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    Percussion -- 2 Encerrado left

    Preciso de um baterista/percussionista para gravar bateria MIDI em um projeto

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    Percussion Encerrado left

    Preciso de um baterista/percussionista para gravar bateria MIDI em um projeto

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    Eu preciso da transcrição em arquivo MIIDI de uma música que eu fiz. É um instrumento apenas e sua duração é de 3 minutos.

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    Design de logotipo Encerrado left

    tenho um ateliê de saias tipo Midi chamado Saia com Amor, e gostaria de criar um logotipo para ele. Gostaria q o logotipo tivesse um mulher da cintura ate os pés usando um saia Midi.

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    Design a flute logo Encerrado left

    Design a flute logo as discussed...Design a flute logo as discussed...Design a flute logo as discussed...Design a flute logo as discussed...Design a flute logo as discussed...

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    Brazilian Groover Encerrado left

    ...meus membros. Antes de detalhar o Projeto citarei alguns softwares e ou aplicativos nesse estilo: e Band In a Box. Eu preciso de um Software nesses estilos, mas com algumas diferenças: *Simplicidade e Praticidade *Que tenha uma Área de Criação(Tipo um Servidor), onde eu Possa enviar os ritmos que irei criando ao longo do tempo via MIDI( E que aceite um recurso onde possa mudar os Timbres dos arquivos midi para Timbres de Virtual Instruments do KONTACT)onde já deixo salvo em cada SESSÃO com NOME e características editadas EX SESSAO(GENERO)-Jazz NOME(STYLE)-1-Bebop,2-Ballad . Obviamente os membros ou clientes não teriam acesso a isso. *E a área onde os membros vão utilizar os ritmos( ESSE PRODUTO...

    $143 - $428
    $143 - $428
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    O projeto rse resume na construção de um software de ensino musical. Na verdade, a proposta é encontrar algum programador interessado em ser um sócio-fundador de uma startup do ramo. Dependendo da proposta, podemos comprar o software desenvolvido. Entre em contato que enviaremos o projeto em maiores detalhes. 

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    I'm in desperate need of a Logic Pro expert who can recover a corrupted project file. Here's the situation: - After my file got corrupted, I tried to restore it and failed. - Not sure if I have a backup of the corrupted file, your expertise will be needed to check if any backup exists. Ideally, you will be a seasoned Logic Pro user who's familiar with MIDI programming, audio editing, and mixing and mastering. You should also possess advanced troubleshooting skills and file recovery experience in Logic Pro. Time is crucial as I need to get back to work on this project ASAP. Please reach out if you're confident you can assist.

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    I am in need of a music production specialist who can expertly navigate the integration of MainStage with Pro Tools. I have set up various patches in Mainstage, and and need to use these patches to record in Pro Tools. I'd like to assign different Mainstage patches to several different MIDI tracks in Pro Tools and record simultaneously, if possible. The ideal candidate will have experience integrating MainStage with Pro Tools using AIC drivers. This is, of course, a Mac environment.

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    ...application is a keyboard interface, utilizing the functionality of a common computer keyboard to act as the instrument's keys. There are 3 models. One uses the computer keyboard to play individual notes like a piano. The 2nd uses a numeric keypad to play over 50 different chords with 3 inversions in all 12 musical keys. The 3rd uses the computer keyboard to play both chords and individual melody notes. MIDI is not used. All notes and chords are .mp3 recordings. All are fully working but have a few bugs to work out. Both time-based expiry and web-based authorization are present and working. Your job will be to get acquainted with the code and how it works, correct bugs, and add a boolean to turn the time-based expiry on and off (and integrate this feature into the aut...

    $15 - $25 / hr
    $15 - $25 / hr
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    ...this, more features on the piano roll such as moving the keys and deleting them and changing bpm is a requirement. The more features the better (such as resizing). I also have a collection of sounds and adding them in there instead of the default piano would be awesome. Making it look nice and professional with ttkthemes or possibly even PyQt would be awesome It must be able to download them as .midi files. It used to work (downloading midis) but not anymore. Also other glitches how such as some programs only do arpeggio and not chords (want it to do both) and how in (picture 4) not all chords work, can be extended into further with code access Another requirement is connecting it with Cryptlex, this will give it a license key to avoid pirating (or at least reduce it) This pr...

