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Add Technorati Tag Code In a PHP script - Add template to Main Site and Members Panel Add template to Main Site and Members Panel - Add terms&conditions to checkout on 2 shops (same checkout) Add Test For Hidden Form Field - Add text / Filter an image add text above page and add drop down effect - Add Text and Logo to existing business card template Add Text and Logo to existing business card template -- 2 - add text box, facebook like/activity button to my site Add text boxes (and arrows) to graphics in PowerPoint - Add Text Links to website add text links to wordpress template - Add text tags to PDF graphics Add Text That Fades In And Out to Web Page - Add text to a Poster using Photoshop Add text to a vector logo. Simple 2 minute job for someone who knows what they are doing - Add Text to Combobox API Add text to CS-Cart header - Add text to HTML theme Add Text to Image - Add text to logo. 10mins job Add text to logo/adjust colour - Add text to pictures to make printable labels - 19/09/2016 06:56 EDT Add Text to PowerPoint Presentations - Add text to website Add Text to Website Files - add textbox to Plone thing Add Textboxes to Stage Using ActionScript 3 with code in timeline not classes - Add Texture to Illustrator Work Add texture to my logo. - Add the 2014 to the current IVMAA Logo and 2015 PVMA Logo Add the ability for my code to dispose and reuse a Serial Port/Com Port - Add the cars to my website add the clustering system within the polygon - Add The Flavor Website Add the following features to our site : - open to bidding - Add the language selector to the home page or ad some tap for the language see the attachment. Add the Login with facebook button to my website - Add the products from the website to my facebook page Add the products to 3d cart - Add the submenu avaible on the website Add the submenu avaible on the website - Add Theme to WP 3.8 - Integrate RESPONSIVE Design add theme uploader to installation wizard of CMS - Add Third Column to Sample Page Add Third Column to Web Page - add this plugin Add this script into my site. - Add threading to C source Add threading to desktop app (c#) - Add thumbnail display w pop-up for articles and pictures to view on wordpress site Add thumbnail functionality to store item detail page - Add ticket entry function need for Helpdesk Add ticket selling functionality to my website - Add time-lapse clouds to a still Add timeout module sending user to logout page if unactive after 5 minutes - Add timings to a transcription - ongoing work Add timley button to wordpress site - Add title to 15 sec video add. Add Title to a Logo - Add to a label arabic text Add to a list of builders in NSW Australia with websites - Add to all our CMS domains a SSL with Let’s Encrypt (PHP project) add to already made website - Add to bag and image zoom problem Add to Basket - Add to cart Add to cart - Add to cart bot add to cart bot - Add to cart button Add to cart button - Add to cart changes Add to cart Chrome extension - add to cart nike Add to cart Nike bot - Add to Cart software Add to cart Software - add to current logo Add to current Logo - Add to existing illustration Add to existing image and create new birds eyes plan - Add To Exsisting Orders: Interspire Shopping Cart Add to facebook App - Add to image few things with photoshop Add to Images to Magento Slider - Add to More Categories to Sign Add to my 3D environment - Add to my SMM Panel Add to my SMM Panel - Repost - Add to our portfolio and join our web design team! Add to our website - easy writing - add to ref my site Add to scholarship database - Add to the team in writing the software and helping us in speeding up Add to Twitter Following - Add to WordPress site one effect and one small fix. Add to wordpress website english version and integration with OsTicket - Add toolbar to hex control and few other things add toolbar to messengers window - Add Total Weight for Bundled Products for Magento Add Touch Controls - Add tracking for application Add Tracking Functions to CMS - add traffic counter to Add traffic to my website - Add translation option in Joomla 3.2.3 website Add Translation Plugin to Wordpress Website - Add tri-colore/French Flag to logo Add Trial Membership to Current Website's Cart - Add Turn by turn navigation in current project add turning number to form - Add Twitter and Facebook Buttons to My Website Add Twitter and Facebook Share to Wordpress and add disquss - Add Twitter Follower Add twitter follower - Add twitter followers, replies, favorites and retweets Add Twitter Login to Django Site - Add two amazon affiliate widgets to my site add two background images to i - Add two domains to apache and make them work add two drop down boxes to zencart form - Add two fields to existing application Add two fields to input texts - Add two Magento extensions Add two Matrices of any size - add two pics to a website add two plugins to my opencart installation - Add two table columns to existing html table Add Two Tabs For Incoming Feed - WordPress Site - Add TXT Functionality to Add txt record to my DNS record - Add UI Layer Add UI scroll for subcategories - Add Unified Inbox to Rainloop webmail client -- 2 Add Unilimited Scroll to my Wordpress Website. - Add unlimited sub template to jsveiws sample add unload popup to page - ADD UPDATES add updates and additional features to program in PHP - Add Upload Field into Contact Form Add upload field to a form and validate via JS - Add upload video feature -- 2 Add upload video feature 3 - Add UPS shipping Calculator to OsCommerce Website Add UPS shipping module - karmelkorn site - Add URL to flash banner
