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    We are programming a windows GUI for a firewall. We need an icon & logo designer to do the following things: We need 23 16x16 icons representing the following ideas (the "*" is not an icon, its a kind of icons): * Objects: - workstation - network - IP Range - Workstation group * Services: - Service group - ICMP Type - ICMP COde - tcp - udp - other service * R...

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    I am looking for a re-design concept for a small real estate company(design only). The design should a visual presentation of buying real estate, reflect professionalism in an upscale real estate market and be elegant in its simplicity. I can supply images of typical and unique houses in the area. Would prefer site written completely in CSS and xhtml but not required, I am more interested in t...

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    ASP Fusebox Website Encerrado left

    The website will be written in ASP using the Fusebox 3.0 methodology found at _<A href="[fazer login para ver a URL]">[fazer login para ver a URL]</A>_. The site will contain only _Javascript/_VBScript, HTML, and graphics and be compliant with most browsers. Frames will not be used. Navigation menu will consist of only text and will remain the same throughout the site. Search...

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    java1 project Encerrado left

    You are the till attendant at a department store. At the start of the day your computer will read from file the customers database and store the customer’s details in memory. Then, during the day a series of customers will join a queue. Some will be new customers who must be added to the database. The others will want either to buy something or put money into their account. After such a tran...

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    I need a dll written in vb6 that will accomplish the following: Given a folder path (where Outlook Express dbx files will be), it will extract each email out of every file and save these emails as .txt files. Here are the rules to be followed: Properties: FolderPath DestinationFolder Methods: ExtractMail For every file that is found in the FolderPath, a matching folder name ...

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    Web Site Redesign Encerrado left

    I am an author and speaker. The two sites that best example what I’d like my site to function like are [[fazer login para ver a URL]][1] and [[fazer login para ver a URL]][2] . I don’t have as many activities and products as these two guys, but the functionality and professional look are what I’m after. Here are some of the things I need: * I want to create and maintain the cont...

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    Wind Speed Readings Encerrado left

    Write a class called FindReadings. The class accepts wind speed readings (double) and determines the lowest, highest, and average wind speed readings. Write a test class that creates a FindReading object; also it must use the JOptionPane class to enter a series of readings from the keyboard in order for the FindReading class to determine the lowest, highest, and average readings. The test class st...

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    I need to migrate an structural engineering software written in VC++ 1.52 to Vc7, keeping a similar user interface, i.e., MDI and Tab-based (classes CPropertyPage and CPropertySheet). Core calculations are composed of 24 classes, 502 KB, 17 KLOC, whilst the complete application (composed of 4 programs) is 3.2 MB, 130 KLOC. The user inputs several parameters (for each node, there are 47 input var...

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    Should be an easy thing for experienced php programmers :) We're interested in getting a typical script for displaying an advent calendar on a website. Short description: Script should contain a protected administration area where the webmaster could add any html content for each day from dec 1st to 24th. Visitors should see the whole calendar, the actual day after clicking on the correspo...

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    simple java progrom Encerrado left

    Task Description You are the till attendant at a department store. At the start of the day your cinputer will read from file the customer database and store the customer's details in memory. Then, during the day a series of customers will join a queue. Some will be new customers who must be added to the database. The others will want to either buy something or put money into their account. A...

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    Design Encerrado left

    Looking for coders to translate some business requirements to specifications using UML State diagrams, Harel's Statecharts, and the Z specification language. The emphasis of using UML State diagrams and Harel's Statecharts is to illustrate the real time and dynamic properties of a typical order in a B2B e-commerce system. The zip file attached contains the detailed requirements. ##...

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    I need a clone of the typical "sign image creation" application that generates .pgn or .jpg files. This image file will be used by my client to fashion a sign that the customer wishes to purchase. It contains a Java Applet that acts as the image generation canvas, JavaScript functions that fire off events within the Applet, frame sets to split the navigation from the Applet "image c...

