OpenCV stands for Open Source Computer Vision Library and is a popular programming package made especially for computer vision. It focuses on providing real-time image processing applications and aims to provide a platform and library of useful functions that can be used in real-world applications. This allows developers to develop image processing, object recognition, and several other applications by using the tools and algorithms provided the OpenCV library. An OpenCV Developer is an expert in programming and desktop vision with very strong expertise in writing and understanding algorithms.

Here's some projects that our expert OpenCV Developers made real:

  • Screen record python scripts that can save time by automating tasks.
  • Automated image scanning which can improve accuracy in applications such as healthcare or manufacturing.
  • Optimized video streaming with HVEC/OPENCV encoding, which allows for smoother video without any quality loss.
  • Object detection and tracking from streaming video sources, making automated tracking seamless and accurate in various industries.
  • Autonomous Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems for mobile phones, for security purposes or traffic management.
  • Conversion of Models specified to run with OpenCV into lightweight TFlite format which speeds up processing when running on mobile applications.
  • YOLO/PyTorch powered object recognition systems that apply recognition techniques over videos or images.
  • Writing algorithms to detect streetlights and poles, setting the stage for hosting detection scripts that could automate operation processes.
  • Barcode scanning systems powered by YOLO Algorithm, allowing large scale image processing operations to take place over videos or a series of images captured at varying distances.

In summary, OpenCV developers are highly capable professionals that can create real world applications with custom features in a shorter amount of time compared to other development packages due to its robust library of functions focused on image processing tasks for both desktop or mobile application purposes. We invite you to join the millions of clients around the world who hired OpenCV developers to craft beautiful applications on!

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    Improved SGM Algorithm 6 dias left

    Enhanced algorithm for SGM - Experienced person for computer vision - Experienced person for SGM - PHD degree for computer vision - Experienced person with the ability to analyze existing world-wide-best papers for SGM - Ability to implement computer vision algorithms in C/C++ - c/c++ - opencv

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    Computer vision Quality Control 6 dias left

    Project Overview: We are seeking an experienced developer with expertise in image processing using OpenCV. The project aims to develop an application capable of detecting and analyzing specific shapes within complex images representing a stack of metal parts with known CAD drawings and the task is to identify types and counts of these metal parts in a given image. The focus will be on creating a robust system that can accurately identify and outline shapes against varied backgrounds and under different lighting conditions. Project Objectives: Create an efficient image processing application using OpenCV. Develop a method to detect shapes with high accuracy in images that have complex scenes. Ensure the system is versatile enough to handle different image qualities and operational scenario...

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    We are looking for developers with experience, for example, in line tracking of round balls, multi camera + zoom tennis , and web. Capable of developing a similar system for the game of Billiards. We entrust the work at a fixed cost, on a contractual basis. We will send you PDF of job. Max time 30-60gg. Only in Freelancer rule. - I'm seeking a skilled professional to help me incorporate a camera-based tracking system to follow billiard balls. The primary goal of this project is to significantly enhance the viewing experience of the game. Key requirements: - Track billiard balls: The system needs to accurately track the motion and position of billiard balls. - Enhance viewer experience: Implement the tracking in a way that provides an engaging and informative viewing experience. Thi...

    $1250 (Avg Bid)
    $1250 Média
    51 ofertas

    I'm looking for a seasoned Python developer with specific experience in video analysis to create a script that can process a full mp4 video and identify the positions of a Color Checker card ( ). The idea is to scan each frame of the video, locate the Color Checker, and log its position. The final detection shall share the first frame, the intermediate frames and the last frame of ONE color checker card. Key Requirements: - The script should be able to read a video in mp4, mkv, mov format. - The library used for reading the video is not fixed. You can choose from libraries like (e.g. OpenCV, PyAV, or MoviePy, but the solution should be compatible with both Windows and Linux (and mac) - take a look here: - The output should detail the (as a class, ColorCheckerCardPosition) ... - fi...