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    Trophy icon Luxury Clothing Line Logo Design Encerrado left

    I'm looking for a logo design that symbolizes my luxury clothing line. The logo needs to instill a sense of exclusivity and emit an aura of royalty and prince-like energy. Requirements: - Designs should be a combination of modern and minimalist aesthetics. - Incorporate the colors gold, black, white, and a touch of silver. - Must include a swan and crown in the emblem. Ideal Skills: - Experience in designing for luxury brands - Proficiency in modern and minimalist design elements - Creative flair in incorporating symbols into design Your expertise in color psychology is vital in capturing the brand's exclusivity while your unique interpretation of the chosen symbols will differentiate our identity in the marketplace.

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    ...voices and harp (think Holst or Britten) from a PDF format to a MIDI file. This will be an exact transcription of the notes without changes or modifications; however words, and all other markings are not required. Essential skills and experience required: - degree level ability to read and interpret 20thC music scores - Proficiency in use of music software, but platform-neutral as the desired result is a set of MIDI files, one for each part. - Awareness of polytonal art music required. A hosted application for viewing the PDF file will be provided, and the MIDI file must be of high quality to facilitate smooth editing within the Mac program Logic. At the successful conclusion of this project, I'll be in possession of a MIDI file that can be reformatte...

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    Hi, My friend and I have bought equipment for home recording music and are able to play it live, but having trouble working our hardware/software (using electric guitars, MIDI, SM58, Axe I/O audio interface, studio one/sound trap DAW). We were wondering if we could ask some questions/advice from a professional software engineer to help get started. Happy to pay around £15-20, and will likely only take 15-30 minutes to answer some questions!

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    I have a nice working code about capacitive touch sensors inside esp32 and everything is working fine but i have a little bug on one input If you have experience with midi ble and esp32 then you have the right skills.

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    I'm seeking an expert to help with an innovative project that combines AI and music. This involves creating MIDI files and composing new music content with transformers while using any music genre. Key duties: - Working with AI, specifically transformers. - Generating MIDI files. - Composing unique music in any genre. Ideal candidate: - Proficient in music composition - Understanding of MIDI files creation - Background in AI - Preferably having experience with transformers in AI - Broad knowledge of varied music genres

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    I am seeking a highly-skilled artist experienced in heraldic design to create a unique coat of arms. Key Details: - Preferred Style: Heraldic traditional - Elements: This project will incorporate various elements. I am looking to incorporate animals such as a boar, bear, fox, mermaid, stag, and swan. Additionally, generic symbols and traditional heraldic components, such as a shield and helm, are required. - Colors: The dominant colors of the design should be blue, gold, and white. Skills & Experience: - Prior experience in heraldic design and working with traditional elements - Strong portfolio of previous work, particularly with related designs - Strong understanding and adherence to the heraldic tradition - Adept in color theory and use - Able to deliver a symbolically...

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    I'm seeking to develop a unique PCB design for a product that will use the STM32H7 microcontroller series. The board will need to allow for specific external hardware interfaces including a USB interface, USB-C, MIDI IN/OUT, and a 5v Power connector. Ideal candidates for this job will have experience with the hardware details of the STM32H7 series and be proficient in the design of PCB's that incorporate multiple hardware interfaces. Proficiency in the following areas is desired: - PCB design for manufacturing - Working with STM32H7 series - Incorporating USB, USB-C, MIDI and power interfaces into designs - Handling debugger connection in the design. The successful delivery of this project will provide a PCB design ready for manufacturing. I hope you will join me ...

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    ...a sphere), even better if it looks like it's just one of many within a topiary garden. The point of the image is that it takes time and work to cultivate a topiary/topiary garden. - At least half of the shape still shows the mossed frame (as an example: ) - Then a portion of it looks mostly pristine - the correct shape (as an example, this link has a completed swan topiary:

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    ...primary medium of communication - Proficiency in MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) integration as it plays a crucial part in the execution sequence - Image recognition tools to help recognize entities and improvise project execution - Implement a recommendation system feature for improved project solutions Ideal Skills: - Extensive knowledge in AI programming and integration - Web development proficiency, preferably in modern frameworks - Advanced understanding of MIDI integration - Proficiency in Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing algorithms - Capable of developing sophisticated Recommendation Systems This project is ideal for an AI developer with hands-on experience in web development and an understanding of MIDI aspects. If you'...

