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    9,947 project objectives website reservation rental trabalhos encontrados, preços em USD in previous project that was not nessassary so I reposted a new project. I need a professional webpage with a reservation page with web form and a 3rd page for fishing repots and such. Also need to be able to take credit cards through paypal and 2checkout for my customers on the webform page. I have a low budget for this project. Please bid accordingly

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    ***Web based Customer Campsite Reservation / Booking / Commerce System*** System will initially service two County Campground Properties with approx. 100 and 25 campsites. Should have capability to have other properties and sites added to system. System will be used by web visiting public for self-serve reservations **AND** Customer Service operators

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    ...people will be able to buy leisure activities directly on the web site as they do in <[login to view URL]> . It is an ecommerce web site. Another dimension of the project is to sell our activities through other web sites under their brand. The tool to copy can be seen on [[login to view URL]][1] . We need: - the logo, design, site - the database

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    Learning purposes only. fully commented. if you have profefessional way to do this thats fine with me. Need to create auto sales and rental software using Visual Basic 6.0 and Access .. the software should be able to do the following: 1-log in info for employee a-be able to conduct sales using the system. 2-all cars info will be loged

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    I am looking for a developer to build a postgress or mysql database and website that will manage users that: 1. Function sign up members with us (create customer profile) take credit card payment (choice of 3 to 5 options) members choose their username and password to authenticate members database to store customer profiles (regular

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    ...the short list for this project by either previously submitting a bid on this or another one of my projects. Prior to selecting the bidder with whom I want to work, I want to be a little clearer on what I want to achieve and what I think the project entails. I want to be sure that the expectations on both sides of this project are the same. Therefore

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    My company wants to buy ready web software and scripts. We looking for fully customizable applications like CMS, e-store, forms, web reservation systems. We want to establish cooperations with coders and their companies in applications customization and other projects development. All projects will be done by a Rentacoder's payment system. I expect

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    ...Table 2....). when a table is left clicked, the programme must ask for the reservation name. After entering the name the table should change colour from GREEN to RED, and instead of saying "Table 1 (Available", it must display the table number, and "Reserved for [reservation name]". When it is clicked again, it must revert back to its "Table (Available)&qu...

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    I need an application in PHP / MySQL for an Online Video Rental, see attach for details. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this

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    Web based Customer Campsite Reservation / Booking / Commerce System System will initially service two County Campground Properties with approx. 100 and 25 campsites. Should have capability to have other properties and sites added to system. System will be used by web visiting public for self-serve reservations AND Customer Service operators for walk-in

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    ...comment/feedback for a previous visit. * View order history and give food item ratings for item they have previously ordered. ??"Reservations o Make/Modify a reservation o Set meals o Choose table position o Online ordering for pickup/delivery * Restaurant View ??"Ordering o Item orders

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    We are interested in adding a DVD rental section to the existing retail website. The rental section will display user interface for login, DVD search, rental list edit, rental activity, account info, billing info, and others. It will also include a rental management system to track customers' rental activities and inventory level. We want the p...

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    I need a website designed that would be a upscaled version of [login to view URL], with some of the nicer options from the website [login to view URL] I would like this site to have an owners login area where they can access and update their home profile. I would like a home search function as seen on palm -desert - rentals

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    ...a simple motel management software. Basic requirements are: Be able to checkin/checkout a customer, store customer information(name,address, phone, driver license). Make reservation. Be able to see room status. Should have a calendar, Basic monthly and daily report. Must be able to undo transactions, such as after checking out a client must be able to

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    A Books/VCD rental system, Barcode reader supported, basic functions can handle membership, membership fee, sell/rental items and inventory. ONLY FINISHED SYSTEM WELCOME. Please bid without completed product but tell you will finish within few days. Please attached docs or screen captured. The product developed by VB/VB.NET with Database in MSDE or

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    Problem Overview In this project you are going to develop an Airline Reservation System (ARS). The system is to be used for UAEU Airline. The following operations are supported: 1- Make a reservation (Make Reservation) 2- View all reservations for a flight (View Flight Reservations) 3- View flights by date (View Flights by Date) 4- View flights

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    This project will be to develope a reservation system. Technology: ASP Running on SQL Hosted on a outsourced server Specifics: Client Logon Client screen List Seminars View Data on individual seminars Data includes person count, total showed, etc... Drill into specific item like person count Be able to see specific details about individuals. Ie: Name

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    In desperate need of a master database developer to work with me on a basic entry level database project today. This project was due 12 hours ago but the [login to view URL] expert who was hired several days ago to do this project has failed to produce any work or respond to my numerous messages to them. I am up the creek without a paddle so to speak and desperately

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    Create a reservation system for a small theatre. · The theatre has 6 rows (A-F), 5 seats per row (1-5). · 2 rows each assigned to Orchestra, Balcony, and Bleacher · The display must group rows by category, with labels indicating the category/ticket prices in each group · Each seat should show the seat number (A1, A2, . . ., F4, F5) or “Sold??.

