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    I want it made in VB6. You can modify the layout and features if you can make it nicer/better and more professional looking. If you have any great ideas to improve it, let me know ... I also need it done so I can easy translate it into another languages. In you bid let me know when you can start and when you expect to have it done. Also, let me know your ideas how to make this a very good program....

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    We look for special search for our Midi Pages (midi files & zip files) and categories most compatible with our html layout ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Unix Cobalt server Raq4 ## Deadline information must be completed in 1 we...

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    Total resizer Encerrado left

    A resizer active x, class module or control, who resize form, all object, control even dbgrid, image,and font, automaticly at form_load or at the click of the form minbutton or maxbutton or resizing the windows manually. No matter what will be the resolution. The resizer have to work properly. Min. resolution is 800 x 600 minsize is windows min at programming. maxsize is screen size. capability of...

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    I have thousands of color image files exported from digital video that I need to batch manipulate resize (and sometimes other things such as recolor, etc.) and the bring into one large Adobe Photoshop file. The mulitples of images will sit in a series of grids of 7 across and 20 down. I then will have these large files printed out to paper or possibly plastic. the scale of the paper will be anywhe...

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    I have thousands of color image files exported from digital video that I need to batch manipulate resize (and sometimes other things such as recolor, etc.) and the bring into one large Adobe Photoshop file. The mulitples of images will sit in a series of grids of 7 across and 20 down. I then will have these large files printed out to paper or possibly plastic. the scale of the paper will be anywhe...

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    I have produced a shareware tool that builds ASP pages for adding/searching/editing/deleting records in a web database. At present, the code it produces only works in IE, and it could do generally with some tidying up. Since my skills are in Delphi rather than dhtml etc, I am looking for someone who can modify the object ASP code. There are only a few pages, The code that needs to be modified can ...

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    I have thousands of color image files exported from digital video that I need to batch resize (and sometimes manipulate other things such as recolor, etc.) and the bring into one large Adobe Photoshop file. The multiples of images will sit in a series of grids of 7 across and 20 down. I then will have these large files printed out to paper or possibly plastic. the scale of the paper will be anywhe...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    Affiliate Finder Encerrado left

    Affiliate Finder is a simply program that helps managers of affiliate programs find new affiliates. Basically, the programs uses search engines to locate web sites that compete to the user's web site and in a second step finds sites that link to the competitors' sites. All search results are stored in an MS Access database, furthermore, the user can add comments to each found site and ad...

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    Hello, I currently have a dating website that is 80 % finished. The current programmers are not fulfilling my needs and are making allot of errors. For example, AOL users cannot log into my site due to an browser error that AOL is giving about a Timeout. My current programmers cannot find a solution to this. I want to pay them for their current work and hire a very professional, experienced team i...

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    I am in need of a DHTML / Javascript Clickable Menu Tree. Requirements are this: Must be able to remember where the users clicked, meaning if the menu is created like * Blink 1 * Blink 2 * Blink 3 * Blink 3a * Blink 3b * * Blink 3aa * Blink 3bb Blink 3b or 3bb must be remembered when I click on that link and go to another page. The menu must re...

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    Media Streaming Encerrado left

    I have a non-profit website that has 3000-5000 realmedia (rm) files. I currently use netjuke, an MP3 streaming solution that can be used with realplayer files. It uses PHP/mySQL. Currently, netjuke: 1) hides file url's to prevent download 2) saves users/playlists 3) has a database backend I need a few features in addition to these. email me: mail AT [fazer login para ver a URL] ## Deliverab...

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    What I would like is a web bulletin board similar to ubb from [fazer login para ver a URL] with all the same features but also based on high security and high privacy. The idea was to create a software component (activex or something, i'm not sure) that runs on the client machine so only when someone accesses the website and clicks to go the bulletinboard only people with the client software ...

