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    Layout pré estabelecido. Precisa- se de profissional proficiente na plataforma RapidWeaver para auxílio na programação e desenvolvimento front-end de um Site.

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    Desenvolvimento Web Encerrado left

    Necessito uma reconstrução em um site existente Desenhar e construir Site para pequenas empresas Olá, nosso site [fazer login para ver a URL] é escrito com Rapidweaver. Preciso um profissional que ajuda em desenvolver nosso site com este programa usando Foundry e um "responsive theme" para que a coisa seja legível em celulares.

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    Curso Online Educação - Web - Construir um site de curso on-line de educação. Atualmente: [fazer login para ver a URL] mas tenho domínio (atualmente no UOL) Preciso de uma área restrita para entrar nas janelas a partir de [fazer login para ver a URL] preferencia em rapidweaver (realmac) Seguem as principais funcionalidade necessária...

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    I am looking for someone to add pages on new products and services to our existing page and also keep design fresh. I want to have the project done in Rapidweaver and am open to new theme suggestions.

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    I'm working with a group called The Archives of Falconry to help bring their collections into the digital age. Part of that is building them a fairly extensive website. I've already built a fair bit in RapidWeaver, but I don't have time to finish it up. I need someone who can work with me as a subcontractor and bring this project to conclusion. It's not a small job as there a...

    $50 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    7 ofertas

    *SUMMARY*: I want to hire someone for a one time task to rebuild two existing websites ([fazer login para ver a URL] and [fazer login para ver a URL]) using the MacOS-based website builder tool “RapidWeaver”. (If you have a Mac, and are interested in this project, but you don’t have RapidWeaver, I can give you a license to that app) BEFORE REPLYING: SEE ATTACHED FILE FOR FU...

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    online shop Encerrado left

    I'm setting up an online shop to sell personalised greetings cards and gifts. I need a shopping cart that allows the option to send items within the order to different recipients i.e. different addresses. So a customer could order several cards for different people all within the same cart/checkout procedure with just one payment. And if customers have an account then their recipient addre...

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    We already have a website for our business, with quite a lot of content. It was built in-house using rapidweaver, but it is now getting old. I need a new fresh design and want to use squarespace so that we can make future changes. I need someone who is experienced using squarespace to take our content and migrate it to a fresh new look site on squarespace. The business is a law firm. Most cont...

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    I have a website that I designed using RapidWeaver. I need help to polish it and to integrate the blog better into it.

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    Adding PayPal Buy Now Button to website using RapidWeaver #5

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    Geolocation app Encerrado left

    Project: Walking trail for castle on mobile Issue: Geolocation using HTML5, Javascript and Leaflet on a PWA designed for mobile. I need help with a popup window which shows user geolocation on a precached Progressive Work App. Please click the locator pin on the menu to see the issues. They are; 1. The map tiles don’t load unless the phone is momentarily flipped on it’s side, then th...

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    Looking for PHP & Java expert who can quickly enhance the function of a stack within the rapidweaver software environment. Existing stack is a booking stack. We want to enhance it to allow a set number of people to book a particular time slot. In other words, to tally the number of people coming to an event but also limit the number that can register. For example, a course for Painting on ...

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    MIcrosite of 7 pages with images, copy, PDF links and Youtube video links. The site has already been built in WIX here is a link to view it. [fazer login para ver a URL] If you build the template, I can populate the content.

    $1016 (Avg Bid)
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    8 ofertas

    I want to convert a website I have made to PWA so that it can be used offline. I have set up a service worker but am unable to set up the code so that it will pre cache the entire site. The site has been built using mac rapidweaver. It is a prototype, and though it is a large site, what I need is the code so that I can precache the entire site without having to list all the items individually. s...

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    Hello I have a website that I realized a few years ago with Iweb ([fazer login para ver a URL] - domain [fazer login para ver a URL]) but that currently feel like obsolete and I would like to open a new one (with the same content) on Wordpress. Of course, I’d like to maintain the same domain. I need a simple site that highlights the images of the activities I do, the testimonies of those who...

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    [fazer login para ver a URL] Id like the layout of site to be closer to this one [fazer login para ver a URL] Looking for someone with experience using rapidweaver and stacks. I own both pieces of software, so Id like someone to give me a price to tranform my current site to the one that is closer in layout to Gary Shengs site. Simple and clean.

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    My existing Rapidweaver set needs modernising - the content (text/images) is fine BUT i need to add video courses and video libraries (including intro video for the home page) and the option of uploading more in the future. When done, the site may need to be replicated for foreign language versions (in sequence, Italian, French, German +++)

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    I'm a professor who uses websites to teach my classes. I can no longer use iWeb since I upgraded to mac os Catalina :-( I need to transfer iWeb sites and attachments into sparkle and publish them to [fazer login para ver a URL] in time for my courses in January. It's not hard with Sparkle's "import page" function, which seems to grab iWeb pages flawlessly. But I need so...

