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    I've created an HTML interface for a multi-user scheduling program. The pages include a login/password screen, new user registration, and a calendar. I need help coding this project to interface with a database, and make it auto-refresh so appointments won't overlap. Planning on using simple Access 2003 DB for this project. If you have ideas let me know. ## Deliverables 1) Complete an...

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    We highly recommend that you look at our previous bid requests (Wargame Server - Bid Request ID: 104567, and Web Application Security Game ??" Bid Request ID: 115409) to get an idea of the types of applications that we have recently had developed for us by other RAC coders as this project is similar in nature. We are looking for a level-based challenge server or application that requires the ...

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    Our company develops custom software applications for fire departments and inspection agencies. We are currently planning to add an incident reporting system to our product line and would like to offer the opportunity to help us with this project to a coder that is experienced with the Apache/MySQL/PHP environment. This is a basic record management system in which a responding officer completes a ...

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    Google pagerank checksum algorithm calculator I need a Google pagerank checksum algorithm calculator in PHP (C++ is also possible). Please take a look at this tool: [fazer login para ver a URL] Thanks! The tool should have a registration protected possibility for bulk submissions and an option for downloading the results in a text file. To avoid machine submissions we need a protection system l...

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    Portfoliocontrol is a start-up that focuses on portfolio management for the small investor. Part of our philosophy is to bring the complex financial terminology closer to the investor that does not have the possibility to access the private banking services due to its costs. One important section of our site is the university in which we translate financial concepts into all day language and we...

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    Project Management web application required. This could, if performance is excellent, lead to a full enterprise application including: Supply chain Production planning CRM Product Data Management Mobile extensions Full documentation is also required. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all wo...

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    Project: MS Program - Document Filler/Archiver Tools: 1) front-end: probably Visual Basic or C/C++, but you decide 2) back-end: probably MS Access, but you decide. ** Brief Description: I need a very simple program for Windows. Basically, there's a front-end that allows me to input data and the program takes that data and "mail merges" them into a group of MS Word d...

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    We are planning to transfer a fairly large Swedish vBulletin based forum from vb2 into vb3 and at the same time make it possible for our members to pay a monthly fee to get some extra features in the forum. We are also planning to re-design the forum, so what we need is one skilled PHP/MySQL programmer with experience from vBulletin and one designer or one person/company that can do both. We want ...

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    Please,find attached the project that you will be developing. It is a web application that does the following,retrieve the name of machines belonging to different environments in the network,and allows you manage them,such as put them offline,online,tells you what build of the software that's been tested on those machines is,etc. The chosen developer will implement the function...

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    This project is to define an XML encoding for Java source code and to write a Java program to read in Java source code and to output the XML specified. This is to enable simpler translation between different language source code, code generators and XMI. I have suggested what XML encoding might look like here: [fazer login para ver a URL] This is incomplete and needs to be completed and defined as...

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    Web site development Encerrado left

    Design and Development of a financial services website - (with a difference). I anticipate there being around 50 screens (frames, pages??) each screen will have text which has already been prepared by me. Within the text there will be, on average, 7 'click here' options to take them to another screen. In addition, there will be 8 unique 'needs analysis calculators' whic...

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    I am just starting out in flash and I am thinking of a cartoon I am planning on starting but I ran into the problem of sound effects. I know I can get them free at flash kit but I am lazy and don't want to down load them all page by page, plus my slow connection don't help neither. So I am looking for some one who has been in flash for quite awhile that would not mind letting me have a ...

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    Hello: We are a startup company with a limited budget, intending to launch our website to market and sell organic products. We are in the process of accepting quotes for the development of our Web/E-Commerce site. To give you an idea, our proposed site will offer online ordering and transaction processing capabilities. Following are some sample/preferred URL's of how we would like ou...

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    Create a Database Driven Project Planning Tool based on (Delphi 8). - Plugs into Outlook as seperate Folder (Project Management) - Calendar - Project List with Tasks and Ressources (People, Budget), Time Line, Sponsor (Database Driven) - Gantt Chart Representation - Allow to attach Documents per Project - Allow to create Project Templates Components may be suggested and...

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    Recently I posted a project called ROS osCommerce Site. This was a request for bids for 2 months labor which would not have finnished the project although one company promised phase 1 in that time and I will be looking especially closely at their bid for the entire project. I was just being cautious maybe too cautious the first time around. I corresponded with some bidders but wasn't abl...

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    A job portal Template driven, bug-free, well commented,professional and clear, similar in functions to monster or hotjobs or other fully functional job portals or scripts but with one very big difference: must work also from a cd-rom with possibility such of introducing data that the application of Internet. Jobseekers: registration for free modify profile jobmail (daily or weekly new jobs notif...

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    We need an application that synchronises MS Outlook and Outlook express with our web based CRM system(24/7Office). The elements that are to be synchronised: - Contacts - Appointments - Tasks - Emails may also be considered. The program will be supplied with the data that has changed/been added since the last synchronisation with 24/7. The program will then synchronise the data from 24/7 with Outlo...

