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    ...products in exchange for commissions. • Social Media Sales: Utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest to showcase products and facilitate sales through shoppable posts and advertisements. Develop Sales Funnels: By utilizing these diverse channels and effective sales funnels, we aim to maximize our online store's visibility, attract a wide audience, and create a seamless shopping experience for customers, ultimately driving sales and growth for the Carel product line. • Product Awareness Funnel: Creating informative content, blog posts, and educational videos about Carel products to raise awareness and generate interest among potential customers. • Email Marketing Funnel: Building an email subscriber list and sending perso...

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    ...impressão. O mac converte a planilha para excel, mas separa as várias tabelas existentes e isso não funciona para mim. Alguém aí se habilita? Preciso disso urgente. Obrigado. Carlos. ENGLISH- created two catering forms in the form of spreadsheets with formulas in Numbers (mac spreadsheet program) and I need to convert fully working spreadsheet for daily use in Excel (windows), allowing filling and printing. The mac converts the worksheet to excel, but separates the various existing tables and this does not work for me. Is anyone there enabled? I need this urgently....

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    ...Livro Caixa ==> Controle de Acesso por Usuários com Senha ==> Cadastro de Funcionários ==> Backup Automático Rear ==> Inventory Control ==> Product Composition ==> Customer Control ==> Price list ==> Calculation of prices ==> Issuance of Electronic Invoices ==> Generates magnetic files for revenue (Sintegra, Fiscal Sped, Sped Pis-Cofins) ==> Barcode Reading ==> Printing Labels ==> Integration with Scales ==> Curve ABC stock ==> Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable ==> Customer Sales History ==> Contact Manager ==> Credit Limit Control ==> Book Box ==> User Access Control with Password ==> Staff Registration ==> Automatic Backu...

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    Design project Encerrado left

    Alterar algumas imagens Meaningfull Minimalist art, for printing

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    Procuro design para estampas para camiseta. Possuo uma marca d...camiseta. Possuo uma marca de roupas há pouco mais de um ano e estou querendo aumentar a produção, por isso preciso de mais artes. Para a próxima coleção precisaria de muitas artes (10 no mínimo). Após esse trabalho não descartaríamos a parceria. Precisa ter experiencia em camiseta. A marca é voltada em MÚSICA. Precisamos de artes desses seguimento. Obrigado I'm looking for design for t-shirt printing. I've had a clothing brand for over a year and I'm looking to increase production, so I need more gear. For the next collection you would need many designs. After this work we would not rule out the partnership. Must hav...

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    Procuro design para estampas para camiseta. Possuo uma marca...camiseta. Possuo uma marca de roupas há pouco mais de um ano e estou querendo aumentar a produção, por isso preciso de mais artes. Para a próxima coleção precisaria de muitas artes (10 no mínimo). Após esse trabalho não descartaríamos a parceria. Precisa ter experiencia em camiseta. A marca é voltada em música. Precisamos de artes desses seguimento. Obrigado I'm looking for design for t-shirt printing. I've had a clothing brand for over a year and I'm looking to increase production, so I need more gear. For the next collection you would need many designs. After this work we would not rule out the partnership. Must have...

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    Criar módulo que quando passar um código de 44 caracteres numerico faça a geração e impressao do código de barras em Basic4Android

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    Creation and Design Professional; All steps of a Graphic Printing; Development of Corporate Visual Identity; Diagramming books, magazines and catalogs; Illustrations

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    I do tshirt printing & I need promotion for my products

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    Preciso de um applet feito em java pra rodar em internet explorer. Que recebe um txt gerado por um script php. ex: Esse script php vai gerar um conteúdo TXT tipo o arquivo anexo. Esse applet deve receber o txt e mandar direto para a impressora padrão sem perguntar para qual impressora. Se precisar...gerado por um script php. ex: Esse script php vai gerar um conteúdo TXT tipo o arquivo anexo. Esse applet deve receber o txt e mandar direto para a impressora padrão sem perguntar para qual impressora. Se precisar setar o nome da impressora tudo bem. Seria algo parecido com o site abaixo.