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    I need some code written for something. I'm redesigning our home page. I have five images that act as hyperlinks. When you place your pointer over one of the five images, it fades revealing an image behind it. So, we're dealing with a total of six images. 5 front images all revealing the same background image. see: [fazer login para ver a URL] This works in IE but not Netscape 4.9. Is it...

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    I need someone who has worked on a table-driven report application. VB6, Crystal 8, Oracle background are essential and time is of the essence. I want to carry this out in phases as the project is up and coming, and some things are not quite fully defined. Basically, we have a master table with the report names, report groupings (ex. Suspense, Admin, etc.), report locations. We need a generalized ...

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    If your planning on doing this with Winsock, please do not submit a bid. I can build this with Winsocks. I need an ActiveX in the form of a Dll. It needs the following commands: [sub] AcceptSocketHandle(hSocket) [sub] SendData(hSocket, sData as string) [event] DataRecieved(hSocket, sData as string) [sub] CloseSocket(hSocket) [event] SocketClosed(hSocket) ***NEW INFORMATION:**...

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    A large entertainments group, is in the process of establishing Unispark,a new sports and leisure centre in your home town at a total cost of £1000 million. UNISPARK will include a 50,000 seat all-purpose stadium, Olympic-standard swimming pool, large gymnasium and other recreational facilities and is expected to open three years after construction starts. All work in the construction progra...

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    Hard Drive Scan Encerrado left

    We are looking for a talented coder who can write a program to scan the hard drive of a computer. To get an idea of the program we are trying to have written, go to [fazer login para ver a URL] We are not looking for a duplicate of this program we would like our own up to date version. We have a list of words/phrases that the program database will scan the hard drive for and report the findings. O...

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    I would like to have a web site creation system that enables child/parent relationships between content, to create a tree structure of any depth; dynamic breadcrumbs, dynamic site-mapping, the ability to manage assets (ie images, word documents, audio, text content); has a web-based interface, and can also use a template-based system for look-and-feel. This is a system that we have begun to build ...

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    Bilingual dictionary Encerrado left

    I want a bilingual dictionary with the following facilities: 1. Enter a word in English 2. Enter its meaning in an Indian language ( this will be done using true type font of non-latin chracters) The master will be retained by me so that new words can be added as students learn them. 3. The students will have a finished dictionary which they can use only to look up words. 4. The students should be...

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    I need a program in VB. Provide an explorer style of folder selection window, Have another window to display the files from the selected folder in a table format. I need 7 columns: Source name, size 1, size 2, size3, size 4, size 5, and size 6. Fill the source name column with the file name from the selected folder. I need to define the naming convention and sizing of the file for column 2 to 7. T...

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    Check out these url to see ruffly what I want: [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] Features needed: 1) Totally anonymous, using nicknames. 2) Admin panel for easy maintenance of all settings. 3) Full search, edit, modify of users profiles from admin. 4) Snoop login to testrun any members without anyone can see from admin panel. 5) Guest, Registere...

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    I would like to have a Corporate Logo Designed for the Company WinTwin Solutions. It is a Software Marketing Company. The Logo should compatible enough to be used in Letter heads, Business Cards and Web Site. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platf...

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    Application Sharing Encerrado left

    This project involves the creation of a stand-a-lone application sharing (or more appropriatly, application showing)application. We currently have a great solution for web conferencing, however we are missing the application sharing piece. This project would require writing a application that would allow the presenter to share his desktop with multiple viewers. The viewers would only need to see t...

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    Random Access Encerrado left

    Assignment: You have been asked by the personnel officer of your company to create a program that will have a list of personnel from which an individual can be selected and then certain information about that person will be displayed. She wants to be able to see the date of hire, whether the person is salaried or hourly and how many days of vacation the individual has accumulated. Create a program...

    $167 (Avg Bid)
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    Windows Internet Explorer uses a dll file called [fazer login para ver a URL] which varies depending on the OS and the version of IE. It's location also varies according to the OS being used. We need to send our customers an app that deletes their current [fazer login para ver a URL] file and replaces it with the appropriate updated version, (which will depend on their current configuration o...

