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    Validate HTML Capctha

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    email validator Encerrado left

    syntax validate mx validate mailbox validate

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    The entrance of vehicles in the university car park is now controlled by an application with the knowledge of the Curricular Unit of Operating Systems. The application can be developed in C language. To solve the problem, use the various IPC mechanis...capacity is limited to a maximum number of trips, defined by MAX_VIATURAS. Use a small value for testing purposes. example 5. 4. Using semaphores and other IPC mechanisms you deem necessary, program in C as functions that control an input and output of vehicles that use, for example, the following requirements: input_Victure (user_type) and exit_Viature (). Developed an application that allows you to validate these functions and efficiently control how park inputs and savings. 5. All IPC mechanisms should be dropped when the program t...

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    Desenvolvemos um plugin para WordPress e precisamos realizar alguns ajustes apontado no processo de code review. When you include POST/GET/REQUEST/FILE calls in your plugin, it's important to sanitize, validate, and escape them. The goal here is to prevent a user from accidentally sending trash data through the system, as well as protecting them from potential security issues. SANITIZE: Data that is input (either by a user or automatically) must be sanitized. This lessens the possibility of XSS vulnerabilities and MITM attacks where posted data is subverted. VALIDATE: All data should be validated as much as possible. Even when you sanitize, remember that you don’t want someone putting in ‘dog’ when the only valid values are numbers. ESCAPE: Dat...

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    ...recursos para aumentar a velocidade, acompanhar o desempenho de processamento em tempo real. Recursos: O sistema pode utlilizar SITE para resolver Captcha e Proxy que suporte a demanda. Ex: Luminatti e Anticapticha Estrutura: Escalável em AWS e Docker, Linguagem preferencialmente em Python, Java, C#, SQL, Mongo, Elastic ou mesmo em txt e afins. --- Objective: search the Brazilian TSE site to validate mother's name and birth date. Input: name, mother's name and birth date. Output: input, search's output and the HTML. Link: Performance target: 250,000 searches per day. Management features: parallel execution, play, pause, restart, resources management, e.g., it should be possible to tweak

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    Data Software Encerrado left search the Web and capture the data of certain websites, namely product code, product names, description, characteristics, technical data, prices, name of photos, etc. and export data to excel, as well as download the respective photos. I imagine an application, which from a web page, be able to recognize the name of the fields, where the information will be captured, and allow the user to validate these fields, to perform the operation of data capture and subsequent export to excel. That is, an application that allows the export of data from different sites, with prior recognition of fields for user validation and export to excel. It should also have a user-friendly interface. Pretendo o desenvolvimento de um software para pesquisar a Web e capturar os dados de determinad...

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    Desenvolvimento de layout de aproximadamente 10 páginas e montagem em html5 e css3,alguns cadastros será necessário validações com jquery validate.<br /><br />Três páginas serão modais bootsatrap. Já temos um layout que poderá ser melhorado.

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    EnGB I need a C # library to validate and analyze hands of Omaha Poker game. Currently already I have one that does the same for the TexasHoldem category. There are plenty of online sources for this purpose, the problem is that they are very old and written in C. This library will be used to develop a small independent game.

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    web structure Encerrado left

    ...tier will never have a business rule. This is the responsibility of the Webservice. The web layer is responsible only showing data from the webservice and send data to webservice. What do I need? - Web structure working model with the above characteristics so that an expansion of simplified structure and safely as possible. - 1 login screen, by calling a webservice that will validate the user data and sends it to a page of details. - The Home screen will be accessed only if the webservice has been the webservice returns successfully. - If the webservice has returned error on the return, the screen being open should be an error screen with the necessary information. - The home screen should receive information from more than one webservice, for example...

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    I want to validate the PR Article and share the feedback and modify the content accordingly.

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    Content Validation for the PR 6 dias left

    I want to validate the PR Article and share the feedback and modify the content accordingly.

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    Need a developer that is very comfortable coding HTML by hand and optimizing old website. Our website has very good SEO and has been around for many years but requires an expert HTML coder to fix some old code - simplify the HTML and optimize code for faster loading - fix some bugs in the HTML code - validate the code to comply with modern HTML and CSS standards - Make the website responsive - Modernize the look and feel - Replace some old pictures with new ones trying to keep the old naming structure

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    ...Currently, we are looking for an experienced Strategic Development Specialist to start as a freelancer with ample opportunity to evolve into a Strategic Development Manager role. Responsibilities: - Control and management of divisions of the foundation - Maintain the log of weekly growth division efforts - Support client development and develop into a Business Development - Directly partner to validate divisions targets - Attack planning, client relationship building (email & meetings), meeting attendance and participation, external client follow ups and communications Qualifications - Experience in the business development and knowledge of human resources - Minimum 2 years of experience in strategic development and client services - Compulsory knowledge of spoken English...

