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    Busco desenvolvedores que tenham o conhecimento e domínio sobre a Blockchain, para utilizar uma cryptocurrency existente, fazer alguns ajustes para quantidades, blocos, ou similares ao Litecoin. Desenvolver uma Wallet personalizada para os usuários. Desenvolver um Website para Exchange, para que possamos fazer as comercializações dessa cryptocurrency, Bitcoin ou o...

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    To design a MapReduce based algorithm (you can pick any machine learning algorithm you like) which can handle huge datasets using a large number of computers. In addition, you should provide proper data analysis for your algorithm. Questions you need to answer in your report such as: 1. What is your data processing pipeline? (graphs and words description) 2. What kind of analytics do you apply o...

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    Data Science Project 6 dias left

    To design a MapReduce based algorithm (you can pick any machine learning algorithm you like) which can handle huge datasets using a large number of computers. In addition, you should provide proper data analysis for your algorithm. Questions you need to answer in your report such as: 1. What is your data processing pipeline? (graphs and words description) 2. What kind of analytics do you apply on...

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    C++ BLOCK CYPHER 6 dias left

    block and stream cypher algorithm

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    Minimax algorithm -- 3 6 dias left

    I have a small project that I need to be done with but I am stuck. Could someone please help me with it? It is not complex at all. All you need to know is minimax algorithms, python and the game “Mancala”. If you think you can do it, just let me know and I will send you the information about it.

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    Currently have a trading algorithm on python that runs on IB API - looking to migrate it over to Sterling Trader Pro. If you have not written a trading API for both Sterling and IB, please do not apply. Thank you.

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    Game Theory and Algorithm 6 dias left

    Looking for someone who is an expert in Game Theory and algorithms.

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    I have attached one code (See the picture with this name [fazer login para ver a URL]) which is developed by other company. We want the similar one but different algorithm. Please see the image. This is one type of code but only can be recognized by special App and when the image are damaged more than 50%, it also can be recognized. This image is generated by some numbers. Tell me if you do the si...

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    I am searching for a Python Expert who is familiar with Catboost algorithm and BPSO (Binary Particle Swarm Optimization). More details will be discussed in chat.

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    I need a generative algorithm created for my NFT collection. The program should generate unique looking NFTs while considering rarities and some IF conditions. I also require a full-stack website. The backend needs to have Minting-On-Demand for the NFTs via custom Smart Contract. I also require front-end to be done, but I will providing the UI design, you only need to code it using Javascript, HT...

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    I have a project about coding java in MapReduce & Partitioning Around Medoids (PAM) algorithm I will provide the project

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    C++ Project -- 2 5 dias left

    Select an algorithm you have already coded that is moderately complex. Pick code that has several lines and uses more than one computations resource (RAM, IO devices, Networks, Processor, GPU, etc...), but don't pick code so large or complex that it will take you a week to analyze it (Hello World does not qualify as moderately complex, but anything over a couple pages of code is probably too ...

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    i wanted to apply the n- Viterbi algorithm within the hidden Markov model which is explained on page 10 of this research, ([fazer login para ver a URL]), knowing that i have already finished from hidden Markov model. the aim of this project is to figure out the typed keystroke from time differences.

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    Dear applicant I want you to help me implementing my algorithm on CloudSim, I have no expertise on it. We are looking for a programmer who is experienced, knowledgeable, and most importantly PASSIONATE about coding in java using cloudsim. Requirements: 1. PASSION and expertise in Cloud Computing especially in service composition in CloudSim environment 2. Work includes teaching, writing, and c...

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    I need Software based on Cat boost and a feature selection algorithm with higher accuracy to detect anomalies in the network. More details will be discussed in chat.

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    Algorithm implementation in C++ 5 dias left

    This project is related to Algorithm implementation with coding in C++ and then simulation in NS3. It is based on switch selection, SDN and NS3.

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    I need a professional who can find out an algorithm of a website which is basically a parity game based..... There will be two colours red and green.. For every 1 minute 30 Sec a colour will be poped on the screen..so we need to find an algorithm on which it works.. Where the code is resided on the server.... If the provided Algo works perfectly apart from the Price paid for this project will sen...

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    1. Make sure that the research journals are related to what we want to in this project. Make sure that the objectives can be achieved by doing research on those journals. Make sure there’s no background explanation, rather directly put in the related and needed explanation for our objectives to be achieved. (Ex: This project is emphasized on DDoS attacks so need to do the research on DDoS at...

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    write viterbi algorithm script with python

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    I want to create a social network with a Mobile App very similar to Tinder, full stack, with server processes and app interface, but with lower sofistication search algorithm. More like a "filter search". I want it for both iOs and Android. I would like to know which languages you would use for both backend and frontend and why. We can discuss money after you give me some proof of your ...

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    this is the simple project about the sorted algorithm. In this project i used these three languages like 1. javascript [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] In this project i create index and some background font, color like (display the rows, display the sorted data, display the characters and numbers also) in css, html and also logically programming like merge sort, bubble s...

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    I have 2 or more questions based on data structures and algorithm. I need a code for these questions. I also attached one sample question.

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    I need a freelancer that can write a good algorithm to track the inclination of some objects.

