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    ...such as 10 VIP channels. - Release access to specific channels for authorized users. 4. Basic Subscription Features: - Manage subscriptions, removing users after trial period expires or cancellation. Main goal: Develop an efficient bot that offers a complete user management system, payment collections, free trial, channel access control and basic subscription functionalities. Final remarks: We value pleasant viewing and an intuitive interface in the bot to provide the best experience for users. The freelancer must follow the guidelines provided, maintain the security of user information and ensure proper functionality of all payment API integrations. If you have experience developing bots for Telegram and relevant skills for this project, please get in touch with previous exa...

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    ...engaging emails to nurture leads and encourage repeat purchases. • Remarketing Funnel: Implementing remarketing ads to target users who previously visited the website but did not make a purchase, enticing them to return and complete the transaction. • Upsell and Cross-Sell Funnel: Recommending complementary products or upgrades to customers during the purchase process to increase the average order value. • Referral Funnel: Encouraging satisfied customers to refer friends and family by providing incentives or discounts, expanding our customer base. • Abandoned Cart Recovery Funnel: Sending automated reminders to customers who left items in their carts to encourage them to complete the purchase. • Loyalty Funnel: Implementing loyalty programs to reward freq...

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    ...access to available shift schedules. The application is designed to meet the needs of physicians looking for on-call opportunities and hospitals that need to manage their on-call rosters efficiently. The application allows hospital administrators to add information about the shift schedules of each health unit and assign shift workers to the respective schedules, including information about the value of the shift and the hiring condition. On-call workers can offer their shifts to other doctors through the app, with the option to publish the shift so anyone can accept it or offer it directly to another specific person. Physicians who are interested in taking on an offered shift can apply and wait for approval from the on-call physician offering the shift. When a shift worker offe...

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    I have 1 project for "lotofácil" that I want to get out of the papers. Find value of the sum of empty number + all numbers that exist of this sum and difference of award date of each sum. All organized and tidy for better understanding. Get in touch so we can talk more.

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    ...personal data schedule lock Events view Confirm attendance at events 2. Full Estimate (Responsive Web Only) Simplified Estimation with the addition of: Notifications event stages songs user type "department leader and/or pastors" 3. Full Estimate (Responsive Web + Android & iOS) For the development of the responsive web system + the mobile app, some more features for mobile would be added: push notification offline operation For all estimates, also consider the points below: setup email provider front Domain Backend Database Mobile Android Mobile iOS Attached is the Functional Specification of the project....

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    62 ofertas simple to customize by changing the texture) Assets should fit seamlessly with the model, allowing to easily swap and create different combinations. The face can be 'fit' fixed as the other assets. Style needs to be consistent and low-poly, assets don't need to be detailed and the variety/number of assets is prefered over details. You can have freedom to add any assets you feel would add value, creativity is incentivized, dont be afraid of going off-theme. Please provide the assets you can provide based on the budget. Assets need to be Face, Hair Style, Shirt, Pants, Football boots and random accessories. Model format in .FBX Example of assets desired: Assets List: Face: Angry Happy Confused Bored Hair styles: Mohawk Short Hair Long Hair Ponytail Fade B...

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    Olá Alina A., eu notei seu perfil e gostaria de lhe oferecer meu projeto. Podemos discutir quaisquer detalhes pelo chat.

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    EN: I need a web-based software for internal use that will receive .PDF files and with the information contained will be calculating for tax calculation. These accounts are divided between the 4/four markets of the financial market and their specifications following the business rules and material that will be made available, present the data contained after calculation and be able to extract the information via .PDF in a certain format. You must have a way to manually enter information if necessary and register customers and partner offices. A final vision of the project would be: Upload the PDF file and the program will accurately calculate and return the requested information on the respective screens. PTBR: Preciso de um software web-based para uso interno que vai receber arqu...

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    ...words: PROFX Portfolio Management. With an image that matches automated investments (investment robots) to manage investments in the FOREX exchange financial market (currencies). The Logo must contain the following words: PROFX (business name) Portfolio Management (description) ***Make a logo on a white (light) and a black (dark) background. ***The image of a gold or bronze bull to add maximum value, credibility and trust to the brand....

