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    ...had an omega 6 to omega 3 ratio of 3:1. With the changes in lifestyle and especially after the introduction of the food industry, which feeds animals with seeds, soy, flour (ie Omega 6), humans have been showing since 1960 (turning point), a ratio of 4 :1, and today 15:1 in Europe. In the US the ratio is 25:1. What's the problem with a 15:1 ratio? Our cells to summarize in a simple way can be compared to a filter. If this filter is clogged, nutrients have difficulty getting in and waste has difficulty getting out of the cells. This causes anomalies at the cellular level in the long term. A ratio of 1:1 or 3:1, as science says, is the acceptable level and makes the cell function as a perfect filter. This results in efficient nutrient input and waste output. How does this tr...

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    Layout pré estabelecido. Precisa- se de profissional proficiente na plataforma RapidWeaver para auxílio na programação e desenvolvimento front-end de um Site.

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    Desenvolvimento Web Encerrado left

    Necessito uma reconstrução em um site existente Desenhar e construir Site para pequenas empresas Olá, nosso site é escrito com Rapidweaver. Preciso um profissional que ajuda em desenvolver nosso site com este programa usando Foundry e um "responsive theme" para que a coisa seja legível em celulares.

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    Details as discussed earlier on with you in the chat. Kindly refer to attached files. "Project deliverables_latest EMP" is for your instructions "EMP report" is the relevant report that you need to refer to "2013 South Road EMP Final" is the report done last year that you can refer to. However your standard of work is expected to be extremely high as compared to what was done last year.

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    Curso Online Educação - Web - Construir um site de curso on-line de educação. Atualmente: mas tenho domínio (atualmente no UOL) Preciso de uma área restrita para entrar nas janelas a partir de preferencia em rapidweaver (realmac) Seguem as principais funcionalidade necessárias: - Inscrever-se Newsletter - ambiente restrito a inscritos (Alunos) - Visualização do conteúdo no navegador - Sistema de Gestão de Alunos - Sistema de Gerenciamento de Conteúdo PROCESSO Cliente será capaz de acessar o conteúdo online. Cliente será capaz de fazer o teste online. Ao formulário de teste está completo, o formulário deve classificar o test...

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    Corporate Style Infographics Design 20 horas left

    I'm looking for a professional graphic designer with a penchant for corporate and professional aesthetics. The aim is to visually explain a moderately complex process or concept. The infographic must resonate with a corporate audience while maintaining a level of uniqueness. Key responsibilities: - Design modera...Candidate: - Experience in the corporate field - Transparent design process - Excellent at visual communication, able to take ideas and turn them into easily understood visuals - Attention to detail, especially recognizing the balance between complexity and understanding. The infographics that I am after will depict a hydraulic hose or a fuel line rupturing, and show the dangers of this incident. compared to a fuel line or hydraulic hose rupturing with our hose pr...

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    ...remote driver's side, an abnormality in the vehicle, and an abnormality in the remote driver terminal on the remote driver's side. In order to solve this problem, this technology automatically detects an occurrence of an abnormality in the remote driving system. When the abnormality is detected, an operation member (e.g., steering wheel) operated by the remote driver is made harder to move as compared with a normal state. Specifically, an operation reactive force applied to the operation member (e.g., steering wheel) is increased when the abnormality is detected than in a case where no abnormality is detected. Please search for this technology in this contest. <<NOTICE>> The system target brands in this search are limited to US, European, Chinese, and Sou...

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    Trophy icon Retro Illustrated T-Shirt Design 28 dias left

    The message we want to send with this T-shirt design is to warn our competitors that although we are smaller than their establishments Techtop is a force not to be reckoned with. Our high-quality products can not be compared to, so don’t trample the quality of our products. The slogan on the shirt is "DONT TREAD ON ME" The concept comes from The Gadsden flag which is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a timber rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Beneath the rattlesnake are the words "DONT TREAD ON ME". It is important to include the "Techtop" logo in some way. We are using this concept to promote the expansion of our Cobra product line as well as to warn the competitors not to underestimate the little guy. I have n...

