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    web structure Encerrado left

    Premise: Structure of Web system communicating with Webservice. HTML5 layer using Bootstrap framework, accessing Webservice layer using the framework AngularJS. The web tier will never access the database layer. This is the responsibility of the Webservice. The web tier will never have a business rule. This is the responsibility of the Webservice. The web layer is re...

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    I need the following data for Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Everything from Huntington Beach to Pasadena to Santa Monica. - Business Name - Address (Street / City/ State) - Type of Business - website - email (critical data filed) - google map link I am only looking for the following businesses: Large Car Wash Spots Boutique Private Gyms Boutique Food Stores / Markets Dry Cleaners Hair...

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    Hi Team, can you please help me on the below error which I am getting. this is priority 1 issue. when we are doing the build and deployments , we are getting the error "Failed create pod sandbox: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to inspect sandbox image "openshift3/ose-pod:v3.9.57": Error response from daemon: devmapper: Unknown device 71e45cad2322837792d5de5eeed82615b9967af...

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    There is a public database that contains information about certain products. I will provide the contractor with and Excel DB containing the unique IDs of 47 items, and the 15 fields for which I would like values returned. I would like the contractor to scrape the information from the public site and enter each value into its appropriate heading so I obtain a DB of 47 items with 15 fields. If a ...

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    I am seeking an individual to edit / retouch three (3) images for presentation. The first is that of his prized Portuguese Water Dog Charlie that requires removal of the lead, and enhancement of the eyes, the second and third images are standard portraits and require review and improvement. All of the images need to be inspected and removal of spots. The output is twofold, (a) JPG files less t...

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    I am seeking an individual to edit / retouch three (3) images for presentation. The first is that of his prized Portuguese Water Dog Charlie that requires removal of the lead, and enhancement of the eyes, the second and third images are standard portraits and require review and improvement. All of the images need to be inspected and removal of spots. The output is twofold, (a) JPG files less t...

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    I have developed a .Net MVC Web App, as well as an Angular app that interacts with APIs. The API is also written by myself. The .Net Core MVC app already has JWT tokens implemented. A previous freelancer stated that it was not possible to share the JWT tokens that were being returned from the API with the MVC application. I require a freelancer to integrate the 2 apps so that authentication is...

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    I need someone to help me complete a project (time sensitive) - API's returned with PHP Curl , Ajax, Javascript, Bootstrap, HTML - [fazer login para ver a URL] must be used I have attempted it but I am stuck. I can send you what I have so far. Attached is a little overview

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    hi, i have a python script that sends instructions to Deribit API. the script is potentially nearly finished but i cant fully test it as there are many errors/crashes. the script starts a popup window with some API instructions on hotkeys. im running Windows 7 Pro. installed Pycharm CE 2020.3.2 + Python 3.8 + PyQt 5.15.2 the window has an on/off toggle for setting always-on-top (i will request...

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    Hi there, I have thought about writing my life story, but feel I don’t have the literary skills to pull it off, be interesting enough that others would find it appealing. Therefore I am reaching out to a Ghostwriter to give me an idea about how I might get this last item on my bucket list completed before I die…I am a 68 y.o F. My life started on a wet, cloudy Saturday morning in Bri...

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    We have working software which is running on an old custom built web server. When we try to run it in IIS it doesn't work properly. We need someone to get it all working on IIS. There is one [fazer login para ver a URL] file with approximately 400 additional HTML/javascript and 50 javascript files. Your job will be to get it to work on IIS , we expect that you only need to get the first log...

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    PYTHON PROGRAM TO REFORMAT DATA Deliver a Python program to reformat two types of data-file. One type is in text format, lined up in columns; the other type has lines that are strings of words. Reformat both types to comma-delimited files in .csv format. Test the program on two data-files, one of each type. Return the Python program and the csv-format files. This completes the Milestone stage. ...

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    Hello, I am currently experiencing some issues with slow queries in my database and everything seems to point in the direction of bad indexing practices . I need someone to implement proper indexation to fix my queries slowness . You need to master concepts such as : - Using EXPLAIN to identify queries behavior - Using explicit column lists - Using covering index that allows the entire quer...

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    Our company I AM Surveyors are chartered surveyors covering the UK. [fazer login para ver a URL] We require a animated video based on the content of the attached YouTube link [fazer login para ver a URL] 1/ Introduction - How we are. Chartered surveyor (Local Surveyor Local Knowledge) 2/Trust - 30 years experience 3/Explain services - RICS Level 2 Home report (Former Homebuyer Survey) RICS ...

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    Customers borrow a coffee cup, When they borrow I want a form to pop up and they input their data to borrow, and then when they return it, they can simply scan a QR code and it registers that they have returned it. Fills up a spreadsheet and we can see who has borrowed a cup still and who has returned it. Thanks

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    Build a website 2 dias left

    I am looking to build a website for painting contractors (more industries to be added in the future) to list their projects for subcontractors to evaluate and accept if they like the projects. Access to the website must be restricted and only permitted after the website admin approves the submitted application. The website should have a monthly membership fee There will be a charge for listing ...

