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    ZEMAX optical design Encerrado left

    I’m looking for an optical engineer with experience using Zemax/Lighttools to design aspheric lens, included but not limited to free form surfaces. This lens/eyeglass is supposed to correct the altitude or horizon line in the view. Like the multifocal progressive lens, it can read the near field and far field with different focal lengths. In this use case, a person on the second floor will see a “corrected” view like s/he is on the ground floor. Each red flag is a mark on the ground floor and the distance will also be modified upon the slope (or the height of the floor). It’s hard to say before a rapid prototype a single lens can work perfectly without any combination of a lens set. It is the purpose of this project! The optimization of the math part either ...

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    ...story)2014. Also an antique cast iron cooking stove on which are cooking apples . A father who plays horse he carries his daughter (me age 5) on his back on the tile of the kitchen floor Story 6: Children descending the snowy slope on sleds 1962 Story 7: A Little mouse and a wonderful coffee cup 8th story: a father who repairs a kitchen sink and he is underneath the sink. A tool 9th story: a blue pram with the white reds and inside a beautiful baby like angel all blond with horses in loops (age 1 year) 10th story: A basket of cherries with a 7-year-old girl (me) watching amazed 11th story: artifices(fire works) those who are on the birthday cake that two girls look and wonder ( a brunette straight hear of 10 years and a blonde of 5 years hair in curls cut a little shorter than ...

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    I have detailed diagrams of two doublets for use in the visible for imaging. These doublets were originally designed in old, now hard to find glass types. I need Zemax files of these two doublets using current glass types

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    Zemax design Encerrado left

    Create optical system from 4 thin lenses with required distances between them lens1 = 35cm from source; lens2 110cm from 1; lens3 415 from 2; lens4 380 from 3 while using 8 fields defined in excel as x,y and intensity(NOT WEIGHT) and 3 modes from .mat Those fields and modes should be transferred through those 4 lenses. aperture 12x6 mm wavelength 0.1 freq 2.89 THz. ZPL code is available also, but a mistake in syntax persists. Budget: 50$ USD Just send me a message with a photo of what you got and which files you have used and let's go from there.

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    Optics Freelancer Encerrado left

    ...optical components - Troubleshoot and resolve design and manufacturing issues - Provide technical expertise to support manufacturing and quality control activities Requirements: - Bachelor's or Master's degree in Optical Engineering or related field - 3+ years of experience in designing optical systems, preferably in the imaging industry - Proficiency in using optical design software such as Zemax or Code V - Experience in designing and testing optical subsystems and components - Knowledge of optical components, including lenses, mirrors, and filters - Familiarity with manufacturing processes for optical components - Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills - Strong communication and collaboration skills Preferred: - PhD in Optical Engineering or related...

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    $1 - $5 / hr
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    To check beam angle and optimize design to meet our target. I need somebody to simulate and optimize lens shape of Interior lighting fixture to meet target beam angle. Design tool is LighTools, Tracepro or zemax,... whatever Fixture includes 1pcs 870mm PCB in length and 1pcs extrusion lens cover. Attached is target beam angle of the light. This is an urgent job and I need to finish it in 8 hours later.

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    I need somebody to simulate and optimize lens shape of Interior lighting fixture to meet target beam angle. Design tool is LighTools, Tracepro or zemax,... whatever Fixture includes 1pcs 870mm PCB in length and 1pcs extrusion lens cover. Attached is target beam angle of the light. This is an urgent job and I need to finish it in 8 hours later.

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    Project for Sina B. Encerrado left

    Hello, For my project "Water lens" I would like to make in Zemax, design a lens with a diameter of 70 mm with focal length 900 mm. It will be a lens for the telescope.

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    Project for Tariq I. Encerrado left

    Hello, For my project "Water lens" I would like to make in Zemax, design a lens with a diameter of 70 mm with focal length 900 mm. It will be a lens for the telescope.