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    ...continental sporting event. Key requirements include: - Graphical Representations: The presentation should bring the data to life with the utilization of pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs. The use of accurate representations is crucial to the success of this project. - Specific Data incorporation: The presentation should encapsively display the following: * Spectator attendance data compared against total event capacity * Worker attendance data (volunteers and contracted staff from 2 different companies) * Attendee punctuality data (Volunteers' on-time arrivals vs late arrivals) * Ticket scanning at the PSA, ticket scanning at gates, usage of reentry, usage of master ticket for each match With the right mix of technical expertise and a keen eye ...

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    ...interactive elements that clearly communicate the advantages of Villa Flor de Cabrera for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and decorations. Emphasize the following key points through engaging design: Pricing: Create a clear pricing list that easily explains the total cost of a 4 night stay and wedding. Overflow properties: Highlight the expansive space and ability to accommodate larger guest lists compared to traditional hotel venues while still maintaining an intimate feeling. Privacy: Underscore the secluded and private setting, offering a distinct advantage over public hotel venues. Personalized service: Showcase the personalized attention and dedicated service provided to ensure a dream wedding experience. * If you can add a cost calculator into the brochure would be a ...

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    LMS Expert 4 dias left

    Hiring! Hiring! Hiring!! Company: ZaranTech LLC About the Company: ZaranTech is a US-based Global IT Training and Consulting Company, that provides focused Individual and Corporate training from our Sr. trainers who have 10+ years of experience in the fast-paced world of Information Technology. ZaranTech provides Role-based training as compared to Product-based training methodology. Most of our training programs are delivered Online and we provide instructor-led and Self-Paced types of training. LMS Expert JD: (Freelancer) We are seeking a highly skilled Learning Management System (LMS) Expert with experience in the educational technology (EdTech) sector to join our team. The LMS Expert will play a crucial role in the implementation, customization, and optimization of our Learni...

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    I need a voltage measurement of 4, 16, 16, voltages, in the range of 2.5V -4V, for a battery management system. The following cell voltages must be measured, compared and visualized

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    I'm seeking an experienced Rapidweaver developer to overhaul my website and enhance its visual appeal, while also significantly improving its SEO. This project will require: 1. Visual Enhancements: - Upgrading the overall layout - Improving the navigation for better user experience 2. SEO Improvements: - Optimizing meta tags and descriptions to improve visibility - Enhancing page load speed for better user experience and SEO - Implementing any additional necessary enhancements to improve SEO The primary function of my website is informational, so it's important that the end product is aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines. If you have a solid understanding of SEO principles and a knack for visual design, I'd

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    Swim Meet Alert App Development 1 dia left

    ...their kid's upcoming race, akin to how one is alerted when their table is ready at a restaurant. - Real-time Race Results: The app should have the functionality to text & display real time race results for ongoing swim meets immediately after their kid swims texted to their phone. - Personal Best Times: It should have a feature that keeps track of each swimmer's personal best times in each event compared to how they just swam texted to them Additional above & beyond features: - Schedule of Events: Users should be able to quickly check the start times and order of scheduled races. - Swimmer Profiles: It should have a section where the swimmers' profiles can be accessed, including highlights, statistics, and a catalog of their previous successes (I have i...

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    ...urgency, with a strict deadline of 2 days from the date of assignment. This accelerated timeline is critical to maintaining project momentum and meeting our strategic objectives. Project Details: Innovation in Material Use: Utilizing HCB in door jambs presents a novel approach that promises to improve the overall durability and strength of doors, while also offering better insulation properties compared to traditional materials. Contribution Request: We are seeking expertise in product design, particularly skilled CAD and engineering drawing professionals, to translate our conceptual innovations into detailed, practical designs. Your role will be crucial in turning our vision into reality, ensuring that every aspect of the door's design is meticulously planned and optimiz...

