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    I need a programm that is able to display a database, create new entries for this database and a feature where I then can select x amount of these entries and export them into a pdf with a pre determined heading. I do not care about the looks of the programm too much. I also want the entries to be sorted by date.

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    need a programm that tell as a queue management in javascript

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    I am looking for somebody like a document designer with strong developer skills that can build a small programm, cloud based that allows easily to create, adapted or customise documents like quotes/offerings. Focus on text and pictures, and print

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    I have C++ program and need to convert it to Python format. A brief description of C++ program: The program reads the 2 input files: 1. txt file with LL1 grammar. Let's call it "file 1". 2. txt file with C++ functions. Let's call it "file 2". Program reads the "file 1" and decides whether the grammar in "file 1" is of LL(1) type or not. If not, it ...

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    We need to detect Byte Patterns on Binary Files. The Position of the Byte Patterns are different on different Binary Files. Also the Byte Patterns can be slightly different. But if you check the specific parts in 2d you can be able to detect. We´re thinking about using artificial intelligence but also let you decide how to do We can send you a Dataset of 12 different binary files with decla...

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    I am staring a new business, I will need all accounting, payroll, BAS statment completed, all admin required for a small business. I am introducing an app to small businesses and will have salespersons on commission that need to be paid, I will require you to use a simple accounting programm that I can understand. This project is on going to manage my business

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    Account creator Encerrado left

    Looking for an C# programm with proxy support that creates me accounts for testing.

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    Project for Fabio B. Encerrado left

    Hello Fabio, currently we working on an project with s7 plc (3xx). The complete Programm is written in Italian language so we need an skilled programmer who is able to support us. Is this of interest for you? Best regards Tristan

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    PROGRAMM C Encerrado left


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    We want a simple and small java programm which has a java-fx ui and which creates offers for clients. There is one product which will be sold and the offer should be created in a pdf and word document. On the gui tue user can enter the informations about the client and configure the product (select which pieces the user wants). The application should contain spring and the db should be a db which...

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    in which i will deliver learning programm for engineers who wanted to learn auto cad and cnc milling turning full course related to mechanical engineering in any typpe of companies which is related to mechanical such as mass manufacturing of component of bearings and others etc

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    I need someone who uses knime program for databases and can create data and analyzing that in a project with 1500 words.

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    Ich interessiere mich für die künstliche Intelligenz im Bauprojektmanagement und möchte mit diesem neunentwickelten Programm ein Trendsetter werden.

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    Programm zur Kontrolle der verschiedenen Etappen der Schwangerschaftsvorsorge

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    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Fachmann, der mich in einem Projekt unterstützen kann. Kurz gefasst handelt es davon, dass ich eine Plattform erstellen möchte, die Kunden unterstützt, einen Überblick über Ihre Fahrzeugrestauration zu behalten. Dazu stelle ich Ihnen eine Präsentation zur Verfügung, damit Sie einen Eindruck dav...

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    PhD Programm in english at a financial University Possible Topic - Company succession from a legal point of view in an international (European) context

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    I need to connect a simple keypad to wifi using ESP32 +MQTT ( or similar ) only to programm the access codes by app. The keypad the should controll the opening of the doors of the hotels the solution should be low cost

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    C++ Project Encerrado left

    Hi, in the attached document you can find all infos and instruction needed for programming the programm.

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    NEXT Coding Encerrado left

    How does the project look like: A Java App is installed on our customers PC. We extend that Java App with our own classes to enable advanced features. We are searching for someone to develop C#/C++ components, that will download those classes from our microservices on demand and start the original Java App, then put our classes in the desired class paths. As the Java App works with confidential da...

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    C++ Project Encerrado left

    You job is to programm a C++ Project. In the attached document below you can find everything you need to know about the Project.

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    a karel programm for fanuc robot for. Checkers game. Fanuc robot . Please let me know if you are interested for more details

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    Mein Name ist Achim-J. Wegner. Ich habe bis 1999 ein Softwarehaus geleitet. Ich kann nicht programmieren, kann aber dem Programmierer verdeutlichen, was ich im Ergebnis vom Design haben will. Das WIE der Programmierung überlasse ich dem/den Programmierer/n Das Projekt hat den Namen "CYP - calc your part" ist eines von wahrscheinlich 7 Projekten. Zum Projekt: Das Programm soll f&uum...

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    For private use, I need an Excel design sheet that is, if possible programmed without makros. The design sheet is an excel calculation programm for liquid-liquid-extraction / mixer settlers. A well explained instruction and a started draft (specially for Excel) for the calculation basis, will be provided. But the challenge is that the instruction is written in german language.

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    Need to build a small programm with Python language, which analyzes C++ functions with LL1 grammar. A brief description: 1. The program should be build with Python. 2. A description of C++ functions is input in txt file (the example is attached). The body of functions is assumed to be empty. This should simplify the program a lot. 2. Description of the LL(1) grammar is input in txt file (the gramm...

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    Need to build a small programm with Python language, which analyzes C++ functions with LL1 grammar. A brief description: 1. The program should be build with Python. 2. A description of C++ functions is input in txt file (the example is attached). The body of functions is assumed to be empty. This should simplify the program a lot. 2. Description of the LL(1) grammar is input in txt file (the gramm...