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    Input: ./script email password url Output: Cookies after login A script is to be made in nodejs/python for ex. puppeteer or bs4 to automate login based on css selectors. The script should look for all css selectors on a website and input username and password into input fields. If a cookie is generated on successful login, it should be returned back via [fazer login para ver a URL] or print. Cas...

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    Hello, I need help from someone who is familiar with the google custom search API documentation, parameters, and functionality. I am interested in help creating/customizing the UI of the custom search engine I am working on. I was hoping to add the search engine to the [fazer login para ver a URL] site I have been working on once the search engine is complete, but I'll have to find an altern...

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    Hello. I am developing a wordpress shop with woocommerce. It sells records. I have Name (title of album) and custom field Artist Name. I need the products to be returned alphabetically I think this would be utilised using order_by with the two fields being order ASC Firstly Artist Name (eg Beatles) then title of album (Back for Fun) eg. Angie Apple "Apples for Me", Beatles "...

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    A file named [fazer login para ver a URL] will be given to the Freelancer, its task is to make it load results from the WordPress site. File must be returned with the necessary code to make it work in the WordPress of the site. * * * PAYMENT WILL BE DONE ONLY AFTER TESTING THE FILE AND BE SURE IT WORKS * * *

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    I am getting an error when uploading products via csv in prestashop: "Technical error: Unexpected response returned by server. Import stopped." it used to work fine. I am using prestashop version Work must be done via remote desktop.

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    Hi, I need a small web Project done: 1. Import pdf:s from Email. 2. Send the emails to Klippa OCR bubble Plugin API 3. Get the requested OCR in a list (and returned base64 pdf viewable to control ocr results) 4. Edit the OCR'ed items in the list above if needed. 5. When ok Send the pdf (link) and ocr'ed items to another API (ERP system). (Got postman instructions by request.)

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    7 ofertas

    No sql knowledge is important aspect of this project as well as ability to install and query a firestore database on Flutter (web). I have a datepicker in flutter and a list of cars. I need someone experienced with NOSQL queries to create some reservations on Firestore database and then based on those reservations and data availability I need a list of cars to be returned in the app.

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    Fix redirect bug on Wordpress site 9 horas left

    We are struggling a bit with our Wordpress site and are in need of help. We (and our users) are getting redirects for no obvious reason sometimes when they try to visit our site ([fazer login para ver a URL]). In that case, an error 503 is returned. Right now, if I'm trying to use Google Chrome, I cant access our site at all. Instead, I'm redirected to the Wordpress login of that site. ...

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    Case Study 5 horas left

    Case Analysis Report: Read and write your article on, Boldly Go: Character Drives Leadership at Providence Healthcare. You must be able to read a report and perceive it through a different lens. For this week’s submission, focus your comments on the communication aspects of this case. You have two to four pages to devote to the communication issues facing Providence, possible solutions, reco...

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    4 layers website design 1 hora left

    The job i am hiring for works as the following: Part A: Front end page (Client page, preferred ready customizable platform such as Wix or any better choices) A. Landing page with simple service to estimation the price B. Client ordering page (filling up requirements & upload attachments) C. Client register, log in page D. Payment portal page for client to pay E. Client...

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    105 ofertas

    Hi There, I have a fastapi API running on GCP. I do a lot of calculations that do not need a change every day but take a long time to calculate(almost 30 seconds for some). I would like to implement Redis caching to speed things up. I have almost 100 endpoints so it is not feasible to manually implement this on each one. I want to see what you did for a few API endpoints then apply this to all o...

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    Need local freelance testers for a project for each country - Germany, Poland, Australia, Ireland, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Finland, Brazil. The main tasks of testers are: 1. Recording from the phone screen, as the testing will be on a cell phone (android or IOS) 2. Complete player's way: link - registration - min deposit (compulsory check by all means of entry of funds as it is possible,...

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Dear friends, We are looking for a way to get a list of the popular terms in the App Store. We believe that there is a request made and we need the returned data with a script with a simple curl command. Please check the screenshot provided to know what we are referring to. Thank you Looking forward for your bids

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    API - RAGIC Encerrado left

    I currently use RAGIC and have a DVLA API, of which I would like to be able to enter the VRN of a vehicle and for the API to copy the returned information back to RAGIC

    $171 (Avg Bid)
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    11 ofertas

    We believe that online clothes shopping is too difficult and often results in returned items - this is bad for shoppers and the environment. We are building a clothing ecommerce store that utilises shoppers styling preferences and browsing behaviour to ensure they are only shown clothes that will match their individual style. Likebox is the online personal shopper. We are building the website...

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr Média
    6 ofertas

    We are trying to secure a REST API written in Spring boot which will be accessed by an Android app as well as from a SPA (web) and we need to secure it as follows: For Android App: 1. The app uses google_sign_in Flutter plugin. The user will login inside the app into their Google account using OAuth2. The app will then get the Access Token from google and call the "/register" endpoint w...