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    ...urgency, with a strict deadline of 2 days from the date of assignment. This accelerated timeline is critical to maintaining project momentum and meeting our strategic objectives. Project Details: Innovation in Material Use: Utilizing HCB in door jambs presents a novel approach that promises to improve the overall durability and strength of doors, while also offering better insulation properties compared to traditional materials. Contribution Request: We are seeking expertise in product design, particularly skilled CAD and engineering drawing professionals, to translate our conceptual innovations into detailed, practical designs. Your role will be crucial in turning our vision into reality, ensuring that every aspect of the door's design is meticulously planned and optimiz...

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    ...deadline of 2 days from the date of assignment, GM Furniture emphasizes the critical nature of this task in maintaining project momentum and achieving strategic objectives. Project Details: Innovation in Material Use: GM Furniture is leading the charge in adopting HCB for door jambs, a groundbreaking material choice that promises superior durability, strength, and insulation properties compared to conventional options. Contribution Request: GM Furniture invites seasoned professionals in product design, specifically adept in CAD and engineering drawing, to collaborate on this visionary project. Your expertise will be instrumental in translating conceptual innovations into meticulously detailed designs, ensuring seamless execution of our vision. Deadline: All drawing...

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    I'm seeking an adept Excel expert who could assist me in comparing two Excel files that both contain bank transaction information. Your task will be to: - Analyze both File A and File B - Establish parallels between the two files - Identify any missing transaction data in either file Strong proficiency in Excel, particularly in data comparison and analysis, is pivotal for...parallels between the two files - Identify any missing transaction data in either file Strong proficiency in Excel, particularly in data comparison and analysis, is pivotal for this task. Familiarity with banking transactions would also be handy. Your ultimate goal is to ensure that both files have matching transaction data. Apply now if you've got the skills needed. Accounting analytics statements comp...

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    ...reports based on bookings, solution should also integrate send message through an app like Whatsapp, Signal. Since I have limited programming knowledge, solutions that also can be edited/programmed without coding knowledge, especially the part of programming the AI solution with knowledge/database/commands will be prioritized. If Botpress can handle effectively this solution and is cost effective compared to other services, then that would be good. But pls. include other options as well. IMPORTANT: AS OF NOW JUST NEED MORE A FIRST MORE SIMPLE VERSION TO TEST THE FUNCTIONALITY, PHONE REVICE SMS MESSAGE ➡️ AI SOLUTION ➡️ SMS TEXT ANSWER GENERATED ➡️ TEXT ANSWER SENT BACK TO PHONE ➡️ TEXT SMS ANSWER SENT BACK FREELANCERS THAT CAN FINISH THIS FIRST DRAFT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE W...

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    Virtual Staing 3D Encerrado left

    Please contact me before you order!!! Virtual Staging is a highly effective real estate marketing service, attract customers' attention to real estate, save a lot of time and money compared to actual staging. Customers will get the best visualization of the space with furniture according to the requested style and function of each room. Furthermore, virtual staging service helps buyers envision themselves in a space and create an emotional connection with a property. A beautifully staged virtual home can attract more interest and, as a result, lead to more showings and faster sales. In this regard, the method has transformed the way real estate is marketed. Moreover, it has proven to be a valuable tool for agents and buyers alike I'm confident with my in-depth skills an...

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    ...Notifications: Automated scripts must be setup to receive and handle incoming emails which contain data necessary for further tasks. -Data Synchronization: The provided daily Excel files need to be downloaded from incoming emails and synchronization must be ensured with the latest data. -Data Comparison: The downloaded Excel file's data should be compared with the previous day's data. -Pop-up Notifications: If there is any discrepancy found between the compared data, a pop-up notification is required to alert me of the changes and differences. Ideal freelancer would have: - In-depth experience in Power Automate, particularly for complex Excel data automation tasks. - Knowledge on advanced Excel operations and data management. - Proficiency to craft scrip...