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    ecommerce forms Encerrado left

    Looking to build a web site with ecommerce capability, the user will pay for the product, after payment is confirmed, will be redirected to order form to imput details of measurements etc... Other section of the ecommerce will be skin and hair products. I was planning to use miva but looking other options. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executabl...

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    ROS osCommerce Site Encerrado left

    We are planning an ecommerce site based on osCommerce with many major contribution scripts installed and completely debugged. We also are considering some significant customization of some of these scripts to meet our specific needs. This customization will involve creating many additional forms and tables with some complicated features. It will also include writing some complicated criteria and e...

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    Match Making Website Encerrado left

    Planning to run a Match making web site for Indo-Pak origin Living world wide. Must reflect the culture and be user friendly. Every step should clearly guide and help the user to participate and spread the word, because of ease. Any questions, please email. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. ...

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    **Student Graduation List** The record, **studentrcd**, gives the name and GPA of a candidate for graduation from a university. You are supposed to develop a list of students that will "walk" through the graduation ceremony. A list of candidates for graduation is read from the file "[fazer login para ver a URL]" and inserted in a linked list using the LinkQueue class. Since un...

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    I am looking for a copywriter with experience writing cash pulling salesletters for online products. My product is a combination of software and an eBook targetting people who love the outdoors and are planning vacations this summer. I need to see good track records, good ratings, and most importantly... The sales page you put together MUST MAKE THEM GET OUT THEIR HOTDAMN CREDIT CAR...

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    I saw your resume .. we are looking for cold fusion programmer on full time basis. if you are not presently working in any company or planning to shift your to chandigarh. Pls contact me back. Waiting for reply. Even this option is open for all programmers in COLD fusion who are ready to move to CHD and who have high skill set in COLD fusion. Regards Abi ([fazer login para ver a URL])

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    VB6 to VB.NET upgrade/re-write ***PLEASE don't underestimate the scope of this project. The entire VB6 app has over 35000 lines of code.*** We have a VB6 database application consisting of about 3 dozen forms and 2 dozen controls + modules. The application is an in-house retail inventory management/POS system. It has been in use in 20 stores for over 3 years. The stores run locally ...

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    Create a custom Linux minimal Unix System that can run off of a CD-ROM. Also develop a custom Desktop Environment that can later be expanded. The Custom Desktop should get its Menu Items from a Textfile. Only one Program Icon should be placed on the Desktop. This should be a sample Text Editor. Icon is placed on the Taskbar. The Desktop should be developed with Kylix. We are plannin...

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    RIT Encerrado left

    I have an Access database with holds planning details. I have an option that exports data from the database to Excel. Employees can update this worksheet; now I need an option that imports the updated worksheet in my database CORRECTLY. ( tabels are related...see Deliverables) Can Anyone do this ? ## Deliverables 1.) A button on the start form with VBA code behind it that does the follo...

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    Web Design Encerrado left

    Hi, A client of mine is wishing to launch a textile machinery related portal and is looking for a professional design for the portal. One of the reference site is [[fazer login para ver a URL]][1]. This is just a reference sie to give the designers an idea about what my client is planning to do and in no way means that it is liked by my client. No bids will be accepted unless you **show ...

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    E-commerce Ass't Encerrado left

    Description of the Task your will plan and design an e-Commerce site for this enterprise(a e-market, selling sport shoes) consistent with technologies, protocols, and standards. Web application tools will be used to develop a prototype of the site and present at a final seminar. All facets of an effective e-Commerce solution should be completed, including analysis of needs, planning for site, docu...

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    I am looking for an experienced graphic designer and webmaster. I am looking for someone to take a look at one of my websites and help in adding a Flash animated graphic and to get second opinions on what I can do to help make it better. This is my first time posting at [fazer login para ver a URL] and I have a couple other websites that are in need of custom graphics and second opinions on what I...

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    Various Articles Encerrado left

    We are looking for 5 Tutorials to be written for our website. Aproximately 600-1000 words long. Only original work will be paid for and we will check the content for originality. We do require minor edits and that the person writing the article be fluent in English. Our budget for these Tutorials is in the $35 range. These articles are for people with very little computer experience so t...

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    Dear Web Designer We are company selling Japanese Textiles mainly to patchworkers in Australia. We have website which is still some problems. This website is our 3rd one, and it need to be upgraded. We may have most of the images and contents for reconstructing the website. We need completely functional Shopping curt system based on OS Commerce or other. Need to be multi lingual and mul...

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    I need an ecommerce system developed for a website I am planning to launch. the sofware should have all the basic functionalities; not limited to the following; -shopping cart -user profiling -database - MSSql -Taxes -shipping rates -security I should be able to sell anything and everything thru this site. features could be added during development, so place you bid with...

