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    Criacao algoritmo 2 dias left

    Criacao de algoritmo usando como base uma tese de mestrado

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    Run analysis in ArcGIS Pro 6 dias left

    I need someone who knows Arabic language to run deep learning model and write about steps the went through.

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    In this project we need to find the which promotion to run for next year from a list of promotions. A R or google colab code needs to shared which showcase the procedure and output. see the for full details.

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    Hi, I need someone to perform deep learning models to classify text lines.

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    Blockchain have been an interesting research area for a long time and the benets it provides have been used by a number of various industries. Similarly, the healthcare sector stands to benet immensely from the blockchain technology due to security, privacy, condentiality and decentralization. Nevertheless, the Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems face problems regarding data security, integrity and management. In this paper, we discuss how the blockchain technology can be used to transform the EHR systems and could be a solution of these issues. We present a framework that could be used for the implementation of blockchain technology in healthcare sector for EHR. The aim of our proposed framework is rstly to implement blockchain technology for EHR and secondly to provide secure stor...

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    Machine learning algorithms can analyze significantly more granular data in the same or even less time than traditional methods. This level of precision and speed results in more accurate and timely forecasts. The same machine learning techniques can then forecast the influence of weather on energy output. Energy firms can reduce fossil fuel use if renewables generate higher-than-average levels, and vice versa. Vendors of renewable energy must match market needs in order to expand the use of sustainable energy. Customer appeal, like any other business, needs an awareness of consumer trends. Many firms, including renewable energy corporations, employ machine learning solutions in this field. Consumer behavior is remarkably predictable when enough high-quality data is available. Long-term ma...

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    Artificial Intelligence project 5 dias left

    ya dusra ha Could you create a python script for an AI to be able to processes videos from multiple angles and create a 3D video?

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    Sagemaker ml models deployment 5 dias left

    Deploy ml models in sagemaker using endpoints and mlops

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    Looking for someone, who is passionate about training the machine learning models and can also help with the documentation

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    I need someone who can guide me and review my projects

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    I'm currently using a machine learning model called YOLOP to do some robotics-related tasks. This model detects objects, segments drivable areas and detects roadside lines. For my task, I only need to retrain YOLOP for object detection and drivable area segmentation on the dataset I have already collected. I will provide unlabeled datasets for learning that only contain a cycling path class that the model doesn't segment. moreover, I want to reduce the detection classes of YOLOP to 2. please have a look on the link below for YOLOP before contacting.

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    Machine learning project 5 dias left

    can you help me with deep learning project? Wanna to detect vehicle using background subtraction model with maskrcnn file contain project requirement details... We need to use MS coco dataset It must contain 3 vehicle classes car truck and bus We need to train model and classified these three classes

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    Cloud/ Hosted Analytics Using Deep Learning

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    An algorithm was created to detect Brain Metastasis in mRI images. I have attached a powerpoint to better describe the current research project and challenges . Last year accuracy of detection was 85% now accuracy dropped to 50%. Need an expert in AI/ML, data science and medical image expert ( MS or PhD in data science) to look at the algorithm to optimize it and solve few other issues . Must have prior work experience with AI/ML, MRI images, need familiarity with DICOM meta data, DICOM viewer

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    Barcode reader 3 dias left

    I have a website and I need to add the barcode search function, on the client side: - take a picture (or read it from gallery) - recognize the barcode - enter it in the search box.

    $175 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for someone to develop a chatbot with AI features for a healthcare doctor consultation type app. The app is developed in Kotlin. You will have to create and integrate the chatbot.

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    Looking for someone to develop a chatbot with AI features for a healthcare doctor consultation type app. The app is developed in Kotlin. You will have to create and integrate the chatbot.

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    Machine Learning Expert Needed 2 dias left

    I need a machine learning expert who can work on the project on the subject noted above.

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    Looking for a very professional TensorFlow developer, to modify the Dense layer, the code must be in the TensorFlow 2.0, and I have to change the dimensions and the computing section in the Dense layer. So, please, if you're not familiar with the low level TensorFlow don't bid.

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    Need a person who has Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to rewrite my PHD thesis.

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    I am looking for a knowledgeable ML generalist (Data Scientist / ML Engineer / Data Analyst ) to write good, complete, thorough, well-researched project plans (including estimates) for projects to develop and deploy ML/AI/Deep Learning solutions. Projects may be in: - Computer Vision - Natural Language Processing - Chatbots - Reinforcement learning - Deep Learning Is this something that would interest you? I would pay for writing and research time, up to 8 hours/day, as long as the output is sound. You will be working for me in a global, remote team. You: - Must have a track record of successful ML projects. - Must be able to write and speak in English clearly and fluently. - Be willing to use the time tracker. - Must be willing to sign an NDA (at a later stage in t...

    $2 - $8 / hr
    Destacado Secreto
    $2 - $8 / hr
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    Tags: crypto, security Description: This is a very interesting dataset. Each document has been encrypted with up to 4 layered target is a multi-class label denoting which newsgroup the ciphertext originated in.

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    Match each piece of ciphertext generated after encrypting the 20 Newsgroups with its corresponding piece of plaintext

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    On urgent basis I need experts on DL and ML project. My project is develop an emotion recognition system using video dataset.I have to develop it my different DL algorithms with the comparison results. send me on dhawased at

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    I need a teacher 2 dias left

    I do not know how long it would actually take but I really would like to learn to develop blockchain. I do not know how much it would cost but I am interested so please message me if you are too. (English)

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    I need an expert in python developer to fix some errors in python code for twitter sentiment analysis

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    My project is to build a NLP deep learning model for language language is English and target language is kannada (Indian language). Dataset is PMindia Preprocessing techniques like bite pair encoding , sentence piece . Encoder decoder algorithm and finally bleu score above 5.

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    I have deep learning code for image segmentation task, I am not sure with my image loader function I thing it got problem, as I have porolem with validation result even when I use same data for train and validation, while the training has very good behave.

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    Object classification in virtual environment based on geometric shape recognition and comparison. This is NOT a data training or neural networks project Below is a summary to do list, more detailed project description is also available, pls do not post a reply before reading it 1) Create a basic artificial environment; cube shaped room and/or display pedestal that has specific dimensions and grid like coordinates throughout its height, length, and width 2) Import 3D Objects from a free 3D Object library like sketch-up 2) Employ 3D geometric shapes; Cube, Sphere, Tetrahedron, Cuboid Rectangular Prism, Cone, Triangular Prism…. (8 to 12 shapes in total) and combine these shapes to overlay/replace 3D object with least number of geometric shapes possible and record original type for ...

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    Deep Rainforcement Learning Project 20 horas left

    I am finding a guy who has had a good experience with deep rainforcement learning algorithm. This project is really challenging project, and need to be done within 1 or 2 months. More detail, I will share in chat. Please bid only if you have had a good experience with them. Thank you

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    Need to connect existing api with all stocks/options and other data to forecast prices and accurately predict direction of stocks, options, crypto, forex, futures, nfts

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    speech recognition 126 dias left

    deep learning, artificial intelligence to recognise voice from 30 seconds of audio and regenerate the same voice, same accent, same pitch and same audio quality to fit into statements in existing audio files. 2 voice samples will be provided. written text must be converted into perfectly same voice and save the file.

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