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    python - algorithm expert now 4 dias left

    looing for python - algorithm expert now

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    Parallel Computing Project 4 dias left

    Parallel Algorithm Computing Project

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    We have a platform that is built in Vue and Laravel. Currently the bids are not instant. We want the bids to be instant without refresh. We want the bids displayed like how it displays in freelancer We also need the algorithm that will fire the bids automatically. There is some data that we will collect from the drivers once and then we will also capture some ectra data from the client such as lo...

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    I'm working in [fazer login para ver a URL] and looking for someone to draw dynamically sized circles with pixels. I have attached a [fazer login para ver a URL] code example that draws square shaped diamonds using pixels. I need the circles to be drawn in the same manner the square shaped diamonds are being drawn, but with the proper logic to draw the circles instead of square shaped diamo...

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    MaiAsia ([fazer login para ver a URL]) is a cross-border e-commerce project in Magento that delivers millions of products from China ([fazer login para ver a URL]) to Latin American customers, providing a complete solution in terms of shipments, consolidations, taxes and duties. . The website uses an API to obtain all the information of the product in real time, thus showing a huge updated catalog...

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    Need SEO for my website Off Page + On Page Must know new algorithm of google

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    Please see attached image as example of output for this application effort. Create an application that inputs a drawing/image produces multiple unique finished as final product output. Example: Upload a drawing/image of animal, person, car, etc. Apply/select themes to integrate with drawing. Input information (i.e. date, year, time) that's calculated into drawing algorithm Application...

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    Genetic dynamic algorithm for solving TSP COmbination of Genetic algorithm with dynamic programming for solving TSP

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    Alignment of two 3D point clouds based on their geometric features and ICP algorithm. - Extract features from both point clouds - Correspondence matching - Nearest neighbor search - Local alignment using ICP algorithm - Python programming language

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    NFT Solana 3 dias left

    Hi! We are looking for an experienced smart contract developer who will help us launch an NFT collection on the Solana blockchain. To work with the Solana blockchain, the Rust or C++language is required: [fazer login para ver a URL] The projects use the Metaplex protocol, which makes it possible to mint NFT tokens, set up an auction, configure the conditions for generating NFT tokens and th...

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    I need to build a custom GPS application with the ability to modify the routing algorithm, and show a dashboard of carbon emissions saved (projected).

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    We believe that online clothes shopping is too difficult and often results in returned items - this is bad for shoppers and the environment. We are building a clothing ecommerce store that utilises shoppers styling preferences and browsing behaviour to ensure they are only shown clothes that will match their individual style. Likebox is the online personal shopper. We are building the website...

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    GPS application 3 dias left

    I need to build a custom GPS application with the ability to modify the routing algorithm, and show a dashboard of carbon emissions saved (projected).

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    I'm a hobbyist who has written quite a few Octave programs. In an effort to speed up those programs, I've translated many of them into Fortran. Octave has a native function called "ismember", but Fortran doesn't. In order for many of my programs to work, I had to build my own Fortran version of ismember. Unfortunately, my Fortran version is considerably slower than Oct...

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    See the attached image for a high-level overview of the process. The steps in RED is what this project is for. The web app is built using Django, and it is deployed on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). To summarize the image, I need to: - Abstract the algorithm (ie. business logic) out of the frontend so the algorithm can be changed independently of frontend (eg. accessed via API) - Store scored data ...

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    I have 5 tables which contain scraped online job postings from different sources. Over these i want to apply a deduplicaton algorithm and set a flag on each record. The algorithm finds the records with the same "Title" and "Workplace" and then compares 2 date fields in order to decide if the record is the same as others (duplicate). I want to be in Python as the rest of the pro...

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    Skilled Golang blockchain developer We are actively seeking experienced Golang Developers for an ongoing blockchain project. This is a long term project the applicants need to work remotely as part of the development team and communicate with other team members through zoom. The ideal candidate should have the following qualifications: - 3+ years of experience in software development - Experienc...

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    I am interested about an idea in a research paper but I don't have time to implement it and test it. The architecture of the idea is made up of different components, for which open-source codes are available. There is only one reinforcement learning algorithm (that connects the components) that is not implemented. It is required to use open source code, put it together and implement the algor...

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    I have few output of object detection algos. I require an optimized algorithm for performing a non-max suppression. Check the attached samples for reference. The code needs to be in PYTHON NOTE - We DON'T want you to train a model OR use an object detection algo BUT We want you to work on the post-processing of the predicted output. You will get the predicted output as a json file and imag...

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    hey, there is a small task for you regarding a python code for the zone-size optimization problem in a pick-and-pass order picking system. small modification of the code has to be made. to easily understand my requirement, it would make more sense to read the files in this order, please: 1) explanation of the current zone-size optimization algorithm 2) the corresponding python-file 3) the tas...

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    FYI -> BELOW IS JUST STARTING CONTENT OF MY REQUIREMENT, FOR FULL REQUIREMENT PLEASE GO THROUGH THE Attached Document. NOTE: I am expecting a strategy on how you will approach this ? and also your view on how it should be done? your strategy can be technical steps that you will follow in your code. Requirement: I want to create a Full stack app with React js as front end and Java 8 Microservi...

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