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    Description: Subscribers (Parents) may access virtual nursery class. In this “chat room?? they see live images of their children’s class and may chat with other parents and teacher (Must be somehow emphasized). Parents must select nursery/class from list of pictures and authorize before entering, and pay a per-minute fee, which is unique per class (must see their current account bala...

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    Grand Scope: This is a multi-stage project, involving the external manipulation of entities composing CAD job files that are generated in a normal course of designing a schematic diagrams. Background: Job files produced by the CAD application are presented in a graphical form for the CAD designer to manipulate, and can be saved in a binary form to a job file. The saved job file is only available i...

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    Javascript functions to read/write XML data. I have no XML parsing facilities within my environment so they have to be created by hand. Processing must work on attributes AND tags. I'm not looking for a fully fledged XML parser. That is way beyond the scope of this project. However if someone has some source code for one which they just want to copy/paste and send to me then I'm happy ...

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    This is a simple project for programmer who knows what he is doing. The reguirement is to parse HTML pages of auction web site to create reports of auction prices of listed items based on final bids and to create a HTML/Java Script auction listing page. Members will simply fill in blank space and save HTML page on their hard drive, for subsequent listing. Requirement also to create a simple memb...

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    We need a flash guru due to replace one of our in-house designers. The project scope is to redo our logo and present us with a best possible 3d animation of our logo. The budget is low, so please do not apply if you think that you are a newbie or learning flash. Our site is [[fazer login para ver a URL]][1] If the work quality is good, we'll like to redo the full site in flash later on. ...

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    Cold Fusion Modules Encerrado left

    I'm looking for help with a Windows IIS/Cold Fusion MX/SQL Server 7.0 intranet application. It is really a fun project. My time has become limited due to my primary commitment at my day job. These are the functions I'm looking to outsource. Please note all the code needs to follow the established naming conventions of csi_tablename and csi_spstoredprocedurename. 1) Help Desk Req'...

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    Design Request form Encerrado left

    This quote is to create a design request form. Please see the attched scope of work and visiofile with work flow. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. ...

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    We need a single flash creation for a promotional concept and a 2 page (front/back) print page version of the same concept. The concept needs artistic/creative input on end details but is well defined. The complete details of the concept will be given to those who we discuss bids with. The concept described here should be enough for you to see scope and desired output. 1) A flash pr...

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    Need some graphics to be slightly altered. Keep theme and size but small changes - slight change to colour, and shapes and figures. There is some scope to be creative and use a theme you are familiar with and like, but has to be chic and 60'ish and lounge etc. Need done in Adobe Illustrator, (I think) Need source design files so I can slice up or change colours for web at later date. Ulti...

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    c# workflow console Encerrado left

    This bid is for a c# workflow console as described in the attached documents. Specifically it is for a webservice to track tasks and a windows and web gui for the management of these tasks. A browser windows is launched with a url to trigger the completion of these tasks (the actual working of a task is not in scope of this project). This system needs to have someone with good ui skills ...

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    A prototype project for banking/credit systems 1. Work with company to select GUI control software from 3rd parties that is highly impactful in its presentation, in both Microsoft and Java, that will add significant presentational capabilities to company's current Customer Front Screen of its business application. Use ORACLE database. (Customer Front Screen is a feature rich environment ...

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    Authorware printing Encerrado left

    I need someone to write some printing code for Authorware. The application should get data from a text file and print it in a FlashCard format. The data consists of questions and answers. This is the scope of what I need to have done: 1.- User selects questions to print (every question has an ID) 2.- The program ask the use for the format to print: 2.a One Sided: The program will print...

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    Before you bid, you need to include URL's of work that you have done before. We are hiring you to develop a site application for us. We need to be able to know that you can do the work and make it look professional. I need an ASP (VBScript) ecommerce and rental application for the purpose of selling and/or renting training videos and tapes/CD's. We don't have PHP installed on our s...

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    This is a new Portal that is being developed. This will be the place where Buyers and Sellers will come for buying and selling services that can be performed remotely. Although we will be starting off with software services first, we intend to expand the scope to include all kinds of services that can be performed remotely. Visit our homepage at canuhelpme which has a mockup Home Page no...

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    The scope of this project is to optimize our web site to land in the top 5 positions for 10 keywords on all top serach engines including Google. Please send us details on how you can achieve this along with a quote for the project. This will be an ongoing project as we are releasing new products every month.

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    AssetLink2 Encerrado left

    AssetLink is a database based directory for listing assets/services that other people can use. To see a similar idea in action please check Trademe shares similar design ideas in the way it has categories for assets and how you can see details about those assets by clicking on them. AssetLink does not require the auction facilities that trademe has. Each category in As...

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    AssetLink Encerrado left

    **What is Assetlink? **AssetLink is a directory service that allows users to list products and services that are usefull to other people. It uses metadate to define attributes for the assets that are listed within it. **What is involved in building AssetLink? **The design and branding of an AssetLink site has already been created. All HTML and Graphics will be supplied to winning bi...