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    I need an icon designed for a database application I'm developping and a simple splash screen,plus all the application typical icons. ## Deliverables The application is a database for maintaining Video tapes info. Scope of work:- Application Icon + simple splash screen. 1 - all the application typical toolbar icons ,navigational bar, file open ,new ,save etc. 2 - Icons for networkdrives co...

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    We need a set of approximately 25 icons for a web application we have built. Each icon will represent a specific action you can perform (see list below) and must be user-friendly. Prior to accepting a bid, we would need to see samples of your work. Icons can not be someone else's work - We must have complete ownership of the icons. You will not be able to sell them to someone else. Source F...

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    a program to analyze quadratic equations. It will find the roots of the equation (if any) and will also calculate and display the x- and y-coordinates of the vertex of the parabola represented by the equation and whether the curve is concave upwards or concave downwards. It will then ask the user if another set of calculations should be performed. A typical single run of the program should resemb...

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    Flash Race Car Game Encerrado left

    I'm looking for a flash Race Car Game. It has to be a web-based game that users can play one another. I was thinking one-on-one. When the user wins a race they accumalate points / money and they can build a faster / nicer car. The catch is this, our company works in the "Funeral Industry"...so the cars that we are building are not your typical...matter a fact, we are building &...

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    I need a shopping cart / ordering system for my asp.net / VB.NET / microsoft sql server system. My web site is <[fazer login para ver a URL]> (currently down for repairs at hosting company). It is a site for buying high end watches. I need the shopping cart to track users picks until ready to check out (typical shopping cart - nothing special). The ordering system needs to feed orders into M...

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    nim game Encerrado left

    Write a program that will generate a tree of all of the legal moves for a *nim* game that begins from the position 123. After generating the tree, you are to use the rules given below to allow your program to analyze the tree and compute the *perfect game* moves. And finally, you are to arrange for your program to play 5 games against a human (stdin) player. That is, you have *three* things to do:...

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    Design a Web Site Encerrado left

    The website will be written in ASP using the Fusebox 3.0 methodology found at _[[fazer login para ver a URL]][1]_. The site will contain only _Javascript/_VBScript, HTML, and graphics and be compliant with most browsers. Frames will not be used. Navigation menu will consist of only text and will remain the same throughout the site. Search functionality will be implemented into the site. I like th...

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    I need a website designed to have a look and feel of Ebay. This site will be a local classified / consignment sale site for many regions. I need several pages. Should be a [fazer login para ver a URL] and [fazer login para ver a URL] site. Pages needed: browse, categories, sale, login, contact, change zip code(for your area classifieds), search site plus subsites. Categories for this sta...

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    Dating Site Encerrado left

    Hi I am looking for a dating [fazer login para ver a URL] will have the same sort of functionality and use as a typical dating site like [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] site would require person to register,upload profile and picture,edit,search other likeminded persons by sending them messages through inbox [fazer login para ver a URL] site will be initially free for a...

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    **Win32 Multi-Channel Audio Playback Application Statement of Work:** Software as described as follows with source code in C++,C#, or Visual Basic that will compile in Visual Studio .NET (2002 or 2003): A simple Windows application that can play a single 16 channel wav file at a time that uses the WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE format and play it synchronously on a per sample basis via a 16 channel capa...

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    I have attached a [fazer login para ver a URL] script which I have been using for a formtomail. I believe I have it hardlocked to email only: emailaddress so that it cannot be exploited for spam purposes by any outsiders on the internet. 1.) Confirm that it is secure 2.) modify it so that the referring html form can specify a thankyou html page rather then the current form confirmation that it has...

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    Looking to take the randomiser concept to increase sales and awareness on one of our sites. Need to have the following features: * Be able to take payment through PayPal and StormPay. * Automatic signup process that also includes connection to our current backend (this is just automatically passing data to our sign-up form). * Once payment is made the payee is a member of our site for 45 d...