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    For this project, I am looking for an individual with a strong understanding of GFR calculations and machine performance analysis. The task at hand involves comparing the performance of two machines by calculating eGFR using: - Serum creatinine level - Patient's age - Patient...- Patient's gender The objective of this study is to compare the performance of these machines, hence a background in biomedical engineering, medical device analysis or a related field would be ideal. We will determine the machine's performance based on: - Accuracy of readings - Precision in calculations - Reproducibility of results With a successful completion, we will have assessed and compared the performance of both machines. Please note that methodological purity and scientific rigor...

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    ...electric or electronic engineer who can compare and analyze the energy efficiency and work capacity of two identical 3.7V DC motors. One motor is equipped with a 90 degree gearbox with a 118:1 ratio, while the other motor is without a gearbox. The purpose of this analysis is to assess and compare the work capacity and energy efficiency of these motors. The necessary performance metrics to be compared include: - Work Capacity - Torque - RPM (revolutions per minute) - Current (in mA) - Energy Efficiency - Output (in W) - Input (in W) The chosen engineer must have vast knowledge in this field and excellent analytical skills. Knowledge of the Robotics industry will be highly advantageous. This project also requires a considerable understanding of DC motors and gearboxes for interp...

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    I'm seeking an experienced research writer passionate about science to craft a paper that will captivate the minds of academic scholars. This project will focus on providing an overview of a cutting-edge scientific topic, designed to enlighten and engage an audience deeply entrenched in academic research. Topic: Plant-based meats are a better source of protein compared to traditional animal-based meats. **Requirements:** - Highly focused and clear thesis statement. You should have a robust background in science, capable of discussing complex concepts clearly and accurately. - Your writing must adhere to academic standards, including proper citation practices and a formal tone. - Highly effective main points, exceptionally strong evidence from credible sources - Insightful ana...

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    I am seeking an experienced presentation designer to craft a comprehensive deck focusing on three leading AI presentation tools: PowerMode AI, PowerPoint's Coach, and Decktopus. The objective is to offer a detailed comparison that includes each tool's overview, registration process, pricing, functionality, and specifically their artificial intelligence benefits compared to traditional methods. This will ensure we provide a well-rounded perspective to our audience, emphasizing how these innovative tools stand out in today's digital landscape. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in presentation design, preferably with experience in creating tech-oriented content. - Familiarity with AI technologies and their applications in presentation tools. - Strong resear...

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    ...network (CNN) architectures, EfficientNet-V2 and ResNet, for the task of DR classification. The study utilizes two widely recognized datasets: APTOS 2019 Blindness Detection and IDRiD (Indian Diabetic Retinopathy Image Dataset), providing a diverse collection of retinal images annotated for DR severity levels. EfficientNet-V2, known for its balance between accuracy and computational efficiency, is compared against ResNet, a popular CNN model renowned for its strong performance in computer vision tasks. Both architectures are rigorously trained and optimized using techniques like transfer learning and data augmentation to ensure robust performance across the datasets. The models' performance is evaluated on their ability to classify retinal images into five DR severity catego...

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    Price Analysis Encerrado left

    A requirement is that you have data analyst experience. The project should be completed by (eob Tuesday 20 Feb). The project is focused on collecting and analysing numerical data to understand competitor pricing. Data to be collected: SMS outbound price / country. You are requested to collect price level data of SMS providers such as (Vonage, Twi...Tuesday 20 Feb). The project is focused on collecting and analysing numerical data to understand competitor pricing. Data to be collected: SMS outbound price / country. You are requested to collect price level data of SMS providers such as (Vonage, Twilio, Plivo, and the other main competitors. Provide the collected data in excel and make conclusions about Vonage pricing of SMS outbound service compared to the other competitors (per c...