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    Logo design Encerrado left

    I am looking for a logo to be designed for a first aid kit that attaches to a child's pram. The brand is called Pramaid - The name must be in the logo design. Brand: strong, serious, bold yet can tie in a little bit of fun. Logo: It needs to be modern, design centric - inspiration font on my Pinterest page >

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    Hello, I am looking for a A5 flyer and social meda graphic (to use on facebook and instagram adverts) for the opening of a pram and pushchair shop. I can provide copy, logos etc but would like a psd or indd file (CS6 compatible) as the output. The website is www.kindercarepramshop.com. Items required on assets include: Logo (font is blendascript) Space for Address The words "Grand Opening" or similar Mention Discounts and Free Items to give away List products: Prams, pushchairs, Cots, Car Seats and more I can make the final changes to the file, but what i need is a nice layout using baby-product related images and space for text to go. Also needs to pass facebook and instagram standards for images on adverts. Thank you

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    The purpose of the oscillating mirror is to improve image SNR while imaging a moving object. The main idea is working in maximum exposure time (due to full well of the CMOS sensor) while cancelling relative movement of the object, but "freezing" its position by using moving mirror. The oscillating mirror should cause the camera to track the object for short period of time, increasing the number of photons accumulated per pixels of the camera. The mirror is nominally placed 45 degrees to the optical path and 45 degrees to the sensor (sensor is 90 degrees to the optical path of the lens). It moves back and forth between the exposures. Mirror will move to beginning position in the intervals between the exposures (during the readout). The object incorporates a multispectral bands...

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    Zemax project file Encerrado left

    I have a problem in importing a .step file..

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    Zemax Model Encerrado left

    I want to work on zemax and extract some results

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    I am looking for someone to prepare a tech pack for manufacturing seat liners for kids prams. I have a sample product to work from. Some follow up advice around fabric design amy alos be required.

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    - initial stage business plan (no financial projections) - only essential elements to prove problem and solving - market research for Australia and global for luxury electric pram ($2000 AUD) - maybe a competitor to the CYBEX e-pram Problem: parenthood is hard enough - prams haven't been optimised in a hundred years significantly Solution: Electric pram with the following features - auto rocking - can move automatically with a fixed speed - breaks that can detect if rolling away from parent - gear that kicks in to make hills easier - other awesome features yet to be determined but these are to give a good understanding.

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    I'm abismal at coding but i need to start to learn. I need some live help to code. The language is Zemax Programming language, but its base language is BASIC. I feel as if the program that i need to create is very basic but its forgein for me. I think i have functions i need to create it but i need all the other things that create that code. The code will follow this template, 1) count the number of surfaces. that is done with a function nsurf() 2) create a list of all the surfaces 3) need to gather the index of refraction of that surface. 4) need to put a specific index of refraction into a function and that will spit out a co effecient. 5) needs to create a list of those coeffecients.

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    Hi, i'm looking for someone who can help with my lab project, i want to design a high-resolution (0.5 nm) visible ([400nm-800nm])spectrometer in opticstudio. I'm restricted by a 1200 lines / mm reflection diffraction grating and a 28.672 mm wide ccd detectors with a 14um pixel size. Thank you

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    VLC channel modeling Encerrado left

    make a zemax simulation on V2V channel modeling

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    I need help with a simple task regarding designing and Analysing Algorithms, (CRCW PRAM, EREW PRAM, time complexity, and sorting networks for multi-processor computers and switching networks). the task includes 4 parts that require writing and explaining the algorithm. my budget for this task is 25$ and I need it in 4 days. if you are an expert in this field and you will be able to do this task for me (within the budget) please message me to provide more details about the task. Thank you

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Misha, I am contacting you for a Zemax optical modelling project for a custom built microscope. Please can we set up an online meeting to discuss requirements today ? regards Rupam

    $300 (Avg Bid)
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    Project for Osman A. Encerrado left

    Hi Osman, I am contacting you for a Zemax optical modelling project for a custom built microscope. Please can we set up an online meeting to discuss requirements today ? My budget is 300 USD for the complete system design. We are trying to build a custom lens / lens arrangement at 10X magnification to fit into the raspberry Pi HQ camera sensor (C/CS-mount). This is meant for an AI based blood cell detection system. The optical resolution required is very high. regards rupam

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    Pram images to cut out x 6. As previous.

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    zemax optical design Encerrado left

    i need a design for system including point source thet has a lambertian properties and disk detector by using Zemax

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    Hi there! Thanks for wanting to join our contest! We are looking for someone to design a logo for our new brand Kiddyco. We will be selling baby products like: - baby car seat - baby stroller / pram - baby playpen / cot etc Looking forwad to seeing your designs!

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    Shutterstock image - cut out plinth(remove background) Shutterstock image - cut out plant All other images - cut out the pram/pram accessories and enhance/lighten. Milestone - 8 x .png images

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need a logo designed. Business name is 'Mini Homes', or 'MiniHomes'. Generally, we're in the mass market e-commerece business, selling household products, fixtures, and furniture. We...appliances, kitchen and dining wares, furniture, bedding, towels, detergents etc. Basically anything that could be found in a cozy home) The overall feel of the logo should be clean and simple. A little bit cutesy is fine and acceptable too! A home within the shape of the heart would be good. (For your expert inputs and imagination). Colour wise we're thinking similar to the attached 2-colour tone pram image, kinda turquoise and purple. Please feel free to let me know if you require any other specific details, and also feel free to share any suggestions and advis...

