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    266 rockets and trabalhos encontrados, preços em USD The successful candidate must understand basic physics (centrifugal versus gravity) forces, torque from spinning objects, thrust from H2-O2 rockets as a function of fuel rate, Kepler's laws, and some basic materials engineering, like stress versus strain calculations, free breaking length of a cylinder, etc. This project was already approved

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    Trophy icon Design project Encerrado left

    I need a logo designed. I require a logo for our sports club called Rebel Rockets. For the athletes clothing the logo needs to read Rebel Rockets but for signage it will need to read Rebel Rockets Special Olympics Club

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    Destacado Urgente Tempo Integral Secreto ADC

    ...original as psd with large head, 5 larger rockets behind him projecting out in a semi circle, with the upper rocket part showing. Light gray on the rockets Keep same text. Remove the explosion. Do additional cartoon drawing in similar style as original, but with following changes. (Replace rockets and explosions with daisies flowers in background

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    ...Australian Rules Football player, standing with their back showing and their arms extended out. I would like this in an illustrated style (see 'Rockets' illustration for artistic style I want). I will need to be able to easily change the skin tone (see attachment) and hair style (short and bald) in the template to create specific player looks. I will

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    28 ofertas are sitting around with friends watching the NBA Western Conference Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. One of your friends says, "Anybody wanna bet me $5 that the Warriors win, and you think the rockets are gonna win so you take that bet, but say nobody has cash. This is where the app comes in. On friend would go send

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    ...developing with Unity and need a supportive Developer for a small project (possibly with more work to do later) The Goal is to build a game like this one: Apo Red - Das Spiel : [login to view URL] Summary: A guy falls out of the sky and has to avoid obstacles like clouds, rockets or alien ships. it

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    Hi, I'm looking for a graphic designer who illustrate a concept where 5 rockets goes from bottom of the screen to top (top is the finish line) Things to remember: Half of the screen will have android default keyboard ON, so main GUI is other half of the screen. A rough prototype is created by me in photoshop. That should give an idea of what

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    I'm creating a 30-page project about an organized group of MCs navigating their way through grassroots organizing, fundraising, performing, and paying the bills. Through their daily struggles, their lives are catapulted into a frenzy when a former member on w/ mental illness rejoins the collective. Along with writing the comix, I'm also curating

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    as per the title. Create some Telegram Stickers. e.g. little cute monsters, rockets, etc with our branding. send a PM and I will send some examples

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    DO NOT APPLY IF YOU HAVENT READ * MUST HAVE AN EYE FOR DETAIL AND DESIGN Need an expert in landing pages full of call to actions, sales funnel, very dynamic, branded and work on conversion rate. We have a digital marketing company and are looking for someone to work on landing pages for our brand as a test, so we can give them ongoing work for other

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    ...branded and work on conversion rate. We have a digital marketing company and are looking for someone to work on landing pages for our our brand as a test so we can give them ongoing work for other projects. At the moment we have 4 landing pages that have a very basic design. We need them optimised for our brand, add more call to actions and on conversion

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    Destacado Secreto Concurso Principal ADC

    ...height, 20 cm diameter) and 2 pictures of a larger rocket (around 6.5 m, 30-35 cm diameter first stage and 20 cm diameter for the second stage), generate 3D images for a presentation. The images should have i) no background (transparent or white background), ii) background (environment), iii) show only the rocket, iv) rocket and launching pad. The logo

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    Have you studied astronautics and/or astrophysics? Do you know all about how sounding rockets work? Are you able to look at new concepts for rocket engines and almost instantly decipher if they will work or not and what their pros and cons will be? If so, then please read on! I am an entrepreneur who was born and raised in New Zealand. I am

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    Design my Game Encerrado left

    I am a programmer and I want to develop a game without any artistic skills. So, I need an artist who designs my game and make the following images: • 140 typical game items like buttons, icons, borders, walls, boards etc. • 30 comics-like pages for my story • A big level-map with many details on it and 170 Stations (Levels to walk trough)

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Encerrado left

    ...Atomic Balloons and Trailers is a balloon decor and trailer placement company. Our balloons are not blimps or tourist balloons. They are the regular helium balloons you find in stores, malls, and parties. Our best sellers are balloon arches and towers that are placed outside of buildings. Our objective is to give the balloon industry and edgier look

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    I need a logo made. The brand is called: Moon Monkey It is a brand for baby products...silicone bib (see attached). It needs to be a simple outline logo. It needs to include an image of a monkey, the text Moon Monkey and something to do with space/rockets/the moon. Fun and cute. Please use your imagination and feel free to ask any questions.

