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    I need php script to detect spammer and here is my requirement. Example: $Content="1058 n 77 east ave for 2 years then I lived in cheatu 68 with a roommate name Eunice Allen until our lease was 2016 I live in a apartment complex called country club in Oklahoma city until they shut down"; Echo "Good"; --------------------------------------------------------- $Content=...

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    Build me a website Encerrado left

    The corporate business name is Altruistic Supportive Living Services LTD. A private social services organization that provides day support services, programs, and Residential living in the community either in a comfortable customized supportive living facilities or with a matched family of client’s choice as a supportive roommate. The clients are children, youths, adults, and seniors living...

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    Project for Ilia S. Encerrado left

    The project is the Creation of a high resolution Apache Films logo. Ilia has already sent the first draft. If you look below, there are the revisions I need. Hi Ilia S., Marc here in Arizona. Thank you for your patience. I finally was able to deposit some funds. My internet is still kind of spotty... but that should be remedied next week when the tech comes over to my place. I have another mes...

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    Type: Romance Novel Book Size: 8.5 x 5.5 standard For Print: Front Cover and Wrap Around (spine and back cover) eBook Cover 3D Markup design We are open to photo manipulation and/or illustration. Must be royalty-free. The final product must include editable design files. The story takes place in New York City and Brooklyn, New York. A 24-year-old female, a native new yorker involved in th...

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    We need a talented writer / blogger to write a steady stream of Facebook and Instagram blog posts and stories for a new online dating and singles lifestyle company called SinglesUp. SinglesUp brings singles together for a variety of exciting social activities including: Dates, Double Dates, Private and Group Chats, Parties, Concerts, Networking, Roommate Finder, Travel Buddies, Friendship, and Th...

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    I am searching for support in translating my book "My first dog" from German into Spanish OR from English into Spanish (the book is already availaible in German and English). The book includes several pictures, in German it has 121 pages and in English 109 pages. There is no hurry but it would be great if the translation could be done until latest end of May 2021. I prefer offers from p...

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    I am searching for support in translating my book "My first dog" from German into French OR from English into French (the book is already availaible in German and English). The book includes several pictures, in German it has 121 pages and in English 109 pages: There is no hurry but it would be great if the translation could be done until latest end of May 2021. I prefer offers from peo...

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    Yard clean up Encerrado left

    I have just been diagnosed with cancer. I have one roommate who is visiually impaired. I am very independent and hate that I need help. But we just moved into a house and I have 2 other roommates moving in July. I need help with the back yard. It needs a lot of clean up. I never ask for help, but I really need it. Dog waste clean up.

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    We just launched a new online dating and singles lifestyle company called SinglesUp. We need a marketing and social media partner, to help us gain traction and accelerate growth. I know game-changer is often overused but SinglesUp will be the next big game-changer in online dating. We are building a huge library of videos and video contests to accelerate growth and help us grow SinglesUp into a m...

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    I want to build a Community/Social networking platform to facilitate better communication and promote more interaction among the stakeholders and visitors of Haulover Nude Beach in South Florida. I have searched the internet and I have found many community or social networking or event platforms that are either cloud based or self-hosted. The problem is that none has the combination of features th...

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    I am looking for someone to design and build a IOS social media app I have in mind which includes the same concept of Tinder, but is instead about finding and matching people in order to find a roommate. Design must be modern and software must be intelligent in order to "match" the users. Please message me if interested and I can send the software requirements, as well as give more infor...

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    This social media app will be similar to Tinder about finding and matching new people, and its purpose will be to find a roommate (ie. college, apartment). It will be pretty basic, having the users in sign-up provide the information which would be used to match with other user's similar information. There should be a chat section and a "notifications" tab, as well as a home tab wher...

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    We need a top social media influencer for a very lucrative and exciting social media project. We’ve just launched a new singles lifestyle company called SinglesUp. We offer singles an exciting variety of activities including dates, parties, networking, roommate finder, travel buddies, friendship and the new SinglesUp Dating Game. The unique variety of activities that we offer will make th...

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    Theft of property Encerrado left

    It’s a long story but I’ll try my best to be brief. My roommate/ once upon a time girlfriend is mentally ill. Medicated and all. Plus alcoholic , abuses prescription pills, etc. anyway I have a POA over her affairs. She’s been having episodes lately and created a fantasy that I am involved in some “international mafia” and that there is a team of people from Albuquer...

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    room8_project Encerrado left

    create a roommate finding website based on our development features.