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    ...for a web page is basically a Multi-conference reservation system. This page is the standard enter ID and password to get to the rest of the site. Using the ID entered we then pull up any previous reservations from our database. What I need for a web page is basically a Multi-conference reservation system. ## Deliverables Note: I WIll send you

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    ...inventory, room rates, and room descriptions among other things. The hotel would prefer the program to be interfaced with our Property Management System to allow immediate reservation confirmation but the hotel will consider a fax or e-mail delivery system. Since the hotel will control room inventory, an automatic confirmation system without an interface

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    A small video tape rental store wishes to have an order entry, inventory control and tracking and tape profitability forecasting system which could optimize the profitability of the store. A customer file which contains the name, address, telephone, credit card# and expiration and a customer number; a tape chekout file with customer number, tape number

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    ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, 3rd party components, etc. unless all copyright...

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    **Term Project ??" Problem Statement AUTORent **In this assignment you will design and implement a web-based system for a car rental company, AUTORent. The users of the system consist of the company manager, the branch personnel, and the prospective customers. The system should provide information of the vehicles, allow customers to inquire about

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    Visual Basic 6 I need a 4 seat 10 row array of text boxes that have an “A?? in the box to show the seat as available and show a “R?? when it is reserved. click to start reservation Seats available 40 Seat 1 A A A A A A A A A A Seat 2 A A A A A A A A A A Seat 3 A A A A A A A A A A Seat 4 A A A A A A A A A A Row 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Exit 1

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    Final Product: An apartment search website that would allow customers to search for and find all posted ads that meet their search criteria. the consumer would be able to save links of ads that interest them by clicking a save to account button at the bottom of each ad. An example of what i want would be The producer would be able

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    ...seats. (a) The Reservation function If the customer chooses an available seat, your program will make reservation and then display a confirmation note indicating the reservation number (a unique random number), the seat number, the seat class, customer name and phone number. (b) The Query function The customer can enter a reservation number to query

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    **Overview** This project will create self-contained online booking system which will be added to an already existing website. The purpose of this system is to enable visitors to make reservations (“bookings??) in realtime, and to provide their credit card details for billing purposes. Additionally, administrative users will be able to view and print

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    see attached file / description

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    ...service should offer the following items : - Information about Morocco - Presentation of the hôtel - Rooms rates - Request of the reservation - Payement of deposite and bill - send email of reservation and confirmation - Establishment of a customer number. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    ...validate a few simple business rules - min/max reserve time, etc. Since rules are similar for each item, prefer modular code that can be re-purposed for each type of resource reservation. Global rules (constants) should be saved in config file or [login to view URL] Some of this code is already done, but un-finished, so can be used as a starting point. This

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    7 ofertas the work and make it look professional. I need an ASP (VBScript) ecommerce and rental application for the purpose of selling and/or renting training videos and tapes/CD's. We don't have PHP installed on our server, but if you want to bid on this as a PHP project and you can walk us through the install on a Win2K box, we would be willing to consider

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    The project includes building a hotel reservation multi-page website using a coder designed template that is IE and Netscape viewable. The template then will be used to integrate from a DB the search engine results and reservation interface. Affiliate sites that are similar to my desired result include: [[login to view URL]][1], [[login to view URL]

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    Hi there, This is what I require in my system. It will use VB.Net, and my time frame is 3 days. Basically it is a Used Car Dealer System. Add Data to the database Edit the data Delete the data Search the data, must include this fields car reg. #, car make, car model, car type, car year, car name. View the data Must be able to include a photo and be able to view it Requires to be able ...