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    Function getCRC16($value) { $polinomio = 0x1021; $resultado = 0xFFFF; //CHECKSUM if (($length = strlen($value)) > 0) { for ($offset = 0; $offset < $length; $offset++) { $resultado ^= (ord($value[$offset]) << 8); for ($bitwise = 0; $bitwise < 8; $bitwise++) { if (($resultado <<= 1) & 0x10000) $resultado ^= $polinomio; $resultado &= 0xFFFF; } } } return strtoupper(dechex($resultado)); } This function reproduces these results: echo getCRC16('261cca7aa11aabe18c128fb9c3b0d992').'</Br>'; //Result C810 echo getCRC16('4ef3e8c323abb5938ff5d9522a28bc14').'</Br>'; //Result 878E echo g...

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    ...(e-basketball). The markets there are much more restricted, and it would be something much simpler than the countless conditions of football. I want to filter a maximum of 5 conditions. Can you help me with that? The example level follows the link of the games that I need to filter: But I need live opportunities ... You can do it? Can we talk about a value and the time you need? Thanks!...

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    system for web -Contract registration (contract linked to services quantity, subtotal, value) -Register of types of services provided -Client register

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    Tenho um conjunto de dados pequenos e tabulados no excel e gostaria de gerar tabelas com as análises estatísticas (p-value) e gráficos. Prazo para a entregar é curto!

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    Estou tentando fazer a integração do plugin Getaway de pagamento no woocommerce e dá a seguinte mensagem: ""value" is required" corrigir o erro e fazê-lo funcionar perfeitamente.

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    ... Titulo - string - Titulo da publicação  Cabeçalho - string - Cabeçalho da publicação  Rodape - string - Rodapé da publicação  NumeroPublicacao - int - Número de referência da publicação  NumeroArquivo - int - Número de referência do arquivo  CodigoRelacionamento - long - Identificador único da publicação  NumeroProcesso - string - Número único do processo (Somente números no padrão CNJ) Example Value Model { "intimacoes": [ { "jornal": { "nomeJornal": "string", "dataTratamento": "2020-04-02T11:54:55.718Z", ...

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    Hi! Our Port and Logistic Company has added some new activities to its portifolio. Instead of only navigation (we have boats that help exportation vessels with small trips land-sea, mooring, surveilance..) now we are able to also offer manpower for industries, car rental with driver and some sort of other types of logistic. We are looking for a new logo that can express the company's image in just one figure/form/shape with the company's name, it can be geometric or whatever your creativity can do. COMPANY'S NAME: SILMAR (high quality .jpg and .cdr .pds file if that's the case) Nossa empresa está passando por um processo de renovação e gostaríamos de um novo logo que pudesse expressar essas novas atividades ingressadas. Nós ...

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    ...application must meet the following functional requirements: 1. The park can be used by students, teachers and staff. Vehicles entering the park as they arrive are on a first come first served basis (FIFO). 2. When the park is full, priority is given to students first, teachers second, and staff last. 3. Park capacity is limited to a maximum number of trips, defined by MAX_VIATURAS. Use a small value for testing purposes. example 5. 4. Using semaphores and other IPC mechanisms you deem necessary, program in C as functions that control an input and output of vehicles that use, for example, the following requirements: input_Victure (user_type) and exit_Viature (). Developed an application that allows you to validate these functions and efficiently control how park inputs and saving...

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    Micro project, just the frontend with a single and react.js included. I need to add the React Data Grid plugin () but without JSX because it will be added to an already completed project. The datagrid can only have columns id, name, value. I need this 4 events below: 1) an external button with the add row function (row). 2) an external button with the remove row selected. 3) an external button to change background color row by id. 4) always sort order "name column" ASC

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    Create a page for bank boleto generation through an API. With the following fields Name CPF telephone Value Php lavage is required Criar uma página para geração de boleto bancário por meio de uma API. Com os seguintes campos Nome CPF Telefone Valor Php lavarel é requerido

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    ...except that it is not set correctly. - I have a live chat in code implementation pattern but in the container it does not look the way I want. Speaking of chat, I would like the programmer to add an "automatic guest" if the person does not register. Chat is of paramount importance for live feedback on what happens on the site. - Both in the cast and in the testimonial part, I want the photos to be added to a database. And in the blog part, I wanted a blog to be created (it does not have to be 0), but in the container of the site be updated each time a blog post is made. Only that. demo:

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    We need to develop an application in React Native to manage activities and check lists of a Brazilian gas station according to the storyboard attached to the project. Preference for agile scrum development. Please send budget with value and term of development. +++++++++++++++++ Precisamos desenvolver um aplicativo em React Native para gestão de atividades e check-lists de um posto de gasolina brasileiro de acordo com storyboard anexo ao projeto. Preferencia por desenvolvimento agil scrum. Favor enviar orçamento com valor e prazo de desenvolvimento.