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    Health2Heal Encerrado left

    Hi! I have a website i created with iweb and would like to get this content into WordPress. I have not selected a theme yet but open to suggestions. I would like to know what it would cost to get the content on [fazer login para ver a URL] put onto a wordpress site, that I can manage after you have created all the pages and transferred all the content, and linked all the links. Can you get al...

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    Hello. 3 years ago a friend of mine, Kim Buddee, used your services to help him update his website on the old Mac programme, iWeb. The person you assigned to him was identified as Pulakesh90. His full name is Pulakesh Goswami. I have the same problem as my friend, Kim. For the past seven years or so I’ve had my own website that I created with iWeb. Even after iWeb was discontinued several y...

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    I have a website that I have been developing with rapidweaver but I have come to a point where I need help creating a feature that allows people to be able to create their own ad. The site is www.speak2owner.com. At present I have added "post an ad" to the site but it is via a contact form and does not ad to the website automatically. I need to hire a person who can do this.

    $132 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Cmitexperts, I have a website that I have been developing with rapidweaver but I have come to a point where I need help creating a feature that allows people to be able to create their own ad. At present I have added this to the site but it is via a contact form and does not ad to the website automatically. Are you able to assist with adding this feature?

    $38 (Avg Bid)
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    Build new website Encerrado left

    I have a very simple and very small website built using iWeb. It needs to be modernized. [fazer login para ver a URL]

    $165 (Avg Bid)
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    80 ofertas

    I am a psychotherapist. My current website is consciouscounseling.net. Design and create a new website using RapidWeaver. I have purchased a theme and two motion stacks that go with it. Have images and most of the content. Website must be created using RapidWeaver so I can edit it on my own periodically.

    $210 (Avg Bid)
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    26 ofertas

    I am a psychotherapist. My current website is consciouscounseling.net. Design and create a new website using RapidWeaver. I have purchased a theme and two motion stacks that go with it. Have images and most of the content.

    $210 (Avg Bid)
    $210 Média
    39 ofertas

    my website is online, but needs some fixing for the layout on iphones. ONLY RAPIDWEAVER DEVELOPERS PLEASE !

    $22 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I would like to get a list of ISDN references for all funds available in the iWebShareDealing fund centre (circa 2,370 funds) per the following website [fazer login para ver a URL] I believe this can be done with some code which goes through the URL's and scrapes the ISIN of each fund. But I'm not skilled enough to build the code myself. I would also like the python code which is used...

    $154 (Avg Bid)
    $154 Média
    16 ofertas

    MUST be familiar with and able to work with the Rapidweaver program for Macintosh. I have an existing website that works properly. It was designed in WIX but I simply want it converted to rapidweaver so that I can make changes and have it hosted on a site independent from WIX.

    $538 (Avg Bid)
    $538 Média
    8 ofertas
    Rapidweaver Expert Encerrado left

    Hello, we are looking for an expert in Rapidweaver Good Luck.

    $156 (Avg Bid)
    $156 Média
    6 ofertas

    I have built a phpBB bulletin board. I wanted to put in an iFrame, but when I tried it crashed. I need some help putting up phpBB. To build my website I use a Mac-only program called RapidWeaver. No knowledge of RapidWeaver is required, but some things must go through that program. For example, anything added to the HTML head section has to be entered via RapidWeaver. So basically I need a...

    $162 (Avg Bid)
    $162 Média
    6 ofertas

    Hi, I'm searching for help to build a website from scratch with RapidWeaver/foundry. To start with not very complex site due to the fact that we have changed our business model. So I prefer to have fever pages to begin with but with the right message and content. And then as we get into it the website can expand with content etc. We have an idea about what we want regarding design .. a site t...

    $1177 (Avg Bid)
    $1177 Média
    34 ofertas

    Hi, I have a website here [fazer login para ver a URL] and would like a RapidWeaver theme that looks exactly the same. I'm running RapidWeaver 7. I have no idea how to install a theme so, I will need some instructions. Please, let me know how much my new theme will cost. I'm paying personally and will be looking for a cheap quote.

    $158 (Avg Bid)
    $158 Média
    8 ofertas

    We sell SEO Homepage and are still looking for service providers. We pay flat-rate. Asking price? start page 5 services / products with bottom. contact form imprint data protection Conditions Best regards Text, photos and logo will be supplied by us. Website is to be built with realmacsoftware.

    $207 (Avg Bid)
    $207 Média
    7 ofertas

    Hello, I need a homepage created with the look-and-feel of the homepage at [fazer login para ver a URL], to be used for an artist's website (see attached screenshot of kittyhawk's homepage). An important feature of the kittyhawk page is that it opens from the BOTTOM of the screen; the viewer is prompted to scroll UP to see content above. Thank you for your consideration of this project...