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    ...for my game: --> Character for my game (UFO) with animation (sprites) and need some other UFOs (5-6) as unlock-able characters --> I also need one background with 2-3 layers for my game which should be very simple and not too noisy --> 6-8 icons in the same minimalistic theme and some with a bit of animations. I need icons to be filled ( not just borders)

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    Have you studied astronautics and/or astrophysics? Do you know all about how sounding rockets work? Have you ever looked at current rocketry methods and thought of a better and even cheaper way? If so, then please read on! I am an entrepreneur and investor who was born and raised in New Zealand. I am looking to embark on my own private

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    ...[login to view URL] I want it to be larger. 1280 x 1024 size. Background color - FF3A4C Drawing/Pen color - white Element to use - rockets, telegram app logo, instagram logo and my company logo in doodle format (outline) You can use more random elements apart from above. There should be one text in the center of the doodle -

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    ...goal is to download data from January 1 2015 to November 10 2017* from the tool Scout for their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter growth (*the Change section*), download it into individual spreadsheets, formatted to the format suggested, and ready for Monday: Expect 82 complete, formatted sheets at the end of the task. 20 x English Premier League Teams

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    Hi. I wrote a book about conversation ice breakers. It is meant to be funny book which helps introverted people to become extroverted and extroverted people to have even more fun in their lives. I'd be happy to work with a gifted illustrator. I plan to finish this project in the next 4 weeks. We might have 2 or 3 iterations. All illustrations

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    ...Bombs - 35 EUR 8 Alien-Laser X5 - 35 EUR Obs.: Client will provide a lot of graphics and effects for the items, so we don't need to make them new. We just have to discuss which effects and graphics we take. IMPORTANT: All Items have a OWN cooldown and can be used also if other items are used. 2 - SHOP: 250 EUR (Prepare the shop for

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    Comic book Encerrado left

    Looking for very good cartoon artist for commercial graphic novel project who can draw in realistic and/or ligne claire-style, ie. "Love & Rockets" or genre work in the style of the action series "Bernard Prince". The artist need to be able to do pencils and inking, but we can find another artist for coloring if that isn't your strong suit. Prefera...

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    ...with nice branding/logo. [login to view URL] is an education website where students come for learning and assessment for competitive examination. The website needs to have an international feel to it. The theme of the website will be around space, rockets, planets etc. The vector graphics for these could be found at the following link. [login to view URL]

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    ...that needs retouching: - remove background so image is on a transparent background - add a separate white layer and a separate shadow layer - color and lighting fix (so that different sizes of the same product displays consistent color and lighting settings) - clean out any scratches or dusts on the product - enhance surface of the product where needed

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    ...astronautics or astrophysics? Do you know a lot about the way rockets and space probes work from the materials they are made out of to how they function in the utterly hostile environment of space? If so, then this could be the perfect project for you! I was born and raised in New Zealand and still reside there. I have been fascinated by space travel

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    Design a T-Shirt Encerrado left

    I'm starting a motorcycle t-shirt company which caters to both the V-Twin crowd as well as the crotch rockets. I need at least three designs which would be on three different t-shirts, with one serving/doubling as the company's main logo. They can be a mix of old school biker vibe with some new school street feel to them (feel free to separate or

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    I am starting a space start-up, and therefore, I need a rocket built capable of sending 1 Tonne of Payload to Low Earth Orbit at a low cost. It needs to have a self-landing system (either controlled parachutes or rockets) so it can take-off again, be maintained, fueled and launched again at a low cost. The payload area needs to be large enough for

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    Site № 19 - Games Encerrado left


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    ...are some details about these items: Multi-shot A: "Close Contact" Multi-shot B: "Sky Defender" or "Air Defense" Design Theme: Space invaders (aliens and ufos) and star fighters (rockets and space ships) We can go retro gaming theme or full on cartoon/comic book caricatures. Product Demo: [login to view URL] Size: 5" ...