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    We need to develop an application in React Native to manage activities and check lists of a Brazilian gas station according to the storyboard attached to the project. Preference for agile scrum development. Please send budget with value and term of development. +++++++++++++++++ Precisamos desenvolver um aplicativo em React Native para gestão de atividades e check-lists de um posto de gasolina brasileiro de acordo com storyboard anexo ao projeto. Preferencia por desenvolvimento agil scrum. Favor enviar orçamento com valor e prazo de desenvolvimento.

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    ...environment. We are an Angolan company of research, market studies and media monitoring, specializing in ad hoc solutions. Existing since 2005, it started with the development of ad hoc projects as an affiliate of an advertising agency of a large Angolan business group. Today, Keyresearch Angola has already carried out hundreds of successful research projects in several areas. Its mission is to add value to its customers by providing information and insights that help them reduce uncertainties in making their decisions through research experience and training. The company already has a name, logo and website (). I share the files I already have for better job development. You should present the manual and the files for production. Example:

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    ...precisa ser finalizado: void decrypt(String value, char* output) { int length = () + 1; char decoded[length]; decode_base64((unsigned char*)value.c_str(), (unsigned char*)decoded); strcpy(output, decoded); // Adicionar a decodificação AES } Segue abaixo o código do app que envia a mensagem para o dispositivo ESP32: private static byte[] KEY1 = { 98, 193, 95, 78, 211, 151, 118, 57, 179, 5, 85, 181, 133, 20, 94, 101, 184, 175, 94, 164, 150, 119, 75, 207, 189, 178, 21, 213, 13, 217, 174, 44 }; private static byte[] IV1 = { 1, 199, 179, 189, 160, 220, 229, 238, 179, 14, 255, 147, 187, 49, 179, 134 }; private byte[] Encrypt(string value) { byte[] ret = null; byte[] data = (value); AesCryptoSe...

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    .../ Firebase - Some SKU of products is variable (Kg) and anothers is a simple product - Add product SKU in Firebase and list in dashboard - Code a function to management product stock ( After a order when approved, input -1 in stock total of the SKU product) - Add in MENU a Sales reports (Value Total)- - Add function to Edit product (edit infos in Firebase) - Add a function to create a order manualy in dashboard. (Today only the app make order) - Add in MENU a expense management (Data / Description / Value and Total for period with some filters cool) - Add in each orders a checkbox with: Pay / Pending - Add in MENU a report with orders Pending and Orders Payed. This implements are only on Dashboard / Firebase. No need edit APP....

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    ...Planning and Strategy for a small unisex fashion company with 3 years market. I can not hire an agency because of the high cost of maintaining the contract and the requirement of high values ​​for investments in google ads, social networks and the like. The idea is to develop actions that generate expressive results, within my possibilities, for the maintenance of the brand and over time increase the value to be paid also expressively to the contracted partner....

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    ...ranking among teams / teams / groups of premium users with the results of the overall scores of all members of the group to other groups. Plans should be contacted by purchasing points to compete as sports betting. Responsive site layout possibility of Portuguese / English translation, configurable colors, banners, slides widgets with news system, advertisements etc. please inform value for development...

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    ...produto : se sim paga valor (libera valor) ao comprador - se nao: bloqueia valor e pede explicações Joobi Joomla Complement I need someone who knows how to work with Jmarket google cloud php database etc Add-on details: a notice to the customer after purchase if he received the product: if yes paid value (releases value) to the buyer - if not: blocks value and asks for explanations...

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    I would like a system that would have the following characteristics a back-up system (where the products would be registered the electronic invoice issuer series only control of financial inventory of customer and user / staff register among some other functions and a point-of-sale system (pdv) where I would be able to perform all the necessary functions of a box with the support of nfc-e working normally in it below I will provide all the features of the rear and front of box (pdv) Gostaria de um sistema que tivesse as seguintes características um sistema de retaguarda ( onde seria cadastrado os produtos funcionaria o emissor de nota fiscal eletronica serie unica controle de estoque financeiro cadastro de cliente e usuarios/funcionarios dentre algumas outras funçoes e um ...

