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    I need a program out of Visual Basic 6.0 that presents a welcomng screen and a choice for: Deposit or withdraw money from checkng account, depsit or withdraw money from savings account, forecast your retirement, and get info on auto loan. After option is completed it should be able to return to menu or quit program with an appropriate termination message

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    need flash desingers to do flash intro's for set price like [login to view URL] i have used him before for $35 intro's / busienss cards right now he's quit busy so looking for some people to replace have project right now ready to roll

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    Word Scrambler Encerrado left

    Introduction to Computer Programming I Program 5C Loops and Random Numbers Write a program to play a game of scramble. The scrambled word is displayed and the user should have 3 tries to guess the correct word. For example, the word RAMPRGIONMG and user should guess the correct word. When the user guesses 3 times and does not get the correct word, you

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    menu/credit card Encerrado left

    ...for an initial credit limit, starting balance, and interest rate. [login to view URL] a menu and prompt user for their choice. This assignment requires a significant amount of error checking. As a minimum requirement you should error check the following: [login to view URL] that user entered a valid menu choice. [login to view URL] user from exceeding credit limit wh...

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    Hello PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: --------------------------- I do not seek a processkiller, that simply terminates the process. Doing this will make the computer crash and this is NOT OK. It must track each process, determine type of program (Standard, DirectX, OpenGL or Other) and end it following the way of terminating that type of program. Since

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    Pointers Encerrado left

    Provide a menu to allow a user to PUSH values onto a queue, POP values off of a queue, or QUIT. Use functions for the PUSH, POP, and PRINT processes, and store the address of the END of the queue in a pointer variable. Example: 1. Push a value onto a queue 2. Pop a valude off of a queue 3. Print hte queue 4. Quit Enter ch...

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    Quiz Software Encerrado left

    My request is for a quiz software. It needs to be capable of multiple choices that can handle four and possibly five choices per question as well as True/False questions. Options I would like built into the software include: 1. A percentage bar that can be turned on and off, displaying the progress of questions answered correctly and how many questions

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    ADT SquareMatrix Encerrado left

    a. Write the specifica-tion for an ADT SquareMatrix(A square matrix can be repre-sented by two dimension-al array with N rows and N columns.) You may assume a maximum size of 50 rows and columns. Include the following operations: MakeEmpty(n), which sets the first n rows and columns to zero, StoreValue(i,j, value), which stores value into the position

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    Unix Encerrado left

    ...file and pipe it to display a numbered list of cars 2. Use the sample menu from the lecture notes as guide, and create a new menu program that looks like the following: Travel Menu ============= (K)iev scenic tour (A)thens by night (N)ew York Shopping Fantacy (R)ome all day long Make your selection….(Q) to quit 3. Write a script that asks the user to

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    15 ofertas if a BEGINNER worked it out, NOTHING FANCY! I need to be able to copy and paste the source code into Borland version 5.02 compiler and run it error free. Purpose: The purpose of this lab assignment is to use the "for", "do" and "while" statements. Assignment: Write a program to prompt the user for an integer from 1 to 15, and then display a ...

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    ...someone to build a mini download manager application. The way it is to work is as follows: 1/ the user downloads a little mini application (can be any language) and saves it wherever they want to save it on their machine.2/ when executed the mini app then starts to download a secondary file and informs the user that the download has commenced. A simple routine

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    I am looking for a Delphi 5 programmer to provide code compatible with Win95, 98, ME running on a PII 166 or faster machine to perform the following: 1. Generate tones representing Morse code from a user specified input text file. The Morse alphabet will be provided later. 2. This program will demonstrate that the required routines work. I want to use

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    20 ofertas implement a simplified version of FTP. The server process should work in connection-oriented and concurrent-server mode. You need to first start the server process in a server host and publish its host name and port number. A user on another host can then issue a command like %myftp server-host-name server-port-number to download a file from or upload

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    Write an interactive main program (in a separate .asm file) that does something useful with an easy to understand and use interface, and uses the functionality of at least all of these new functions. Option B: Write an 8086 (no 386 instructions allowed) program that functions as a 80-bit floating point calculator. It should accept numbers in decimal

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    Plugin Framework Encerrado left

    I am looking for a Plugin Framework (with use of classes, and must be an [login to view URL], NO DLLS!) for use with any VB project. It must be written in pure VB. Must support external ActiveX DLLs as plugins. Must have a simple plugin manager that will load/unload plugins, run plugins or load plugins on startup. Must be similar to the one found at http://www

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    the shipping method is a charcter:A for air, T for truck, M for mail. ther package class contains a constructor that requires arguments for weight(in ounces) and shipping method. the user must be able to enter this data via a program with appropriate menus and user inputs. the user should ge able to enter as many shipping requests as desired with teh

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    C linked lists Encerrado left

    Write a C program that will implement many common operations on a linearly linked list. Each item in the list will be an entry from a contact list. Each person in the list will have a Name, Phone#, Email, and then a pointer to the next person in the list. struct contact { char *name; char *phone; char *email: struct contacts *next; };The functions that

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    Pascal final Project Encerrado left

    Write a program in Pascal to process multiple orders for a single customer. The program will accept input from the customer the Customer's name, Item number, and order quantiny. Check the file [login to view URL] to see if the item exists. I will email u the [login to view URL] file once I accept yr bid.(Structure of [login to view URL]: Item#(String[4], Unit price(Real), QtyOnH...