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    IE URL Blocker Encerrado left

    I want a way in which I can block a specified URL from all versions of IE. You must include with your bid a description of how you are going to implement this project. Only coders with a rating of > 9 need apply. If you can supply me with a reasonable price and sound plan then you get the project. Time is not an issue although the sooner the better. Project must be written in VB, no other langu...

    $27 (Avg Bid)
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    Build a commercial website similar to these: [fazer login para ver a URL] [fazer login para ver a URL] I will of course supply what words etc need to be placed on the site. You would design and build the website. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## P...

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    Web Site Search Form Encerrado left

    A Search Form that will search through the contents of numerous pages of unformated text and display the results Go to [fazer login para ver a URL] where there is more information and an example. Please Note: My server has support for ASP & Perl The successful bider will be supplied with the passwords etc to this site to test the project on and make this a working site. ## Deliverables Comp...

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    Webcam Encerrado left

    Program to view a webcam via explorer. Client side. Via browser on internet connection you should have a series of command to start comunication to webserver. You can request start or stop of trasmission of some frame at speed that you request (frame rate) for time you request or until a stop. Server Side. A program that open one or more webcam and stay in wait state until receive a request via TC...

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    Basically I need a web page that does the same function as [fazer login para ver a URL] Except a lot simpler I could use Discovery [fazer login para ver a URL] to generate the quizzes at no cost to myself. So why am I looking for a programmer to do it for me? Because I want to make money by charging a small fee of $1 per transaction and the student would have to log onto [fazer login para ver a UR...

    $499 (Avg Bid)
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    HTML Template Encerrado left

    I need good HTML site templates with all original design and images. (Done in photoshop or something like that..I could help with images if needed) These are to be used in different site programmed by me in ASP. The site I have now doing are [fazer login para ver a URL] company [fazer login para ver a URL] network 3.ebay-like aution site 4.A reseller site 5.A fashion designer site ...

    $138 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello Basically want I want is a clone of [fazer login para ver a URL] and I want nice custom graphics ane a member database where users can sign in and upload pictures of there cars and rate others cars. The should be an admin area with number of users signed up etc. It should be just like those hotornot sites but for cars. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working...

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    IE Toolbar in VB6.0 Encerrado left

    I need an application written in VB6.0 (I do not want C++) that will act as a toolbar for Internet Explorer such as Yahoo's, Google's, and even RentaCoder's toolbars. You can decide on it's functionality as long as it's obvious as to how you coded it so that I can modify it for personal use. Some obvious needs, would be a drop down list with certain programs like notepad, ...

    $11 (Avg Bid)
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    Football Website Encerrado left

    WEBSITE REQUIREMENTS [fazer login para ver a URL] I need a simple, uncomplicated layout which is easy to use. The website would need to provide the following: 1) Access to archives (25,000 pages which have been scanned as PDF file. Access to these archives will only be on a paid for basis) However on the website, Archives need to be listed by year, issue and article titles. 2) Page for Contemporar...

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    Asp guru needed Encerrado left

    We are in the urgent need of a web developer who is very good in ASP since all our web programmers are busy. We need to get one of our product's website out asap. The product's name is LockX and we have registered [fazer login para ver a URL] for it. Our product is anti piracy related. Our web hosting company doesn't support php or perl and we need everything only done in ASP with M...

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    Development of a complete client server management solution using Visual Basic. A modular system where modules can be included or excluded as required. The server solution must be able to control and monitor a number of computers in remote locations. The solution comprises the following areas: Client Interface Based on Internet explorer providing navigation controls and application links * Standar...

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    1. Select and apply current and emerging standards in the development of server based Web solutions. 2. Integrate Web server and Database functionality. 3. Deploy Web technologies for state and security management. 4. Describe and implement enhancements of server function to extend Web site service. WEB Based Message Board Outline You are required to produce a CGI/WEB based application that implem...