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    Hosting and Cloud Technologies (HaCT) monitoring team defines monitoring standards and evaluation framework to help monitor different azure components (IaaS & PaaS) - Design and implement E2E monitoring strategy for Azure using Cloud best practices - Manage all cloud monitoring activitie...framework to help monitor different azure components (IaaS & PaaS) - Design and implement E2E monitoring strategy for Azure using Cloud best practices - Manage all cloud monitoring activities - Organize the development of workbooks & creation of azure dashboards - Oversee the implementation of the end-to-end process to monitor the availability of different azure services - Periodically (monthly) validate the twilio - Coordinate with application teams & other technical teams - R...

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    I have an HTML form and I need someone to make it functional. Job is to be done in PHP/JS/jQuery Things to be done: - Form needs to save every x seconds to be able to continue it later - Form needs to validate email/phone etc.. - Image/Document uploads during the form need to be uploaded and saved accordingly - Images are to be converted upon upload to PNG format - Upon completion of the form, the data needs to be sent via json to an external API When bidding please include your previous jobs and experience. and MUST start the bid with the word ART. Bot bids will be ignored. Preferably able to speak Arabic, otherwise very strong English is a must.

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    25 ofertas planned, keeping in mind its purpose and the people to whom it is directed. Plan ahead and keep notes, preferably on a daily basis. In some cases, internship employers may be uneasy about having what they consider to be “confidential information” appear in a student’s work report. To ensure that no confidential information is contained in your report, you must have your supervisor read and validate the Internship Report Outline. If the employer feels certain information is confidential, you should make modifications to meet with these concerns. Write in clear, concise English, paying careful attention to grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. WORK REPORT BREAKDOWN i. The report will consist of at least 5000 words (20 pages) typed, double spaced on st...

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    Description: In this case we...Main file will be , follow by incidence type (1,2,3,4) and finally step number. An example for 3rd step and 2nd type of incidences will be incid_2_3.php. I'll be able all the day, specially during first milestone to support you. Every Friday morning at 8:00 Spain timezone (or before) we need to upload weekly updates. You can send me via freelancer or via email. Better for email. We will validate during Friday and if all it's ok we'll release milestone and open a new one. Project has to be finished, and tested (before 31/01/2021). It will start this friday/next monday. Others: Attached, header example. There are a lot of work to do, so go for it !! Please, read carefully all these requirements before bid --> Bids with no sense questio...

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    All you have to do is validate the email address. If duplicate throw and error. if not allow sign up. you are going to be working with react/javascript and mongoDB.

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    Environment: AWS Kubernete, Gitlab, Jenkins Provide 2 to 3h/daily support to dev team Perform administrative tasks as well as documenting infras as well as update/upgrade of pieces of the infras whenever library become deprecated Perform troubleshooting/RCA and problem solving across the entire infras whenever need...scripting, CI/CD, jenkins/gitlab connectivity, ALB routing, docker troubleshooting with dev etc... Note: it's not a place for on the job training ..the right candidate first day to prove she/he is the right person for the job at hand ..will have to do a blind test(2h test paid for it) ...figure out on his own the system architecture/connectivity and document it ..then my staff will review it to validate her/his findings ...I'm looking for long term Commitmen...

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    We need a simple website. Please read the details: Compliance (Compliance) Here the user can upload his documents and accept the terms -How its works --The user will introduce your ID and bill images. --The user inserts your external wallet code. --The user needs to accept all terms to upload images. --We will receive the documents and validate manually on the website. Payment Statement (Finanças da Carteira) Here the user can validate with Transaction Hash code his money transfer (This step is absolutely manually) and see historic transactions -How its works --All user monetary transactions (Internal and External) will print here. Investment Funds (Fundos de Investimentos) Here the user can visualize all funds available to invest his capital -How...

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    Hi, I am looking a sparring partner, who can help me identify a meaningful way to either validate or reject 3 hypotheses that I have about certain functions. All the functions are highly correlated - therefore the 3 hypotheses are around that topic of correlation. Given the set of correlated functions, the hypotheses are: 1) One of the functions is leading, the other ones follow, but the following functions react with a higher swings (up and down) than the leading function. 2) There are times when the correlation of certain following functions breaks down. After a period they become again correlated to the leading function. 3) There is a time lag between the leading function and the reaction of the following functions. What I am looking for is a person with deep knowledge in sta...