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    Projetar um pôster que tenha como tema o Homer Simpson e Cerveja (será peça de decoração de casa). Preciso da imagem em alta resolução para impressão. Prazo entrega: 48 horas. Design a poster that has Homer Simpson and Beer as theme (will home decor piece). I need the image in high resolution for printing. Delivery term: 48 hours

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    Criar Projetos de Impressão e Embalagem

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    Criar módulo que quando passar um código de 44 caracteres numerico faça a geração e impressao do código de barras em Basic4Android

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    ENGLISH I have some MySQL databases with email address and I need to verify and identify just the valid. This check must be execute using "checkdnsrr" PHP function. The invalids email addresses could be separated on a extra record printing the register id on the base, or automaticaly creating a new database only with the valid emails addresses. This feature can be discussed. The code must have a well documented part that allows future changes on server and database connections and if possible the fields. All databases will have just one table. Will be great if the verification can be customized using the register ids, like if I need to check from register id 500 until 600 =========== PORTUGUESE Possuo algumas bases com e-mails que gostaria de fazer uma verifica&cced...

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    ...seria a primeira etapa, em seguida vamos ter outras etapas para aprimoramento do projeto. Aguardo ofertas de trabalho. Obrigado. _____________________________________ We are a company of development and we are seeking professionals for a specific project. Summary: I need to develop an application that has access to the user's cell phone images and social networks, to perform the printing of the same. Initially the application must be in the Appstore to download. When downloading the client register with Facebook or does a registration filling in data. Then the application requests permission to access images from device and social networks like Instagram and Facebook. Then the user purchase credits via credit card (Visa, American Express and Mast...

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    Bug Fixing: * Identify and address existing bugs or issues within the Bootstrap Laravel website. * Debug and troubleshoot any functionality or display problems. * Ensure seamless user experience by resolving issues affecting the website's performance. 
Layout Improvement: * Enhance the overall design and layout of the website for a more polished appearance. * Optimize the arrangement of elements for improved user navigation and aesthetics. * Implement responsive design principles to ensure a seamless experience on various screen sizes. 
Code Clean Up: * Review and optimize the existing codebase for better efficiency. * Remove redundant or unnecessary code to enhance website performance. * Organize and structure the code to improve readability and maintainability. Upon...

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    ...serve as the registration process for freelancers, so it is crucial that the experience is seamless and efficient. Requirements: - The registration process should include fields for freelancers to provide their name, email, expertise, references, and phone number. - The design style for the landing page should be corporate and professional. - The registration process should be a single-step process. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - Experience in creating user-friendly and visually appealing landing pages. - Knowledge of database management and integration for storing freelancer information. - Attention to detail to ensure a seamless and efficient registration experience. If you have the skills ...

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    Looking for developer with expert java knowledge to understand and integrate e - filing process of USCIS immigration forms into our legal management software. Develop robust, scalable, and maintainable Java applications to facilitate seamless e-filing processes. Implement RESTful APIs for communication between our platform and USCIS systems. Ensure security and compliance standards are met throughout the integration process.

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    ...where freelancers can register. The registration process should include fields for freelancers to provide their name, email, expertise, references, and phone number. It is important to ensure a seamless and efficient experience for freelancers signing up. Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating user-friendly landing pages - Proficiency in web development and design - Familiarity with registration processes and user experience optimization Requirements: 1. Registration Process: - Fields for freelancers to provide their name, email, expertise, references, and phone number - Ensure a seamless and efficient experience for freelancers signing up 2. User Experience: - Aim for intermediate functionality to provide a user-friendly experience - Prioritize eas...

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    slot setan 6 dias left

    Proje...gameplay - Familiarity with game optimization techniques for smooth performance on various web browsers Features: - Classic slot setan gameplay with a simple user interface - High-quality graphics and animations to enhance the visual experience - Intuitive controls for easy navigation and gameplay - Fun sound effects to engage players - Real-time coin balance and win tracking - Responsive design for seamless gameplay on different screen sizes - Compatibility with popular web browsers Timeline and Deliverables: - The project should be completed within [insert timeline] - The deliverables include the fully functional game, source code, and any necessary documentation Budget: - The budget for this project is [insert budget] If you have experience in developing classic-style...

