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Electronics is an exciting field of engineering that involves circuitry, components, programming, and more. By hiring an Electronics Engineer, businesses and individuals have the power to design and prototype a wide range of gadgets to solve difficult problems. From computers and peripherals to vehicles, Robots and healthcare equipment, electronics experts can create revolutionary products for nearly any industry.

Simply put, an Electronics Engineer can bring life to an idea. With their help, everyday functions are streamlined making life easier for everyone. Accessing remote control equipment just became much easier with Electronics Engineering. Anything from home security cameras to advanced autonomous parking systems are now achievable.

Here’s some projects our expert Electronics Engineers made real:

  • Designing and customizing schematics for DCDC step-down buck converters for specific applications
  • Turning hand drawn sketchs into a clean 2D DWG format schematic
  • Writing Arduino code for controlling thermostats remotely over WiFi or the Cloud
  • Developing custom firmware programs embedded with LCDs, Serial peripherals and WIFI
  • Developing Arduino counter applications for Instagram followers
  • Converting CAD models into Gerber files for the creation of PCBs
  • Programming stepper motors for two axis machines with aNextion 7” GUI script
  • Designing fully functional printed circuit boards in Altium Software
  • Programming Arduino boards for stepper motor control for large scale Sawmills

Are you interested in creating something special? Consider hiring an Electronics Engineer on Freelancer.com to design a new innovative product! With their expertise in automation systems and other advanced technologies, they can bring your product to life faster than ever before while making sure it’s efficient and safe. So why wait? Post your project today!

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    Smart Home Automation Design 6 dias left

    I'm looking for a professional who can create a comprehensive smart home design for my living room and bedroom. The project should be completed as soon as possible. Key Features: - The design should integrate smart air conditioning, lighting, and music systems in both the living room and bedroom. - Voice control of devices is not a priority for this project but would be an added bonus. - Security system functionalities are not required in this initial phase. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing and implementing smart home automation systems - Proficiency in setting up smart lighting, air conditioning, and music systems - Prior work on projects with tight deadlines - Aesthetic sense to ensure the design complements the existing decor and furniture of my ho...

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    I am looking for a hardware specialist who can help me design a circuit which can individual control i.e., turn ON, OFF or Dim a LED strip amongst 200 others through an APP. We have done this before check the below youtube video: But now we want something robust, we are Okay to do it from scratch. Person if from Pune Maharashtra shall be very much suitable.

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    I'm looking for an experienced Arduino developer to create an interface on macOS High Sierra, specifically for the Arduino nano. Key Tasks: - Develop a functional interface connecting my Arduino Nano to the macOS High Sierra. - Implement data visualization capabilities within this interface. Specific Functionality: - The primary function is to visualize oscilloscope display data from the Arduino Nano. Ideal Candidate: - A deep understanding of Arduino Nano hardware. - Experience in data visualization, specifically with oscilloscope display data. - Proficient with macOS High Sierra interface development and integrations. - Strong problem-solving skills, with a flair for creating intuitive interfaces.

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    I need a competent professional with experience in both wired and wireless network installation and maintenance, particularly for residential properties and small multi-family buildings (6-plexes) for internet service and camera security. This project will be involving the use of standard rogers/bell modems with additional equipment including NVMS 7000 and iDMSS softwares, Linksys equipment etc., so familiarity and understanding of these brand's products is very helpful. However, these are very basic network installation networks. The most complicated thing you will encounter, is this system's integration with Rogers/Bell modem and the buildings/home's multi channel camera systems using the softwares (NVMS7000 and iDMSS). The ideal candidate will have: - Extensive exp...

    min $37 / hr
    min $37 / hr
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    I require consultation from someone with experience in interfacing with industrial robots to give me confidence in my method of implementation before committing to purchasing the robot. We are purchasing a robot and 6 axis force sensor to assist with an assembly process for our product. The assembly requires precise alignment of a magnet in 3D space adjusted through feedback from a force sensor on the end of the arm. I am confident that the force sensor system can be read into a custom python script through USB RS485 serial libraries, however I am having trouble verifying that the modbus TCP included in the robot software will be able to be used to send simple move/ rotate instructions from the script. The robot: As I understand it, The robot is driven by a control cabinet, which in...

