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    .../>¿Qué es MapReduce?<br />Conceptos básicos de MapReduce<br />Arquitectura del clúster YARN<br />Asignación de Recursos<br />Recuperación ante fallos<br />Empleo de YARN Web UI<br />MapReduce Versión 1<br /><br /><strong>Planificación de un cluster Hadoop</strong><br />Consideraciones generales de planificación<br />Elección correcta de Hardware<br />Consideraciones de red<br />Configuración de nodos<br />Planificación de la administración del clúster<br /><br /><strong>Installación y configuración inicial</strong><...

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    Animated Video Tutorials 6 dias left

    Resham Sutra is a social startup; we innovate machines that are used by rural women to earn livelihoods. We need to make 2D animated videos - 5 videos of less than 1 minute each. The videos will be used to teach operation to operators of yarn making machine. We can offer more work if the initial project is successfully completed.

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    Winter hat design Encerrado left

    I will order a graphic design for a winter hat. We are a producer of jacard winter hats. We are looking for a person who will design a collection of hats that will serve as patterns in our company. We will provide the person we choose with photos of our cap models (2-3 models to start with) and a list of available yarn colors so that they can design our cap designs. It is about color suggestions and some interesting patterns for caps. The condition is experience poprate portfolio with clothing design.

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    I need someone to help me set up the environment in terminal of MAC so that I can start coding. I have tried to downloaded, so might need to clean up first. Things to install npm brew watchman yarn expo cli others you know need to download to start coding in react native in local.

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    We have a selection of 20 pattern layouts for rugs. They are already presented in the correct sizes. We require the flat vector artwork/pattern to be converted into the correct rug texture. e.g wool, jute or silk.

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    textile manufacturing company , who are export raw materials like yarn ,need to build a static informative website of minimum 5-6 page

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    ...full stack development, but your work may be focused on frontend or the backend, depending on team needs. Commitment to team coordination is imperative for collaborative problem solving, design and architecture decisions, and development of infrastructure. Requirements & Qualifications: • Some experience with the following languages and frameworks is a must: JavaScript, Node.js, React, and NPM/Yarn • Understanding of Agile methodologies • Strong sense of team and group collaboration • Must be comfortable with asking questions as needed and working out solutions with team members • Extraordinary ethics and compassion for your colleagues • Understanding of issue tracking systems, such as Jira • Proficiency with code versioning tools, such a...

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    Hell everybody I'm a python developer, and I found a project on Js (using npm / yarn), and I found difficulties installing it It's a simple installation, just install dependencies and run correctly the program. the project is very well detailled. Anyone familiar with this please contact me

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    Never Indians. Hi, now I have uniswap fork project and I have cloned source code from github. I have installed node modules for running on localhost but I have some issues with yarn start. Contact with me if you have experience and ability for this- yarn install errors for uniswap fork. If you are not a bot, please start "I am not Indian" . Thanks.

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    Trophy icon Create logo for TM Woolissimo Encerrado left

    Hi, We need a logo for Italian Premium Merino Wool Active Apparel Clothing Brand. The brand name is "Woolissimo". Looking forward to your work.

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    Aadornly Pvt. Ltd. Encerrado left

    ...showcase their talents (designs) in the form of self-expression while of course, abiding by the central theme of the brand itself. We use sustainable and eco-friendly fabric centered around the Himalayan region, particularly Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, and North East India. Among the many fabrics that we use, Eri Silk, Muga Silk, Cashmere Wool (Pashmina), Camel Wool, Sheep Wool, and Yak Wool are the most popular ones. Right from the spinning of the yarn to following the process of natural dyes to weaving..it is all handmade and hand-spun by skilled artisans. Tools required for the entire process are made from wood and bamboo without any electricity, making it the most eco-friendly way to produce clothes. We exclude the use of toxic chemicals in our t...

