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    Task: I would need to find an illustrator for my book on life rules/simple rule of the day. They can find them here: [login to view URL] The illustrator would be mostly for Instagram, but also other social media. If it works, I would like also to publish the same book - Simple rule of the day - with the illustrations. The illustrations

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    Book/Webcomics Encerrado left

    I have a few poems, and I need an artist to illustrate. The style will be more like the book by Bo Burnham, called "Egghead", I have attached a photo for reference. The drawings are pretty simple, and I will obviously guide with what exactly to draw. I am not very good at sketching, therefore I need someone to do it for...

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    I need someone who can illustrate a colored comic book for me. I have the story I just need someone who can bring their style. I need you to be able to read, understand the content and then illustrate it. so that we can agree before you finalize I would like you to send me a rough draft and we will fix thing...

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    38 ofertas first sci-fi novel, and I need to find an illustrator. I'm looking for someone who can not only design my cover, but also can create an illustration at the beginning of every chapter that summarizes the action/story line in the chapter. There are 16 chapters in the book. While I have a few ideas of what I'd like to see, overall, this is ab...

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    Just a quick work about me. I’m an English teacher in China, and books here are terrible! So, I decided to write my own teaching books, and then (hopefully) get the school I’m currently working for, to publish them. Basically, I need this first (almost complete) book to be a show-case when negotiating for publication. If...

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    I need 45-50 cute/funny illustrations for an English book. These books are for children learning English from Spanish in Guatemala and Mexico. They are also used for adults a lot so I am looking for illustrations that appeal to both children and adults. There is a black and white version of the book as well as a color version so...

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    Looking for someone to help me illustrate a children's book. I am aiming to create three books total based off a silly story my nephew told me while on the golf course. I would like that the artist have some knowledge or skill in golf, but if not; we can always discuss in depth some items. Please send me a...

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    I have a cat book and a publishers. I need someone to sketch about 40 images for me of cats in different positions and situations to illustrate the information in my book. There is one main "cat" image throughout with about 5 different coloration to suggest 5 different breeds. I will upload the sumi-e style I a...

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    I need someone very skilled in artwork, design, drawings. All drawings will be based on Norse mythology. No comic book type characters. I hope to find someone i can work with for maybe 6 months. I will have possibly 30-50 different drawings i need. I am attaching some samples of what i would expect drawings to look like in terms of quality. You will

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    I'm a middle-aged closeted writer looking to get my first project off the shelf! I am SO ready. Don't hate me for the slow start! I work full time, teach college business writing so spend large clots of time reading less-than-inspiring prose, and have myriad beloveds and causes. But 2018 is my year. I really mean this. If you can't help me, I'...

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    I need someone to help me write 3 different genre of very very short stories with main point,climax and scene less than 24 hours! FAQ Q: Why I need 3 different genre of short stories? A: Becaude I need use for draw/illustrate in picture book (illustration book or illustrative story) Requirement: - Fluent in English - USA Freelancer only -...

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    Trophy icon Illustrate a Short Children's Book Encerrado left

    Hi! I'm looking for someone to illustrate a short ( 10 page) children's book about a French Bulldog and a Boston Terrier. I'm going to need the turn around to be within the next couple weeks, but the drawings can be simple. I've attached some images of the dogs it's based off of and I would love to...

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    Design project Encerrado left

    I am writing a children's book about my dogs, (Border Collies). I am looking for someone who would be able to illustrate this for me

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    Hire an Illustrator Encerrado left

    Looking for someone to illustrate characters for me for a children's book, about 20 pages. I already have a sample of the illustration. Just need someone who can draw what I already have to finish the project. Also, please do not respond if you are not willing to provide a sample from my illustra...

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    I require an artist to illustrate a children's book that I have written for a friend's daughter. The book is about her father who recently passed away and in the book he takes her on an adventure. It will be about 20 pages including front cover and will require someone who can take inspiration from some photos of the father a...

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    I have a project started, but my illustrator can no longer continue due to family issues. We have the basic characters down but I need someone that can pick up where he left off. I have a children's book that needs to be illustrated. The book is about 18 pages worth of drawings. This contest is to see if you can match or exceed his dr...