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    This project contains 2 Parts. Part 1: Programming of NodeMCU Part 2: Receive date on RaspberryPI / SignalK Used Material: AZDelivery NodeMCU Lua Lolin V3 WiFi Parent Following Sensor shall be connected to the NodeMCU:

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    Hardware Programm Encerrado left

    Hello, I need someone that have knowledge about PC and software programming

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    Hi all, I have a problem, it is a code which must be modified. what is it exactly. We have a Program (nscale) with which we manage the documents. We currently need to do an extension of the program (nscale) and for that I'm looking for someone who can help me modify an extension because already doing practically the same task. the extension that I have allows to open documents of the CAD typ...

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    Insta-username-claim Encerrado left

    looking for someone who could programm me this.

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    Im searching a software Programm for making external software for the games Escape From Tarkov Warzone ONLY APPLY IF YOU KNOW THE GAMES!!!

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    I have two jpg files with graphic data for VW Transporter inside cover. Files are needed in dxf to use it in CAD programm for a laser cutting machine. So the written sizes in the jpg must be converted correctly. This is very important to fit perfectly in the end. Thanks and kind regards

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    I would like to have a website like This website is for new youtubers, who wants to promote their youtube channels and get more views, comments, likes and subscribers. It is like an stock-exchange for youtube videos. You pay others youtubers to watch my own videos. You pay with "coins". Coins can be buyed with real money or you watch youtube films from others. Watc...

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    Hello we have a Programm which creates chats we have already created a lot of chat however we can not load the "this function went before" we need someone to look at this and give us fixt

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    Hello we have a Programm which creates chats we have already created a lot of chat however we can not use the load Chat Function "this function works before" we need someone to look at this and fix it.

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    Hallo, ich benötige zum sichern meiner Internetseiten ein Programm welches auf meinem PC läuft. Es müssen beliebig viele FTP Accounts angelegt werden können (Name, FTP-Zugangsdaten und Zielverzeichnis). Das Zielverzeichnis ist eines auf meinem PC. Wenn das Programm gestartet wird, dann soll es nacheinander alle gespeicherten Accounts aufrufen und die ganzen Inhalte (Dateien...

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    Hallo Ich habe ein PDF als Druckvorlage für mein Briefpapier. Mein Sohn soll in absehbarer Zeit meine Firma übernehmen. Das PDF (die Grafik) soll im Design erhalten bleiben, lediglich die Namen, Telefonnummern usw. getauscht werden. Das ganze sollte wieder in einer druckfertigen Datei geliefert werden. HOFER HARALD ist das Original HOFER DANIEL ist die Vorlage wie es aussehen sollte., i...

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    Viewbot for Twitch Encerrado left

    I want a special viewbot for twitch. + The Viewer must be loged in via Twitch Account and must showed up in the viewerlist + Accounts are setup manually by me - the programm must to login with this account (maybe user:pass in an txt file what he can read?) + Maximum of 500 viewer should be possible + Give every Streamer a % in Fake Viewers + Targeting via Special Keyword or Twitch Link + IP with ...

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    Telegram marketing Encerrado left

    I Need A python and telethon specialist which can made me a programm according to my demands... Of telgram bulk message sending

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    need a person which could explain a c++ program,it's a small programm

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    maple programm Encerrado left

    i need help in Maple program 1 task , comp mathematics, in 2 hours

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    We need a crawler for an affiliate program. All ref links should be generated and copied. Also the images to the ref links, titles should be saved in a CSV file.

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    Hallo Herr Engel, ich bräuchte wieder ein neues CGI-Script in Python 2.7. Dessen Aufgabe ist es, einen übergebenen numerischen Parameter in eine URL zu konvertieren. Hintergrund: 1. Wir bieten mit TextMaker, PlanMaker, Presentations und BasicMaker vier Office-Programme (Textverarbeitung, Kalkulation etc.) an. 2. Diese gibt es für Windows, Mac, Linux und Android. 3. Zur Softwar...

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    Freiberuflich Remote/Home Office Zur Verstärkung unseres virtuellen Teams suchen wir einen Performance Marketing Profi zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt. Wenn du gerne in einem dynamischen Umfeld arbeitest, keine Lust hast auf „nine to five“ und mit deinen Aufgaben wachsen möchtest, dann lies weiter. Das beschreibt dich: Du hast umfangreiche Erfahrung in den Bere...

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    There is a free course available on this wordpress website. It needs a follow up by automated mails. In stead of buying a different 3rd party programm I want to make this possible from within the wordpress website.

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    Creating a ROS Package with msg and srv ,services,actions... Cerating mapping,navigation and also can obstacle avoidance with the Rplidar 360 A1 sensor .

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    Hello, I would need a house modeled from an existing floor plan into common 3D Programm. The floor plan I would provide then. Thanks in advance.

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    Write a Java program that inputs a string and then Asks user for a character to be replaced and a replacement character then print the new string. For example, replace all character ‘o’ with ‘Z' Input: See if you can find all of the four letter words in this sentence. Output: See if yZu can find all Zf the fZur letter wZrds in this sentence. Replaces all of the four letter ...

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    wir haben vom Hersteller eine Liste mit hinterlegen Fotos, die wir nutzen können. Diese Liste enthält die genaue WEB Adresse und Bildnamen. Diese Liste liegt in CSV oder Exl vor. Das Programm sollte die Datei öffnen und Zeile für Zeile die Fotos herunterladen und in ein vorgegebenes Verzeichnis speichern.

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    I need to know where the program connects. You need just run installer (just click next button), run program, wait while program starts and give me list of IP addresses. P. S. Program is translated to russian, but don't worry, you not need to interact with the program. Sorry if I made any errors in text.

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