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    Transfer a Workplace S...hosted on Dotster. Skills and Experience: - Experience with domain transfers and workplace settings - Knowledge of workplace policies and procedures - Familiarity with workplace domains and their management - Attention to detail to ensure data and settings are preserved during the transfer Requirements: - Access to both the secondary and primary domains is necessary - The transfer should be seamless and ensure that all data and settings are preserved If you have experience with workplace domain transfers and can ensure a smooth transition, please reach out. But please address me by my first name. My name is Chris. And briefly explain how you plan to get this done. My understanding is that this is a 15 minutes job for someone familiar with workplace. T...

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    11 ofertas to suggestions and does not have a specific theme or concept in mind. Duration: - The Instagram Reel should be more than 30 seconds long. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating visually appealing and engaging videos for social media platforms. - Knowledge of travel destinations and the ability to curate captivating footage. - Proficiency in video editing software to create seamless transitions and add relevant effects. - Understanding of Instagram's Reel feature and its best practices for maximum engagement. - Creative thinking and the ability to suggest unique ideas for travel inspiration content. Note: The client is looking for a freelancer who can provide suggestions and creative input to deliver an Instagram Reel that captures the essence of travel...

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    Trophy icon Labels for air freshener bottles 22 horas left

    Need labels for my scent bottles, the have to be 1 3/4 x 4 rectangle labels. I will be printing the label from with those dimensions. They most have all the warnings, logos and writing and look like the labels below, just with different back grounds for the flavors. The flavors are toasted marshmallow, Rose, Caribbean, New Car scent, Pink Melody, and Christmas Cookie.

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    App Voice Chat Platform for Social Networking Project Overview: - I am looking for a skilled d...platforms. - Experience in creating social networking apps with voice chat functionality. - Knowledge of voice over IP (VoIP) technology and integration. - Strong understanding of user experience design and intuitive interface development. - Ability to implement real-time voice chat features with low latency and high audio quality. - Familiarity with backend development and server management for seamless communication. - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. - Ability to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines. If you have the necessary skills and experience, and can deliver the project within a short timeframe, please bid with your relevant portfolio and proposed...

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    I am looking for a freelance Flutter developer with experience in automated testing. The project involves conducting integration tests for specific features of the Flutter app. The ideal candidate should h...tests using. - Ability to work with an existing test environment. Please answer these questions. 1. How do you achieve this, any specific platforms you will use? 2. How will you test in hundreds of mobile? 3. Any process for setting up automated pipeline for testing multiple devices and versions? 4. Estimated costs of any 3rd party tools if used? The main goal of this project is to ensure the seamless integration of different components of the Flutter app through automated testing. The developer should be able to identify and resolve any issues that may arise during the testin...

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    I am looking for a skilled web developer to create a website for my French bakery. The ideal candidate will have experience in designing websites for food businesses and will be able to create a visually appealing and user-friendly site. Color Sc...Lastly, customer reviews and testimonials would be a great addition to build trust and credibility with potential customers. Website Layout: - The preferred website layout is multi-page. This will allow us to organize different sections of the website, such as the menu, gallery, and about us page, in a clear and organized manner. - Each page should have a consistent design and layout, ensuring a seamless user experience throughout the site. Overall, I am seeking a web developer who can bring my vision of a beautiful and functional webs...

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    ...clean and elegant design of to provide a seamless and visually appealing user experience. Responsive Design: Ensure the website is responsive across various devices (desktops, tablets, and smartphones) to maximize accessibility. Product Showcase: Create an intuitive product showcase that effectively displays the range of products available on the Amazon store. Use high-quality images and concise product descriptions. Navigation: Implement a user-friendly navigation system to allow visitors to easily explore different product categories and find what they are looking for. Branding Elements: Integrate [Your Brand] branding elements (logo, color scheme, typography) cohesively to reinforce brand identity. Seamless Integration: Implement a smooth and secure integration wi...