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    Varius PHP/MySQL/CSS tasks 4 dias left

    Examples: 1) Validate user status from database and allow or reject login 2) Troubleshoot email not being sent from PHP code 3) Design a page that displays various data from db, based on login 4) Test your work before telling me it is done. Most of this is pretty easy stuff. I am looking for long term relationship. Must be able to use Teamviewer or Anydesk. Familiarity with Joomla beneficial. Good communication skills required, including commenting code. I am in East US time zone (currently UTC -5) I have been managing projects for many years and have a good idea of how long things should take.

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    Need a bigcommece pro 4 dias left

    I need someone to do on going bigcommerce developments. You need to have a already worked on bigcommerce websites and validate your bigcommerce portfolio.

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    We need a application which to annotate, generate records and to train, test and validate the data and export the model to openvino format.

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    I've been working for a few months (ok, years) on an algorithmic trading system using a python-based, open source platform. I would like to complete a few basic algorithms just to validate that the engine works as expected, then see if those algorithms can be refined for profitable performance. I need someone who is very good with Python, and good with data manipulation, to complete the "basic" strategy implementation. If that goes well, we could branch out into machine learning and other methods to optimize the trading performance. Ideally, I'd find someone who could join the project as a member of a startup team, and watch it evolve from something basic to something advanced.

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    SNIPER BOT DETAILS AND FEATURES -Snipe bot for kucoin centralized exchange. -Technology used to buy, Mempool bot. This is same technology as front running bots and is the fastest best latest technol...throughput of your connection, thus significantly lowering the effectiveness of the bot. Wired connection is recommended. -wired connection high broadband speeds. WiFi not dependable best outcome is with wired more stable -Do centralized exchanges have gas fees? Centralized exchanges use "off-chain" order books to facilitate trades, and therefore do not have to rely upon miners of a blockchain to validate transactions. ... Instead of paying a gas fee to trade, the user instead pays a trading fee, which goes to the exchange's wallet as profit. no gas fees is used fo...

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    Customize BEP20 smart contract 2 dias left

    I need a developer to customize, validate and test all functions from my smart contract. This contract is a fork, and I need some changes and some features. Also I need validate that all functions works as described in original white paper. Please, onlt apply if you really know and understand about BEP20 Smart Contracts.

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    Hey, We're looking for an Exceptional Virtual Assistant with fantastic English both writen & spoken to help us to achieve...similar Basic video editing skills using iMovie, ScreenFlow or other. Basic+ Graphic creating skills Please include in your proposal the term attention to details otherwise I'll disqualify you If you think you're a fit please send your proposal along with the names of brands/companies you've worked with. These will need to be brands that I can follow up with if you make it through the process to validate you actually worked with them and got the results you say. Thanks Jay PS right now I will require about 20 hours a week, there may be an option to increase this to 35-40 hours a week with an opportunity to earn a commission as an ap...

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    CFD analysis 1 dia left

    analysis of Fins spacing of Evaporator on its Performance .First you have to validate the experimental result and the cfd result (means giving inlet condition in cfd analysis and then obtaining same temp at outlet as we get in experimental result) if they are getting same or nearby (+or- 5-10°C) then we have to change its fins distance by some space and then we will what changes are getting in outlet temperature through cfd

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    11 ofertas looking for a node.js / react programmer to help out on a website I am making. If it works out on a few simple tasks, there should be ongoing work. To begin with, I will send through a node.js/react basic project, that allows: * a user to sign up (with name, email and password) * sends a verification email, with a link to click on * has endpoints to verify an account, validate the user, and sign in / out and retrieve the user profile * it is connected to mongodb, uses Joi for validation, and bcrypt for salting and hashing passwords etc The initial work would be working on the security (for example ): * I would like security measures put in place to make the website comply with best practice (such as preventing brute-force attacks

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    *Applicants please only apply if you have experience within food and recipes and can show example of this* We're looking for someone to not only proof the written text, but validate that the recipe works, makes sense and aligns with our brand and copy guidelines. This is an ongoing requirement, as we have new recipes and newly designed recipe cards weekly.