    $18 (Avg Bid)
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    ...music industry, I'm on the lookout for an Industrial Designer with experience in consumer electronics to conceptualize a new MIDI Controller. The device will be utilized for music production and live performances by professional musicians, and hence, we're aiming for sophisticated functionality and an aesthetic appeal. Ideal skills & experience needed: - Proficient in industrial product design, specifically consumer electronics. - Previous design experience with musical equipment or MIDI controllers is a plus. - Knowledge in interface design to implement a user-friendly operating system. What the job involves: - Creating a design concept for a high-performance MIDI controller that features: - Velocity-sensitive keys - Drum pads - A fres...

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    Trophy icon Minimalist Logo Design for Branding Encerrado left

    I am seeking a creative and experienced graphic designer to create a minimalist swan logo to enhance my brand identity. The logo should embody a clean, simple, and uncluttered style in neutral tones, to resonate with my brand's attributes and values. Attached are concepts we have created to show inspiration. Key Responsibilities: - Developing a minimalist logo with a sense of identity - Incorporating neutral tones, avoiding vibrant colors Ideal candidate will have: - Proven experience in designing minimalist logos - Strong knowledge of color theory, specifically neutral tones - An innovative approach to maintaining brand consistency across different mediums - A robust portfolio of logo designs demonstrating a minimalistic approach Deliverables: - A high-quality, scalable ve...

    $80 (Avg Bid)
    Destacado Garantido
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    This project is for the creation of a minimalist logo, inspired by the rich tapestry of Tamil culture and the beauty of Indian Carnatic music. Here's what I'm looking for: - A logo concept that embodies simplicity and elegance, adhering to the minimalist aesthetic. - The logo's design should subtly incorporate traditional Carnatic Music instruments - namely, the Veenai, Flute, and Mridhangam. - While there's no specific color scheme to stick to, the choice of colors should complement the logo's minimalist design and effectively convey its cultural theme. Ideal Candidate: You have a deep understanding of minimalism in graphic design and the ability to render complex concepts in a nuanced, elegant style. Experience in designing logos for musical or cul...

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    i want to make a headless synthesizer with my ARM board (similar to raspberry pi) the synthesizer will receive commands from usb midi keyboard and play some sounds i want to use soundfonts (fluidsynth) for the instruments for the effects i want to use LV2 plugins the effects are controlled by knobs on the midi controller i want to run only from commandline (no xwindows).. . everything should be controlled by python. can you help me with - the setup - the choice of the right components - making the python program pls tell me about your experience with linux synthesizers in the offer

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    I'm looking for a capable graphic designer who can create an elegant logo for Hamsah, my luxury gifting brand. The logo should incorporate the following: - A swan, as this is integral to our brand identity - Colors: The design should use a color palette of blue and white - Need HAMSAH name in the logo Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign - Experience in designing logos for luxury or premium brands - An understanding of minimalist design philosophy while following an elegant style I need a logo that speaks to the luxury and elegance of our brand, captures the essence of a swan and communicates the high standard of quality that our gifts embody.

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    I'm seeking a proficient developer with experience in both Arduino and Raspberry PI, to aid in porting my MIDI hardware controller with a touch screen interface to raspberry PI. The successful candidate will be experienced in Arduino, Python and Python UI, and have knowledge of PI input and output hardware IO messaging. Please see Arduino project here at GITHUB that you'll be effectively replicating on the PI: And video of later model I made so you can understand better what it is doing: I will work with you to port this over, with input of UI design (yes this visual look will be vague to start with, so we can orbit around and find the more ergonomic design - so there will

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    I need a skilled freelancer to deploy my project residing in Github into an AWS Ubuntu Instance such that URLs can be accessed via my own subdomains rather than just localhost. This project has 3 main URLs, each one must be mapped to a subdomain. Skills & Experience: • Experience with AWS, specifically AWS Ubuntu Instance, is crucial as this will be the deployment host. • Capability to configure URL routing to subdomains • Experience with RevseProxy and Virtualhost Although I have an advanced understanding of AWS Ubuntu Instance, I'm searching for an expert who is experienced in managing and deploying projects on AWS.