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    Waiting List Encerrado left

    Need a CGI script written in Perl that would work in tandum with an HTML form. In this situation, users would be signing up for conference sessions. We need a way to notify users when a session becomes full (25 registrants) and then take their "already-entered information" and put it into another file which will work as a "waiting list" file. ## Deliverables CGI Perl script ...

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    I need a ActiveX control in VB6, the control needs to run inside Internet Explorer, like xupload from [fazer login para ver a URL] Thanks! ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows & Internet Explorer

    $71 (Avg Bid)
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    A webpage (yes most likely it will only take 1 page) done in ASP (PHP will probably work also but im not sure) that allows the user to search a database for members of the congregation using different search options and email all members found. For instance, all members with a child in 4th grade or all members with children in 3rd through 5th grade that attend religious school. It would then act a...

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    spam buster Encerrado left

    I need a very compact, flexible spam filter. It will be integrated with another VC++ app, and will be distributed via download over the web. Functional requirements: Delete email if subject line matches text strings obtained dynamically from companion application. Locate and reply to unsubscribe links in body of emails if Sender (From) matches a dynamically provided list. Create junkmail folder, m...

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    Inventory Control Encerrado left

    Small web based inventory control progam that has our part numbers, Number of Cases, Pairs in case, Auto totaling of quantity (Pairs X num Cases) Catagory, Description, Price per pair, Total price of item, Cost per pair, Total cost of Item, Total cost of inventry. I need to have unlimited number of catagories with unlimited number of item numbers in each catagories. I do not need any purchase orde...

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    Online Games Encerrado left

    Looking for someone experienced in the rules of card games. I need a really professionally done set of games for online playing. Gin, Rummy, Crazy 8s, and Rook. The cards should look very professional, and the game should play well. These need to be multiplayer, where people can come to the same web page address, type their name, and join the game. It would be best if there could be a game adminis...

    $889 (Avg Bid)
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    83365 Searchbox Encerrado left

    I need a searchbox for [fazer login para ver a URL] must incorparate logo and install on site its for a smart search affiliate program so must be compatible.

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    CGIEMAIL Encerrado left

    I had an original bid here for this (pretty much), exact same project. But the programmer seemed to take his job doing it, let alone not wanting to finish it in the end. So please be dedicated! What I need is this. I need the "old" script, CGIEMAIL, to be compiled so that I may use it on my website. I don't want any recommendations for a different script, because this is a script th...

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    File Manager Encerrado left

    - *** SEE NEW REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENT *** - Need explorer like file manager program that allows me to assign items available in tree view based on user or group. I.E Accounts Payable group is allowed to see U: drive or AccountingPayablesDocuments. Nothing else should show up in tree view. There should be no way to map or URL to view other drives. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional...

    $287 (Avg Bid)
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    Web-site in ASP Encerrado left

    We are busy with some urgent projects with us already. A client needs his web site to be created with ASP & HTML with MS-Access as backend. Hence this request for bids. The client is into event management activities. They plan, implement, execute and organise trade shows, expos, exhibitions, etc. They also render their services to other event organisers to executing projects. They wish to have...

    $108 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi all I need small chunk of code to do the following - Determine the source URL of ANY image in Internet Explorer simply by dragging and dropping it from IE into a applications OLE drop target (both a text box and a picture box) This must work with all images on web pages and not just report the image location in IEs cache. The URL in question can be manually viewed in IE by 'right clicking&...

    $59 (Avg Bid)
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    A picture voting site.. where people sign up for an account, then it sends an authorization code to their email to complete it, they login, (option for always remembering them when they visit the site), and can upload a picture(or give a link to a picture), and it will send it to an administration section, so they can review it an accept it. the admin can post it or decline it, the admins can also...

    $287 (Avg Bid)
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    This project is for companies dealing with a high amount of pages (for my project, they are games), it's an ASP website that auto-updates itself and classes the updates on a specified page...having everything done automatically without having to work on it. So, the website is about games, the modules that have already been made are the Search & Display modules, that seek for all files in ...

    $430 (Avg Bid)
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