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    Python coding 1 dia left

    Write a python code that is Write a Python function to validate a credit card number

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    Develop an NFT Marketplace 17 horas left
    VERIFICADO and also allow users to bid on arts. Users who bought NFTs should be able to re-list their NFTs for sale on the portal. This should have an option that allows them to set a price and then allow other users to bid on it. As discussed, the NFT Marketplace has to be hosted on (and not on any other third-party website). Below are other functionalities we're expecting to have in it. 1.) Allow users to connect their BSC wallet addresses and validate whether they’ve earned an NFT or not 2.) Connect their BSC wallet addresses and buy our NFT 3.) Allow integration into the game so that NFTs that are claimed/purchased by users can reflect as characters in the game with their special attributes (CRITICAL) 4.) Allow users to, within the game, loan their NFTs to ...

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    i have a schematic and BOM in the form of a .prjpcb, an .schdoc and a .pdf i need to have the schematic validated, and a PCB designed and ready to prototype. i also need code written to run the module. code output 0.50V at startup then run every 100ms: if shunt sense <45mV AND Vout <1.00V increment Vout +0.01V if shunt >45mV decrement Vout -0.01V ...the form of a .prjpcb, an .schdoc and a .pdf i need to have the schematic validated, and a PCB designed and ready to prototype. i also need code written to run the module. code output 0.50V at startup then run every 100ms: if shunt sense <45mV AND Vout <1.00V increment Vout +0.01V if shunt >45mV decrement Vout -0.01V wait 100ms then repeat i will prototype the control module, load your code, validate the operatio...

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    ...maximize the organizational efficiency of businesses. Our Client is among the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Since its inception, it has grown into a team of over 500 professionals across the United States and India. Certifications: • ISO 27001 Certified • MBE Certified • AICPA SOC SSAE 18 Certified • CMMI Dev Level 3 What will your role look like? Create prototypes to validate proposed solutions and seek feedback from stakeholders Build and maintain Windows Services and console applications with .NET 4.x, SQL Server 2008/2012, WCF web-services, XML, web APIs Work with team Leads to properly define/clarify business requirements, development estimation, and work plan finalization Perform unit and integration testing on all developed c...

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    power work 2 dias left

    Consider a base power of 100 MVA for the following IEEE 6-Bus power system to, (a) Develop a model for the system to solve power flow using Gauss Seidel, accelerated Gauss Seidel, and Newton Raphson methods. Compare between the results. (b) Plot the power flow diagram for the system. (c) Assume an outage for each line in the system, solve po...following IEEE 6-Bus power system to, (a) Develop a model for the system to solve power flow using Gauss Seidel, accelerated Gauss Seidel, and Newton Raphson methods. Compare between the results. (b) Plot the power flow diagram for the system. (c) Assume an outage for each line in the system, solve power flow, and check the bus voltage limits, considering ±10% accepted variation. (d) Propose and validate a solution to mitigate any viola...

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    Mobile application that will be developed in React native and .net core web api. App description/ Main features: -Users will have to register and validate his/her mobile phone(via sms) before he/she access the app. -Users may create a map area that will have to be stored on the database. Each area will have specific validation criteria (e.g. non overlapping) -real time communication -push notification Technical description of the react native project: Figma interactive mockups will be provided. The techical requirements are -React native (hooks api) -Maps interactivity will have to be done preferably with leaflet and react -Real time communication preferably with signalR -Authentication with JWT -Error messages and text will be read from configuration files -Forms wi...

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    Hello everyone, we need a Wordpress system which creates QR codes and which validate them after being scanned. QR codes can only be used once. How are QR codes created? Our users go to the page, fill in 3-4 fields with email address, name etc. and send the data. Then you have to confirm your email address in the mailbox and then you will be forwarded to the system where the QR code is displayed which can then be scanned by us. We then want to scan the code with the camera function of the iPhone and then get to a login-protected page. The login data are always the same. We as Admit have saved the access, so only we can validate the code. After validating the code which shows us that we have received all the contact data, the users get a free drink or something similar. More ...

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    I need a simple ERC 20 token, with airdrop feature - a price for this Its a bsc token. I will deploy it, validate ect. So basically it should make a certain numbers of tokens and then airdrop .. thats all

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    I need a Laravel expert to build me the following project and write the code in PHP storm: -Create 7 routes, for any resource that you want (Photo, Student, Book... anything that you like) as shown in the attached table. -Create a controller with the correspond...write the code in PHP storm: -Create 7 routes, for any resource that you want (Photo, Student, Book... anything that you like) as shown in the attached table. -Create a controller with the corresponding function for all 7 routes. as shown in the attached table -create a "New" form for submitting new posts -after submitting the form, send it to the Store function in the controller and try to validate the request according to your subject. -if there is an input that didn't match the validation, show the ...