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    --Description: I am seeking a mobile app developer or team to create an app for both Android and iOS platfo...reports should be able to be exported to spreadsheets on a given period of time (can be google spreadsheet for example). --Requirements: Prior experience in developing cross-platform mobile applications Ability to implement secure user authentication mechanisms. Knowledge of backend integration for secure data storage and retrieval and API usage. Ability to design user-friendly interfaces for seamless data entry during client visits. Adherence to best coding practices, ensuring code efficiency and maintainability. --Deliverables: Fully functional Android and iOS applications meeting the specified requirements. Source code and assistance with app deployment to respective a...

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    ...interactive forms. Here are the project requirements: - Design and develop an informational website for my recycling tires company - Implement interactive forms for users to submit inquiries, feedback, and requests - Create a visually appealing layout with custom graphics that aligns with the overall theme of recycling and sustainability - Ensure user-friendly navigation and functionality for a seamless user experience - Optimize the website for search engines to improve online visibility and attract organic traffic - Integrate social media sharing buttons to encourage the sharing of content and increase brand awareness - Provide options for user account creation to enhance user engagement and allow for personalized experiences If you have experience in creating informational w...

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    I am looking for a skilled VFX artist to create an underwater transition video for my project. The video should include the following specific underwate...i need exactly this or I am looking for a transition style that involves thew above effects from Instagram's video. The desired length of the transition video should be more than 10 seconds. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in VFX and underwater effects - Experience in creating seamless transitions - Ability to create realistic underwater effects such as bubbles - Knowledge of various software and tools used in VFX If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your portfolio and a proposal for this project.

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    seeking a highly skilled IPTV server administrator to assist with a time-sensitive M3U restreaming project. Our server, running on Ubuntu, requires an experienced professional to ensure seamless integration and full access for efficient restreaming.

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    ...functionalities. - Data consistency between the Laravel 5 backend and the Flutter app will be a priority to maintain the integrity of our application's logic. 2. Frontend Development: - A crucial aspect of this migration is the translation of our current user interface, designed in Laravel 5, into Flutter widgets. This includes the thoughtful implementation of navigation and UI structure to deliver a seamless user experience. 3. Database Integration: - Smooth database communication between the Flutter app and the existing Laravel 5 database structure is imperative. - The Flutter developer will migrate and adapt the current Laravel 5 database structure to align with the requirements of the Flutter application, ensuring data integrity. 4. Authentication and Auth...

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    Antonia Kupitz 6 dias left

    I have a geometric pattern which I would like to be re-created in digital format to send for fabric printing. Please see image and file spec attached. Please only quote for the job with the actual fees. No negotiations please. Quote your price. Thank you

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    *You must read the scope of work before bidding & share accurate cost* I am looking for a the following: Platform: - Flutter Heavy Machines: - Construction equipment Website and App Features: - Product listing and search functionality - User registration and profile management - Payment processing capabilities The project aims to provide a platform where users can easily list and search for construction equipment. The hybrid app should be developed using Flutter, ensuring a seamless experience across multiple platforms. The website should have user registration and profile management features, as well as the ability to process payments securely. The focus of the project is on the product listing and search functionality, allowing users to easily find the heavy machi...

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    Quiz application 6 dias left

    I have developed a quiz application using React and Firebase, which provides a seamless and interactive experience for users. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive design, the app allows users to participate in quizzes, track their progress, and compete with others. The integration with Firebase ensures real-time updates and secure data storage. With my expertise in React and Firebase, I have created a professional quiz app that offers an engaging and educational experience.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a barcode la...expertise. The web app should primarily have the feature of label printing. Users should be able to input the necessary data via a CSV file and generate printable barcode labels. The csv file must tke 3 columns of data (Barcode Data, Line 1, Line 2). I have already made a chrone extention for 1 barcode label. Now I want a web app that can generate a list of barcodes from a CSV file. Skills and experience required for this job include: - Proficiency in Python or JavaScript - Experience in web app development - Knowledge of barcode generation and printing - Ability to create a user-friendly interface for data input and label printing.

