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    i have a nuclear reactor manual that i need some chapters from to be summarized . no need for advanced summarization just basic rephrasing and rewriting, source material would be around 100 pages and is expected to be shortened to half or less without losing the main important info . applicant should have good knowledge of engineering and nuclear field .

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    ...want quality before quantity, but as you may think, it's important to have some quantity too. There for I want the document to contain at least 800 words each, except the summerize with can be only 500 words. If you write more words but with good quality, then I can pay more. But only I decide if it's still quality before quantity. I also want the documents

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    Hi , So this dialouge i want you to summerize it in form of points , [login to view URL] Thanks

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    Hello , i have this podcast ( 2 of them ) total around 40 mins , WITH THE SCRIPT WRITTEN BELOW OF IT . so there isnt any much work , what i need you to do is to summarize it WITH YOUR WORDS NOT COPY PASTE. in form of points / paraghraphs here is the link : [login to view URL]

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    7 ofertas this my choice (some of them share same link) in this my choice you will need a max min woocommerce plugin to set up Minimum order quantity in certain category. so to summerize 1. my choice category with purchase minimum xx € 2. add push notification : plugin [login to view URL] or similar

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    Wix website CODE help Encerrado left

    Platform: WIX WEBSITE [login to view URL] I want to summerize what we need to do for the task: -Complete sign up and member login -create the personal page to show info + change/update info -creat database for personal info -show the data about orders+ payment status -create database for orders + payment with status -the page for

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    You will have to summerize some articles for me.

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    Need to summerize an article related to sociology

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    HIPAA law article summarize and add your thoughts in 2 pages

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    HIPAA system Encerrado left

    Summerize an article about HIPAA in 2 pages

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    ...suppliers via Email or Calls 3. Order units from the supplier and negotiate costs of products and negotiate payment deadlines with the supplier and the manufactories Summerize: We are looking for a buyer, who can make hard negotiations with the USA suppliers and manufactories. If you have good contacts to suppliers and manufactories in wholesale

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    ...suppliers via Email or Calls 3. Order units from the supplier and negotiate costs of products and negotiate payment deadlines with the supplier and the manufactories Summerize: We are looking for a buyer, who can make hard negotiations with the suppliers and manufactories. If you have good contacts to suppliers and manufactories in wholesale, would

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    I need you to write a research article. To summerize a 7-8 pages research paper into 2 page

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    Article Summery Encerrado left

    I have 2 articles, 1 about Technical Debt and one about Software Archticture Documentation. I would like someone to summerize both of those articles.

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    have to write 1300 word per day- 6 days a week- monthly pay 50usd it is a simple rewrite job. writers have to read and summerize news articles. no extra research or anything

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    ...The final attachment I will attach is going to be a image that I want my bundle to be EXACTLY like! So copy that mockup exactly, as that is what I am looking for.. So to summerize once again. I will attach a final attachment after the needed images.. that final attachment will be a eCover bundle image, which I want you to copy when shifting my image

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    hello i have to summerize a business proposal and a survey on a poster.... all information given. this is a small project with a small budget only apply if you are happy with this...

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    Hi AcademicGraphc, I want you to summerize my proposal to about 15 page article. I will give you my proposal and a similar article to see the style i need. Kindly get back to me. Regards

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    I am looking for someone who can find out and summerize all the steps needed to opening a brunch of my business in Japan or starting a new business. I need all the relevant information, forms and steps of a successful process

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    longitude summerize Encerrado left

    I need you to write some articles. longitude summerize

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    Content Writing Encerrado left

    ...service for private escorts and massage therapists so you must be comfortable with such. I will provide you with our current about us and business plan and you will need to summerize, and rewrite to improve its content to attract our target audiences. Content will be required for our: Home page - 1 paragraph summerising our company and services. 200

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    To Summerize a 60-page book to an 8-9 Page paper in 10 hours . I will send you the Pdf of the book through e-mail. Thank you

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    hi , i have 18 word file , i want to summerize it to 15-20 slides perfect presentation i need it within 1 hour

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    Proofread Something Encerrado left

    I submitted this paper, and received this comments, i need this paper fixed ASAP 1. grammar, you have to correct the whole paper g...dont use third person verbs (it, the previous, this, that ,...... ) just mention who are you relating it for 3. the conclusion was too short for 7 pages paper, you must summerize all your finding thru out the paper.

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    I need you to write some content for a website. Summerize some work .. And presentation

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    Summerize tech magazine articles to 3-5 sentences.