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    ...- Proficient understanding on the subject matter, primarily Website Application Security - Ability to utilise information from scholarly articles for credible references - Skill to deliver complex information in an engaging and understandable manner Other topics, such as Accessibility, Performance and Usability, and Configuration Management should also be included, albeit with less prominence compared to the main theme. You'll be tasked to artfully blend these subtopics into the journal. The desired outcome is not just an informative piece, but a compelling narrative on the ever-important aspect of web security. Your writing should show true understanding and passion for the subject matter. Journal is required to be written with less then 10% Plagiarism through famous tool...

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    ...started: Porting Delphi Pascal Code: Understand the Delphi Code: Review and understand your existing Delphi Pascal code. Identify key features, UI components, and external dependencies. Prepare for Translation: Convert Pascal syntax to C++ syntax. Some differences include variable declarations, function syntax, and memory management. Handle Strings: Delphi uses a different string representation compared to C++. Adjust string manipulations and memory allocations accordingly. Use Windows API in C++: Replace platform-specific Delphi functions with Windows API calls in C++. This includes UI components, file operations, etc. Memory Management: Delphi uses automatic memory management through reference counting (ARC). In C++, you will need to manage memory explicitly (e.g., us...

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    triple ema cross over strategy in BANKNIFTY/NIFTY/MIDCPNIFTY/FINNIFTY and Stocks... with strike price selection of current or month expiry with desired lots. SET Target points / trailing SL / Averaging/pyramiding / exit no of lots/ live / paper trading . Alert on BOS/COCH , Volume on BO/BD, Candle High and Low compared to previous & next two candles. Log files required. support / resistance. strike option analysis....

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    ...are on the consecutively increasing (or decreasing). Consecutively increasing means that closing > opening, closing > closing[1], and so on. Similarly for consecutively decreasing. 3. However, all the first 3 bars must have movement size < 4 times of ATR[20]. 4. For the case of consecutively increasing (or decreasing) 3 bars, the latest of the 3 bars must have the highest high (or lowest low) compared to the subsequent 1 bar. The highest (or lowest bar) bar, or the 3rd bar is called Bar A. 5. The subsequent bars (within consecutive 20 bars), will go down (or up) to its lowest point (or highest point). The lowest point (or highest point), if happens within the 20 consecutive bar, is called Bar B. 6. After Bar B, the subsequent bars (still within 20 consecutive bar) will g...

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    Cost-effectiveness an...is negative, then do the second test. In terms of the direct medical costs , the procedures are the same but the consumables used have different costs. For procedure 1 the cost of the consumables is $150 and for procedure 2 $300. However, if doing both together we can omit the $150 consumable cost of the first procedure and just use the $300 consumable of the second as its sensitivity is 97% as compared to 60% for the the first diagnostic test. At what point would it be more cost effective to use a sequential approach i.e. test 1 then test 2 a few weeks later as opposed to a combined approach of doing both tests at the same time. If the sensitivity of the test 1 is lower or higher does this impact the cost effectiveness or the number of procedures done sa...

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    I would like to create a platform where I could compare different prices per store... compared to my online store. I know it's possible to do web scraping or crawling... There's no problem if it's in Excel but I would prefer it to be on a platform with constant updates. I also want a dashboard that tells the best prices of the 6 online stores vs mine.

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    Need to work on these 3 images The shirt collar looks a little strange on those compared to the other one collar like Also, is there any way for you to zoom out a little bit? Can you use an AI tool to extrapolate the image outwards? Their faces just appear larger Write " GIGA" in your bid so i understand you read the project

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    Are you a meticulous individual with a keen eye for detail? Do you have experience in manual data entry and ensuring data accuracy? If so, we have ...keen eye for detail? Do you have experience in manual data entry and ensuring data accuracy? If so, we have a project for you. Responsibilities: - manual data entry tasks into the CRM system. - verify the accuracy of data migration from one system to another. - ensure data integrity and completeness. - ca 10.000 data entries - ca 4.5 k candidates checked, compared and amended if needed between 2 crm systems - ca 2k contacts checked, compared and amended if needed between 2 crm systems The main goal is to transition the data without losing its integrity and usability. I eager to set to work with someone who can handle this pro...