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    custom firmware DMA FPGA 6 dias left

    What is the target device for the custom firmware? DMA Artix-7 35T FPGA chip firmware with PCILEECH support I am looking for an experienced freelancer to develop custom firmware for a specific DMA card model, Artix-7 35T FPGA. The firmware needs to be compatible with EAC, BE, Faceit, and Vanguard anti-cheats. It has to be able to disguise my DMA device exactly like another device with the same config space and return the same buffers as the second device we are trying to emulate, basically I need it to act and look exactly like another PCIe device. Requirements and Features: - I am open to suggestions for specific requirements and features for the firmware. - The firmware should be optimized for gaming purposes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in developi...

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    I have a project requiring the conversion of a Gerber, Bill of Materials (BOM), and schematic files into a KiCad project. The task also includes implementing two minor changes post-conversion. Key Responsibilities: - Migrate Gerber, BOM, and schematic files to KiCad - Alter the KiCad project by rotating a diode component - Add a power feed for an LCD backlight Ideal Freelancers: - Proficient in KiCad, with a strong understanding of the software - Experience in PCB design, particularly in component rotation and additions - Demonstrable expertise in following and implementing BOMs - Familiarity and experience with Gerber file formats - Ability to communicate clearly and effectively to ensure project specifications are met

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    I'm seeking a well-versed HVAC designer with expertise in central air conditioning systems specifically tailored for commercial buildings. Key Goals: - Develop a comprehensive HVAC system design that incorporates optimal energy efficiency. - Ensure the system aligns with local building codes, illustrating a thorough understanding and application of these regulations in the planning stage. Ideal skills & experience: - Proven experience in HVAC system design, specifically central air conditioning - Familiarity with commercial building requirements for HVAC systems - Comprehensive understanding of local building codes - Proven track record in delivering energy efficient designs Your ability to deliver an innovative but realistic design that meets local building codes and emphasiz...

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    I'm seeking a skilled PCB designer to create a design for an automated security system. The system will integrate with surveillance cameras and support remote access via a mobile app. Key Functions: - The system will have motion detection capabilities. - It will be compatible with a range of surveillance cameras. - Remote access will be through a mobile app. Ideal Skills and Experience: - PCB design expertise - Experience in automation or security systems design - Knowledge of surveillance camera integration - Mobile app integration experience This project would suit a freelancer who is both technically proficient and able to deliver a user-friendly design. If you have experience in both PCB design and security systems, I'd love to hear from you.

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    As an upcoming project, I need a specialized PCB designer with exceptional knowledge and skills from any CAD software such as Altium Designer, Cadence Orcad, or Eagle PCB. You'll be given the responsibility of creating a double-layer PCB design with power management, Bluetooth, and microcontroller functionalities. Here's what I expect: - Expertise in using any major CAD software for PCB design - Proven experience in double-layer PCB designs - Familiarity with PCB designs that accommodate power managing, Bluetooth connectivity, and microcontrollers - Capability to work within tight timelines and deliver high-quality output I look forward to onboard a creative thinker who can collaborate closely and intuitively throughout the course of the project. The ability to work withi...

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    I'm in search of a capable professional who can craft a sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing gear system for my unique tiltable table design. The ideal candidate should be well-versed in the combination of gear systems, particularly Rack and Pinion, Bevel, and Worm gears. Key Project Details: - I'm looking for a gear system that allows for smooth and precise tilting. - The system should have adjustable tilt angles and easy-to-use controls. - Given that this system will be exposed, it needs to be well-detailed and articulated. - The gear system should be entirely crafted from metal, ensuring durability and strength. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience with crafting custom gear systems, particularly in complex, exposed designs. - Proficiency in Rack and Pinion,...

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    As a circuit enthusiast, I'm in possession of a 60W SMPS circuit which I wish to fully comprehend. My requirements involve uncovering the functionalities of selected components with a meaningful depth of understanding. Consider my specific areas of interest: - Full elucidation on the operation of the Switching Transistor within this circuit. - Thorough explanation concerning how the Feedback Control Circuit works and its role. - Comprehensive understanding of the Output capacitor and its role in the circuit. Ideally, a freelancer with a deep-fledged knowledge of electrical circuitry and SMPS workings would be the perfect fit for this task. An ability to explain intricate components operation in a simplified yet detailed manner is highly desired. An understanding of the mentioned com...