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    ...project -The ability to communicate, and collaborate -Know the ins and outs of Semantic Markup, CSS & Web Standards; -Knowledge of responsive design, using frameworks like Bootstrap; -Ability to juggle working on multiple projects; -Inquisitive & unafraid to ask questions; -Experience with implementing modern web Javascript frameworks. We utilize NextJS a lot; -Familiarity with build tools like Yarn; -Ability to independently debug code; Project details: Desktop Version Website has 2 versions (Light/Dark Mode) : - 2 landing pages Light Mode/2 landing pages Dark Mode same content, - 24 pages Light Mode/24 pages Dark mode same content. - 21 pop-ups - 1 notification Mobile Version Website (Just Light Mode): 2 landing pages 24 pages 26 pop-ups Android/IOS App (Light/D...

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    As per the PDF project previously sent & discussed.

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    React Development Encerrado left

    ...writing WebSocket client applications (WebSocket API) React - Solid knowledge of React, TSX and Hooks - SASS/SCSS, CSS-in-JS or Styled Components (Translating UI/UX design wireframes from Adobe XD to code) Frontend Development - Knowledge of JavaScript packages, package managers, bundlers, and their use in building complex interactive experiences - Solid knowledge of tools such as Webpack, Babel, Yarn, etc… To be the best fit for this project, you need: - Ability to communicate clearly - Flexible working hours (Flexible during the week, No mandatory days) - Not averse to tackling urgent matters in short periods - Available biweekly for an online meeting - Building reusable components - Clear, readable, understandable, well-organized, consistent, and highly cohesive code...

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    I want to run a project using node js, this project has been developed by the university professors and is publicly available for use. Technologies: The project is using node js , Yarn package manager and Docker for containerisation. Goal of the project: I want someone to run this project for me and make some changes accordingly. Flow of the project: 1. This project is about getting the data from two job portals (stepstone and monster job portals) for Germany and USA. 2. For example: If someone searches for "Agile" in above job portals this project gets all the jobs listed under Agile keyword. 3. Then it stores the data in a data base. 4. After that it categorises the job description based on the skills mentioned in the job description 5. In the last step it shows how...

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    Design a logo Encerrado left

    ...chain in the sericulture industry by engaging from farm stage to the fabric stage, in the process benefitting the pre cocoon as well as the post cocoon segment. The primary objective is to impact the livelihood of the beneficiaries. Resham Sutra designs, manufactures and commercialises machines for silk yarn and fabric production in states across India. The company has developed 12 types of machine, in collaboration with India’s Central Silk Board, that perform different functions along the yarn and fabric production chain: reeling, twisting, spinning and weaving. Most of Resham Sutra’s work supports the processing of silk from Tussar cocoons. Tussar reeling and weaving is typically done by poor, single-industry communities in remote, forested places. Resham ...

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    I am looking for someone that can help me with sourcing for fabric or ready-made home textiles for blankets and throws for a new business idea. - Fabric options for possibly polyester and recycled wool/ polyester mix wool. Open to ideas. - Will need to be made into different sizes for pets and people - Attach reference for the styles we are interested in selling

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    I need visualization for animations to be used in a Linkedin Campaign. It is a simple and very short animation to promote spares. In our case, these are needles and rotary knives used for industrial sewing machines. I want the simplified spare parts to interact with the headline of the ad. So the needle will go up and down and will leave a trace of red yarn/thread, right underneath the headline. Both yarn and needle need to have a close resemblance to the materials we use/produce. Later, a similar animation is needed for knives, used in another Linkedin ad. One animation will probably take 5-10 seconds. We may need spin-offs for display advertising in Google. The work needs to be done in week 25/26.

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    we are looking for corporate identity with stationary designs like business card, envelope, letterhead etc. for our client's textile company who deal with all kinds of fabrics … they are looking for unique creative design representing their company, company name is REDROCK Trading Company. You can come up with an idea combining 2R and type 'REDROCK' in creative way to represent textiles/yarn , use the colors suitable for textile industry.... BE CREATIVE... MOST OF THE ENTRIES SO FAR ARE JUST TYPICAL TEMPLATES TYPE try creating a logo where R is not clearly evident or noticeable only after observing carefully can make out the R

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    to sell yarn , knitting , craft products

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    to sell online , yarn , knitting products