Add URL to form - Add USB support to a PIC32 project Add USB support to Barebox bootloader in SAMA5D3 Xplained board - Add User Following Capabilities to my website Add User form - Add user Management interface, and allow document exchange among users Add user Management interface, and allow document exchange among users - repost - Add user roles and authorizations to Spree Commerce add user script for dial up - Add Users to EJabberd XMPP Server via Remote PHP Server Add users to Joomla site - Add Validation in Existing Multistep Form.. Project for Only Experienced Developers Designers Add validation to 3 forms - Add Values to Category Column in Excel Spreadsheets Add values to the bottom of columns using jquery columnizer - Add various functions in existing C# project via Teamviewer. Add Various Social Media API's to Wordpress Website - Add vendor avatar to Product preview (multi vendor marketplace)w Add Vendor features - Add very simple pages to my website Add very simple user level login to existing WEBSITE and include basic database - Add Video Call Functions to a VoIP application Add Video Call Functions to VoIP Application - Add video clip to e-newsletter?? Add Video clip to slide show - fix image sequence scroll - Add Video Feeds to PHP site -- **Adult Gay Content Add video file to website - add video module onto magento cart Add video on a joomla - Add Video Product Page Magento Add Video Provider To Jomsocial - Add video support to open source controller Add Video Tab To Drupal Product Listings - Add Video to header of existing site add video to html - Add video to new template and modify mobile Add video to OpenCart homepage Slider - Add video to top of homepage add video to website - Add video,audio and live streaming to App Add video-banner to a website front-page - Add Videos & Music to Arcade site Add Videos & Photos Section to Classifieds Website - Add Videos to Wordpress Pages add vidoes to my people rating site - Add Virool Video Widget and Integrate to My HTML website add virtual character to my site - Add visitor rating to my WordPress recipe plugin Add Visitor Registration to web site - add voice chat to ajax chat using red 5(repost) Add Voice commands for Android app - Add voicemail in FreePBX Add Voiceover to a video script - Add VOYANT support for API Add VPN IPSec endpoint VM (Vyatta) to ESXi host - Add wallpapers to my wallpaper site - ongoing work Add watch companion app to existing checklist app-urgent - add watermark on video Add Watermark on Videos using Ffmpeg - Add watermark to video convert PHP vibe Add Watermarking (with PNG 24) Ability to Current Script - Add WEB API to windows service and fix some issues in service Add WEB API to windows service and fix some issues in service - ongoing work - Add web reporting to PowerBuilder application Add web RTC video chat to website - Add Webpage and Function Add webpage and MYSQL database - Add Website Content and Simple Customization Add Website content and/or build an admin portal - Add website screen shot to video Add Website Screenshots to PSD Mockup - Add websites to Dmoz Directory Add websites to Excel spreadsheet list of companies - add wheels to a lego cube Add wheels to shop - add who viewed my profile feature to dating app Add who's on line search at site - Add widget to blog that allows social media sharing of posts Add Widget to my site - Add Wifi drivers into custom ubuntu vmware. Add WIFI reconizing to my app - send push notification if network is reconized - Add wings to three pieces Add WinSparkle functionality to existing c# app - Add WooCommerce Price field to our Social Media plug in. Hiring now. Add woocommerce and make order app and delivery app (mobile) - Add WooCommerce Product to cart via AJAX (hourly) Add WooCommerce Products - add woocommerce to wordpress website add wooden gates, car and hedge to 4 photos - Add WordPress blog to an existing static HTML site Add Wordpress blog to an Opencart website. - Add wordpress CMS to existing html website Add wordpress color picker and google map pop up box - Add WordPress multisite support to plugin Add Wordpress news page to existing website - Add Wordpress theme to domain Add WordPress theme to my account (profile) - Add words to .mov file add words to my video - add world cities in Opencart Add world shipping zones to existing OSCommerce site - Add WOW Slider to website, - ongoing work Add wowza live stream into my revolution slider - Add WPML to a wordpres site Add WPML to Site Menu Bar - Add WYSIWYG editor to Joomla 2.5 Add WYSIWYG Editor to page. - Add XML Data from NIH Reporter to a MS SQL database. Add Xml data of various sites into control panel settings - add xml parser to C# code Add XML search in 10 domains - Add Year Make Model Forms to script Add years to date field on forms - Add your links system Add your name or logo on this real helicopter taking off for $15 usd.. - Add youtube video download option to windows phone app Add YouTube video download option with IAP's for Windows Phone App - add Zen cart & integrate into my website Add Zen Cart Multi Site Module 3 sites - Add Zombie effect to face in video Add Zombie effect to faces in video - Add Zooming to Joomla plugin lightbox(repost) Add Zopim Plugin to Existing WordPress Site - Add, modify, design... new ready site Add, remove, and modify image and text content to a WordPress theme - add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint to Track Changes(repost) add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint to Track Changes(repost) - repost - Add-ins for Outlook -- 2 add-ins project. - Add-on extensions. Offers and discount code solution. Add-on feature - add-on for Firefox Add-on for firefox -2 - Add-on for skype Add-on for web browser - Add-on payment module needed for osCommerce using Payment21s gateway Add-on per Google Docs - Add-on to Existing Perl Script Add-on to existing PHPCake project - Add-on web pages Add-on Wordpress Popup products + prices - Add-Ons for the site Add-ons interspire - Add. Specifications and improvements on Renard2 Add.txt Files to .zip Files - Add/create Social Sharing buttons module to a custom CMS Add/Create wordpress shortcodes to existing wordpress site - Add/Delete Column, Rows, and Combine from other sheet