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    I am looking to develop a comprehensive manufacturing system, specifically designed to handle the production of transformers. The system must include the following primary features: - Material Planning and Procurement: The system must strategize and control the resources procurement process critical to the manufacturing of transformers. - Production Scheduling and Control: It should also be able to manage workflow, track production progress, and control the manufacturing activities to ensure a smooth, efficient and timely production process. Ideal Skills and Experience: The successful bidder should have substantial experience in developing manufacturing systems, ideally with a background in handling projects related to the production of electronics. I specifically seek deep expertis...

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    I'm in need of an experienced IoT developer who can create an end-to-end solution for my home appliances. The system should cover monitoring, control, and data collection. Here are the specifics: - **Tasks**: The solution should allow me to monitor, control, and collect data from my home appliances. - **Machines**: I'll be looking to automate multiple home appliances, so a robust and scalable system is a must. - **User Interface**: I prefer interacting with the system via a mobile app, so the solution should have a user-friendly and intuitive design for mobile platforms. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Prior experience in developing IoT solutions for home appliances. - Proficiency in creating mobile applications for IoT systems. - Strong problem-solving skill...

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    I'm currently in need of an experienced professional who can provide consultation in RAM PCB design. My primary goal is to significantly enhance the performance of my design. Key Requirements: - Improved Performance: The main aim of the PCB design is to optimize performance, so you should have a demonstrated track record in creating high-performance circuit boards. - Advanced Level Expertise: The project involves an advanced level of design complexity, specifically the creation of multi-layer PCBs. Your prior experience in handling such intricate designs will be crucial. - Compliance with IEEE Standards: The design must comply with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards. Experience and familiarity with IEEE standards in PCB design are essential. Idea...

    $83 (Avg Bid)
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    I am seeking a dedicated electromechanical technician with a Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) certification to join my project. Your tasks will include, but not limited to: - Troubleshooting and repairing equipment - Installing and maintaining electrical systems - Programming and debugging control systems Experience in both the manufacturing and automotive industries will be highly beneficial. Your background in these areas will aid in navigating the complexities of these domains efficiently and effectively. A CCST certification is mandatory, confirming your knowledge of control systems. I look forward to hearing from candidates who believe their skills align with these requirements.

    $6477 (Avg Bid)
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    5 ofertas

    I require a skilled professional with expertise in AutoCAD for architectural drafting. Your primary duty will be to help me with 2D drafting and detailing. Key Responsibilities: - Implement 2D drafting and detailing in AutoCAD - Ensure accuracy and precision in the architectural drawings Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in AutoCAD - Prior experience in 2D drafting and detailing - Strong attention to detail - Understanding of architectural design principles Your application should include your past work in AutoCAD. Please ensure your examples are relevant to architectural drafting and detailing. Looking forward to reviewing your applications.

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    60 ofertas

    I'm in need of a skilled developer capable of creating a custom IoT solution using ESP32 or a better IoT hardware device to create a simple electronic plug so I can control the IoT through APIs Key Features, from local network I need to be able to: - turn on - turn off - get status User must be able to easily: - connect to their own Wifi - set a custom hostname - reset their plug to factory default when needed The plug needs to broadcast its hostname to the local network. Other developers then can use the IoT API to turn on or off the IoT, or get its current status. Also find a way to add some basic security so the API can be used with a token or a certificate. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in developing IoT solutions using ESP32 - Strong understanding of rem...

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    I'm in need of an embedded systems engineer to make the full driver by esp32 that can display photos JPEG or RGB and streaming photos as video on the screen for an intercom project . the communication with screen's driver through SPI , the developing using C language . Key Responsibilities: • Develop and implement software for embedded devices and systems • Review code and design • Conduct system testing and validation procedures Required Skills and Experience: • Proficiency in C and embedded systems programming • Insight into efficient coding and system testing the manual for screen is here

    $226 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I would like to connect the display to an ESP32 Nano as shown in the data sheet. However, I have already tried everything and the display just won't turn on. In any case, I need a driver, programming code in C and a circuit diagram

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    I'm in need of a proficient code writer who can contribute greatly to the development of a data logging temperature measuring prototype geared towards controlling temperature in a manufacturing process. Key responsibilities will include: * Fabrication of an infrared sensor aimed at measuring temperatures to high levels of accuracy (less than 0.1°C). * Designing a data logging system that effectively records and presents these measurements for process monitoring. The ideal candidate for this project should have: * Robust knowledge of temperature sensor technologies, particularly infrared sensor technology. * Proficiency in coding for data logging systems. * Previous experience in prototype development, preferably in the manufacturing industry. In conclusion, I'm seeking...