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    Garantido Concurso Principal
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    Outer Space Icons Encerrado left

    Hello, I'm looking for family of 12 icons to be created that have a similar look and feel. The theme will be technology used in outer space such as rockets, satellites, space stations, etc. The icons should be clean, crisp and simple for business use, yet not cartoon-like. The icons should be saved as .gif with a clear background so I can paste them

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    60 ofertas

    I need a Logo for a German navy veteran’s club/comradship, non commercial use. It is for my father. He and his comrades all served together on a “Schnellboot”, which is a small and fast military vessel. The name of the Club is “Marine-Kameradschaft-S46-Fuchs” S46 was the military number of the boat, “Fuchs” its name, which is &ldqu...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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    I need you to w...leaves earth in search of LB1 and LB2 rockets. This will take the young adventurer through our solar system, landing on ever planet, and seeing its make -up. Saving LB1 and LB2 and returning both adventuresses back to earth. BOOKS NOT COMPLETED "Sammy and Rai Ray",(series) Tales and adventures as seen through a catfish ...

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    Get Articles Written Encerrado left

    We are an organic concept restaurant. We serve organic burgers and gyros, we also serve fries, ice cream, and cookies. We have many competitors, but what differentiate us is our quality of food. We would like to have genius content used for marketing purposes (Instagram, FaceBook, Tweets). One of the locally famous restaurants called "Rock House

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    War Perspective Encerrado left

    ...contest idea revolves around children and war. BE CREATIVE. These will be printed on to t shirts and must be extremely high quality to print for posters as well. Ideas: 1. In between a bunch of homes destroyed by war, in the middle I would like an image of a dad giving a flower to his little daughter and distracting her from all the ugliness

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    ...boards total. Countdown timer (adjustable from 1 to 60 seconds) that then activates a servo, which I will use to pull a pin on a parachute release. My son and I are creating water/air rockets and are now firing them to a height where they do some substantial damage on impact with the ground. Something like this [login to view URL]

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    Games Reviews - THE WISH MASTER, TOMB RAIDER, UNTAMED WOLF PACK, WHERE'S THE GOLD, WILD ROCKETS Hi, Anna. Thank you for the articles. Here is the new contract.

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    1 ofertas standby a bit like this one: [login to view URL] - small stars effect (clipping) and very slow rotation of planets On scroll of the website, we need the rockets to be launched with a natural animation and acceleration effect. The banner must be easy to integrate on a responsive website. Banner elements will be

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    27 ofertas standby a bit like this one: [login to view URL] - small stars effect (clipping) and very slow rotation of planets On scroll of the website, we need the rockets to be launched with a natural animation and acceleration effect. The banner must be easy to integrate on a responsive website. Banner elements will be

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    Trophy icon Upgrade Games graphics Encerrado left

    ...----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YOU CAN NOT DESIGN FOR THIS GAME UNTIL YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED AND VIEWED EVERY SCREEN AND PLAYED THE GAME!!! Google Play: [login to view URL] iTunes: [login to view URL]

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    ...nudity, and coming of age themes. It would be very helpful for the person drawing to have a strong appreciation for punk rock music and culture. Influences include Deadly Class, Love and Rockets Locas stories, Gilbert Hernandez, and New England folklore. I have a preference for hand drawn art. I picture most of the art as being in black and white, with

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    I need software that will automate searching for the best event ticket prices by getting event ticket prices from different websites and display the data in an organized manner based on information I provide. This can be done via macros but an API based solution may be more efficient/effective. The software would: 1. Take input event information

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    ...amazing, I am open to spending more. He is an engineer that designs rockets and more for lockheed martin and travels the world for Lockheed. I am a wine importer that travels internationally for work all the time. He is finally getting married and is 32 while his bride is 35. My wife and I are both 40. I can give lots more details once I find someone

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    ...conferences and divisions. This data will be stored in an array of structs. Read a file containing scores. Each record in the file must be parsed to determine the winning and losing team. The number of wins, losses and percentage must be calculated using the data in the scores file. The array of structs must be sorted by conference, division, and percentage

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    ... My channel is named 'Black Swan Politics', and as a result, I would like the animation to focus on a Black Swan. Someone with experience animating a bird would thus be preferable. Depending on your skillset and cost, I would either like to follow the Black Swan flying against a White Background and eventually revealing the logo somehow, or, in

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