    $495 - $500
    $495 - $500
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    Complete the Online Photo Album project in accordance with the scope described in my email of 17 Sep 03. Agreed sum $60. Paid through scriptlance when working satisfactorily on my web server. Satisfactory completion is when: Functions as per above reference email are all working. One set of at least 100 photos and descriptions have been uploaded. Users can make comments. Admin can view comments an...

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    Modify the existing Drag & Drop Component Suite VCL library to handle accepting dropped OutLook messages. This is a freeware component library - source code can be downloaded from <[fazer login para ver a URL]>. The scope of this project would be to add a function that would accept a dropped object from OutLook and expose the elements of the message (Subject, Body, To, From, CC), and cop...

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    Website Redesign Encerrado left

    We require a redesign of our corporate website. We’re looking for a talented web designer to establish a new look and feel and site architecture, while retaining our core corporate message and identity. **Scope:** Content is written, however the bidder will be responsible for massaging content into the new site architecture. The new design will need to include 7 main pages, 2 secondary pa...

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    Collection Database Encerrado left

    We have a database of over 3500 diecast aircraft models in mySQL. We currently have a system written in ASP to search and display the models & photos (See: [fazer login para ver a URL]). We are looking for the following: 1. Converting the ASP code to PHP (A re-write is OK) 2. Administrative system capabilities (PHP) 3. Ability to have our users (who already get cookies from our l...

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    We are looking for a Geocities style "Build Your Own Site" software for one of our clients. This is a music community style site where members of the network can post their music, pictures and contact info similar to [fazer login para ver a URL], [fazer login para ver a URL], etc. This is the general idea of what we want: (feel free to make suggestions) The user should then be ...

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    Metatags for [fazer login para ver a URL] The scope of work will be to install metatags on the pages of [fazer login para ver a URL] and to suggest other methods of driving traffic to a website. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (i...

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    Webcast Capability Encerrado left

    Webcast Capability The scope of work will be to install a webcast capability on the [fazer login para ver a URL] website using a webcam for both live and a looping playlist of taped segments. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in r...

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    Back Up Facility Tutorial The scope of work involves the documentation of the back-up facility on When you have written a description of how to operate the back-up facility my colleague,Heather, will review it to see if she understands your tutorial. If so, the last step is to load the tutorial on the Help section of the websites admin control panel. ## Deliverables ...

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    I am a manager of a toy supermarket in Hong Kong ??" TOYOU SHOP (just like Toysrus, but much smaller than them). Recently, the owner of my company has heard about the team “Business Intelligence/Data Mining??. He is very interested in it and he wants to spend some money on it. We decide to spend the money on investigating a software package. The purpose of this software package i...

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    The scope of work involves making brief notations on the pages of php programming where you think it might be of help to those who will need to maintain and /or modify the [fazer login para ver a URL] website software in future. [fazer login para ver a URL] is a version of software called WebReporter. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well...

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    WebRadio Capability Encerrado left

    The scope of work involves enhancing the current audio capability of a website called When you visit [fazer login para ver a URL] there are two audio buttons on the left margin menu: AUDIO CLIPS for short audio essays under 2 minutes, or RADIOHOGAN for longer 15 to 20 minute essays. When you click on either button, you are taken to a table listing the audio essays. The user must...

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    The scope of work involves the design and implementation of a credit payment processor module for identical websites called [fazer login para ver a URL], [fazer login para ver a URL] and The credit payment processor software is described in the following analysis: The standard Internet protocol “Hypertext Transfer Protocol?? (the http at the beginning of web sites) is...

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    **Reposted 12th September 2003** Initially Posted 24th August 2003 I am a UK letting agent looking to create a web based interface for my clients and business counterparties. The overall Project is quite large. The functionality required? can be seen in the attached documentation. On reposting I have decided to break my project down into smaller units and create bids for each unit. ...

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    Hello we are a small corporate coaching firm looking to provide a web based, online "Performance Management" system to our clients. Basically what we want to achieve is a performance measuring and reporting system similar to what [fazer login para ver a URL] is doing with their online web app [fazer login para ver a URL] but we want ours developed using visual [fazer login para ver a UR...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    I require a DotNetNuke (minimum v 1.09) module, coded in VB.NET, that emulates (to a large degree) the functionality of the (open-source PHP) Wikipedia environment (see [fazer login para ver a URL] ) while preserving the DNN "look-and-feel". I am not looking for a clone of the Wikipedia platform, as I desire some distinct differences, however the Wikipedia functionality is to be the sta...

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    The scope of this project is to truly integrate the Coppermine Photo Gallery Script into Mambo4.5 The veriosn of Mambo 4.5 that we wish to use is attached to this request. For specifics, please see deliverables. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install th...