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    sorting a payroll Encerrado left

    .....Design and implement a payroll system for three different types of employees 1. Salary base 2. Hourly based and commissioned based. the salary based employee gets a fixed month salary regardlesss of number of hours. the hourly based gets the number of working hours times the hourly-wage. the commision-based employees gets a flast base salary plus

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    c++ program Encerrado left

    ...file system for maintaining its directory and file allocation tables (1) create :used to create a file by allocating 1 sector to it command:c fn where c=create , fn=file name (a sigle lower case letter a ...z)you may assume that when a file is created ,it is a new and unique file which does not exist in the directory table you may also assume that both

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    Looking to add porno greeting cards to my site. Many attempts have failed and two programmers quit. The script says it can be used on either unix or NT2000, I am hosted on NT2000 server and every attempt results in cgi error. It is a free site and I don't make money from it so I don't have much to offer. I just want someone to tweak the configurations

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    ...should pick a random number between 1 and 100 (inclusive), then repeatedly prompt the user to guess a number. On each guess, report to the user that they are correct, or whether the guess was high or low. Continue accepting guesses until the user guesses correctly or chooses to quit. Use a sentinel value to determine if the user wants to quit. Count the

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    Using Object oriented techniques in JAVA 1. Design and implement a class called "Die" that can randomly selectes a number between 1 and 6. 2. Design and implement a class caled "PairOfDice", composed of two six-sided Die objects. 3. create a driver calss with a main method that rolls a "PairOfDice" object and print the result....

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    payroll java project Encerrado left

    Design and implement a payroll system for three different types of employees 1. Salary base 2. Hourly based and commissioned based. the salary based employee gets a fixed month salary regardlesss of number of hours. the hourly based gets the number of working hours times the hourly-wage. the commision-based employees gets a flast base salary plus the

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    Write a C program that will process transactions for a checking account and print summaries for each month. The program should prompt the user for the transactions for the first month. When they have been inputted, the monthly summary should be displayed and the user should be prompted to see if he wants to do another month. It should continue like

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    I need a weekly planner wich I can easely update in my browser, I had a coder but he quit because of personell problems. The attachment is what he made so far. I would like to continue this! ## Deliverables It must be working with my database -The main window must display "this week schedule" and there must be an calendar with week numbers so I can

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    Need a program that allows bank to manage clients accounts - saving and checking. Specs: Checking account ==> overdraft? amount of overdraft. Saving account ==> earn interests. Each account is to be created DYNAMICALLY. This program SHOULD cover Inheritance, Virtual function, derived classes. The ideal interface is : 1 - open account 2 - close acct

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    A simple program in C++ that will allow bank to manage clients accounts (checking & saving), the bank should be able to open/close any account. A base class 'Account', 2 derived classes 'Checking' & 'saving' should be created. Each account is to be created/deleted dynamically. This program will also be dealing with Virtual function... The Interfa...

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    ADT matrix Encerrado left

    ...numRows; int numCols; ; ## Deliverables Before you start looking at how to implement this class, you must determine the pre and post conditions for each opertation. Write a menu driven testing program to test the MatrixType. the menu should contain the following options... GetNewMatrix number of rows and number of columns are on the nextline number

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    C++ ADT Matrix Encerrado left

    ...provides the member functions to allow the client to determine if the binary matrix operations are possible. Before this class can become a permanent part of your program library, it must be thoroughly tested. Write a menu driven testing program to test you MatrixType. Menu-Driven Testing Interface the menu should contain the following options GetNewMatrix

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    ...html tag as a web browser would. But this is a simple text based browser. All it has to do is recognize the "BR" command, where it creates a new line, the "P" command, where it creates a new line and then another new line. It aslo must recognize links, the "A" command. It must remember the target of each link. The user must be abl...

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    menu program Encerrado left

    -a)dd to the dicionary -s)how content of dictionary -l)ookupword q)quit program ## Deliverables other feature include error checking(no null values entered for word,definition,or search argument) when a user select S)how content each entry will be displayed like the following word Deffinition __________________ word1 Deffinition1 word2 Deffinition2

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    ...require C code for a program that runs a puzzle game. The puzzle consists of a 2 row x 3 column grid filled with the numbers 1 through 6 in a random order. Each vertical column in the puzzle is numbered 0 through to 2 and the horizontal rows are numbered 0 to 1. When the user first starts the program they will be required to enter a number which will

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    currency converter Encerrado left

    this program needs to show a menu giving the user the choice for input of three currencies and a quit option. ## Deliverables the code needs to convert from any of the three currencies to any of the three currencies. The program needs to take currency valuations from a file. The program needs to print out in table form all input received from the

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    homework assignment Encerrado left

    This project is for a homework assignment. I've created the form and written some of the code but can't get it to work so need help. I need someone to look over what I've done and fix it. ## Deliverables The program should have the following components. Information should be handled using the data control feature of visual basic. The user will be

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    I need a simple two-color bitmap editor class extending [login to view URL] that I can use in an awt (not swing) applet. Should be able to draw shapes (using mouse) and write text (using keyboard). These links might give some ideas: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Java code should comply to some

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    This is a school project on VB 6.0 (David I. Schneider 4th edition, Page 397)Using a two dimensional array to build an airline reservation program consisting of 10 rows and 4 columns. ## Deliverables Greetings: How would you go about designing a VB program(nothing complex)to simulate an airline reservation. Assume the airplane has 10 rows with 4

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