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    Automate Web Form Filling out from HTML form imput data. Desired Example.. Web surfer fills out a web form hosted on my Linux server and selects which offers he wants to try. Program automatically fills out forms on web sites of selected offers. Iniitallly there will be six offers to be filled out. An example of a typical offer is at: [fazer login para ver a URL] PHP solution i...

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    #1 I have an adult site that I have just bought and would like it enhanced. The site is called [fazer login para ver a URL] Under this site is a dating link where people can sign up. I would like this to be an actual dating site but I would like to have the features of the existing site with the links. I would also like to offer live chat where people can logon and chat etc... For the splash ...

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    Hi, We would like a simple tracking system for our website. A little about our site: We do a LOT of advertising for our site, numerous advertising campaigns have been set up to get people to our site and signup for our service. We get about close to 30-40 signups a day approx. We also have a referral system implemented, where our own members bring signups to our site. So as you can see, we are ...

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    I need a PHP/MYSQL solution which allows me to cut and paste or upload a text file (CSV or Fixed Field) through a secure web-based form that will contain the following fields: Name, email address, post-code, tracking number. THe sccript will parse the file/input and look-up a local depot telephone number (from supplied text file in the format: outbound postcode, number) based on the outbound post...

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    A software program that will harvest/collect the names of EBAY bidders on my personal auctions. Not interested in getting names from other auctions on EBAY other than my own. This software will not be used to spam people from EBAY. Only bidders on my personal auctions will be contacted. I would like to email the bidders a “thank you?? email for bidding on my auction. The program needs to col...

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    PDF Toolkit Encerrado left

    General: PDF .Net assembly/component to add creation and basic interactive and programatic manipulation of pdf's. Accessible from the .net IDE toolbox. Details of Operaton: 1. 'Print' any printable Windows document to .pdf format, saving results as attachment to Quiksoft email file, into db blob field, and to disk file (usual dialogs). 2. Fast convert of .tif attachments to Qu...

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    HTML Editor for .Net Encerrado left

    General: HTML-based wysiwyg 'mini wordprocessor' based on MS DHTML editor (or alternative capable of handling the complexities of commercial email - SPAM - so that users don't reject my larger program because of the inability of the 'mini wordprocessor' to handle complex email. Needs to be as good as Outlook.) Detailed Capabilities. 1. .Net based assembly/component, ...

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    Hi... I will describe this from the user's perspective. "Joe" comes to my sales page (web-site). I'm offering a very valuable, digital/downloadable product at this site. But instead of charging for it, Joe reads that he must first sign up for my free online newsletter, and ALSO refer 10 others to my site, who sign up for my newsletter. Now, here's how that part would ...

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    BASIC source code required to simulate clock-type gauges and other forms of instrumentation such as push-buttons, switches, etc. Must have a nice 3d, rendered appearance. I am attempting to get away from the typical Windows-look and more along the lines of photo-realism. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of a...

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    Project description: This is a web site for one of our customers, a Kindergarten. It has to be done in pastel colors. You have to supply all the photographs. We are enclosing 2 photographs, their logo and some texts (in Spanish). You don't need to use the texts, they are there so that you have some material to fill pages with. The web page doesn't need to be done in Flash, although that ...

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    Fake-Out a .bmp Encerrado left

    1. Situation: a. PaperPort 9 software from ScanSoft allows users to annotate .pdf documents with a "stamp". b. Unfortunately, they decided to limit the graphic usable for this purpose to .bmp's. c. .Bmp's don't alllow for transparent backgrounds. d. A non-transparent background prevents using the "stamp" to affix a realistic-looking signature or initial...

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    I need a Shell hook/extention, i.e ShellExecuteEx wrapper, and Job object creation/assignment class to proxy the native win32 process creation method and either assign the process to a newly created JobObject, assign it to an existing job or process it in the normal manner; I have some sample code and a bit of sparce documentation if ya’ want a few quick leads on these technologies. Though n...