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    ...Shopify development - Strong understanding of e-commerce platforms and best practices - Experience in inventory management for e-commerce stores Project Requirements: - Develop an e-commerce store or app using Shopify - Implement inventory management feature to track stock levels and manage product inventory - Create a user-friendly interface for customers to browse and purchase products - Ensure seamless integration with payment gateways for secure transactions - Optimize the store for mobile responsiveness and fast loading speed - Provide ongoing support and maintenance for the store Timeline: - No time limit, flexible completion timeframe Note: If you have prior experience in Shopify development and inventory management for e-commerce stores, please provide relevant samples...

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    urgently seeking an experienced IPTV Server Specialist to facilitate a rapid M3U restreaming project. Our Ubuntu server is primed for action, and we need an adept professional to expedite the setup and ensure comprehensive access for seamless content restreaming. Key Tasks: Swift SSH Access Setup: Configure immediate SSH access for the appointed specialist to our Ubuntu server. Rapid IPTV Server Configuration: Efficiently navigate and configure our IPTV server settings for accelerated deployment. Credentials Deployment: Provide the required credentials for both Ubuntu server access and IPTV server software administration. M3U URL Authentication: Quick implementation of M3U URL authentication for secure content access. Permission Tuning: Adjust server permissions promptly to enable...

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    ...looking for a freelancer to build a sales and contractor percentage payout system that will track the earnings of our contractors. The system should also automate payment calculations and sync with our waivers and square transactions. Key requirements: - Develop a web-based system that will efficiently track sales and contractor earnings - Implement automation for payment calculations - Ensure seamless integration with our jotform waivers and Square transactions - Generate weekly reports to provide an overview of sales and contractor earnings for payout Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in web development and database management - Experience in creating payment systems and integrating with third-party platforms - Strong understanding of sales tracking and reporting If...

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    Video editor 6 dias left

    I am looking for a skilled video editor to create an entertaining video for me. The desired length of the edited video is less than 1 minute. I have specific footage and images that I want included in the video. Skills and ...entertaining video for me. The desired length of the edited video is less than 1 minute. I have specific footage and images that I want included in the video. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in video editing software (e.g. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro) - Ability to creatively edit footage and images to create an engaging and entertaining video - Strong attention to detail to ensure seamless transitions and visual effects - Understanding of storytelling and pacing to captivate the audience - Experience in editing videos for entertainment purposes is...

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    Webite Builder like Shopify with Crypto Transaction We are looking for a skilled developer to create a Shopify type platform with integration of cryptocurrency payment gateways. The project requires the following features: - Integration with cryptocurrency payment gateways for seamless transactions - Advanced customization options for a unique and tailored e-commerce experience Additional Security Measures: High-security measures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of crypto transactions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in development of website builder like Shopify platform and customization - Experience with cryptocurrency payment gateways integration - Strong understanding of high-security measures for crypto transactions Technology: Front end ReactJs Ba...

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    ...develop a Flutter app for a cab booking service. The main purpose of the app is to allow users to easily book a driver for one-way or round trips. Design and Layout: - I have a clear vision for the design and layout of the app. Features: - User login and signup functionality. - GPS tracking to track the location of the driver and provide real-time updates to the user. - In-app purchases for seamless and secure payments. - The app should also include a feature for offering discounts and special offers to users. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing Flutter apps. - Knowledge of integrating GPS tracking and in-app purchase functionality. - Strong UI/UX design skills to bring my vision to life. Please provide examples of your previous work in Flutter app dev...

