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    A ideia é desenvolver um software que rode dentro do módulo WT32-ETH01, que receba comandos via Ethernet (pode ser via conexão Telnet), entre um computador conectado via cabo de rede RJ45 e o módulo WT32-ETH01. A topologia de rede é Mestre/Escravo, ou seja, sempre o computador remoto envia comandos ao WT32-ETH01, que executa e responde. Os comandos enviados do co...

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    PLACA ELETRÔNICA Encerrado left

    PLACA ELETRÔNICA Desenvolvi um projeto com arduino mega, processador atmega 2560 e preciso projetar a minha própria placa com as seguintes características : Preciso que seja desenvolvido o projeto da placa e montagem de uma placa protótipo para testes. 1- PROCESSADOR ATMEGA 2560 2- MICROCONTROLADOR ATMEGA 16U2 COM LEDS INDICATIVOS DE TX E RX E CRISTAL EXTERNO DE ...

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    *SQL Server 2008 / 2010<br />*Programacion en C ++, java Script<br />*Programacion Visual Basic, HTML, Weservices.<br />*Programacion Visual FOXPRO (Indispensable)<br />*Conocimientos en Share Point.<br />*Manejo de Oracle (Opcional).<br />*Programacion Web<br />*Manejo de Macros de Excel.<br />*Desarrollo y manejo de Base de Dato.<br />*Desarr...

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    Desenvolvimento de um sensor de deslocamento incremental. O trabalho em si será o desenvolvimento de um Encoder incremental. Já existe uma ideia inicial e será trabalhado o desenvolvimento do hardware (PCB) e o firmware para o microcontrolador com base nessa ideia. O sensor utiliza um transdutor ótico que transforma o movimento mecânico em sinal elétr...

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    Estou procurando alguém com experiência em microcontroladores Freescale MK20 para fazer um aplicativo de interface gráfica (tela 3.2 com touch), controlar alguns periféricos I2C e SPI, entre outros.  <br /><br /> 

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    Preciso fazer um hardware com FPGA Altera ou Spartan da Xilinix programado em VHDL. Ele precisa receber e enviar pacotes UDP de um computador através da porta Ethernet. Eu já tenho o software que faz o envio dos pacotes UDP, hoje eu uso um hardware com FPGA Spartan III, pronto comprado da China. O hardware e o software que roda no computador são usados para controlar LEDs q...

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    Dual ESP-32-PCB with 6-IRQ, 4 stepper motors, 1-ADS1256, USB_SD, nRF24 PCB BRD with 1. Size 190mm by 1mm or less with 1 side 140mm min and 140 by 10mm not used (Blanc), this strip is used to be plug in the sockets for holding. Design OPAL PCB using 2 ESP32 processors 1 ESP32-Master 1. nRF24 –2pins(SPI) 2. SPI-3pins 3. SD_USB-0pins(con to Data_TX duplicate) 4. ADC1256-24bit-2pins(SPI) 5. 4-I...

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    Control system -- 2 6 dias left

    I need a FW/SW for control system. The system is used with ATMEGA644PA as main CPU. Need to control 5 servos using PWM, RF module using SPI, Barometer using I2C, Led and buzzer using digital output, GPS using UART, Memory (SPI or I2c). The input for the Logics are from the RF (SPI) and 3 switches from digital Input. More info please contact.

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    NEED TO MAKE A PCB SHIELD FOR STM32 NUCLEO BOARD h745zi-q to fit 2- max31865 temperature module and 4-20 ma current transmitter module , 4 - 8ch logic level shifter module , i2c level shifter module , dip switch ,keypad 4*4 , i2c display port with level shifter , on/off button, buzzer . memory card module , i2c ports , spi ports , max31865 , 3.3v battery module,. in size of 120 *150 mm

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    A freelancer is needed for a project. The LCD is connected to the STM32 MCU by SPI. Displaying only characters (letters, numbers etc.), no other graphic is needed.

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    AVR development 17 horas left

    I (Electrical Engineer) work for a small company that makes Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers and I've got some 8 bit AVR programming work that I'm simply stretched too thin to do myself. I just got the go ahead to outsource it. We've got a mainboard and a daughterboard each running an AVR128DB-64. Have a small touchscreen display. That display is used in another released product so we...

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    Универсальный робототехнический контроллер представляет собой модульное устройство на основе периферийного "Arduino-контроллера" на базе процессора AtMega2560 и встраиваемого одноплатного микрокомпьютера Интерфейсы программируемого контроллера* TTL, USART, I2C, SPI, Ethernet Тип передачи беспроводного сигнала* Bluetooth WiFi Количество ядер микропроцессора модуля технического зрения...

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    Develop real-time embedded software for production consumer products on a range of silicon platforms, mainly ARM [fazer login para ver a URL] product/system requirement document review and analysis, feasibility study and proof of [fazer login para ver a URL] software architecture and high-level design, as well as improvement of robust solutions and resolutions of technical challenges across projec...