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    Hotel Reservation System Deadline: 04.11.2003 Development language: ASP - Microsoft Access Database Need: migrating the system to SQL database, MySql and to accomplish 5 more items as well before the deadline, items such as: Reports and between functions which are not completely developed yet. The system, at the moment does not deal with

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    X On-line Hotel Reservation System, The aim of this project is to develop a centralized X On-line Reservation System. The main purpose of developing this system is to offer people a convenient way to search for hotel accommodation and make reservations on-line. Users access the system through a web browser which allows them to search for accommodation

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    ...impress me the way u work. thanks :) Programming language: prefer: ASP Database: SQl is better / Micro Access Specs: 1)admin/user login 2)date/time/calender 3)no clash on reservation appointment ex(in one day they will be more than one appointment so u understand it) )nice interface is prefered (impress me with the interface and functionality) User Side

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    I require a online booking engine for our hotels to interface with our website. Basic functionality required would be to enable visitors to select hotel, select class of room, view image of room, enter number of adults/ children, bed arrangements (single/double etc), reserve a room and connect to payment gateway. We maintain a central server

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    ...clients and business counterparties. The overall Project is quite large. The functionality required? can be seen in the attached documentation. On reposting I have decided to break my project down into smaller units and create bids for each unit. I still need to complete the entire project, but on a stage? by? stage basis. The coders working

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    My webite is BORING, [login to view URL] I need a php/nuke HEADER thats ALIVE. We rent servers for games like counterstrike, day of defeat, soldier of fortune, unreal,quake and many more. The header should have game models in it and maybe some flash. I'm thinking a few models from different games shooting and then one throws a grenade and BOOM [login to view URL] covers the header YOU mus...

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    Ted's rental equip rents to individuals. Ea piece of equip has tag affixed w/ unique serial #. Customer signs rental agreement. Rental agreement has unique number and can include rental of one or more pieces of equip. Ea Cust has unique customer # and can have more than one rental agreement (even on same day). 1. Create single, unnormalized relation

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    airline reservation system to keep track of the following in an airline database: Passengers (you will assign the key) with contact and credit-card details Confirmed Flight Reservations, associating a known Passenger with a flight Pending Flight Reservations, waiting for room on a flight Flights, with two keys: flight identifier (6 character string)

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    Hi, I live in a quaint fishing village in a place called Dunmore East in Waterford, Ireland. During the summer months I let my house to tourists. To date I have being sending potential guests a colour "Brochure" (attached - called No 1 GFishermans Grove in the Zip file) which I put together myself but I now want to have a web site developed to allow guests get a faster view of the house ...

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    i presently have a site at [[login to view URL]][1] i produced it using netobjects fusion. i require a more professional looking site but with same/similar contents, which will have a different url. i would prefer the new site to be built using dreamweaver mx with a small amount of flash use. the site must be optimised for search engine acceptance and load easily/quickly. ple...

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    **Reservation Systems ** The reseration system will be for tour operator. The tour operator has several locations. Each location has different time slots. For example 9-11, 11-1, 1-3, 3-5. Each time slot can hold a certain amount of people. Reservation system will have to accept payments using credit card if selected spot is available.

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    Hi I`m designing a hotel reservation system using oracle. I need someone to create the **'front end' using Oracle Developer 6**.I`ve attached the design document(Requirements Document and Data Flow Diagrams). If you need more details please email me. ## Deliverables **Introduction:** This document reports in detail the functional requirements

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    ...and photos required. An availability calendar and photo gallery would also be nice. PayPal IPN integration should also be added, with option (not to be developed in this project, however) to accept payments via [login to view URL] or another company. Should be developed using PHP/MySQL ***Note: the site will start with a blank database, of course. No

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    1 ofertas required. An availability calendar and photo gallery would also be nice. PayPal IPN integration should also be added, with option (not to be developed in this project, however) to accept payments via [login to view URL] or another company. Should be developed using PHP/MySQL ***Note: the site will start with a blank database, of course

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    ...someone who can help me out with the following: Hotel Reservation System 1° Planning Board - Different colours for availability - View planning board per day/week/month - Customer name should appear on the period booked - Right clicking mouse should bring up menu to enter, edit, cancel, or bill a reservation. 2° Customer module - Possibility to create own

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    ...light bulbs on it. I need the following projects completed and delivered no later than Monday the 21st of July! This is the second set of 3 projects that I need. *REVISED* Project 4-2 Write a program to call for input of a decimal number and convert it to its binary equivalent using the method described in the following flow chart. Note that this method

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