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    buld me a website Encerrado left

    i want to build website to sell yarn , cords , knitting , crochet , crafts products

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    Stellar Ledger Encerrado left

    Hi, I m interested in your services, our crypto decentralized exchange is in development so we need ...communicate, and collaborate -Know the ins and outs of Semantic Markup, CSS & Web Standards -Knowledge of responsive design, using frameworks like Bootstrap -Ability to juggle working on multiple projects -Inquisitive & unafraid to ask questions -Open to learning new tricks -Experience with implementing modern web Javascript frameworks. We utilize NextJS a lot. -Familiarity with build tools like Yarn, Gulp, Webpack -Ability to independently debug code -The ability to utilize .git (It’s ok if you like a UI like SourceTree GitHub Desktop, Git Kraken etc) -Jira or other task management tools -GitHub Actions (Or other CI/CD tools) -Utilizing Figma, Zeplin, PSD or other de...

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    ...to work for 64Bit, as the new requirement to submit to Google Playstore. Our initial Attempt failed as limited knowledge on React-Native Update. It seems the best approach is to upgrade the react-native version to min 0.59.10, where it can have 64 bits. The requirements/skills are as follows: 1- Very good Experience in Android JAVA 2- Very good Experienced React Native developer 3- Experienced Yarn/npm 4- Experienced Android Studio on MAC 5- Experienced MacOS 6- Experienced Google Playstore App upload/submissions NOTES: Work/Project is done on a Remote MacBook Pro Android Studio and will be done online with the Supervisor Manager attending to support the Freelancer developer. TeamViewer access will be given to the Freelance to work on the Remote Macbook. Remote Macbook is lo...

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    The goal is to create a utility that journals all the packages that a user installed with a package manager to help keep track of it in case eventually it turns out one of them was malicious we would notify them. The way it should work is similar to GitHub - lirantal/npq: ?safely* install packages with npm or yarn by auditing them as part of your install process but instead of proactive it keeps the information and once something is eventually found harmful notifies the users based on their journals. Eventually I might need help with the backend as well that would: - Cache/compress some of the dependency information to make sure it is not as much data - On and hourly basis search signatures of packages to look up who installed them - Send them and email if there is a new hit telli...

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    Design, code, test Hive, Sqoop, HBase, Yarn, UNIX Shell scripting Spark and Scala mandatory You should have working experience in previous projects not a beginner level projects so please be ready to design develop and fix the bugs. Working hours and all We can decide over the chat.

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    Next.js Expert Encerrado left

    Need to develop a blog section for boundless-commerce.com. Blog consists of 2 pages (files): 1) /blog - page with a list of blog posts and pagination. 2) /blog/[uid] - Post's page. Models are already designed in the Prismic as well as some basic code for blog. Technical stack: , TypeScript, Prismic Valid semantic HTML markup with schema.org. Types for data models should ...og:type, og:title, og:url, og:image (use appropriate size) should be also specified - Use article markup: - Tags is a text field, split it by comma, trim each element and output in appropriate tag. - Author: if twitter link is specified - show "Follow at [link](target=_blank)" Make pull request. Lint the code before delivery (yarn run lint).

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    Current Website : - Upcoming :- I am migrating the above website to below technology. Front end:- Reac JS Backend :- Spring Boot API DB:- MySql Cloud- preferably Digital Ocean The site has buyer seller account Employee Account which will manager :- buyer seller lead calls and their account Admin Panel to view all transaction details, buyer, seller and other management

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    Need to develop a blog section for boundless-commerce.com. Blog consists of 2 pages (files): 1) /blog - page with a list of blog posts and pagination. 2) /blog/[uid] - Post's page. Models are already designed in the Prismic as well as some basic code for blog. Technical stack: , TypeScript, Prismic Valid semantic HTML markup with schema.org. Types for data models should ...og:type, og:title, og:url, og:image (use appropriate size) should be also specified - Use article markup: - Tags is a text field, split it by comma, trim each element and output in appropriate tag. - Author: if twitter link is specified - show "Follow at [link](target=_blank)" Make pull request. Lint the code before delivery (yarn run lint).