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    summerize a book NO plagiarism minimum 10,000 words message me i will give details

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    Web development Encerrado left

    ...implementation for the same. 10. All components of the website need to be designed, like the login form, registration form, submit contest entry form, submit video form. 11. To summerize the flow of website- a user visits the site, a landing page is shown where a main video player starts playing something, this player is a small sized player. The user should

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    ...monthly fee payed out for updates on the cheat. The cheat would be with no visual esp, but sound esp indicating an enemy is near by. It would also need to have a aimbot. To summerize what I need is a experienced coder that will constantly be updating the cheat when the game or esea and cevo clients have been updated, cheat will be a sound esp and aimbot

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    I need you to write some content for a website.I need some to to research about certain topics like "10 richest people in the world" and then write a summerize each of the ten people and how they got there. i also want each person to be summerized in 150 words

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    Academic Writing Encerrado left

    ...there would be a discussion board where two questions need to be answered from two different readings and post four replies to a fellow student. Then, read a chapter and summerize it in seven sentences, according to instructions I will send. For one of my anthropology class, one needs to read a chapter and watch videos then answer one question on

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    I need you to write a report for something. I am an English language teacher since 2000 . I can write articles . reports and abstracts . I can summerize the long writings . Abed Alrahman sulaiman

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    SEO my Website Encerrado left

    hello , my project include mostly posting reviews on my site at relevant blogs and forums, doing so , you will first ...and forums that are on the same aria of my company. then creating the right contant and add it with a link to my site . ones a week i would like to get an excel file that summerize the links and contant that was added . thank you

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    I need a microsoft word document (docx) wich we will use as template for our invoices. 1. There needs to be a table like in the pdf i found and uploaded with summerize function and 19% tax calulation. 2. the layout should be the same as in the pdf i found.

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    ...easy enough, so I will not bother defining it. For privacy reasons, the name should be assigned at the client level. Different clients MUST define their own names. To summerize: 1. Website portal with ACL, allowing hierarchal views and management. 2. Dynamic menu, depending on login status. 3. Standard security practices. 4. Account usage information

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    Online Exam Encerrado left

    ...password should be autogenerated & visible to Admin 5. Add Course 6. Add questions in each course. 7. Define no. of questions in exam & total time of Exam. 8. Summerize report of result - Exam Wise in user side, i will simply tell each student their login details They will login & start attempting questions, 1. One by

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    i have a 2 reports that needs to be summarize in to max 3 pages only the important field must be written

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    I've created an iOS app that runs in the background of your device and...behaves on normal usage. You should install the app on your device, let it run during one week. At the end of each day you'll collect battery and bandwidth details and summerize everything in a CSV file. The CSV should contain 2 results per day and a screenshot for that day.

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    I'm looking for a junior profile who can do online research on marketing automation and summerize results.

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    summerize one chapter from the book in a powerpoint slide to present for the class in easy way . chapter 2 name is Service Strategy . Book name Service Mnagement eighth edition writer names James A. Fitzsimmons/ Mona J. Fitzsimmons / Sanjeev K . Bordoloi

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    summerize writing Encerrado left

    summerize the article to 750 words-1000 words in 3 hours.

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    I need somebody professional engineering rewriting of attach technical paper, Attach pdf paper need to rephrase, summerize in easy English contents but in same order More than 10 % same copy paste will not consider successful,

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    21 ofertas a way to control this application which is on Mac from iPhone/Ipad programmatically. You DON'T have to write an app for this - just give me the way to do that. So to summerize here is key feaures: - On Mac machine Start/Stop operation for recording (through mic) - On stop recording save it as file - Convert this file to text using speech to text

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    Academic assignment Encerrado left

    the job is to read 2 articles of (23 + 17) pages, and to summerize according to the assignment requirments, and answer one question about the content of the articles. this is an assingment for a collage student , and need to be done by Sunday afternoon max. Please apply only if you know that you have good skills for the job, and ONLY if you know that

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    Build a Website Encerrado left html. There should be total 8 pages like this. One of the page should be use for authenticating premium users and one page will our contain our premium content. so to summerize below is what i want, create html website exactly similar to [login to view URL] it should have 8 pages. one page should have login authentication of email and password

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    4 ofertas

    ...just white background like shown in the design). I would also like to use the logo as a avatar so try to make the ratio 1:1 aspect ratio and make it vector graphic. To summerize: - The blog is about gaming and working out - The logo should be cartoon, manga or hand drawn style of me - The logo should be drawn from my shoulders and up - The logo

    $56 (Avg Bid)
    21 inscrições

    ...and display them in a separate table. - Use the exchange rates table above to calculate the bid/ask for each currency (in USD) and display that in a table. So to summerize - 3 simple tables which all display data from MtGox API or a currency exchange. I know this is quite a simple project, but ONLY serious and cost-effective bids will be

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    ...excel sheet. The site is written in html5, php, and with mysql. There is a list of around 65 changes that need to be made, but most are very small (change text). I have summerize some of the larger taskes below (they are not large but you will have to become familiar w/ our code) Improve page load speed on both mobiel and desktop site integrate

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Summarize !!! Encerrado left

    ...documents. i will explain each of them for you. 1. document ch7 coporate : Our doctor want us to summerize chapter 7 that she explained to us . she want it to be from our own words and mind thoughts ,so you have to read it and then summerize if to 10-11 slides. she Dosent like too much talk in the powerpoint she just want bulits and then in the

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    ...server with known fixed IP/DNS address. Additional project details will be provided to the selected bidder only. Must have a rated profile and relevant work experience. To summerize we require someone who is - Proficient in Delphi/C++ - Thorough experience in network programming - Knowledge of various types of NAT operation and traversal - Experience

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