary code image. The binar code image runs in real time on DSP from TI under System BIOS. This is similar the UPX the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables in windows, but for diffirent processor and operating system. The main aim of this project to stop debugging or disassembley of binary codes. You need to introduce traps in the packing so that any de...

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    We are looking for expert in QA website testing in hand not system or automation, should have experience more than years in platform testing : technical skills: must be a great database testing can write & provide a great reports function, integration, programing code, regression test cases from the analysis of requirements document test cases preparation and execution ability to document t...

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    Hi, i am building some "software" but i need small help if you programer. I will pay 10$ for this help, if you programer you will lose 10 minutes for this. Thanks

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    z-Tree programing Encerrado left

    I need to program some experiments with z-tree. I am looking for someone with a good amount of experience in z-Tree. The work to be done is similar to work done in experiment (attachment) but need to extend the scope

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    This app for both iPhone and Android will allow cellphones to access the audio contents on our Asterisk IVR system. Once the phone is connected to IVR, the phone will allow user to listen to different menu selection by pressing the digits on their phone. This app is a private app for use of myself and selected customer; and free for my customers to install and use. The app should have configurati...

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    I'm building a 5 axis system using an Arduino, 3D printer firmware (Marlin), and 3D printer board (Ramps 1.4). Most 3D printers are 3 axis machines but I'm trying to modify the firmware to add 2 additional axis. I currently am able to drive the stepper motors for all 5 axis using the two extruder motor drivers on the Ramps board, but I'm only able to home 3 of the axis. I am lookin...

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    I need Data analysis done on my dataset which includes both descriptive analysis and statistical analysis using R programing. Statistical analysis would include PCA, regression analysis, K mean analysis to start with.

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    programing in excel Encerrado left

    Hello. I need a quote generator written excel which generate quote in word Must contain I select room Put height, width and long Additional option Window ? How many Doors ? How many It must generate quote: Living Room Repair Prepare and paint walls – Labour 150 Materials 30 Repair Prepare and paint Ceiling – Labour 110 Materials 20 Repair Prepare and paint Woo...

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    We have The Rebels vRP server (Greek) and need some fixes to the server and new non-existing mods that we want to develop. We need an experienced in programing and vRP person that can your stuff. Long-term business Co-owner gets profits from donates.

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    CNC CAM Programing. Encerrado left

    We are looking for CNC Machine Programing (CAM Programing) for various products. More details to follow. We are looking for a per project (Job) Flat rate. Programing to be completed using Autodesk inventor, Autodesk Fusion360, SprutCAM, or BOBCAD. We would expect from every project. -set up sheet -program file -Tool call out All tooling to US Standard tools or metric as needed. Further ...

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    Create a commentedFreeRTOSBlinky project which blinks the Red, Green, and Blue LEDs in succession, i.e., one at a time, not overlapping.

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    java programing Encerrado left

    Data structure that have linkedlist arraylist queue

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    PLC programing 1 Encerrado left

    Mineral water treatment plant .

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    PLC programing Encerrado left

    IMineral water treatment plant .

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    microchip programing Encerrado left

    i would like help with microchip programming on an existing test kit

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    arduino programing Encerrado left

    build a ball and balance plate table code and guidence needed

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    * The Sellere need to be able to import product with csv file from their dashboard. * Sellers need to be able to import product from their own wordpress store to my store from their vendor dashboard. Everything needs to be connected, like example the product stock so if they sell products in their stores the product stock reduces in both stores. * Booking detail like an excel file that i will g...

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    Need someone who is good with programming language like defining data structure for my programing language like so on and forth

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    I have an urgent project and i need who have a very extensive knowledge on MQ ,IIB and ESQl programing

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    Ldo transistor power management programing

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    Write a Code Encerrado left

    I'm Aung. Currently I'm doing some school project which involved in programing. The program is to track the Pedestrian moving and reaction when they encounter Personal Mobile Devices (PMD) & generated the chart. The camera will be mounted on PMD.

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    I need you to write a 4 pages summary and PowerPoint of any IEEE article about digital image processing that includes equations and graphs

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    I need Developers who are trained in extracting DSP signals for FMCW chips. I need the programmers to help make sense of doppler data, X and Y co-ordinate and chirp data. Experience in Infineon or TI Microwave signals are most suitable for the requirement.

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    Can be made in any programing language, since it works, will be read from a pdf file of pdf avaliable on the project no with no limit of pages. The results must be in a csv file, containing the answers marked and info of the qrcode, It's a school project so nothing fancy only need to work. Requirements: Marked questions - A,B,C,D,E Double Marked - N/A None Marked - N/A

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    I want these problems of DSP to be solved for a meeting. 1.2 Tests to be carried out 1.2.1 Implementation of an adaptive filter Implement an adaptive filter as shown in Figure 1.1 using the update equation 1.18 as a Matlab function. Pass the following arguments to the function: input signal x(n), desired signal d(n), filter length L and the step size parameter (ALPHArel) as relative size to the ...

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