    $210 (Avg Bid)
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    12 ofertas

    I have a list of 115 companies who have approx 700 address in Australia, I require the address for each site the company in Australia, I have listed the companies and how many sites each has in Australia, along with the numbers for NZ and Global (I don't require the NZ addresses or the Global addresses, it's for information purposes only) I've attached the spreadsheet with the comp...

    $84 (Avg Bid)
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    17 ofertas

    I need a plugin developed to work alongside with woo commerce rental product plugin to have a shared stock option. [fazer login para ver a URL] Right now rental plugin allows having individual stock value on each variable or each product. If there is no value-added then it takes as unlimited stock, which means there can be unlimited rental on the same days. I would like to have a stock sharing ...

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    We are currently looking to develop a solution that we can use on site on large events that allow our client to login to a web portal and manage distribution of Two Way Radios on site and be able to track two way radios and accessories within their event space. For example we'd like the user to be able to login to their event on our portal which we have pre-loaded with the asset/barcodes of t...

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    78 ofertas

    Have existing script with chart need it to be returned in function as blob to be uploaded [fazer login para ver a URL]

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    I will need you to build a desktop app using Electron. The aim of the app is allow the user to choose artwork through unsplash & shutter stock API, and output the selected images, along with metadata+custom data into a csv ready for WooCommerce import as product. See attached WireFrame for the sketch. Will need to have filtering options allowing to filter based on tags or formats of images ret...

    $112 (Avg Bid)
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    Have been doing e-commerce for many years and sell about 2,000 products. Developer got virus and hasn't returned. I need these tasks done. #1 Category - need same size font as header for every category/subcategory. then one blank line. Then need slightly smaller font for text with no blank lines. consistent for all. Bottom line: condense space used #2 Best Seller - every category/subcategory ...

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    I have a wp all import that imports orders from amazon. The amazon feed has a field for the product purchased "sku". This does not match store "sku" but a custom field "_pp_sku_0". Since the wpai import tries to match on sku and doesnt find any matching in shop, the import fails. I need a code snippet that matches import feed "sku" value to custom field in ...

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    Familiar with Wordpress understand technical SEO/errors errors 6 pages returned 4XX status code upon request errors 5 internal links are broken errors 14 of items with markup errors

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    Im looking to get the text data from 3 very old software programs into a CSV or plain text - something usable today. History The software in question is from mid 1990s. They were CD ROMs with births deaths and marriages around Australia. They were executed each disc at a time - so you put one disc in, and you ran the EXE on that disc and search the data on that disc. To search a new disc, you...

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    Questionare Encerrado left

    Questionare sent to prospective buyers..a needs analysis With drop down choices Data to returned Correspondence link established

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    Currently I have a system which is written in .Net framework and want to upgrade to latest version of .Net core and React/Angular. So much of the code would be there, some conversion is needed. You are tasked to build a Web Application with an SQL Server database or Dynamics CRM Database behind it with the following major requirements: 1. The application has the following major components: a. A m...

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    PROJECT DESCRIPTION The project is to assist users of a blockchain staking protocol obtain a superior interest rate by transferring their tokens to my wallet, establishing a stake in my wallet which has the ability to improve the interest rate, and then transferring the stake back to the user (after a percentage of their tokens are kept as payment) . The Staking Protocol • Users of the pro...

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    I need to make something like virtual try on. But we have one API which will process the image and return the modified image. But main thing we need to do is to capture frames from camera preview and post to API and show the returned data to one overlay may be.

    $1 - $5 / hr
    $1 - $5 / hr
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    I've a created collection for blog articles, there are id, title, content, last_post_date. I want to count every post by last_post_date each day, each month and year. for example. the custom end point will return: 2021-01-01: 10, 2021-01-02: 5, 2021-01-03: 8, and so on. these for the days, and month will be: 2021-01: 500, 2021-02: 400, 2021-03: 146, and so on. for the year will be: 2019: 3000...

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    JSON data import Encerrado left

    Hello Build application like below [fazer login para ver a URL] Check above website for login details I need to build a database and an web application. This database will hold 135 million records. Currently I have 5 Jason file which holds this data. Database - Create table structure based on shared json file Application - To access this data , filter this Data , download data in csv , googl...

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    Automate API Encerrado left

    We are integrating two software applications developed by two different developers. One of the application belongs to us. We have received an API from the other developer. This API is JTW token based. We want to develop an application in Dot Net, to run this API on the web server every day at a scheduled time and store the data returned in a SQL table.

    $335 (Avg Bid)
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    We need to create an android application with the below details. 1. Need to authenticate the Employee with the username and password. Also, would like to have the authentication to be verified with Fingerprint and face unlock. 2. Need to “Check-In” and “Check-Out” function to mark the attendance in the system. We will share the API Endpoint to call the service. While the ch...

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    We have developed an MFC / C++ software which prints shipping labels with barcodes and already has libCurl linked to it as a static lib. We have a new project for a new client which has similar requirements but also need some changes, among them, interfacing to an API to pull shipping data. If you are selected, you will receive the full source code of our existing version. We require software that...

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