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Lost-wax Casting is an ancient manufacturing technique used for commissioned artwork, architectural features and even certain industrial components. It involves a wax reproduction of a desired product that is then surrounded in a ceramic mould material. Once the mould has been heated, the wax melts and can be poured out, leaving a hollow cavity in the shape of the original desired product. This way a Lost-wax Casting Worker can duplicate intricate details on products made of materials such as aluminium and bronze.

Here's some projects that our expert Lost-wax Casting Workers made real:

  • Manufacture of bronze signages and decorations
  • Designing artwork to be replicated through casting
  • Creating intricate tools and parts cast in metal
  • Engineering highly detailed sculptures

Lost-wax Casting enables incredibly sophisticated detailing and shapes that may not have been possible to manufacture otherwise. These projects showcase the capabilities of our expert Lost-wax Casting Workers and what you can create using this incredible technique. If you have a project that necessitates the detail and precision offered by Lost-wax Casting, we invite you to post your project on Freelancer.com and hire an experienced Lost-wax Casting Worker to make your unique project come to life!

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