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    Read and apply please bot applies wont be answered, type -dragon- on your first sentence avoid spam I need a software using opencv and c++ or phyton for image processing /object detection but i wont pay for any milestone before seeing a video demo work from freelancer many freelancers here make me create milestone after stops chatting. this is a long term work with many budgets soon, i dont want to work with a freelancer who asks thousands of usd milestone for only talking here, i want to see and believe that you can do the core version of the software, i dont as for source code or exe file firstly, i only want to see the video that you can do it, surely rightafter i pay what we agreed for. Please read and apply, and dont ask me same things again thank you

    $2918 (Avg Bid)
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    51 ofertas

    I'm looking for a Python developer with a strong background in OpenCV and detection libraries. The primary application of these skills will be real-time object detection. Key Tasks: - Implement real-time object detection using OpenCV and detection libraries - Ensure the system is optimized for real-time processing - Potentially intergrate the detection system into a larger software framework Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Python, OpenCV, and detection libraries - Experience in real-time image processing - Ability to work on a variety of detection tasks - Previous work in implementing software for real-time applications Please provide relevant examples of your previous work in this area when applying.

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    I'm on the lookout for a skilled ML developer who can assist me in converting my existing pre-trained model, which is currently being used with Roboflow, into a TensorFlow Lite model. This conversion is to enable the model to perform inference in offline mode on images captured from smartphone cameras. The goal is to have the model running at near real-time speeds on both Android and iOS smartphones. The dataset has 12 classes of objects of numeric digits only. To ensure efficient execution on various mobile devices with camera and operating in OFFLINE mode, make sure the model has low computational and memory overhead. Key Requirements: - Convert a pre-trained model from Roboflow to TensorFlow Lite - Implement the model for offline inference. - Achieve near real-time speed on both ...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    8 ofertas

    We are looking for a Computer Vision Developer who can help with Image Classification and Object Detection tasks in an indoor environment. The primary focus will be on achieving a high level of accuracy, targeting 99% or more. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and implement image classification algorithms - Create and deploy object detection models - Ensure high level of accuracy in the indoor environment Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Computer Vision techniques - Strong experience in Image Classification and Object Detection - Proven ability to deliver high accuracy models, ideally in indoor settings - Expertise in using popular frameworks like TensorFlow, OpenCV, or PyTorch - Good understanding of optimization techniques for accuracy - Ability to work independently and...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a simple image stereo matching program in C++. The primary objective is to support 3D reconstruction from stereo image pairs. Your main tasks will include: - Implementing stereo matching algorithms in C++ with a focus on 3D reconstruction - Ensuring the program is efficient and robust for real-time image processing - Delivering a user-friendly interface for ease of use Ideal candidates should have: - Proficiency in C++ programming, with a strong focus on image processing - A solid understanding of stereo matching concepts and 3D reconstruction - Experience in developing software for image processing applications, particularly in stereo matching Please bid if you're confident in your ability to deliver high-quality, efficient code ...

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    Please read: OpenCV, Tensorflow, One o One, English Speaking. I need support with my image processing project, focusing on recognition, segmentation, enhancement, reading, and handling. I require an expert who can guide me through this process for a period of 3 to 4 hours. Key Expertise Required: - Proficient in using and CV2 for complex image processing tasks - Previous experience in working with image storage and retrieval from databases - Strong skills in image recognition, segmentation, and enhancement - Able to output processed images as image files - Fluency in English for effective one-on-one communication By the end of the project, I aim to have enhanced my ability to work with these complex image processing tasks under your guidance.

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    I am actively seeking a skilled Halide developer to focus on enhancing the image quality from a smartphone camera. MUST Explain your similar previous project in YOUR PROPOSAL. Key Tasks: - Analyzing and improving the image processing pipeline for a smartphone camera. - Finetuning for optimal image enhancement, involving color saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other related factors. Ideal Experience: - Hands-on halide programming with specific experience in image processing. - Prior work with smartphone cameras is highly desirable. - Proficiency in problem-solving and algorithm optimization is a plus. This role calls for an innovative thinker who can creatively enhance image quality while tackling inherent challenges of smartphone cameras. In this job, your primary f...

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    I'm looking for an expert to help me integrate an object tracker into existing Android game (Last-War:Survival Game). You don't have to worry about the game's development, just the tracker. You will require to install the game on your phone and on your laptop, preferably under linux. Requirements: - install game on a desktop simulator (preferably linux desktop and ) - your python code runs on the desktop and analyses the android simulator output - e.g. you could use - in conjunction with openCV, PyAV, or MoviePy, but the solution should be compatible with both Windows and Linux (and mac) - Implement an object tracker for player bases, static staying enemies, moving enemies and collectible items - The tracker should automatically detect and track the objects and update the...

    $91 (Avg Bid)
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