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    Cut out image - png Encerrado left

    Cut out image - png. one x pram image, remove background and save as a .png

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    I would like to do light simulation for liquids using Zemax software. please submit your bid with your relative experience. Thank you!

    $297 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for an interior designer who can design a boot room / utility room in a space that used to be our garage. I need it to be practical and would need them to source actual products that we could then install. I would ideally like a model to show how it would look in real ...space that used to be our garage. I need it to be practical and would need them to source actual products that we could then install. I would ideally like a model to show how it would look in real life. Please have a look at the files I've included on the project. These are photos of the room (ignore the rubbish in there). I would like plenty of storage for coats & shoes, a space for the baby pram, a sink, storage for laundry products. I'd like the existing tanks and pipes to be covered,...

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    Zemax optic system. Encerrado left

    An engineer is required to build an optical system on Hopkins cylinders for a rigid endoscope in the Zemax software environment.

    $64 (Avg Bid)
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    I have few images with (x,y) coordinates and P as a value for each pixel. Image describes a pattern that changes linearly from image to image. I need to find the projections of the lines describing the pattern evaluation. Then, this coordinates and projections should be used to define file source at Zemax to find the mirror surface that will collimate the source.

    $41 (Avg Bid)
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    3D Product Animation Encerrado left

    Duration: 30s Resolution: HD Deadline: in 3 weeks (12th/02) No models available - need to be created from photos and videos that we have or we can take for you product: baby travel system, 3 in 1 ( pram, car seat and pushchair, with collapsable frame: details on We need dramatic, fast paced, interesting commercial animation. We want viewers to book our test drive, so it is crucial to create something that people want to click, have and touch. All our clients are in love with Babylimo, we want to show it in the animation, how beautiful the product really is and how versatile. We would like to show few key features (like 6 shock absorbers, bigger wheels for any terrain, rainproof, windproof, interchangeable with the car seat, carrycot and pushchair) Sample animation that

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for Pet Care Centre Encerrado left

    We are a cage-free Boarding and Daycare facility for dogs & cats in Australia. We are Fur Mum Pet Care and have a family type vibe. We are trusted friends to our clients and will look after their 'fur-babies' like they are one of our own. We've had a few different logos over the years, and it is time for some rebranding. The girl with the pram is the original one, then we had the second one designed more recently, but we don't completely love it. We want something fairly simple, but it needs to feel cute and loving. The colours are teal and cranberry. We will be using the new logo for a complete rebrand, from the sign on the building to our uniforms, brochures and stationary to the website and socials. We may have room in the future for a designer to he...

    $137 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, Pram. I'm a Jin, as react developer for the superoffice software company. I heard your experience from my CEO. If you are ready to jump into the project, let's get started.

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    Hi there! I’m looking for someone who is very good with illustration. I want a picture in a illustrator and I would like to add a ‘baby’. It’s possible too add a pram or maybe you have better ideas. It’s a gift for a newborn. Poster 30 x 40. See example. Can you do the same? Please let me know.

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    We have taken some photos of a pram on a green background and need to remove the backdrop to cut the image out

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    Icon design Encerrado left

    Hi, I have an existing website with some icons. I need to create a some new matching icons that I can use. I have attached the existing ones, pilates, weight management, kids, reformer and ...attached the existing ones, pilates, weight management, kids, reformer and group fitness, exercise physiology. The website is https://www.lepilates.com.au. You can see the icons on the home page at the top, I have attached a screen shot homepage.png. I would like additional icons in the same style, size and format. The new icons are : 1. Pregnancy and Post Natal - icon showing pregnant woman beside pram. 2. Mobile Exercise Physiology - icon showing car with medical symbol driving ie: 3. Hydrotherapy - icon showing person doing exercise in water Can you assist? What is the cost and how long wil...

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    New small business in baby care needs. Awesome product but virtually unknown in NZ. Want to get the product out there and make it a major consideration for new parents purchasing baby supplies for their expected baby, a consideration like they would consider a cot, pram, bassinet etc

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    I currently have a logo that I designed myself but I’m not totally happy with it. I’m open to having it reworked slightly or completely overhauled, would really love a professional opinion. My business is making handmade baby bedding products and pram/play accessories, no clothing. I make for both girls and boys and would prefer a logo that better represents unisex products. My business name is Baby Bo-Peep and I have uploaded my logo as is as well as some product props I’ve had made for my brand and other images that I like. I’m completely open to other images that align with my brand, does not have to be exactly what I’ve uploaded.

