We have multiple products that must be adapted, changed, enhanced from other designs created such that we are creating a totally new product. None of the products on the market today are exactly what we wwant

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Good Morning. This is the first time we have posted to this site. It is our undertanding there are a number of graphic designers who can help us with some tasks hence this post.

We are creating four different products surrounding the iPhone, Android, Bluetooth, EarBuds, Display Devices, Wireless, You should have experience creating bluetooth style electronic products, specifically earbuds that are 100% wireless as in the new Apple phones. You should be able to render a 3D blown up version of these products or know someone who does so we can work together to get these products finished within the next two weeks. We believe that there is a great deal of work tog et done and can be done within the next two weeks if we have thhe right person working on this job. It will involve working nearly day and night with someone from our marketing department for the next week or so to see if we enjoy working with each other. You would be delivering your work in a psd format to us each day. We are going to use your designs and changes to put onto our website whichis also being designed in tandem.

You must have the ability to write and speak in fluent english. You must havae a website you can show us that has all of your work on it. You must have a behance or a vimeo account where we can review your work.

We have found roughly 100 different prototypes that we are searching through in order to find those that meet our needs. It would be your job to work with our VP of marketing to adapt the images that he has already found, add a wide range of feature, buttons, controls and other electronic featurese to the designs. Once we finish designing all of the electronics, you would be working to hel us design a smartphone app. Finally when all of this is done, we would be putting together on the internet in a shopping cart style format such that someone might be able to purchase the products directly from us.

It is going to be a great deal of work in the beginning. You would be "working in tandem" with someone from our team. By WIT we mean that the two of you would start the day discussing what was going to be done for the day - by each of the two of you. One person would work on one aspect of the design and he other person would work on another aspect of the design. At the end of your day, you would upload your work to one of our servers - log your notes into github - and whatever files or code created. This would be repeated until the project is completed.

We have never worked with this site before so do not know exactly how it works, but it seems to be a place where we can find talented people to work at reasonable rates and get graphic design and changes made. If we have stumbled across this site by error - and this is not what those do here - please let us know and we can take the advertisement down.

you would be required to sign a NDA and all of the artwork, designs, etc. will be the property of our company when finished. It would be ideal if you have a [url removed, login to view] page and on this page you can demonstrate the fact that you have already created a number of different prototypes or industrial engineering work.

You must be able to work full time on this project until we finish it and you must be able to communicate in english via voice and writing. You must have experience using skype for chat purposes and all of the featurees that skype offers.

In summary:

1. Prototyping - You should have at least 4 prototypes done before

2. WiFi Technology - Do you understand WiFi and all of the various issues. Do you know what Pairing is? Can you create buttons on a design that would indicate that pairing is taking place? Can you create a microphone on an electronic such that it is extremely high-tech? Can you - when we finish with all of the features for the products - put call outs on the designs so we can show off exactly how they are going to function? Do you have a good sense of color and have the ability to work with us such that the technology we create has a great sense of flair and colors that would be along the line of apple's styles?

3. Mobile Phone

4. Electronics

5. Tablet Style Designs

6. Earbuds - Wireless

7. 3D Versions of Products

8. Video Renders

9. Storyboarding projects

10. Hearing Aids

11. WordPress - Note - we are going to need to deliver a website when all of the various products have been finished. It would also be your job to work with our team to deliver all of the artwork to an html5 or css3 programmer who can take same and turn it into something fun, energetic, young and well put together.

12. Full Time Work - Working with someone on our team

13. iPhone/Android artwork - it would be helpful if you understand how the iPhone and Android work, both inside and outside. You should be able to put items on electronics

14. Ports - you should understand what a Lightning Port and a type C and a standard USB port is and have the ability to readily put those ports on the products we are working on.

15. iPhone/Android Interface Design - We need to create the mobile apps to control the electronics we are creating. You should have experience designing same.

16. Cables and Design - We wish to include high-end cables with all electronics and thus will need someone who understands the wide variety of cables

17. Batteries - All of the products we are designing include batteries. You should know the difference between Lithium iOn and PolymeriOn batteries as well as what 1400 mAh through 30,000 mAh means and how it affects electronics

18. Cases - We are going to need to have cases designed for each of the four different products we are creating. You should be able to review the cases that we have found we like, and adapt the look and feel of what we have found into a new design, that you would create. We have samples for you to consider.

19. Drafting/Engineering - We are going to need to have the drafting or blueprint styles created that are detailed enough such that we can have prototypes created from your artwork. It would be ideal if you were to already have an account with one of the 3D modeling, prototype companies such that we could open it and review your prototypes. We don't expect you to be a draftsman - but it would be ideal if you at least know to draw all of the dimensions.

20. Rendering Servers - We have a license to use a 3D rendering company's high end servers to speed up the process.

21. TimeLine - We have two weeks from the moment we have found the right individual to do this job. Two Weeks should be enough time, if you were working non-stop on this work with one of our engineers/designers to get this done.


It would be ideal if you

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