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    I'm in need of a professional who can create a double-layered PCB design for a medium-sized production run. Please pay attention to the following aspects: - The purpose of the design is solely for production. Therefore, the emphasis should be on the manufacturability, cost-effectiveness, and reliability of the final product. - The PCB should be designed within the constraints of a medium-sized board, measuring 10x20 cm. Please be mindful of the space limitations and ensure the components are arranged in an efficient and optimal manner. - Your experience and understanding of double layer PCBs will be critical. Skills and knowledge in optimizing component arrangement to reduce signal interference and ensure the PCB operates as intended will be valuable in this project. - The design sho...

    $94 (Avg Bid)
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    26 ofertas

    I need a custom PCB designed for my project, which involves controlling a 1.5v motor. The activation of this motor will be governed by 2 tilt switches connected to a lever - essentially, the motor will rotate an object based on the tilt movement of these switches. This PCB should be designed to run off a single AAA battery. Key Requirements: - The PCB should be designed to control a 1.5v motor - It should be able to run off a single AAA battery - Activation of the motor will be based on tilt movement, governed by 2 tilt switches - The goal is to rotate an object using this PCB Ideal Skills: - PCB Design - Transistor Switch Implementation - Battery-Powered Circuit Design - Tilt Switch Integration

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    I am in need of a mechanical engineer or a similar professional who is capable of designing a wood chips sorting machine based on provided specifications. The primary function of this machine will be to sort wood chips by size, not by removing debris or cleaning. The desired output sizes are as follows: - Small: less than 0,8cm - Medium: 6cm - Large: 8cm This machine will be handling a large volume of wood chips, with an estimated output of more than 5 tons per hour. It will be necessary for the machine to be reliable, efficient, and able to handle this high volume. Ideal candidates for this project will have: - Experience in designing and engineering industrial machines - Proficiency in mechanical engineering - A keen understanding of the materials and components needed to create a h...

    $132 (Avg Bid)
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    30 ofertas

    I am looking for a highly competent Arduino coder for my project. It involves a mixture of sensing, data logging, wireless communication and remote control. The overall goal is automation and control, so a key part of your role will be ensuring that the system works automatically. Specifically, you'll need to have experience in: - Working with Arduino systems for the purpose of automation and control - Skilled at sensing and data logging with an Arduino system - Comfortable with wireless communication and remote control within Arduino systems - Familiarity with a variety of Arduino-compatible sensors, including temperature and humidity, proximity and motion, along with light and sound sensors Expertise in the mentioned areas is important as your ability to easily and effectively n...

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    I need an expert who can deliver an aesthetically pleasing and functional design for a compact, portable powerbank with a capacity of 10,000mAh. The powerbank should only cater to USB Type-C output for compatibility. Key objectives: - Designing a 10,000mAh powerbank - The powerbank should only support USB Type-C output - The design should be should be slim, lightweight, flexible, magnetic, wireless, waterproof and app 9 A freelancer with previous experience in product design, especially electronics and power-related devices, is preferred. Your experience should also demonstrate a keen eye for compact, mobile-friendly design. I need someone who understands the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

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    I'm looking for a skilled sound technician who can work on designing interfaces for microcontrollers, and PCB design. You should be comfortable with control logic and circuits, and have knowledge of the latest boards and interfaces. - The microcontrollers I'm looking for you to work with are mainly for user interface and display control - I prefer touchscreen interface design - You need to be able to work under pressure and within a short time frame - Experience or willingness to work in a startup condition would be a plus Please make sure you're comfortable with these requirements before bidding. Your skills and experience in these areas are important for the successful completion of this project.