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    I aim to transform my Cameo CLPFLAT1RGB10IR into a visual metronome that I could control via a BOSS FS-5U footswitch. The goal is to manipulate the flashing speed of the Cameo light with each tap on the footswitch, setting an accurate pace in a white li...flash speed. - Method to be implemented: wired connection. - Hardware controller is desired but specific device is undefined. - Ensure light flashes in white color. Freelancers with experience in: - Hardware and software interfacing - Device configurations via both wire and code - Creating a user-friendly interface - Not restricted but proficiency in works involving Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and MIDI controller would be useful. Your expertise is needed to transform a conventional light into a unique visual device that supports m...

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    ...site on this same instance. The secondary site is a fork of the Swan Banking frontend from Github. ( ) Key Project Requirements: - Make the secondary website accessible from external computers. - Secondary website is already installed in the Lightsail instance, just need to configure VirtualHosts or Proxy to access it from different subdomain than the main Wordpress website. - No customization or modifications required at this stage. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Extensive AWS Lightsail knowledge • WordPress and Github competency • Network and server management • Understanding of website accessibility and security issues • Any experience with Swan Banking frontend would be advantageous. Please place your

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    Trophy icon Brand Recognition Logo Development Encerrado left

    My company name is Flute & Fizz Co. We offer champagne towers with coupe glasses. I attached photos of a champagne tower looks like for your reference. I think I want to add some pink color to the logo. Simple and modern.

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    I am seeking a proficient developer with extensive experience in trading bot design and programming, particularly for the Swan platform. The main task involves the creation of a bot to meet the following criteria: - Compatibility: The trading bot should be compatible with Swan trading platform. - Primary Objective: The bot should specifically be programmed to execute buy, sell and follow partner operations. - Trading Strategy: Ideal candidate should possess strong understanding and skills to implement a 'Buy set sell limit' strategy. Please ensure you have a solid portfolio highlighting similar projects. Prior experience with Swan is a considerable advantage. Evaluation will be based on alignment with project objectives, professional experience, and proposa...

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    I'm seeking an expert to design and implement an interactive touchscreen display system with midi keyboard that will serve an educational purpose for museum visitors of all ages. Requirements: - Develop an engaging and intuitive user interface in in a first of two steps (second optional) - 1st step renew and update a working system (current version available) based on "open office show" - update layout - update content - update multimedia functions - Capable of displaying cross-generational content in a modern and interesting style - Incorporate a diverse mix of multimedia elements - 2nd step (optional) develop the system on a more professional basis with a content management system Content to Include: - Text-based information for in-depth lea...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer experienced in Logic Pro to help complete a specific assignment. Although the earlier questions were skipped, there are strict guidelines in place for this assignment. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Extensive experience with Logic Pro - A strong background in recording, editing audio, creating MIDI arrangements, mixing and mastering tracks, as these may be part of the assignment - Exceptional attention to detail in following specific guidelines or requirements The exact details of the assignment will be shared after selection. I'm looking forward to collaborating with you on this project.

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    Our WordPress site, , sells sheet music arrangements for flute players. The arrangements are suitable for only the best flute players in the world. We need to find the names and emails of those flute players so that we can let them know that we have something for them. To demonstrate your ability to do this job, find info about 3 famous players, and enter it into a spreadsheet similar to this one: You could start with a Google Search for something like this: famous flute players new york In your bid, please quote how many names and emails you would be able to deliver. We need as many as possible. NO placemarker bids. Quote your price for the job – NOT your hourly rate