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    Luxury Yarns NZ Encerrado left

    I require a website which I will use to see hand dye yarn .

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    I need .psd, .svg .ai files for the following image below attached below. The name must be JElaine, not Kataleya Please try to keep a similar font with 2 tone colour (circled in the other picture attached) but it should not look like yarn, but a 1 Dimensional photo, as it will be placed on a T-shirt using Vinyl

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    Angular Expert Encerrado left

    Need an Angular 13 expert with senior experience (at least 5 years) that can assist with package upgrades and resolve peer dependency chains. yarn For the right person, have lots of work for the next few weeks. Must be available to work immediately. Must have good english.

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    Destacado Urgente Secreto ADC
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    Demonstrable proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, React, Redux, RxJS, Yarn and related technologies for client-side JavaScript libraries/frameworks development Understanding of the principles of web application development, and developing pragmatic web-based APIs Experience in building high-performance desktop/web applications Work experience with relational databases such as SQL Server, and MySQL Strong problem-solving skills - the candidate should be able to provide examples of applying analytical and technology skills to solve a non-trivial problem Apply relevant standards and best practices into one’s work. Demonstrate keen attention to detail, edge cases, and cascade effects. Flexibility to learn new tools, technologies, and domains as required Knowledge of o...

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    Our Hand-fasting/25th Wedding Anniversary is on the 23rd August 2022 I Need 2 x brown Wool blend hooded cloaks for 6ft exactly men preferably with tree of life embroidered onto it somewhere. Must have 3.5m hem 1 X Renaissance type full length hand-fasting dress size 22-24 made of velvet without hood. in fern green, olive,etc 1 X Forest green ladies wool blend hooded cloak with faux fur around face, must have a 3.5m hem

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    Tweak logo Encerrado left

    We spoke last weekend. I wanted you to tweak the logo I got from the logo contest. This was because the yarn ball was stock drawing. The final goal is 3 things: 1 word mark “unravel codes” in one line where o is the yarn 2 just the picture where yarn holds the book 3 logo that fits in a circle where yarn with book is on top word unravel is in middle and word codes is on bottom

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    I have this Picture I want to make it with the Yarn. I don't have a box I just want to make the slices and same layout with the Yarn. I have 8 colors of Yarn, Please check the picture attached Please let me know if you understand the requirements or you have any questions.

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    I run a small textile manufacturing company. Our main product is a 20g ball of yarn, wound onto a small cardboard cop. We wrap our label around each ball manually, and secure with sellotape. This is a laborious job, and takes the majority of our time. I was wondering if anyone could design a simple bit of of kit, that could easily apply a label to each ball and secure it? Maybe a device you could push the ball into, the label automatically wraps around it and is secured with sellotape? I have attached photos if this assists. Thank you.

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    I am a rural contractor. I know the name and the font I like. The font is the one pictures below (wool stencil lettering) The name is A & J Rural Co

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    I'm working on several projects that require the following skills: NPM and yarn Node.js with Typescript, Express, NestJS, axios, mocha, sinon, nock, lodash Swagger: OpenAPI Docker: kubernetes, multi-stage build, Frontend frameworks: Angular, React.js, Vue.js Mongo, Sequelize, TypeORM Git: proficient with feature branching, conflict resolution, merging, rebasing, githooks, etc. Cloud: AWS (lambda, ECS, EKS DevOps: Jenkins, Azure DevOps pipeline, github actions, I need help hetting these projects to run locally without intranet dependencies like db, auth servers, etc. This will involve a lot of docker work. I need help writing a lot of unit and integration tests to help with a TDD focus. I need someone with excellent coding standards who is well versed in the process of pull...