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    ...I'm writing a book about cat behaviour and I'd like to work together with a creative spirit who can draw simple graphics to illustrate what I'm writing about. Most graphics will involve a cat, cat features, body parts or parts of the environment that it needs (litter trays, toys, furniture etc). I'm looking for s...

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    Illustrate Something Encerrado left

    Hi, I need someone to illustrate similar for me which I can print on a book. I need the editable files and would require something colorful and pretty similar to attached .

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    ...recently written a very short "Dr. Seuss" style children's book that will act as promotion for a music video I am releasing soon. It tells the story of my life through character transformation and uses ice cream as a prominent metaphor. I would need someone to illustrate around 10-12 very simple, fun and cartoonish illustrat...

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    I need someone to illustrate a comic book for me (in color). I have a concept, synopsis, character design and script. Total approx 16 pages (including cover and back page) with an average of 2-3 panels per page.

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    ...written a children's book (chapter book) 1,600 words with approx. 4 chapters and would like someone to illustrate the book with pictures. It is not a picture book with a lot of pictures, but does need some illustrations to illustrate the story. The entire manuscript double spaced on 8-1/2 x 11 "pape...

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    ...this is an opening offer and do want to discuss before finalizing. I just could not find another way to contact you via this site. My name is Jason Barnes and I am writing as your profile and experience resonated with me while I was considering options for handling a unique content creation/research project. I am a 20+ year alternative investments a...

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    ...profile and would like to offer you to illustrate a page from our children's book. We're currently looking for someone to illustrate our book (14 illustrations in total) and like your work. If you're interested please let me know. Let me know how much you charge for the initial test page. W...

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    I need someone to illustrate my children's book, Lemon Armadillo. There will be 20 illustrations in total. I have already basically designed all of the artwork so just need someone to draw it/illustrate it in higher quality. For this contest please submit one or more entries based on the images I have uploaded. I will choose one illustra...

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    Kid Book Illustrator Encerrado left

    Hello, thank you for taking a looked at my ads. I am looking for someone to help me illustrate a 25 to 30 pages kids book. If we work really well together with me and you did a great job on the books there will be a continues work. If you are interested please sent me your artwork and Portfolio.

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    manga artist needed Encerrado left

    hello I am looking for a manga artist to help me with some art. I am planning on writing a kids book and need some images to illustrate scenarios. need these image in grayscale. maybe even some in color. [login to view URL] will be full page while others will be half a page. please bid per 10 images. preferably someone with p...

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    Hi i'm a writer looking for a talented illustrator who will come aboard and join me in helping expand the universe of my published graphic novel supernatural-thriller series about ghost stories The book is currently touring the uk and a few good independent books stores. The same aspirations will be made for this new mini series which wi...

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    I have written a short book: "Read This Before You Take any College Math" on the review necessary to succeed in college. (I am a professor at a 4-year university, and have been for 18 years.) I need someone to provide approximately 50 short, simple illustrations to make the reading more compelling. The drawings must be mu...

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    Looking for someone that can do a series of small illustrations in a series ( need about 10) in the style of old book illustration / cartoon sketch - not that detailed -black and white - to be used as thumbnails in a website. To illustrate nautical names such as "Scurvy Turvy" "Barnacle Bill" "Keel Hauler"...

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    Hi, I am looking for someone to illustrate a 12 page children book. It is a story and there are 7 characters (most pages only include 1 or 2 characters max). eg: Page 1 is a scene of the child in his room looking out the window to the night sky. Page 2 is him at a table writing a letter Page 3 is him walking down the s...

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    ... Aim to include some specific examples. Lecturer : Ideally it would be worth defining any key terms you discuss, illustrate points with examples and give some indication of readings that have influenced you. You may not be able to remember the full citation but in the text you should put the author/organization and year of their paper, book or website

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    I have written a children's book and am looking for someone to illustrate it for me. The story includes many different animals, and I would like the illustrations to be in watercolor style. Two example stanzas: Does a bear splash water on the floor, While washing in the tub? Or does she play in the bubbles, And give her ha...