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    Client validation using javascript: before submitting the form to the web server, use javascript to validate those ids (warehouse, district, customer, order item ids) and quantity. If they are not valid, show an error message on the form and cancel the submit action. Also, do some simple CSS design for the website page.

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    Support Payroll Encerrado left

    Payroll Manager Responsible for overseeing the processing of company payroll and corporate Time and Attendance. Directs the...Manager Responsible for overseeing the processing of company payroll and corporate Time and Attendance. Directs the activities of a staff of payroll administrators. Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Processing payroll for both exempt and non-exempt employees 2. Manage workflow to ensure all payroll transactions are processed accurately and timely 3. Reconcile payroll prior to transmission and validate confirmed reports 4. Understand proper tax treatment and processing requirements for wages and employer paid benefits 5. Process correct garnishment calculations and compliance 6. Receive and document any necessary approvals prior to processing any non-standard...

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    excel data cleaner Encerrado left

    i have 25000 contact data, collected over period of several year. i need to remove duplicate, and validate email and get me valid data

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    You are a data analyst for a basketball team. You have found a large set of historical data, and are working to analyze and find patterns in the data set. The coach of the team and your management have requested that you perform several hypothesis tests to find the statistical significance of the claims that are being made about your team. This analysis will provide evidence to validate critical claims and get statistically valid findings that will help make key decisions to make the team better in upcoming seasons. You will use the Python programming language to perform statistical analysis and will also need to present a report of your findings to the team’s management. Since the managers are not data analysts, you will need to interpret your findings and describe their prac...

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    As a Deployment engineer, I need the capability to configure and deploy all application and infrastructure components of the ChainShield Product, so that I can repeatedly install to a...umbrella effort to integrate the linked specific component tasks. See tickets linked below. Acceptance Criteria: Demonstration of the ability to auto-deploy application from a selected source code configuration in Bitbucket (dev/integration branch, etc.) Need to define a verification test for the ChainShield application A UAT is being defined by Flavia Baciu for Sprint 9 (and can be used to validate environment Technical documentation updates to following (as it effects the content of these documents) * Technical Architecture Guide * Security Guide * Admin Guide ( have to check on status of this...

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    ...Dimensionality reduction. When we do preprocessing, we can do min max pre processing or Gaussian standard normalization. First plot the histogram. If the histogram looks like uniform distribution, then we must choose min max. If histogram looks like Gaussian, then use standard normalization. We may even have multi-mode. You can use any packages. We need to separate some data to validate our model. We need to validate the model and come up with the performance metrics. The output is delay. Delay also has some range. We must first understand the delay if it satisfies the normal distribution or not. We just have one value for the delay. The first set of data point has one value for delay and the second set of data point has one value for delay. If you do not preprocess the ...

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    I have a custom registration form that is ajax based. I need to validate form with google recaptcha v2, so form is not submitted when captcha is not solved.

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    I am looking for a native Email Drip campaign expert to create B2B leads generation: email addresses of online businesses, validate emails, setup and send email campaigns. Those who are familiar with the accounting/ bookkeeping industry will be preferred. You will write the content for the campaign and setup everything, so that we can manage it going forward. It is a one time project, may lead to regular work if the quality is good.

    $15 - $25 / hr
    $15 - $25 / hr
    7 ofertas

    Instructions Another ke...necessary, complete additional research to support your ideas on this topic. *Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format. Please review post and response expectations. Please review the rubric to ensure that your response meets criteria. Peer Responses: Due Sunday by 11:59 pm CT Instructions Please respond to a minimum of two peers. Include in your response: *Do you agree diminishing marginal utility is an adequate explanation for why consumers face choices? *Give an example of choices consumers might face. *Include at least one open-ended question in your response that you would like your peer(s) to respond to. *Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and referenc...

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    Need CAD models (STEP file, or ProE .PRT files) for TWO design concepts with below assembly - As depicted below, the door should unlock when a user presses a button, which caus...the door. Pl include: <1> Ideation: Illustrate/list different concepts considered as solutions for this design challenge <2> The final design should be presented as “ready for initial production”. this includes prints with tolerances and material details called out. The 2nd design choice can be presented as a concept with some initial design work presented. <3> Any relevant analysis used to validate your design (e.g. tolerance stack ups, free body diagrams, Risk Analysis, other tools you are familiar using) will be a plus. <4> Provide manufacturing process and assemb...

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