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    I cannot describe it in too much detail, and am going to very vague, but this is an idea that my roommate says he would invest in, but the lengthy name for the project is really the gist of it. I want visitors to be able open their smartphones or computers and quickly add a marker to Google Maps that may reveal more information , provided by them, once hovered over or link to another webpage in wh...

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    HappyRoomie Encerrado left

    HappyRoomie is a task management mobile app, which will enable you as a roommate to manage your tasks in a flat-share, you can create tasks for every member in the house, give them a description a start and end date, priorities etc, then you can track them via the dashboard. What I need is a user experience design with 4 to 5 pages that shows the concept in general, it doesn’t need to be a ...

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    A Roommate Community in Montreal.

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    Find a tenant for me Encerrado left

    Hi, I need help finding a tenant for one of my vacant rooms in my current property in Los Angeles. This would involve: 1) making posts on housing websites or apps (I will provide the content) 2) looking through posts on Facebook housing groups 3) reaching out / responding to tenants who meet the basic requirements 4) gathering additional information from the tenants that are responsive 5) setting...

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    15 EUR tops! I need you to write a sitcom intro song. Lyrics should be about friendship, surprises of life and how sponteneity leads to happiness. Song will be 1 minute long. Structure: Verse- Bridge- Chorus. 10-20 lines required. Your name will be mentioned as the author of the lyrics. The song is going to be an intro for a sitcom. So the characters are students and one of them is a foreigner. T...

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    The price will be set after the name. If it is inspiring I pay your requieremnt. I need you to come up with a name for my sitcom series and the student’s book. The best name will be awarded. The series aims to teach English language. In addition to the series, a Student’s book including listening exercises about the series will be sold. It could be two different names: one for the bo...

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    build me a website Encerrado left

    i want a website to accept advertisments for my digital signage, the advertisments can be concert , events , roommate etc. so i want to accept these requests in a simple format from the site charge a small fee online and post it on my signage. currently people come and post these in the advertisement wall( i have attached the image) . so i want the website to be simple for accepting graphic image...

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    I need an iPhone app. I already have a mock up for it made by sketch, I just need it to be built in xcode. My maximum Budget is 6000€. The idea of the App is to help Students find a Room/roommate by swiping like in dating apps (tinder etc.)

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    We have a new product called the Red-Handed Pig. We are having a tough time clearly communicating the intended use/purpose of the product on our 1-page "flyer". Currently, the idea is that the "pig" will be used as a communication & motivational tool. For example, if a roommate/spouse/child/co-worker/etc. makes a mess (e.g., messy bathroom, bedroom, kitchen table, kitchen s...

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    find roommate Encerrado left

    It is the project of the platform where home seekers and roommate seekers share ads. Users will be able to share ads after creating membership. They will be able to send private messages through the site. I need a front face design for this project. Homepage, contact, about us, help, login, ad sharing, listing ads, detailed search, messaging, user profile editing, such as page designs will be mad...

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    Find roommate app Encerrado left

    I'm looking for devs to build an app to help users find flat and roommates.

    $1337 (Avg Bid)
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    need a website template, deliverable must be HTML, JS, CSS and any other deliverables. No PSD deliverables please. Pages needed, landing page, search listing page, individual item page, page for roommate swap. reminder that this is a template only, no function needed. project description: website to allow people to rate local landlords. property. and display current available rental. page for ...

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    Hi, I am actually delighted to share a very strange job request with everybody! Again, this is a very time-sensitive commission based gig, this is NOT a permanent job and will not lead to a permanent job either now or in the future. Do you already know or can you come up with 3-6 people you know who are currently searching for housing and/or looking to immediately secure housing with roommates? Ju...

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    Roommate finder app Encerrado left

    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    I am looking to start roommate site. like [fazer login para ver a URL] accept this if you have demo site only

    $162 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, How are you? A roommate/tenant has potentially violated Landlord Tenant (LTB) Rules (Laws) and policies by moving-in a potential prostitute into his room for over 15-days now. LTB policy appears foggy on the issue of amount of days a tenant may have a guest. However, the Community Housing Authority manages 5800 units and 164,000 tenants with a policy in-place. The policy states...

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    The Perfect Roommate Encerrado left

    An android app for finding roommates. The users can create an account and post about the room they are looking to give for rent. Users can also look for rooms on rent. The main focus of this application is to look for the kind of roommate someone is looking to live with. The users can also share pictures with their post. Users can chat with each other. The app will also have a calendar function.