    $296 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a C++ expert to optimize the code for a PCB application. The primary goal is to improve its performance, this includes: - Analyzing the current codebase - Change code for PCB to perform as required The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proven experience in C++ programming, specifically with code optimization - Previous work with PCB applications will be a big plus - A keen eye for detail and problem-solving skills Please make sure to include your relevant experience in your proposal. IMPORTANT!!!! The Processor to code in this Project is a ATMEGA808-XF IC MCU 8BIT 8KB FLASH 28SSOP! Please advice in your proposal that you have software available to LIVE (Not static) simulate the functionality of the code. Please also advice what software you are ...

    $322 (Avg Bid)
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    I need an expert who can deliver an aesthetically pleasing and functional design for a compact, portable powerbank with a capacity of 10,000mAh. The powerbank should only cater to USB Type-C output for compatibility. Key objectives: - Designing a 10,000mAh powerbank - The powerbank should only support USB Type-C output - The design should be should be slim, lightweight, flexible, magnetic, wireless and waterproof A freelancer with previous experience in product design, especially electronics and power-related devices, is preferred. Your experience should also demonstrate a keen eye for compact, mobile-friendly design. I need someone who understands the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

    $74 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking an experienced professional capable of performing a comprehensive PCB simulation using Ansys Slware, with a focus on thermal analysis, signal integrity analysis, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis. Key requirements: - Conduct a detailed simulation that covers all aspects of thermal analysis, signal integrity, and EMC analysis. - Deliver the outcomes in a professional PDF report format. - The report should include a detailed analysis along with technical insights for each of the simulation areas. Ideal qualifications include: - Proven experience in PCB simulation using Ansys Slware. - Strong background in thermal analysis, signal integrity analysis, and EMC analysis. - Proficiency in compiling comprehensive reports with technical insights. - Excellent commu...

    $70 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to assist with my wireless camera and monitor project utilizing ESP32. This project ideally involves the following key components: - **Remote Monitoring:** The primary function I aim to achieve with this setup is remote monitoring via the internet. It is crucial that the implementation is secure and stable, allowing me to access the feed from anywhere. - **Video Quality:** I'm looking for a high-quality video streaming capability; specifically, the camera should be able to stream at 1080p resolution. This means I'm looking for someone with a proven track record working with video streaming over ESP32. - **Efficiency and Integration:** The setup needs to be power-efficient and smoothly integrated between the camera and the monitor...

    $124 (Avg Bid)
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    23 ofertas

    I'm in need of a professional who can assist with both PLC programming and HMI design. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Siemens S7-1200 PLC: I'm using a Siemens S7-1200 PLC, so proficiency in this specific model is crucial. - HMI Design Skills: I need someone who can not only program the PLC but also design a user-friendly HMI interface that is intuitive for the end-user. The ideal freelancer should be: - Experienced in PLC programming, with a strong background in Siemens systems. - Proficient in HMI design, ensuring the interface is user-friendly and intuitive. This project is vital to my operations, so I'm looking for a skilled professional who can deliver high-quality work within a reasonable time frame.

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    I'm in need of a professional who can identify and rectify an electrical issue causing an intermittent high-frequency buzzing throughout my house, regardless of the time of the day or season. It's not associated with any specific appliance use, it's random. Requirements: - Proven experience in identifying and fixing electrical issues in residential properties. - Solid understanding of electrical circuitry and safety standards. - Ability to diligently troubleshoot to identify the root cause. - Good communication skills to explain the identified issues and resolution actions. It's a baffling issue that needs an experienced hand to solve. Your expertise in navigating electrical systems will be greatly valuable.

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    High-End Drone Development 4 dias left

    I want to build a drone that has a minimum flight time of 60 minutes, should carry maximum payload capacity of 2 kg, and should travel at speed of upto 50 kmph. It should include a DGPS system for precise navigation with an accuracy of 1 cm. It should also include the following - 4K video - IR camera - 4G SIM module - Raspberry PI - transmitter and receiver. The receiver should be a joystick and preferably have a touch screen UI that can display the video feed from the drone cameras The primary function of this drone will be aerial photography and videography. The ideal candidate should be a skilled drone developer capable of integrating the following additional features: - Live video streaming: facilitating real-time feed to a remote location, enabling efficient monitoring and contr...