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    Looking to get a Logo to print on a T-Shirt based upon The GLBTQ Gay Bars the Eagle

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    I would like to use a RGB OLED, 1.5inch diagonal, 128x128 pixels, 16-bit colour oled display with embedded controller, communicating via SPI interface. You'll need to design a simple processor board to interface to the display and code it to have a graphical display to look like a standard analogue audio VU meter. The design must be able to display 2 x 3 different audio inputs (1: input level...

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    I am looking for a 180 degree fisheye camera module with HDCVI video output and an UART, SPI or I2C interface for text overlay. I want to connect a microcontroller with a sensor like temperature, etc and show this info on the camera image (text overlay).

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    I would like to use a RGB OLED, 1.5inch diagonal, 128x128 pixels, 16-bit colour oled display with embedded controller, communicating via SPI interface. You'll need to design a simple processor board to interface to the display and code it to have a graphical display to look like a standard analogue audio VU meter. The design must be able to display 2 x 3 different audio inputs (1: input level...

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    About Project: Hardware with base circuit and Arm controller to control +Measure circuit values or test area. Test measurements fed to ARM Micro controller via ADC thru SPI or I2C. Micro-controller connector to PC via USB/UART. Need freelancer for below activity: 1. Develop ARM Micro controller coding to read ADC data, covert it as per provided conditions and fed to PC by UART/USB protocol. Micr...

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    Hi I need some help to complete a redesign of an existing pcb - now with less components and new a PIC to keep it simple - it is also a new start for me because i will retire next summer and also stay in small business in future! simple up / down counter for counting 2 phases analog signal or A/B digital encoder (max 200cps) with spi to custom lcd module 6 digit output, prescaler 1:1 to 1:8. to...

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    Need a small pcb board that can be soldered instead of SPI chip and it should have FPC connector breaking out all 8 pins. THis is the connector that will be used for FPC: [fazer login para ver a URL] Some of the used part numbers are: 24AC128W, 25B128CSIG, W25Q128FV, MX25L12873F, 25Q80DVS1G The adapter should be universal enough to work on all 8 pin SPI SOIC-8 footprint.

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    Here are 2 tasks I need to get done. If things work well, there are a few other small tasks: 1) PIC32MZ2048-EFH100: SPI-6 slave node Using Harmony-3 framework, transmit ASCII char content of a buffer on SPI-6, after each time a specific packet arrives from the master. 2) PIC32MZ2048-EFH100: SPI-5 Master node Using Harmony-3 framework, Read and Write a number of bytes to/from a...

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    embeded software Encerrado left

    The core of the system is MSP430FR. We will get commands over IR and based on reveived command control sevral device over I2C, UART, SPI(OLED). Keep some boot register information fram.

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    Scenario You need to build a com,plete IoT system that can have real life application related to home, healthcare, transportation, and community, etc. For example, one can create a system that can measure and monitor humidity & temperature of home, measuring distance between the two objects, creating a Burglar alarm or any other system. For this development, you need to develop a system usi...

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    Read temperature with MLX90614 using IIC protocol near AC 380V motors using Arduino nano. I am hobbyst in electrical engineering and I have made a dryer for seed. Mc on dryer has a few switches, nextion touch screen, relays, k type temperature sensor and this IIC infrared temperature sensor to red temperature of seed Dryer has few three phase motors and wires from mc to switches and ir temp sens...

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    I am looking for a 180 degree fisheye HDCVI camera module with an UART, SPI or I2C interface. I want to connect a microcontroller with a sensor like temperature, etc and show this info on the camera image (text overlay).

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    I can do simple, one-byte transactions with SPI, using RasPi connected to an RFM69 radio module. I can read and write any register with ease. However, I am now trying to connect the RasPi to a MAX6662 temperature sensor that has 16-bit registers and I don't know how to formulate the grammar and syntax in Python in order to read more than one byte. When I purchased the MAX6662, I failed to no...

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    Hi, we are developing the 2nd generation of our indoor/outdoor sensor device, which contains a controller board. We're looking for someone to build the schematics and layouts for this board in Altium. We have a prototype board we made through Gumstix, but it needs some changes and we only have schematics for it at the module level, not for the whole board. We need the modules connected tog...

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    Need an Embedded Systems Engineer to port the standard ICM20948 example from TDK-Invensense from reference SAMG55 in to ESP32. The project is downloaded and attached from TDK website [fazer login para ver a URL] All info for the ICM20948 can be accessed from [fazer login para ver a URL] Any ICM20948 breakout board can be used with SPI and I2C interfaces, for example [fazer login para ver a URL...

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    1. Any graduate with a minimum of 4+ years of relevant experience 2. Preferably [fazer login para ver a URL] in Electronic 3. Experience in 'Embedded Products', Microcontroller embedded hardware designing 4. Experience in handling Linux OS, RTOS(Free RTOS). 5. Experience of working with 8 bit, 16 bit & 32 bit ARM based microcontrollers 6. Should be capable of prototyping hardware &am...