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    I am looking for an application to run on a desktop that allows you to monitor and place proxy bids on items listed with Ebay. Ideally the application should allow you to enter the item # and it should then watch that bid, tracking the time and if your proxy bid is beaten then place a new proxy bid. It should allow the user to enter their username/password and allow for the user to decide how much...

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    banker Encerrado left

    FINANCIAL INSTITUTION - JAVA 1] Program to represent a simple queuing theory problem. The program will simulate the "time states" of a multiple teller bank which uses the "single queue" approach. Make the problem even simpler by allowing it to be command driven, than time driven. The bank has 6 available teller windows. Each of the six windows (numbered 0 thru 5) may be ei...

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    werewrwrewrwerwwew ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform wwerrew

    $500 - $5000
    $500 - $5000
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    Hello, I am working on a community website. Fair warning, my work is being donated and limited funds are available for work performed herein. Stating this, because other work prevents me from working on this part of the project, I must secure outside assistance. This is a "feeler" bid as the community may or may not elect to proceed when presented with a final bid decision. ...

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    This project requires implementing a linked implementation of sparse matrices and the operations below. Assume all matrix entries are integers. 1. Add a multiple of one row to another 2. Interchange two rows 3. Find the transpose of the matrix 4. Multiply two matrices together A sparse matrix is one in which most of the entries are 0. For example, a 200 ´ 100 matrix may contain only 100 nonz...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    We provide transaction processing software to the UK betting industry. Our software is written is C, C++ and Delphi. In part of what we do we scan written slips of paper filled out by customers, and save the images. We would in addition like to integrate code which would recognise a scanned image as belonging to a pre-defined form, and then pass the data marked on that form into the appl...

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    Resident Website Encerrado left

    This is a personal project I am doing, to make a web page that covers the fun side of our work, more like a student site to help people see fun of learning and working here. I need a website designed with a public and private section, that has a modern high-tech/fun/clean look, perhaps a flash intro (not if it pushes the cost too high), customized site design that doesn&'t just use an pre...

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    I require a caller ID and logging program, for one stand alone PC, win 2000 professional. something similar to the FREEWARE CALL TRACE at [fazer login para ver a URL] However while call trace is a suitable tool in some respects for my needs, i require the caller id program to integrate with other information i store in a data base on respective callers. What I require is that the ca...

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    The Two Games - Bubble Lines and Sea Dreams. $500 each - more than I usually pay for a game, but my youndgest son liked them. :-) Sorry for the delay. :-) joe e.

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    Website Logo Encerrado left

    Need website logo for www.calliopyranch.com. Logo should include the words, "Calliopy Ranch" and "Photo Gallery," and have a graphic motif of a typical farm scene with chickens and goats. I'll need the same logo with the words "Calliopy Ranch Forums" as well. Also see [fazer login para ver a URL] Graphic should be optimized for a size of approxima...

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    4 xp icons Encerrado left

    This bid is to create 4 xp style icons that share style and size characteristics with the attached zip file. These icons are for: - save as (different than save) - new model (different than new, a model is contained in a document (which has the typical "new" icon) and is generally represented by a "flow chart", ie, visio, type icon). - deploy (package, compile, m...

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    Access 2000 Database Encerrado left

    Hello RAC's: I am in need of an Access 2000 database that should very closely resemble parts of these two from Microsoft. They can be located in the Microsoft template gallery. Service Call Management Database [fazer login para ver a URL],892,961,890,1026,1036,1038,1031,1227,888,1034,1020,1030,1042,962,1033,902,887,889,900,&RC=6&M=26&mh=20&qu=access&ct= Co...

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    Website Template Encerrado left

    I need a **professional website template** designed. All pages of this website will look the same, so you only need to give me one page. **Website name:**Easy Website Magic **Website purpose:**Easy Website Magic is a service that enables non-technical people to create and manage their websites through a WYSIWYG interface. This service makes it very easy for business owners to update their w...

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    A simple compiler that covers all the basic procedures of a typical compiler using Visual Basic. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and dist...

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