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    Tell-Tale Heart Encerrado left

    About a man who killed his roommate because of his eye trying to prove he is sane or insane

    $54 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    7 ofertas

    I need someone to copy and paste roommate listings from one website to another. I would like an estimate on 200 listings at a time. I can do 2 listings a minute. I would also need you to keep track of what listings you worked on (in an excel file).

    $93 (Avg Bid)
    $93 Média
    38 ofertas

    Roommate site has had a facelift. It is now in WordPress. I need SEO help to get it to show up again on Google. I would also request SEO reports so I can see the progress. I would also need a keyword report.

    $885 (Avg Bid)
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    Roommate site has had a facelift. It is now in WordPress. I need SEO help to get it to show up again on Google. I would also request SEO reports so I can see the progress. I would also need a keyword report.

    $107 (Avg Bid)
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    Roommate app Encerrado left

    Roommate app 1. Shared calendar 2. Payment option 3. Checklist 4. Reminders 5. Bill set dates 6. Location finder 7. Emergency contact for roommates 8. Polling for decisions 9. Wish list for items like a registry 10. Put items on and you can start putting money in a pot, week to week basis and then you can all buy it

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    I am a homeowner that I leasing out a room in my house. I need a 6 month lease made that is contingent on showing proof of work within 30 days of the move in date. All of the laws need to follow oregon landlord- tenant laws. Rent is $750 a month utilities included, deposit is $900.

    $115 (Avg Bid)
    $115 Média
    17 ofertas

    I am needing to relocate between late October/late November and haven't had any success searching the mainstream networking sites for roommate matching. If you can find a lead that MEETS the criteria below (and it becomes a signed lease), I will pay you $100.00. My budget is up to $600/month in a split 2BR/2BTH. My only expected amenities are onsite laundry and parking. I have a cat and do...

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    I need a designer I create a website in perfect working order I would not accept the pre-made car models I know how to do it myself in this case. For the site, I need a logo with the name of my site is Findhomy The site must be multi-lingual with the flags associated with the language. (He absolutely can not use French, English, German, German) I need my site to be dedicated to colocation an...

    $1233 (Avg Bid)
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    I am needing to relocate between October/November and haven't had any success searching the mainstream sites (CraigsList, RoommateFinder, etc.) If you can find a lead that MEETS the criteria below (and it becomes a signed lease), I will pay you $100.00. My budget is up to $600/month in a split 2BR/2BTH. My only expected amenities are onsite laundry and parking. I have a cat and don't mi...

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    ebook covers Encerrado left

    I need three book covers. My Straight Friend Returned (LGTB DRAMA) This is the book sequel of the popular Episode drama "My Straight Friend". New Yorker Simon (brown hair hazel eyes) secretpy falls for his straight Spanish roommate (naturally tanned, fit, dark hair, chocolate eyes). Set in New York, Simon is Ruben's best man but his secret love for him may make a new mess again and...

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    Airtable Development Encerrado left

    Hello. I'm looking to take an online application that I have for student housing and create an airtable that will help me to create a work flow for applicants and to match roommates. Here is a link to my current form done in 123Forms - [fazer login para ver a URL] CREATE A WORKFLOW From take our form submission from the app to airtable (possibly with zapier?) having tagable steps tha...

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    roommate finder Encerrado left

    using react js and react native android . here is documentation

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    We manufacture home automation products. We are launching the second version of one of our locally popular product - Roommate. Need someone (indivijual/company) to be selling partners of our products to customers as we want to avoid the retail channel as much as possible. The whole dealer/distributor margin can be used as commission for sales. This is a product that can be connected behind any s...

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    Roommate just moved out and I need his room and the kitchen cleaned.

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    The project is called “RoomMatch”. Basically, we have an event registration form (GF). for employees to attend a multi-day event. Due to limited hotel space, some attendees are required to share a room and we need a system to allow them to pair up. The basic workflow is: 1. Attendee completes registration form 2. On confirmation page is a new form (or link to form) for pai...

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    Web development Encerrado left

    I need a new website. I already have a design, I just need you to build a website for my small business. 2 cofounders looking for a developer to build our roommate-finding website. We have the wireframes ready to go.

    $1239 (Avg Bid)
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    Seeking a PHP developer to create a simple web application with the following features: 1. User authentication 2. Facebook oAuth 3. User profiles (pics, bio, personality data) 4. Search and filter for other users (list of other users by city) 5. Friend requests 6. Messaging system 7. Roommate matching system (find a roommate function) 8. Personality matching quiz (take a quiz and match t...

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