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    Trophy icon Looking for the perfect logo design Encerrado left

    I’m a doll artist who creates high end, luxury art dolls for collectors around the world. I’m looking to rebrand with a logo that is modern, stylish and gives the impression of “expensive” and “luxury”. It needs to look great as watermark on photos (ideally on both dark and light backgro...and “luxury”. It needs to look great as watermark on photos (ideally on both dark and light backgrounds) as my product is sold based on photos of the artwork Business name for rebrand: Jade Lucia Art Dolls Attached are samples of my work showing how the logo gets used. I’ve previously been using Candy Lane Art Dolls but it’s time to link my name to my work though I do really love the antique pram in my current logo and would be ope...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    We have an existing product that we need to add modifications to. You will be taking the dimensions of the existing product and redrawing it then adding the modifications. This can be done by pictures etc with dimensions on it or if you are local to Sydney we can deliver the product to you and you can detail it exactly as per the product. The product is a pram with a bassinet and seat

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $15 / hr Média
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    We are looking for someone to start helping us right away (this weekend) and finish the project within 2-3 days. The purpose of this job post is to first identify the individual that has the skills and availability to help us. Scope of work will be updated and contract price will be updated to reflect the effort involved. Setup: -a box with reflective material that is ~85% reflective -m...-multiple objects of various shapes and sizes in the middle of the box Objective: figure out the way the objects affect the way light travels inside the box If you think you can help us please let us know! Please also let me know which software program you would like to use for this type of projects and any sample of previous work would be appreciated. Only bid if you have already experienced in ...

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    1. Electro-Optical Engineering, Optical System Design, Reflective Optical System Design 2. Optical Assembly, Integration and functional testing of optical and electro-optical systems 3. Optics Design and Simulations using tools like Zemax (or equivalent) 4. Interiors and Exteriors lighting and illumination systems 5. Experience with Optical Ray tracing and simulations 6. Experience with Optical Bench 7. Able to co-ordinate with external vendors for selection of off the shelf optical components 8. Optical & EM Modelling Skills

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    edit video content Encerrado left

    we are shooting a video for a pram demonstration which will have 3 prams featured. we will need the raw files edited and music added and labels written into the video to point out pram features

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    Need an estimation of optical power. System is simple: light source 3500 nm wavelength, one lens and detector window. For the first step I need just estimation of optical power and SNR. ZEMAX, TracePro CADs needed or similar. If your experience would be Ok, we will continue this project. more details will be provided soon.

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo for dog walking Encerrado left

    We need a logo for our client. It is a dog walking business. Need a classic design. Need logo to have show business name and tag line. The design could be of a pram and dog (see attached photo). Color: #d35400 or black please Business Name: My Dogs Nanny Tag line (in 2 separate lines): Dog Walking (Since 2010)

    $19 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for illustrations of 4 women who are all friends. One is in her late 20's, another is in the early stages of pregnancy, one is heavily pregnant and the last one is pushing a pram. We are seeking a beautiful illustration that captures the friendship of these 4 women walking towards us and have a style in mind - attached. We require the images to be designed big enough to be used on an A2 poster and will require the original Ai files. The images are mostly black and white but we will supply a brand palette to work with. The job is needed urgently and we would need an immediate start with some pencil sketches which we could then progress from there. Please let us know if you can help.

    $73 (Avg Bid)
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    nama saya pram saya masih pelajar , saya sedang membutuhkan uang tambahan dalam waktu dekat , silahkan bisa dilihat kemampuan saya di profil saya , dan saya akan mempelajari pekerjaan yang diberikan dengan tawaran ini mohon untuk di pertimbangkan , saya sangat senang jika bisa bekerja untuk anda, terimakasih

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, I wrote the content for a book for my son. A children's book. It is only less than 300 words. I would like some illustrations for this book. I have a general idea. I saw some ideas on the Internet and would like something simi...general idea. I saw some ideas on the Internet and would like something similar please. Image 1: A tall black bearded man, fair skinned (father) walking home. In the same image is (son) fair skinned Black haired young boy in the window waiting for his father to come home. Image 2: Father throwing son into the air at home. Background of home is a few Cupboards Image 3: Father e walking son in a pram on the beach Image 4: Father giving son a bath Image 8: Father trying to put son to sleep Please email me for further information on Soumya...

    $16 (Avg Bid)
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