    $942 (Avg Bid)
    $942 Média
    2 ofertas

    I'm seeking experts in Europe to help us reduce the cost of wiring harnesses across multiple vehicle models. This project involves two main areas: - Copper Reduction: One of the primary costs in wiring harnesses is copper, so this project will involve strategies for minimizing the use of copper in our harnesses. - Material Optimization: Beyond just copper, we are looking for experts who can help us optimize the use of other materials in our wiring harnesses in a cost-effective manner. This is a remote job, and your payment can be hourly or monthly, depending on your preference and the scope of your involvement. Your experience in the field, especially with cost reduction in wiring harnesses, will be highly valuable. If you've achieved similar cost reductions in the past, please...

    $2721 (Avg Bid)
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    About the Company Sanion, located in Incheon, South Korea, has been focused on developing electric automation devices, such as automation relays, and merging units since 1997. We have the most advanced electric automation technologies in South Korea. We are welcoming you who want to be a part of leading the global electric automation devices market. You may visit our company website here for more information: Opportunity type: • Full Time/Part Time: Full-Time • Project Only Hire: No • Visa Sponsorship Available Firmware Team: Developing FPGA [Main Responsibilities] • FPGA Development for communication, logic & etc. • Test & Debugging the above [Required Experience and Qualifications] • Education: Above Undergrads. (Including community c...

    $23 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm urgently seeking a skilled PIC schematic circuit engineer who can create a reliable power supply circuit for my project. Key Requirements: - The power supply is expected to provide 5V and 1A output. Project Timeline: - I need this project completed as soon as possible. Your prompt delivery is essential. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with Protel (Altium Designer) - Extensive experience in designing power supply circuits - Prior experience working with PIC microcontrollers - Ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet tight deadlines

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    The task involves the design of a low-power, 60601 compliant circuit for a battery-operated medical scale. Key Requirements: - The circuit should have the necessary features to power a medical scale capable of measuring over 100 kg. - Incorporation of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity is crucial to allow the scale to communicate with other devices. - The design should prioritize low power consumption, suitable for battery-operated devices. - Compliance with the 60601 medical electrical equipment standard is mandatory. We have a basic layout. There are 3 slaves and one master unit. In total 4 pads. The master unit has a display and also communication with the cloud via mqtt. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in low-power circuit design. - Knowledge of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions....

    $37 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    - Pre-shipment Inspection: This involves the evaluation of the products in terms of quality, packaging, labeling, quantity, and shipment accuracy. - During Production Inspection: Monitoring the production process to ensure that it meets certain quality standards and prevent defects. For this project, the most important aspects I need to be inspected are the functionality, performance, and appearance of the products. The ideal professional for this job would have a strong background in electronics and quality control. They should be detail-oriented, have experience in working with electronics, and have a proven track record of conducting thorough inspections. Experience with pre-shipment and during production inspections is a plus. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any ...

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    I'm seeking an Arduino expert with a solid understanding of Arduino programming, circuit design, and sensor integration. End Goal: The main aim of this project is to collect data using light sensors. Skills and Experience Needed: - In-depth knowledge and expertise in Arduino programming - Experience in designing circuits, ideally with Arduino - Knowledge of integrating light sensors in data collection projects. If you have these skills, I'd love to hear from you. You’ll be instrumental in enabling valuable sensor data collection from light sensors to help me achieve my project goals. Demonstrated experience in similar projects is a plus.

    $160 (Avg Bid)
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    36 ofertas

    I am in need of a skilled professional with experience in creating detailed electrical drawings using E-plan, focused specifically on construction planning. Key Project Details: - **Purpose**: The primary purpose of these drawings is for construction planning. This means that the drawings must be clear, accurate, and detailed, to facilitate the smooth execution of the electrical work during the construction phase. - **Level of Detail**: I'm looking for a high level of detail that includes specific components and their specifications. This detailed level of information is crucial for ensuring that the construction process goes smoothly without any last minute adjustments or changes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - **E-plan Proficiency**: A deep understanding and experience working ...

    $16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Develop an IoT solution to control 10 individual relays remotely using the Helium network. The system should operate with commands executing within the next 12 to 24 hours. This project requires development of both the hardware setup and software integration. Experience with IoT, LoRa networks, and electronics hardware is essential.