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    I'm seeking a MIDI programmer who specializes in MIDI mapping for a specialty device. Specifically, I need the mapping to trigger an Allen & Heath QU console Mix mute function by configuring Midi solutions F8 with Bomebox Key Requirements: -Know how to deal with Allen and Heath QU midi protocol - Know how to deal with Bomebox - know how to program MIDI solutions F8 The goal of this project is to properly program MIDI mapping to mix (bus) mute console functions effectively. Ideally, you should have prior experience mapping MIDI for specialty devices. This project will require a deep understanding of both MIDI programming and mute function triggering. The ability to problem solve and innovate within constraints could be i...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to create a VST instrument plugin that emulates the sound characteristics of an electric guitar. The candidate should be one who has previously developed VST plugins, with deep understanding of music software and digital signal processing. Key ...understanding of music software and digital signal processing. Key Requirements: - Development of a VST instrument plugin from scratch - Plugin should emulate the sound of an electric guitar - Ensure compatibility with major DAWs Ideal Skills and Experience: - VST Plugin Development - Audio Engineering - Software Development - Knowledge in Electric Guitar Tone Emulation Knowledge of music software and MIDI will be highly beneficial. I look forward to hearing your creative ideas and approach t...

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    Bonjour, Nourrir ma Tribu travaille pour un groupement de commande d'établissements scolaires dans le sud comprenant 54 établissements : je m'occupe de leur marchés publics (achats de denrées alimentaires alimentaires) et de leur fournir un outil (c# winform sur machine virtuelle via rdp) leur permettant de passer leur...iPhone. l'appli comporte 25 appels en get et en post, 28 activities, 15 adapter, 15 models et 47 fichiers axml pour les layouts. je pense que vous êtes plus à même que moi d'estimer la charge de travail que cela implique. n'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez besoin d'éléments complémentaires pour pouvoir faire une estimation de temps ou pour échanger...

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    As an appreciator of music production, I'm seeking a skilled individual who can successfully enable my ESP32 BLE MIDI device to convey MIDI messages to Ableton. The project's primary focus includes: - The capability for my ESP32 device to effectively transmit Note on/off MIDI messages to Ableton. - This should preferably be achievable via either Hairless MIDI or any other reliable options you may suggest. Ideal Experience & Skills: - Profound knowledge and prior experience with Ableton software and ESP32 MIDI Devices. - Understanding and proficiency in handling MIDI communications. - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) knowledge and experience would be highly beneficial. Please note, due to my own scheduling, I need this project to be co...

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    I'm a beginner in FL Studio and am looking for 1-on-1 tutoring with a focus on house music. Here are my specific needs: - Skills enhancement in music sequencing, mixing and mastering, and MIDI recording within FL Studio. - Assistance with creating original tracks and remixing existing songs. - Want to gain deep understanding of house music production techniques. The ideal candidate will be an advanced FL Studio user with significant experience in house music. Your portfolio demonstrating house music tracks created, mixed, and mastered using FL Studio will be beneficial. Experience in tutoring or coaching would also be highly appreciated as it will aid in improving learning outcomes.

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    Looking for an experienced producer/mixer to finish a composition currently in progress. Our mixer has had an emergency and left the project. The project is in GarageBand, and the overall cadence, composition flow, and style have been approved. The composition needs completion (blending transitions, matching BPMs, then final mastering) Approximate completed length is 1:30 - 1:45. Tracks are MIDI based and guide tracks are MP3. Our producer had estimated 1-2 days total working time to finish. This project needs to be completed by February 21st. We can supply the working GB file for qualified candidates.

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    I am in need of a professional who can create a detailed tech pack for my range of activewear. This project will include designing one set of high waist leggings and two types of sports tops, a standard supportive sports bra/top and a high neck compression tank/midi top. Key Features & Functionality: - Moisture-wicking fabric - Four-way stretch - Breathable material - Heat transferable for logos and designs The tech pack should capture design specifications for a range of sizes and provide comprehensive details for production. No rush on the completion date, as I value quality over speed. Ideal Candidate: Relevant fashion design experience is a must. The freelancer should have a strong understanding of activewear design and materials, a keen eye for detail, and be able to...