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    Hello, I am really ion need in Sr. Software Engineer. this job is for American MNC, Job Description. * Experience in Embedded firmware Development. * Experience in OS internals and Device Driver development on Distributed & Real timer Embedded systems and OS like IOS, pSOS, VxWorks, Linux, etc. * Low level programming( interaction with Hardware) using C language in multi-threaded, multi-proc...

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    Need to design PCB with SPI ,I2C and power isolation into one chip

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    An experienced in Hardware Design as well as creative in designing your project using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Stm32, Esp32, Esp8266, NodeMCU, and LoraWan based controllers. Also teach you everything about how it works in a proper documented manner. Develop firmware for the above controller, debug and improve as required. Few sensors or hardware knowlegde required Wireless module (NRF, Bluetooth,...

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    Smart Band Encerrado left

    Looking for an embedded engineer with sound knowledge of NRF52 DK, Seggar Embedded studio, and Heartrate/SpO2 sensors. Experience working with Maxim sensors is a plus. Knowledge of SPI and I2C communication is a must. The current requirement is project-based but if the work is up to the expectations, it can be extended for a long-term opportunity.

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    I need to develop a program in C ++ for a custom board (Already designed) based on an Atsamd21j18 and an RN2903 for LORA communication, which performs sensor reading on 4 ports and communicates the reading every 5 minutes by LoRa. The person who will do the work, needs to know microcontroller programming (C ++): Use of pointers, Handling of registers, Use of interrupts, Logical operations, Handl...

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    Hello! I would like to have the following code converted to VB6: void PrintSuspended() { BOOLEAN b; RtlAdjustPrivilege(SE_DEBUG_PRIVILEGE, TRUE, FALSE, &b); ULONG cb = 0x1000; NTSTATUS status; do { status = STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES; if (PBYTE buf = new BYTE[cb]) { if (0 <= (status = NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemProcessI...

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    I have a hardware built which has Stm32f405rgt6 controller,drv8301 Ic and the 6 step mosfet circuit. Need to write a code in STM32CubeIDE and use CubeMX which implements FOC algorithm to control a BLDC hub motor. Please bid only if you have good knowledge in STM, coding FOC algorithm, SPI for drv8301.

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    I need source code to interface ADAS1000SDZ microchip with Raspberry pi4 with SPI. The output should be display in the Terminal. you can use any language for that, you should have one look at the Datasheet of ADAS1000SDZ before place a bid. Here The Link: [fazer login para ver a URL] you Can find it in the Attachment.

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    An asynchronous SPI slave is required that shall connet to an SPI master at 20MHz SPI SCLK frequency. The SPI slave exists inside an FPGA. The SPI master exists inside a microcontroller. The FPGA system clock is going to be 40MHz-60MHz. The SPI SCLK and the FPGA system clock are asynchronous. The SPI slave is used to read/write fabric RAM registers that control the behaviour of the FPGA design or...

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    Hello Sir, I have a Spi project based on C langauge can you do it for me

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    hello Sir I need help in C language project in SpI thread

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    hello Manish I need some help in SpI project but it is coding in c

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    Hello Sir, how are you doing? Sir need some help in SPI project, I have the code it is C/ . IDE is eclipse

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    Project for Brian T. Encerrado left

    hello Brian Sir how are you doing! Sir in need help in My SPI project , it is for C langauge

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    hello, How are you doing ?? can you please help me in SPI project I got some errors

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    I need a better coder than myself :) I am working on a remote control application where the hw is my design. Parts include a Devkit-C ESP32 module, LorRa RFM95 module, ILI9341 240X320 LCD, I2C parts, motor driver and a bit Right now I have trouble with LoRa/LCD creating Guru Meditation Error: Core 1 panic'ed (Interrupt wdt timeout on CPU1) followed by reset. LoRa and LCD are on the same SPI...

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    Hi there, I'm looking for an experienced Embedded Developer for a small project. It's about setting up an nRF52 to read various sensors per TWI and SPI. Therefore i need to use EasyDMA and don't know how to do it

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    My company is planning to develop a new industiial hardware device. To do that, we're planning to test various MCU platforms and Touchscreens. We need help of a freelancer who have experiences with wide range of MCUs and Displays Till now, my company used TI and Nordic chips for our IoT projects. Now we're going to move to other more popular MCUs, because we were unable to find a good f...

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    I have developed a custom PCB with an STM32 F103 MCU that incorporates motor drivers, IMU (MPU6050), buck converter and some connectors for external I2C, SPI and USART components. The PCB seems allright, as the STM32 Cube IDE detects the MCU correctly and allows me to upload some code, but the uploaded code does not work correctly. The main issue is that i upload a simple blink (set the LED pin to...

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