    $731 (Avg Bid)
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    As a client, I'm in need of a highly skilled and experienced electrical engineer to design an electric motor for industrial machinery application. The motor should meet the specifications of a class H, explosion proof, 40KW, 1800RPM, 60Hz, 380V motor. Key Requirements: - Design of the electric motor with class H standards. - Incorporate explosion proof features. - Provide Overload protection, Short circuit protection, Thermal protection. - Develop full electric circuit and drawing. - Include windings, mechanical loads, and SKF bearing type. - Sizing and drawings of rotor. - Full body drawings according API 661. Documentation Required: - Technical specifications. - Full detail drawings. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in electric motor design with class H specifica...

    $199 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in search of a skilled developer to create new functionalities for an OMRON PLC. The primary objective of this project is to automate the control system of the PLC. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in OMRON CX Programmer - Expertise in Ladder Logic programming - Previous experience in developing new functionalities for PLCs - Ability to understand and implement complex control system automation The main focus of this project is not on troubleshooting or integrating with other systems, but rather on creating new automation elements within the PLC. If you have a strong background in programming and PLCs, and are confident in your ability to work with Ladder Logic, I'd love to hear from you. Experience with OMRON PLCs and CX Programmer will be highly valued.

    $31 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    43 ofertas

    I am in urgent need of a developer who can create an electronic stamp for authenticating documents. The primary purpose of this stamp is to be used by businesses to ensure document integrity, and I would need it completed ASAP.

    $49 (Avg Bid)
    $49 Média
    7 ofertas

    I'm in need of an expert embedded system engineer, particularly skilled in the design, development, and integration of System on a Chip (SoC). Key Tasks: - Hardware Design - Software Development - System Integration Ideal candidate should have proficiency in: - Real-time processing tasks on an SoC - Implementing wireless connectivity functionalities The SoC will be primarily used for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Hence, experience in this area would be of great advantage. Comprehension of common IoT requirements, constraints, and best practices would indeed make you the perfect fit for this project. Looking forward to your proposals.

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr Média
    10 ofertas

    I need a detailed shop drawing for the electrical setup of a commercial building. - The shop drawing should cover lighting fixtures, power distribution, and fire alarm systems, showing circuit layouts with labeling for each. - The drawings must comply with the National Electrical Code (NEC). Ideal skills and experience: - Prior experience in creating detailed electrical shop drawings. - Profound knowledge of the National Electrical Code (NEC) to ensure compliance. - Familiarity with lighting fixtures, power distribution, and fire alarm systems in commercial settings is a plus.

    $290 (Avg Bid)
    $290 Média
    8 ofertas

    I am seeking a skilled professional proficient in creating electrical shop drawings. The scope of this project involves a medium-sized commercial building or residential complex. Your responsibilities will include: - Designing the lighting layout - Developing the power distribution strategy - Designing control systems While the project does not require detailed calculations and component details, I will need a basic understanding of the layout and its specifications. I am looking for a professional with the ability to clearly articulate these elements in their shop drawings. Ideal skills: - Expertise in creating electrical shop drawings - Experience in designing layouts for medium-sized commercial/residential complexes - Proficiency in designing lighting layouts, power distribution...

    $259 (Avg Bid)
    $259 Média
    10 ofertas

    Tasks: - Check electronic design and improve it (reliability, battery management, ground plane, mixed analog/digital signal) - Check firmware code and improve it (reliability, upgrade version, uprgrade LVGL display library version 7 to 9 (need custom code) …) - Debug Firmware problem (glictch on screen, task stop randomly…) Skills: Looking for someone with knowledge in PCB design and Firmware development with experience on ESP32. A person who has feeling in Audio domain is maybe a plus. - Electronic design is done under KiCAD (open source)  should be nice to continue on it - Electronic board is based on ESP32 MCU and firmware is developed under ESP-IDF5.0 in C  C and ESP-IDF - Electronic board use SPI, I2C and I2S protocol  experience with I2S could be nice (optional) ...

    $25 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $25 / hr Média
    19 ofertas

    Aggiornamento dei diagrammi elettronici di un dispositivo elettromedicale già esistente per una nuova produzione, e la scrittura del firmware.

    $1112 (Avg Bid)
    $1112 Média
    11 ofertas

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