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    ...verdadeiro"); (); } else { alert("___________Esse ID não é verdadeiro!_____________________"); } } </script> <p><a href="htps">Retorne!</a></p> <p><span style="font-size:12px;">Digite o ID do Certificado:</span></p> <form action="" method="post" name="form1"> <input name="nome" type="text"><br> <br> <input onclick="valida()" type="button" value="Validar"> </form> <p><em style="font-size: 12px; color: rgb(90, 90, 90); line-height: 1.46154;"><span style="color:#ff0000;">Digite acima o ID</span&...

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    ...observação pode aparecer aqui. ___________________________________ Preço fixo. Não há mais detalhes. E só fazer do jeito informado. *****traduter I need a page in js with html and css. Ad's Js: Fields: Enter the 11-digit number The name of the user. And check the box: 1 - analyzing 2 - approved. If you check this option, you should see the following data to fill in: Value: Time: (12) - (24) (36) Average: Note: Where he can write a message ___________________________________ User JS: A single field where the user will enter the 11-digit number (validation) by pressing ok It will show the current time and date, its name and one of two likely results: 1 - analyzing data. 2 - ap...

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    ...[item]|1255| Joao Carlos|25/01/2017| 236,25 | nao [item]|9253| Jose Carlos|29/11/2017| 136,25 | sim [item]|3257| marcos Tendoss|22/12/2017| 36,25 | nao TESTE NO SEU SMARTPHONE PARA VOCÊ VER COMO ELE ESTÁ COM MAL RESOLUÇÃO. _______________________________________________ I have a js code, which looks for txt file for reading. It comes in this format: [item] | SNo | name | maturity | value | Settled? I need 3 changes: 1 - Allow this to stay in mobile resolution (tablet and smartphone) 2 - Create an elegant design that does not demonstrate a static screen, but rather interactive (shades of blue with gray is preferable). 3 - Allow in the field, "Removed?" I can mark yes (paid) or not (paid) and save this in txt for future re...

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    ...Consider the LCP problem of finding a solution, if one exists, to the system Mz + q≥0,z≥0, where M is a pxp matrix. Consider the following linear mixed-integer programming problem, where e is a vector of p ones: MIP: Minimeze α subject to 0≤Mx+αq≤e-y 0≤x≤y y binary, 0≤α≤10 Show that if MIP has an potimum solution (α*, x*, y*) with objective value α*>0, then z=x/α* solves LCP. On the other hand,if α *=0 at optimality, then show that LCP has no solution. (This formulation is due to Pardalos and Rosen [1998].) Traduzido: Considere o problema LCP encontrar uma solução, se existir, para o sistema Mz + q≥0,z≥0, onde M é uma ...

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    ...get_template_directory() . '/inc/templates/'); if ( isset( $_POST['my_image_URL'] ) ) { $urlsparasalvar = htmlspecialchars(json_encode($_POST['my_image_URL'])); echo '<input name="imagens_home" value="'.$urlsparasalvar .'" style="width:300px"/>'; } } Na função " tema_home_imgs()", quero colocar o array $_POST['my_image_URL'] na variavel $urlsparasalvar. Logo apos eu converto esse array em JSON para salvar em unico input: $urlsparasalvar = htmlspecialchars(json_encode($_POST['my_image_URL'])); echo '<input name="imagens_home" value="'.$urlsparasalvar .'" style="...

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    ...ofrece un porcentaje del valor de la venta (antes del IVA o TAX) cerrada. Se paga por transferencias bancarias nacionales o internacionales, giros internacionales, PayPal o cualquier otro medio. Se requieren vendedores para Chile, Bolivia, Perú, Brasil y Colombia. Eu tenho algumas representações de software, eu preciso expandir radicalmente o número de clientes. O objetivo é buscar perspectivas e nos ajudar a fechar as vendas. Eles são um software amplamente reconhecido nas áreas educacionais e corporativas, treinamento, publicidade, software e contratos de licenciamento, são enviados on-line. Oferece todo o suporte de materiais de marketing, treinamento e demonstrações. Uma porcentagem do valor de ...