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    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to create an engaging and highly detailed infographic that is educational but targets technical professionals. This infographic is intended for marketing purposes, showcasing the detailed technical specifications of our antenna products compared to others in the market. Here's what I need: - **Deep Dive into Antenna Specs**: I want the infographic to break down the complex technical specifications of our antennas in a way that's accessible yet informative to technical professionals. This should include frequency range, gain, types (e.g., Yagi, Dipole, Patch), and any innovative features that set our antennas apart. - **Comparative Analysis**: Part of the infographic should visually compare our antennas’ specs and fea...

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    We are building a cloud data analysis engine that consumes a lower compute per unit workload compared to other competing products in the market. The comparison was done using an industry benchmark called TPC-H. We want to measure the amount of carbon that gets reduced when someone uses our product. This measurement may take into account the time for which they use, the type and specification of computer they use to run our product on, the amount of power consumed by the compute instances (based on reading the technical specifications of the processor/cloud provider published data), how much carbon gets added to produce a unit of electricity depending on where exactly the cloud data center region is, etc. You would need to have experience in either developing a new methodology a...

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    ...1: Voter registration. A user must logon to the page with his/her wallet and register to vote. The page must then collect the voter data (registration date-time, wallet address and number of tokens held) the data must be stored in a MySql table - upon completion user must exit Page 2: Voter action. On the voting day the user must logon to the page with his/her wallet, number of tokens will be compared to the table against the wallet address. If the wallet is not registered or if the token number has changed then the voter can not continue and a nice void message must be displayed. If voter is registered the vote data can be stored against the wallet address and the vote result will be "void" If the voter is registered and the token number unchanged then the voter can s...

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    ...in terms of margins, sales, volume, and in terms of those product or services that provide or increase substantially the firm’s profits or gross margin. Have past strategic decisions translated into a more profitable company? Have these decisions increased sales, inventories and account receivables in a similar fashion? Has business operations improved? Have their products and services improved compared to the firm’s competition? 3- Basics of Analysis (Common Size Analysis or Vertical and Horizontal Analysis (VAHA) The BS will identify which questions should be answered by your analysis. List the 10 most important questions that arise from your review of the Vertical Analysis and Horizontal Analysis you performed (see the excel tabs named Vertical Analysis and Horizon...

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    I'm looking for an SEO expert who can dramatically increase my website's visibility and visitor numbers on Google within the next 3 months. Despite having an average starting point concernin...- Demonstrated ability to work with Google Analytics and Google Search Console for monitoring performance and identifying opportunities for improvement. **Success for this project means:** - Substantially increasing website visitors within a 3-month timeframe. - Achieving significant improvements in rankings on Google for targeted keywords. - Demonstrable growth in web presence and visibility compared to competitors. If you're passionate about SEO and confident in your ability to produce tangible results, I'm excited to hear from you and explore how we can collaborate to ...

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    5-13-26 ema cross over strategy in BANKNIFTY/NIFTY/MIDCPNIFTY/FINNIFTY and Stocks... with strike price selection of current or month expiry with desired lots. Target points as per choice along with trailing SL , Averaging/pyramiding , exit no of lots, live / paper trading . Alert on BOS/COCH , Volume high on BO/BD, Big Candle Size compared to previous candles. Log files required.

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    I need you to Optimize Google Adsense Advertiser for the Website, So, no Low-Quality ads should be visible on our website. The Low quality ads are not relevant to our visitors as well they are not paying much as compared to other high paying advertisers. Task Needs to be done: 1. Identify the Low Paying Advertiser on Our website. 2. Block The Low Paying advertiser Ads on Our website. 3. Find a high-paying advertiser for our website. 4. Make New Space Open for high paying advertisers. 5. Do A/B testing of Advertisers ads and final the good ones. Your job requires to make optimization based on the analytics data and need to make changes for revenue growth.