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    am not very skilled or knowledgeable in the area's of CGI or scpriting (probably Java) so I appologize for the rough details on what I need. Here's what Im planning on doing. I am setting up a website which deals with online advertising. I want it to work kind of the way ebay does excluding the auction aspects. 1. Allow users to register a user name and password so they can be allowed i...

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    Hello We are planning to set up a mall where we would like to sell electronic products like camers from different companies ie. sony, Casio etc. etc. The mall has to be completely admin driven, it should be template based. We could just change each and every thing from admin section. We would like to run it on windows based dedicated server. We will prefer asp or Please s...

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    I am planning to launch a website hosting and webspace providing company or u can say a hosting space reseller company, It would be on Windows platform using the HELM control panel visit [fazer login para ver a URL] for HELM and the site should work like [fazer login para ver a URL] I only want guys who have already done this before

    $20 - $100
    $20 - $100
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    The Jobsearch Portal will be a Australian jobsearch. Therefore the jobsearch features must have the Australian states and no countries. For Example: [fazer login para ver a URL] or [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] Jobsearch Portal Should have all of the features that the [fazer login para ver a URL] Job Board has. A job portal with *Minimum* Feature list: Jobseekers: ...

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    I only know how to use Front Page when it comes to web design. I really want a nice looking site so my customers can reorder from me. I want to be able to load the picture and have it display nicely with the price and description of each product. I want my customers just to click on the item and it goes into a shopping cart. I want a paypal option and a credit card option to pay. I only have ...

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    Ongoing support of custom designed application coded in Perl and PHP. System contains several client websites created in Drupal CMS. This system is made of one central internet webserver and 16 satellite webservers accessible only by authenticating through the central server. All servers are RedHat Linux 9 and each is located in a different client office location. Experience with RedHat Linu...

    min $2500
    min $2500
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    Hello, Please check the project specification I have to deliver until 31th May. It is about? implementing a machine translation system in prolog. I am? NOT looking for somebody who will do the job instead of me (The final implementation of the project will be my original work), but a good prolog programmer who is proficient in machine translation issues and who will be tutoing me during the proj...

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    I have developed a sophisticated, multi-page Excel 2002 business planning, activity tracking, and monthly reporting template used by real estate agents. My goal is to give it the look and feel of an application similar in structure to TurboTax and sell it as packaged software. I have completed 80% of the work. The remaining project has three components: - Software strategy (system requirem...

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    Requirement for the system A. Tracking of incoming call for projects o Sales call o Project coordination call (outgoing , with notes, reporting ) B. Tracking call for each projects C. Research D. Task management & tracking task by group team and resource and unit E. Project documentation, F. Resource administration, G. Sales Opportunity Tracking H. Schedule & agenda, calendar group, calend...

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    Database Encerrado left

    We require a database system for an estate agent. You are concerned with the part of the system that will include recording the details of properties for sale. There are a number of different categories of property such as commercial which can be divided into shops and warehouses, and domestic which can be divided into houses and flats. All properties have a price, an address and a vendor, the per...

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    I am looking for technical white papers that cover the following topics: EDGE - Planning, design, optimization GPRS - Planning, design, optimization GSM - Planning, design, optimization Data Dimensioning Traffic Dimensioning Any other topics related to Wireless Technology Approximate start date of the project after selecting a bid Immediate (within 1-2 days) ## Deliverable...

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    Website Logo Encerrado left

    This is an open invitation to create a company logo for a new website that I am planning on launching in the next couple of months. The website name is There is no website for it yet, so browsing to it will either produce nothing or some work-in-progress. The website is a searchable list of advertisements recently aired on Radio or Television. This site will allow visitors to lo...

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    AMI is a forward planning agency supplying a database of future news & entertainment event to the broadcast & press media. We are looking for a freelance researcher to develop lifestyle and showbiz content and add this to the database, self subbing as they go along The project is for between 6 weeks and 3 months - maybe longer and we need somebody who has a genuine interest in fashion, b...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    I need a highly featured fiction and artwork content management system. Please read the description of features required in the attached document. Private message me if you need any more information. The CMS will eventually run my fanfiction site Lexicon [fazer login para ver a URL] Please only apply if you're a very skilled and experienced programmer. This is not the sort of project a begi...

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    Hi, I am looking for someone to create a script that will run on Windows XP that I can use for staff planning. I have attached a basic idea in Word format of a blank daily planning sheet, it has one record as an idea of what it could look like. The script should have the following basic features :- * Print out A4 daily planning sheets (in B&W) * Store at least 6 weeks forward plans (7 days ...

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    I've got several four color files (3 sets of business cards, 1 envelope and 1 piece of stationary) that all need to be taken from 4 colors to and made to 2. I'm planning on selecting a bidder at 12PM US EST and need the files (with jpg or gif samples) ready by the end of the day today 6PM EST. Need the file in the same print ready format as they are currently in. Currently they are AI fi...

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