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    More details: What specific functionalities are you looking to achieve with the orange pi 02w using the Ubuntu server OS? MIDI integration What level of customization will you need for the MIDI integration? Standard MIDI device compatibility How do you plan to manage the orange pi 02w? Using SSH (Secure Shell)

    $23 / hr (Avg Bid)
    Destacado ADC
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    ...controller and midi instruments alongside the complete setup of Native Instruments Kontakt 7. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Studio One and its functionalities including audio interface and external midi devices - Experience with Windows operating systems. - Familiarity with Native Instruments Kontakt 7 and its integration. - Ability to troubleshoot and ensure compatibility across all devices and software. - Strong communication skills for providing instructions or guidance. ### Requirements: - Mobile as Site Based, Surrey UK - Setup of Presonus Studio One v6 with a focus on software plugin configuration. - Setup audio interface, DAW Presonus 8 channel controller, - Installation and optimization of Native Instruments Kontakt 7. - Configuration of var...

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    Hello, I have a web application that I would like to finish. It was created with Python Django framework and ReactJs Here are the access codes: ID : test002(arobase) Passeword : 123123 What remains to be done: Most urgent: - Repair the software (it no longer works) - Create an account (it doesn't work) - free account (5 uses...Password confirm password First name Last name Phone Address Zip or postal code City Date of birth name of conservatory Teacher NO <=> YES how did you find out about the software Register I'm already a member, log in here - musical character recognition to allow each extract to be exported as a midi or xml file Thank you

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    Trophy icon Logo Enhancement Extravaganza Encerrado left

    We are seeking a talented freelancer to elevate our current logo design. Our primary goal is to infuse an aura of luxury into both the graphics and typography. We admire the 'C' in our current logo, which resembles a countertop with its sharp edges and extension. Additionally, the 'S' resembles a swan and is integral to our brand identity as it represents the most significant letters in CounterShop.com. We envision a color scheme that exudes luxury, featuring combinations like Black and Gold, Silver and Purple, or Purple and Gold. While we already have a logo in place, we're excited to see how your creative skills can take it to the next level. Bear in mind that we are well-acquainted with various designs; therefore, AI-generated logos won't suffice. W...

    $65 (Avg Bid)
    652 inscrições

    I am in need of a custom-created, advanced audio lo...audio looping software much like Ed Sheeran uses. The software must be optimized for a Windows and mac operating system and strictly controlled via a MIDI controller. Some of the essential functionalities that should be included are: - Loop playback, which allows for continuous repetition of tracks - A record and overdub feature to layer sounds - Functions to enable or disable sections of the tracks - The ability to clear everything instantly - Option to undo the last recording Ideal candidates for this project would include those with previous experience in building audio software, particularly looping software, as well as an understanding of MIDI controller usage. Expertise in creating software for Windows and mac pla...

    $195 (Avg Bid)
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    I need someone to adapt this song in Japanese. A literal translation doesn't work. (it doesn't match with the music). So it needs to be translated and adapted. (changing the translation to match the music) It is a slow piano christian song. I included a zip file with the lyrics, an instrumental track, a midi file, and a singing version. (the singing version, the first 5 seconds are missing due to a technical error) Thank you

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    Logo Design Encerrado left

    Proposal: Logo Designs With Multiple variations and Revisions. Final Files will included all necessary extensions and source file. Logo Description: "Are you able to design a logo entirely from...requirements. I have a concept for a logo which I'd like to share. It's for 'CounterShop', and I'm looking to design unique logos for the 'C' and 'S'. I can provide a sketch for reference. For the 'C', I envision it resembling a sharp, rectangular countertop. The 'S' should be sophisticated, elegant, and soft - possibly incorporating a swan shape that resembles the letter 'S', but with modern lines rather than an actual swan image. If you could look up some modern swan logos, you might find someth...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    ...to the specifications below: The Magic of Mozart 1. remove grey margin at start of message. 2. reduce margin between logo and start of message to 15px. 3. reduce space to 2 lines. These requirements are illustrated here: 4. Spacing: 5. Spacing: Beethoven on the Flute 1. Spacing: 2. Spacing: Your code must be responsive and mobile-friendly. The deliverables will be two TXT files that I can copy and paste into my Arigato plugin. To demonstrate your ability to do the job, please include in your proposal a file with two of the issues corrected. It's likely that there will be

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