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    I'm looking for someone to program a Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser Plugin. The programmer should be familiar with VC++, MFC, ATL and Microsoft's Plugin Interface to IE. The plugin will execute a javascript code from a remote website everytime the user browses a web page, clicks on a link, etc. The execution of the javascript code should be hidden from the end surfer. The browser pl...

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    I am looking for a simple URL protect script. A user clicks on a link and it takes him to a page. That new page URL needs to be a hidden URL. So, the user can't bookmark or type in that address to get back to that page. If he does bookmark or type in the address the script will take him to a sign-up page. The user can only get to that page from the link clicked.

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    Interested in an applet to be used in my application. The applet will allow the user to select graphically a time range (that is start date to end date). The vertical bars must move with a mouse. The selected values will update hidden fields in an HTML form. The two colors for the free time and selected time must be passed as parameters. Also the minimum start time and maximum end time must be var...

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    I have an existing Excel Workbook with multiple sheets in it. It has hidden columns and format-protected cells in each one. I need my VBA code fixed so that it will write out the data in each of the rows/columns to a space-delimited .txt file in a folder on the users hard drive at the click of a toolbar button. Each time the toolbar button is clicked, it should overwrite the existing .txt file in ...

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    Airlines Reservatin Encerrado left

    This is a school project for my VB calss ## Deliverables Hi All!! How would you go about designing a VB program to simulate an airline reservation. Assume the airplane has only ten seats of which 5 of them are first class and the other five are economy class. Also assume that an organization generated a special password for there employees to be provided to reservationist to get them the first ...

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    Windows Program that knows how to open up windows and copy text from screens and put them in a dbf file. Works in the background, checks to see if information changed on screens then captures again that window. Will be used to grab data from another application and imput into our application. Allows you to tell it "zones" to capture and windows to capture. Only looks in specific zones of...

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    Java Hangman game Encerrado left

    **EASY** creating a hangman game, graphical interface, beginner/intermediate level, please help asap, see "deliverables" for detailed description although pictures tell a thousand words so ive uploaded a screenshot too, thanks. ## Deliverables the things i need out of this: the user will be given a number of letters in a word, and then, by guessing the letters, has to complete the wor...

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    Pic of the week Encerrado left

    I need a pic o the week type script. This script would draw on a pool of pics in a directory (hidden) and rotate them on a weekly basis. ## Deliverables The script would keep track of the pics that have been used so the same one would not be used twice. It would show on a page a thumbnail and if clicked a full size pic in a new window The script would continue to rotate for years if nessesry. o...

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    PC Security Utility Encerrado left

    Personal Security Utility: Personal or small business utility to: Prevent unauthorized system changes. Protect Control Panel Resources. Prevent unauthorized software installations. Lock and hide desired folders, files, data and applications. 128 bit encryption. User friendly. Simple to install. Visible interface. Simple to execute. Hidden function to make it impossible for hackers to find encrypte...

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    *************** ********************** READ THIS BEFORE CONTINUING This information is confidential and the property of the company placing this project .It should not be be used, borrowed for any purpose. You Agree to these terms by reading this document. Copyright 1995-2001 (Confidential) We will retain all rights to all code and product as result of this project. ************************...

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    Personal or small business utility to: - Prevent unauthorized system changes - Protect Control Panel Resources - Prevent unauthorized software installations - Lock and hide desired folders, files, data and applications - 128 bit encryption - user friendly - hidden function to make it impossible for hackers to find encrypted files - screensaver to lock your computer after a user-defined period of i...

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    Convert vb to asp Encerrado left

    I have a vb app that I wish to convert/write to asp. My app has 7 txtboxes that contain small hex codes,created at random, entered by the user. A button is then clicked to convert these 7 codes to 7 unique hex codes by adding the value of assigned hex to the initial 7 txtboxes for user to apply (for registration) Can this vb app be written to asp so the code be auto generated via website? Here is ...

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    timed payout module Encerrado left

    This should be simple I am looking for a module that will pay employees within an employee database on a set schedule from the server with no human interaction. Database is written in access and already exists. System needs to automatically submit forms (that are generated by the database) to a remote web site/payment gateway and set an entry in the database indicating that the employee has been ...

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    Graphic Editing Encerrado left

    I want to personalize artwork. I want the art hidden in a resource file or dll (whichever hides best from the user). The artwork must only be visable in my app, but no other apps, so I assume it will be assigned a unique extention. I also need for the art and personalization to be resized for various types of display after personalization is added via textboxes. (ie I want to produce personalized ...

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    Custom Tag needed Encerrado left

    I have a dropdown list box of customers for an invoice form. This enables the user to select a customer for this invoice. The problem is there are to many customers and the drop down is taking to long to load. I would like some kind of custom tag developed that displays a select button on my form. Clicking the button will open a search window allowing me to search throught the table to find the ri...

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    Looking for a programmer to help me out with a bit of XML. (Not knowing how it works, and not wishing to learn at this stage) I have written the shop / basket for the site, now I need the checkout, which is what you will be building for me. The checkout must do the following. --Get users details. ( A list of values I will supply - Basic stuff) --Calculate shipping. (Cost based on users address / p...

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    Video Conferencing Encerrado left

    A Video Conferencing progam written in VB. This program will allow for Visual and Audio communication between computers. Computers will connect thru IP address and winsock control. ## Deliverables Video Conferencing I need a program written in VB that will allow for Video Conferencing like you get with NetMeeting (No using NetMeeting objects or references). The full program source code must be ...

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    Script Needed NOW!!! Encerrado left

    Hey, Let me try to explain what I need. I have an account with They are a third party credit card processor. I would like a script to be made that will totally hide from the customer that they are signing up with ibill. Like, the customer fills in his credit card information into my webpage, the script posts that info to ibill behind the scenes, and charges or declines their credit...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    This is an easy prog. I already have the form made and some code already coded. You will create a program for the pottery barn company(just a made up name) to handle catalog sales. The current catalog has only four items, but the program will be capable of adding more items to the programs database as well as modify current items. Each item has a catalog number, price, adn item description. The pr...

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    We require a freelance programmer to make small modifications to an ‘off the shelf’ perl script. Working remotely, in your own time our requirements are as follows: 1. Once the customer has placed the product(s) in to the basket, the final page, which collects the customer information, will be located on a remote secure server ([fazer login para ver a URL]) We propose that the information will b...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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