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    Diseñador UI / Frontend Developer Desarrollar las vistas de la capa Frontend respetando los patrones de arquitectura y reutilizando componentes existentes. Somos una empresa dedicada a la educación...capa Frontend respetando los patrones de arquitectura y reutilizando componentes existentes. Somos una empresa dedicada a la educación y necesitamos un Programador con experiencia en efectos frontend desarrollando los diseños en Angular. - Desarrollo Web usando HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Sitios Responsivos - Frameworks: Angular, Prototipado y maquetado - UI:Bootstrap - Conocimientos de NPM / Yarn / WebPack - Programación en Angular - Bootstrap y preprocesadores CSS - Versionamiento de código con GIT - Patrones de diseño - Librer&iacu...

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    Trophy icon I need a logo designer Encerrado left

    I sell hand dyed yarn and would like the logo to include the name "Handful of Yarn". A logo including a hand holding yarn in some way would be fine, other ideas I had were a sheep's face sticking out of a pile of yarn balls and/or skeins. A cat playing with yarn could also be cute. I would like something less abstract and more of a cozy art style. Included is a photo of hand dyed yarn skeins, plus two examples of the art style I like. I understand that this art style will not translate exactly for this type of project, but wanted to give an idea. Anything that has a needle and thread will be rejected. Knitting needles are the tools I use with yarn.

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    Trophy icon Logo design Encerrado left

    ...I got many entries with the single-line drawing but none really connected with the words so I think I am over this idea. if the words are loopy, they are unreadable if they are straight, they do not connect well to the single line art 2) The city skyline too is not working for me as it tends to look too generic. (And why is everyone making the statue of liberty so big?) 3) maybe something with yarn getting put on a spool? update 4/6/2022 Again, Thank you for many more submissions. This is so amazing! So many great choices that it allows me to see my mistakes in my original request. For example, my initial request resulted in many designs which are wide. I would prefer something more compact so that it fits in a circle as if it were an icon. update 4/19/2022 My web page desig...

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    Hi, We are looking for your help to design a logo for a company selling merino wool clothing like underwear, t-shirts, and socks for kids. The сompany name is ”Merino Mama” and we plan to have a logo composed of a sheep in any form. Given that the clothes are for kids, we would like to see a little sheep or a cute sheep. We are open to ideas and once we decide on a design, we want jpg and ai versions to be sent to us. Thanks and good luck!

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    Trophy icon Update logo for new business direction Encerrado left

    Hi, we are a company that sells merino wool clothing like underwear, t-shirt, and socks. Now we are expanding our business and starting to sell additional goods like natural conditioners for wool apparel for laundry and the like. At this moment we are looking for your help to design the logo for our new project. Company name is , our logo is in the attached file. We would like the shapes of our current logo to be part of the new design. In our opinion, it would be worth adding some details that would emphasize the connection of the logo with the new product. It can be for example snowflakes, drops, sun, decorating the mountains in a new way, and the like. Please note that changing the font is not enough, we need a new detail that emphasizes the connection with ecology, fres...

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    I need a logo made for my small business. I am looking for something round, with a very simplistic design. It is a modern crochet business. I don't want anything cliché like yarn or a crochet hook or knitting needles in it at all. I want maybe a simple or vague line drawing of a dog. Harper is my dog, I will attach a photo of her, just because she's cute. I am also attaching the free little logo I made online that I don't hate, but am definitely not satisfied with.

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    hi how are you? i have some troubles with react native, i had installed all the tools needed like npm, brew, npx, nvm, node, jdk, androistudioSDK, react native, yarn, cocoapods, AALLLLL, the emulators for both xcode ios and android they launch but i never get something compile. i have a trouble with the bash and zshr, bashprofile. Always forget the tools and libraries that are installed, i have to source everytime i think that this is the reason. please help me im frustrated.

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    Create a local copy of this project 1. you will need to make frontend changes, will provide requirements 2. convert to docker image

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    Provide expertise with the integration of Apache Ranger version 2.1.0 with Apache Hadoop version 2.7.3 and Apache Spark (PySpark) 3.1.2 Debug integration of YARN and HDFS plugins on an Apache Hadoop configuration built on AWS EC2 instances. Confirm configuration settings, review log files and make recommendations to resolve issues. Additional goals are to confirm interoperation with Apache Atlas using Ranger Tag Sync and FreeIPA using Ranger User Sync.

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