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    We are in the process of setting up a new Shopify store. For this project, we need someone who can develop an app for our store, primarily for print-on-demand purposes. The key feature we want to include is a variety of animal art options for our customers to choose from. We aim to create a more unique and appealing website compared to the example website provided below. Our vision is to have a Shopify store with an extensive selection of animal breeds, including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and potentially other animals that we can discuss further. We understand that achieving this requires the use of AI technology to generate these breeds automatically. The print-on-demand app should be highly automated, similar to the one mentioned in your example. In addition, we ask that you p...

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    Sources and a template provided to write a 6 to 7 page literature review on the topic below. This must be fully referenced and in APA format throughout. Project Topic: “For nurses working in a long-term care facility for the elderly, will more education on urinary catheter care protocols and measures, compared to existing levels in the care facility, decrease the rate of UTIs in the residents by 10% over a four month period of time?” Project Instructions: Write a 6 to 8 page (not including the title and reference pages) APA formatted paper with an introduction and conclusion APA headings for each section of the paper Fully referenced in APA format Include: Subheadings (Themes Discovered In Review) Notice Of Gaps In Knowledge References within 5 years and peer-review...

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    Hi,...members - The status of the project issues - Number of defects our team worked on and raised in each sprint Key data points should revolve around: - Defects worked and raised in each sprint - User stories completed in each sprint - Planned versus actual task allocation for each team member In terms of resource allocation and usage for each user story, the report must track: - Estimated hours compared to actual hours spent - Planned resources against resources actually used - Percentage of resource utilisation How many UAT comments raised and out of those how many are Bug and how many are enhancemnet Ideal freelancers for this project should have extensive experience in Jira, in-depth data analytics capabilities, and a solid understanding of project management and agile p...

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    I am in need of a skilled copywriter who can intimately grip small to medium business owners. Recognizing the challenges small businesses face, the primary focus should highlight the cost-effectiveness of our innovative web solution. Key aspects to emphasize on: - Improving Online Visibility: I want my audience to understand how our solution can expand their online p...email should explain how our solution helps businesses engage, retain and delight their customers more effectively. A successful candidate will have experience in: - Email marketing campaigns. - Copywriting for small to medium businesses. - Understanding of web solutions and their benefits for businesses. Please make the email persuasive but not pushy, carefully accentuating our offer's value compared to o...

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    We are seeking an experienced Python web application developer (or another if Python is not suited) to build...evaluation. The application should be developed using the Flask framework and should incorporate a user-friendly interface for seamless test-taking. The questions will come from a PDF file just like CVE files are used in Avanset software's. Attached is a screenshot sample from Avanset. - The answers of the questions will be stored under that userID in a file or database. - The answers will then be compared with the real answers that are already stored in a table - The user should get a pass or fail - The admin of the software should be able to load the questions from the PDF and review the answers as needed. Please let me know if a call is required to get more cl...

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    I am facing multiple issues with my WordPress site that I need an expert to address. Key Issues: - Plugin conflicts - Website speed optimization - Google Site Kit is showing less result compared to JetPack The conflict issues are particularly concerning as these conflicts are not only between plugins but also with the WordPress core. Unfortunately, I am unable to pinpoint exactly which plugins are causing these conflicts. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Extensive WordPress expertise - Proven experience in troubleshooting and resolving plugin conflict issues - Proficient in website speed optimization techniques - Familiarity with Google Site Kit and JetPack plugins would be an advantage Please note, a detailed assessment may be required to identify the root cause of these con...

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    Hello I am looking to source quotes for an app similar to this Companies should be local India companies only . As in tried to build the app with an extremely low cost Our app flow 1. Ai scan then recommends appropr...quotes for an app similar to this Companies should be local India companies only . As in tried to build the app with an extremely low cost Our app flow 1. Ai scan then recommends appropriate routine with device 2. Ai scan to identifies skin problem areas 3. Training vids for all products 4. Regular scan to see progress on skin compared to when starting 5. Ai assitsnt to answer any questions 6. ability to video chat with live rep on app

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