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    ... 6 - Pagina simples de Compra de Seguro (formulário de compra) (1 tela) O projeto precisa ser finalizado no máximo em 15 dias. ---------- ENGLISH------------------------------- I need a PHP developer to finalize and modify an existing project, basically it is a system of administration of agencies of Insurance Brokers, I need that next to the system be added some modules related to Insurance of Smartphone. Basically needs to be added to the current project: 1 - List of Devices (1 screen) 2 - Device Edit (1 screen) 3 - Device Registration (1 screen) 4 - Claims Opening Process (1 screen) 5 - Device Details (1 screen) 6 - Simple Purchase Page (purchase form) (1 screen) The project needs to be finalized no later than 15 days....

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    Read before and understand, test, ante to post your proposal already FIXED value. Tenho uma página , onde preciso colocar um script que faça URL encurtada, baseado já na aplicação elucidada em: e Na minha página, o resultado precisa está ao lado de 3 botões compartilhar (Face tweeter e Google+) Leia antes e compreenda, teste, ante de postar sua proposta já com valor FIXO.

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    ...abrirá o site normalmente como se tivesse acessado a página inicial. Será exibido na página inicial (tanto do site, como a da indicação, pois será a mesma) os produtos. Quando um indicado clicar no botão comprar de algum produto, que será exibido na página inicial mesmo, deverá enviar um valor identificando a compra e o nome de usuário do afiliado. Exemplo: < input type = " text " name =" nome " value = Pedido: 246621 1 roteador R$ 60,00 Afiliado: joao " > (Onde Pedido será uma variável gerada pelo sistema de afiliados, para que eu possa identificar melhor o pedido e Afiliado variável com nome do afiliado. Para após confirmaç...

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    Desenvolver um sistema imobiliário (venda de casas) Linkar com o site já desenvolvido (WIX).<br /><br />Já possuimos um sistema (I-Value / GAIA). porém eles são limitados e não desenvolvem sites personalizados.<br />Gostariamos de linkar nosso site criado pelo wix com o sistema do I-Value/GAIA ou desenvolver um sistema imobiliário.

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    ...of successfully supporting Multi-National Corporations like Turner International, HSBC, Verizon and Walmart We help them update and maintain their core applications as well as migrate to new Technologies resulting in annual cost reductions of 20% while doubling Project Team productivity. We are open source and agile by definition Our Mission: Our goal is to achieve excellence in the creation of value through Architecture and Software Engineering. Our Vision: We commit ourselves to the success of projects with our clients, creating and sharing knowledge in a collaborative and professional environment that promotes the development of valuable relationships. Our Values: Passion, Commitment, Team Spirit, Integrity, Flexibility<br />Informática / Software, Capital Federal...

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    PT Natural...autêntico para o projeto proposto. Busco atingir também seus possíveis desdobramentos, não me prendendo a uma única forma como resultado. Nos meus estudos pessoais, tenho o foco na aplicação das cores e da luz por meio de experimentações de materiais, técnicas de desenho, fotografia e história da arte. EN Natural from the city of Rio de Janeiro, designer graduated by PUC-Rio. In my work, I value the research line and experimentation by mixing concepts, languages and techniques, in order to reach a real result for the proposed project. I also reach its possible outcomes, not holding myself in a unique way as a result. In my personal study, I focused on the colors and light appl...

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    ...User: Login-User/pass or Facebook Signup-PF or PJ Shop-Wizard 3 product selection steps > add to cart Payment integration with Paypal, PayPal or another set with cash payment option. Delivery tracking-track the cell phone of the bike Messenger (USE INTEGRATED GPS MOBILE) using third-party services or develop something using google maps as map. History of purchases-products, quantities, date, value, number of the application. Courier: Login: User/pass, or facebook Requests queue-Box horizontally, press to open "product, amount, paid or receivable" view order data GO, call internal navigation system (Waze, google maps ...) -Delivery Change request, delivery Status, (ok, cancelled, other) terminate request and get back to the queue. Basically and it....