    $541 (Avg Bid)
    $541 Média
    31 ofertas

    I created a product that I sell online which saves a consumer a lot of money if the do it their selves. I would like a "calculator type widget" to place on my websites that shows the potential customer based on the "rate per ft" ie $5-$10 based on the area of the country there in which would be an input the select like in a drop down menu or input themselves so they can pick fr...

    $493 (Avg Bid)
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    20 ofertas

    Looking for a web developer to integrate data via FileMaker's API with an existing RapidWeaver website to create a dashboard-like interface. Extensive API integration experience a must. FileMaker, JSON, Javascript, RapidWeaver and MySQL experience a plus.

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $21 / hr Média
    6 ofertas
    Web development -- 2 Encerrado left

    I need some changes to an existing website. I need a new website that i can adapt easily (EASILY) to different photographers If this can be easily done in wordpress i am open to that. (I find wordpress to be a massive pain.) ive been building websites for 21 years and i want this to be truely easy. As it should be by now. I can build my own site on iweb wich still works great and looks gre...

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 Média
    3 ofertas

    Hi, I’m building my first RapidWeaver project and need help in some specific areas. The work will be to suggest the best stacks suitable for that specific job and make adjustments to the main elements with dummy text and dummy pictures. Additional suggestions are welcome. Then, I will continue to add/remove pages and add/change content. I estimate to have 3-4 rounds over a period of 2-3 w...

    $32 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $32 / hr Média
    10 ofertas
    A simple website Encerrado left

    I am a small one-man business with a simple website that was built using iWeb. I've reached the limits of my knowledge of HTML (which isn't much) and am having trouble with a "contact me" form working properly when put online.

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    A simple website Encerrado left

    I am a small one-man business with a simple website that was built using iWeb. I've reached the limits of my knowledge of HTML (which isn't much) and am having trouble with a "contact me" form working properly when put online.

    $102 (Avg Bid)
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    30 ofertas

    Hi matagascar, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I got your details from Richard Saunders, I need to update my website as l am about to be looking for a new job. I am not is a huge hurry for this but you can see what l currently have at [fazer login para ver a URL]@hotmail.com. I have all the files for when l first made it on iWe...

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    You are an experienced RAPIDWEAVER user and help me to change an existing site, [fazer login para ver a URL] to a responsive one in three languages. MUST BE IN RAPIDWEAVER. NO USE OFFERING CODEIGNITER, DREAMWEAVER, or any other technology. Sorry..

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    I have a Joomla website with the component jDownloads. Large categories (8K records) are very slow to load. Small categories (1k records) are much faster. I understand that the database size difference can impact page load speed. I need the jDownloads component modified to Improve the Page Load Speed. Below, are 2 example category pages. The "watch-faces" category takes over 10...

    $62 (Avg Bid)
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    Take my old web page "World Circus" which is on my computer and sent by Cyberduck on Wordpress? I had used at the time IWeb Mac to make my web page. My web page is no more on a server, that's why I would like to drag it to wordpress. I already have pages of wordpress made today, https: /[fazer login para ver a URL] I would like to complete it with my old website.

    $80 (Avg Bid)
    $80 Média
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    I paid a programmer to write a "voting program" which basically works. I explained several times to this programmer that I need the code not put in via the cPanel, but given to me. I use a Mac-only web design software called Rapidweaver. It has containers for programs, text, pictures, etc. The other programmer ignored my request and put it up himself. Now if I update my web page, b...

    $45 (Avg Bid)
    $45 Média
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    Rapidweaver website Encerrado left

    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skills required RapidWeaver and Website Design and ability to train. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $250 - $300 USD. I have a current website, I just need something simple and up to date and that will allow me to update on my own. I have not provided a detailed description and have not uploaded any files.

    $452 (Avg Bid)
    $452 Média
    23 ofertas
    Build a Website Encerrado left

    I want a website design in Rapidweaver, I have the idea just need to have it put into Rapidweaver. Do not respond if you cannot use Rapidweaver.

    $905 (Avg Bid)
    $905 Média
    2 ofertas

    Wir benötigen eine Webseite mit Shop, erstellt mit RapidWeaver (Ein …Gerüste mit Bespieltext und Beispielbildern, damit wir es selber Weiterbearbeiten resp. Ändern können). Meine Frau möchte über diese Page Ihre Produkte (Saucen, Getränke, etc.) vermarkten. Diese Page z.B. (Als Muster gefällt uns sehr gut)… [fazer login para ver a URL]

    $1345 (Avg Bid)
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    [fazer login para ver a URL] 1) Add header and footer for all individual products page. 2) Search function please make it work. 3) Contact us compulsory field amendments.

    $30 - $100
    Destacado Secreto
    $30 - $100
    6 ofertas

    I need a very basic website for a college class. Must be built on one of the following platforms. Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse CC, iWeb, KompoZer, SeaMonkey, Microsoft Expression Web or WYSIWYG Web Builder. I can provide a PDF of the basic layout. I need it to be completed and back to me by mid day Monday 12/12/16

    $56 (Avg Bid)
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