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    I am looking for someone to help me design and illustrate a mindfulness book. It will contain colouring exercises, exercises and recipes.

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    Children book Encerrado left

    I am looking for someone who can illustrate a children book for small kids 2-4 years old. Budget will be adjusted to the final work effort and book size. For now please send me example illustrations, cartoons, pictures you have drawn already, so that I can see your style. Regards, Tabish

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    A few years ago I woke up in severe pain & was rushed into surgery & woke with a colostomy bag. Sounds gross. But laughing about it was the only way I was able to get through it. In fact, I started writing down different uses for your colostomy bag that your doctor never told you about. I now have 101 uses for it. (makes a great drink coozie, make ...

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    I have written a children's book and am looking for someone to illustrate it for me. The story includes many different animals, and I would like the illustrations to be in watercolor style. Two example stanzas: Does a bear splash water on the floor, While washing in the tub? Or does she play in the bubbles, And give her ha...

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    I am looking for someone to illustrate a short children's book for me. It is for pre school children and about a little girl called Jasmine. In total I need around 10 illustrations plus the front and back cover

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    Book Illustration Encerrado left

    I am looking for someone who can illustrate a children book. i need a cover and double 6 pages. it needs to be about a teddy bear and his friend, on each page they will have differend activities that they will do together (like play, clean up, read books and on) please show me your examples that i will see if your style is the one tha...

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    Trophy icon Illustrate Something Encerrado left

    ...I’ve written a rhyming picture book for children aged 4-7 and my long-term goal is to get it fully illustrated and crowdfunded. For now, I’d like someone to illustrate the two characters (a girl and a lion) in one scene. About the book: Seven year old Tallulah does a good job of being perfect un...

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    I would like to hire someone to help me illustrate my book. I may or may not decide to publish it in the future, but for the moment I'm only working on a personal project for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I'm essentially creating a Tolkien-style universe and I'm using a special notebook in which ...

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    I am about to hire someone to illustrate a children's book, create a cover and complete the layout for me. I am currently interested in selecting the best characters for the book. I will be glad to entertain any entries but would prefer illustrated versions of the children in the attached pictures. These ch...

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    I am looking for someone to Illustrate a children's book I have written. It consists of 16 pages and will require a cover and some additional images for advertising purposes. I am happy to talk about it in further detail with anyone who is interested. Below is a section on budget I have just chosen a bracket ...

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    Hi there, I plan to publish a Children´s bilingual alphabet book. I am looking for someone who has strong skills in illustration (interior pages & cover design) and book formatting. It´s important that the person can work within the publishing company´s formatting guidelines & upload the final product to their pla...

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    Illustrate Something Encerrado left

    I'm looking for someone to illustrate an image for a book cover - a drawing of a boy sitting on a mountain overlooking the plains. It should be a side-angle drawing - we should see him looking out and he can be sitting down with his knees up and his hands wrapped around his knees. Time period is the early 1940's...

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    need someone for illustrate 33 to 36 page graphic novel /comic book in adobe illustrator. character design, script, rough drawing, Background design everything is ready to go ... need a professional looks. time line is 26Th June. Please add your sample link with application. I will ask you to illustrate a Demo for me<...

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    I am looking for someone who can illustrate a children's book for me. If I like working with you and enjoy your work I would like for you to illustrate my complete series.

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    ... I'm looking for an artist to illustrate a children's book for me. It consists of a total of 61 pages. I've attached the story, please check it out. Each story line represent a drawing for each page. However, I will send you a very rough/ sketchy outline for each page before you start to d...

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    ...currently in the preparation phase of writing a book on personal selling in Business to Business (B2B). I am looking for someone who can help me illustrate this book in an attractive manner. Here's some information about me : [login to view URL] I want the book to be very much of practical use to all ...

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    I wrote a childrens book. I need to have someone draw (illustrate) the characters in the book for me. I have all of the scenes I need to draw with descriptions. The book will be 18-20 pages long.

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