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    ...User: Login-User/pass or Facebook Signup-PF or PJ Shop-Wizard 3 product selection steps > add to cart Payment integration with Paypal, PayPal or another set with cash payment option. Delivery tracking-track the cell phone of the bike Messenger (USE INTEGRATED GPS MOBILE) using third-party services or develop something using google maps as map. History of purchases-products, quantities, date, value, number of the application. Courier: Login: User/pass, or facebook Requests queue-Box horizontally, press to open "product, amount, paid or receivable" view order data GO, call internal navigation system (Waze, google maps ...) -Delivery Change request, delivery Status, (ok, cancelled, other) terminate request and get back to the queue. Basically and it....

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    ...will describe with more details at the end of this comment. ============================================================ 1 - A database will be necessary to register : 1.1 - web products ( no need at the moment , to describe the database fields related) 1.2 - clients ( no need at the moment , to describe the database fields related) 1.3 - Bids per client ( bid , value 2 - The CMS , needs to manage the products : add , delete , change 3 -The Bidding process : 3.1 Fixed price The product has a fixed price . If the client accept the price he clicks on the name of the product , a domain name for example) and then na email form opens to fill some fileds , an email is send to my email address. 3.2 Mi...

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    Com informações sobre 3 medias moveis (CUJOS VALORES VÂO ENTRAR POR ESCOLHA DO USUARIO) nos valores (fechamento,ab...móveis escolhidas e dos índices de multiplicação do desvio padrão (escolhidos) apareçam no chart. With about 3 mobile media (VALUES WILL BE SUBMITTED BY USERS) the values ​​(closing , opening , etc. (VALUES WILL BE SUBMITTED BY USERS) of an asset , and the Bollinger bands with up to 5 indexes (multiplying the standard deviation (VALUES WILL BE SUBMITTED BY USERS) is given a strategy on the value of the asset through these lines (with a regulatory index (VALUES WILL BE SUBMITTED BY USERS) and inflex. It is essential that the asset price chart of the chosen moving average and standard deviation of th...

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    ...para magento, wordpress ou opencart. Precisamos de uma loja mais profissilnal, até o momento tinhamos a loja efetuando poucas vendas mais para divulgação. Somente precisamos da loja pronta e o gerenciamento e hospedada de preferencia em um servidor com ssl certificate. o Gerenciamento nós mesmo iremos fazer Somente para brasileiros com CNPJ Only for brasilian business with TAX Number nosso site ...

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    ...principais sistemas de pagamento online. Um dashboard administrativo deverá apresentar todos os dados do sistema de forma gráfica e dinâmica para facilitar a gestão. ENGLISH webapp multiplatform / responsive similar of but focused on other market, the webapp should in addition to features similar to the also include a task workflow system to control each task, time and value of step workflow and integrate with online payment systems. An administrative dashboard should display all data from graphical and dynamic system to facilitate management....

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    ...vou usar para identificar se o address da placa de rede está em uma lista de maquinas que podem ter acesso ao site, os dois campos extra, vou usar para autenticar os dados em um arquivo php. Abaixo um exemplo do que eu quero: <form action=""> <input type="text" name="login" value="" /> <input type="password" name="senha" value="" /> <input type="hidden" name="local_ip" value=""/> <input type="hidden" name="local_ip" value="00-14-22-01-23-45"/> <input type="hidden" name="token" value="MD5 DOS DOIS DADOS INVERSOS"/> </form> ...

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    Pretendemos que seja criado um modulo para integrar as faturas automaticamente geradas pelo prestashop de acordo com as finanças portuguesas. Modulo SAFT-PT (Standard Audit File for Tax purposes, portuguese version). Toda a informação necessária está aqui:

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    Automatizar minha estratégia do indicador Value Chart. Quero programar um robot que funcione 24 horas por dia durante o funcionamento do mercado, mesmo durante as noticias e que volte a operar automaticamente quando o mercado abrir novamente. Este robot vai operar apenas em timeframe de 30 minutos, Basicamente a unica alteraçao de configuracao que fiz no indicador foi a entrada e niveis, para funcionar corretamente de acordo com o timeframe de 30m, eu anexei duas imagens com um retangulo ao redor destacando-os. Este robot e projetado para funcionar com mt4 e opcoes binarias, ou seja, sera um robot que ira abrir operaçoes de opcoes binarias dentro do metatrader mt4. Deve conter uma opcao para estipular o valor de cada operacao fixa. O indicator e ...

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