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    # Objective: To enable seamless and effortless user login and account management between a Laravel-based main website () and a MyBB 1.8 forum subdomain (), using the simplest and most efficient methods available. # Key Requirements: 1. Unified User Authentication: - Implement a straightforward system for shared user authentication between Laravel and MyBB. - Ensure users can log in to MyBB using their Laravel credentials with minimal additional steps. 2. Database Integration or SSO Implementation: - Choose the simplest method for sharing user data between Laravel and MyBB, either through direct database integration or a basic SSO solution using readily available tools or plugins. 3. Domain and Session Management: - Configure cookie and session sharing

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    11 ofertas to implement this feature seamlessly. - Additional functionality: While not mentioned in the main requirements, I would also like the freelancer to include a blog section on the website, where I can share articles and updates. The ability to add a photo gallery would also be a bonus. - Responsive design: The website should be responsive and optimized for different screen sizes, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices. - SEO optimization: The freelancer should have a good understanding of SEO principles and be able to optimize the website for search engines. Overall, I am looking for a talented freelancer who can create a visually appealing and functional website for my energy medicine practice and retreat. The ideal candidate will have experience in web design...

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    Project Description: I am seeking a qualified professional to make adjustments to my Android streaming application that utilizes the Applovin Max network for ads. Services Needed: Ads Display Correction: Applovin Max ads in the application are not displaying correctly. We need to fix this to ensure a seamless experience for users. Interstitial Ads Addition: Currently, interstitial ads are only available on the series selection screen. We need to add the functionality to display these ads on the video episode screen. Technical Details: The application has a web panel for ad management, eliminating the need for direct changes to the source code. The source code of the application (APK) and the web panel will be shared to facilitate the analysis and implementation of changes. Tec...

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    Title: 2 Pages for "Spotty Potty" - A Website for Finding Public Restrooms in Downtown Areas Objective: - The main objective of this website is to provide informative content about public restrooms in downtown areas. - Users should be ab...such as the address, hours of operation, and any additional amenities available. - Users should be able to leave reviews and ratings for each restroom. Mobile Responsiveness: - The website should be mobile responsive, ensuring that it is easily accessible and functional on various devices such as smartphones and tablets. - The design and layout should adapt to different screen sizes, providing a seamless user experience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - Experience in designing clean and user-f...

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    ...should have experience in creating e-commerce websites and be proficient in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Key Requirements: - Develop a user-friendly platform that allows customers to browse and purchase digital products. - Implement a secure and reliable payment gateway that supports various payment methods. - Optimize the platform for mobile devices to ensure a seamless user experience on smartphones and tablets. - Integrate a content management system that allows me to easily add, update, and manage product listings. - Implement a search functionality that allows customers to find specific products quickly. - Ensure the platform is scalable and can handle a large number of transactions. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web development la...

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    ...create visually appealing and eye-catching designs - Understanding of color theory and the ability to create designs that work well with different color schemes Project Requirements: - Create 1-3 shirt designs in a cartoon style - The designs should be visually appealing and eye-catching - No specific color scheme is required, as the client is open to anything - The designs should be suitable for printing on shirts Budget: - The client is open to discussion regarding the budget and is willing to pay a fair price for high-quality designs. Timeline: - The client would like to receive the designs within [insert timeline here] Additional Information: - The client may provide examples or references to help guide the design process, but the freelancer will have creative freedom in ...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can swap a face in a photo for another face. The purpose of this project is for fun or entertainment. The face swap can either look realistic or humorous, depending on th...look realistic or humorous, depending on the freelancer's expertise. There are two faces in each photo that need to be swapped, so the freelancer should be able to work with multiple images. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop - Experience in face swapping or photo manipulation - Attention to detail to ensure a seamless and accurate face swap - Creativity to add a touch of humor if desired Please provide examples of previous face swapping work or photo editing projects when submitt...

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    ... cat faces - I am looking for a skilled Photoshop editor to help with a project involving face swapping on a Taylor Swift Time magazine cover. - The main task will be to replace Taylor Swift's face with a new woman's face and the cat's face with a different cat face, while maintaining a realistic appearance. - The ideal candidate should have expertise in face swapping and be able to create a seamless transition between the original image and the new faces. - Also edit the Banner headline to read "Couple of the Year | Liz and Bo - Editor should procure the best possible original Time Cover image. - Contractor will provide 4 pairs of Liz and Bo face jpeg file alternatives and will work with the editor to decide which combination works best -See attached mockup...

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