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    Mr.. Encerrado left

    I want to have a system for keeping record of my tennis matches and history. What i need you can see in [fazer login para ver a URL] but unfortunatelly the author will not release further versions and i need some modifications to be done. (details i'll give in the attached files). So first step is to fully copy the Tennis3000 program functionality. The project was already started and is 40% c...

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    I require a complete documentation effort with regarding to obtaining, installing, and running a virtual pbx product called Asterisk. The product can be found at This is an open source PBX. The objective of the documentation product is to allow anyone that can use a browser, download software, and install it, be able to create a one line PBX system with the features provided as o...

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    Website development Encerrado left

    We need to develop a content dynamic website resemble to The Code Project. See <[fazer login para ver a URL]> for a complete idea of the development and scope of the project. Please, consider a content management tool. Development language is not yet decided so we will consider bidders' proposals. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form ...

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    MPP Management are currently looking for freelance web developers that can provide the entire scope of services to our clients with regard to the design, development and software development. We are interested in hearing from suitably experienced freelancers that would be willing to form a long term partnership with MPP to provide internet development services to our clients. Please include in y...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Creating an interesting and entertaining but informative site that enhances the market profile of Maximum Production through the use of images and sound. ## Deliverables Scope of Request for [Project] Version 1.0 Prepared By: Maximum Production Date: 8/31/2003 Template provided by: How Software Gets Done Table of Contents [Project] ??" Scope of Request Statement of Scope 3 Problem/Opportun...

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    Looking to build executive network job board. This job service will cater to the executive level candidate in the US and Canadian markets. Positions that will be listed will be ones that pay $100,000 and above. The site will cater to all types of industries and levels of professionals in this range and above. Functionality will be all the normal job board services and features. The site will ...

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    I am interested in making an on-line mall similar to <[fazer login para ver a URL]> in functionality - similar graphics and levels. Together with this, we would require software to manage the different on-line shops, with features like changing display banners, adding and removing shops, managing graphics and logos, and hooks for future expansion like actually managing their individual websi...

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    I want to test some functions and for that I want to have some Test harness in C++. Basically it would be a test framework that has driver and logging functionality. There are good design skill and strong C++ required for this project. I will give more details later. There is one problem in implementing the framework that its specific to the device, but there is something that can be done...

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    **Access 2000 code module to import data from Outlook. ** Background: I use Outlook folders as a simple database using custom Outlook forms. This is fine to maintain the information but I want to use MS Access reports to print the records. By default, Access can link to Outlook folders and treat it as a table but it doesn't recognise customised fields. My customised forms use a mix...

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    Excel to Access Encerrado left

    I have a database in Excel which consists of all the sales made by this company to date. Converting this large (3000 + rows) excel sheet to Access should not be a massive project but it is beoynd my scope. Basically we need to keep a record of all our insurances sales, renewals, additional sales, cancellations, by company name, type, date and amount. We need to be able to access reports easily by...

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    I've been working on an application but I want to further expand the scope of the project so that it will work with bluetooth devices. Ideally I want it to work with: Palm Devices Pocket PC Devices Bluetooth mobile Phones PC/Laptops with Bluetooth Cards Also the ultimate goal is to create a standalone bluetooth enabled device that can replace the above devices and be dedicated to carrying o...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Project scope: Looking for a screenwriter logo design for a Hawaii based business. Logo creative ideas/directions: The business owner is a fencer and would like, if possible, for the screenwriting / fencing / Hawaii theme to be incorporated into the logo design. Note that the writing aspect is the most important element. The business owner also likes negative/reverse plays on images. ## De...

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    I require a self sufficient PHP or CGI, mysql, script that can be customised to work with my website I require the script to be ready made and highly customisable in an administrative interface. In the admin interface, field definition for user account creation is required, and pre posting account approval is required. There should be scope for multiple types of account creation s...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    This project is for a business system to be used by construction companies. The construction company’s business is to bid on, win, and complete customized construction projects for both residential and commercial customers. In addition, the company has maintenance contracts (repeated jobs on a scheduled basis) as well. The business system functions include: * Customer database. * Item d...

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    Overview --- Macintosh developer needed with knowledge of embedding an HTML 4.0 compliant browser (i.e. Gecko, Opera, etc.) and experience working with flat-file databases for an application designed to present mostly pre-formatted HTML pages representing Yellow Pages to application users. Application should be able to run on OS 8.5 or above. Application Scope --- We wish to provide our o...

    $500 - $5000
    $500 - $5000
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    Write a short script function in a proprietary scripting language which cycles through all .eps files within a directory and analyzes their compatibility for publishing by reviewing the ascii contents of each file and comparing the included fonts and required resources to a static list of valid fonts. Files which are found to contain invalid fonts should then be renamed to x_<filename> and i...

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    General description: An instant messenger Gateway that will accept, parse, and despatch messages/requests from AIM/ICQ, MSN, Yahoo instant messaging networks. Pass messages to a (Blackbox)component, and then will forward the output from the component (new message) to supplied users (possibly on a different network). Previous experience or ability to research and code for AIM/ICQ (toc-O...

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