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Ellie Mae Encompass 360 experienced freelancer needed to configure Email It Windows desktop application/ program. (see overview below)

Email-it automatically sends emails to a group of email address, in one or more loan files, when a triggered Event is reached. In the quick send mode it will send emails to selected email addresses for manually selected loan files. As each Event is completed a new Conversation Log will be added in the loan file with up to three Alerts.

Email-it allows the user to create unlimited email templates with merged Encompass fields in both the subject and body of the emails. All the available email address in the loan file can be used including custom email fields created in the custom or bankers versions of Encompass. Unlimited Events with triggers can be setup. In an Event each recipient can be setup to use the default template or a unique template.

Email-it will maintain a list of logs showing the time, day and date an email has been sent. It will also display a list of the setting used, email addresses and status. This log list can be accessed anytime using the “view all logs” button on the bottom of the main window. The log can be printed using the print button or deleted at any time using the “delete” button on the log window.

The recipient list is a list of all the possible email addresses available in a loan file. Each recipient is made up of the recipient name and Encompass field id. Even custom email fields can be added to this list.

Email templates are comprised of the email subject line and the body of the email with merged Encompass fields. If an exchange server is used the body of the email can use all the available HTML formatting. And all outgoing mail will be saved in each of the "Sent Items" boxes.

Events are comprised of three windows “Index searches“, “Advanced searches” and “Email From/To”. The Index searches window is where the loans folders and current milestone can be selected. The Advanced searches window is used to set triggered Events. Triggered Events are made up of Encompass fields and formulas. An example would be a loan amount in the range great than or equal to $10,[url removed, login to view] and less than 1 million dollars. It would be entered as “[#2] >= 10000 and [#2] < 1000000)”. Formulas can use all the standard fields, milestones and document tracking fields. A Query Builder can be used to create most search queries. Formulas can also use IsDate (checks to make sure the date format is correct and is equal to the current date), DateDiff (days between dates), Today (current date) and AND/OR statements and more... The email from/to window allows the user to enter an email address that the email is coming from, select which recipients to send emails too and which template too use for each recipient.

The Automation window allows the user to select which Event or Events to send and how often to run the process. The timer can be set to run once a day or every few hours or minutes.

The Quick Send window allows the user to search for loan files by loan number, first name or last name. Once the list is displayed the user can select which recipient or recipients to send the emails too and which Event or Events to send. The user has the option to review the Events before selecting them.

Once the Events have been processed a new General Log Event and save the current date. If the user tries to send an Event and there is a date in General Log already, then the emails for that Event will not be sent again. Also, up to 3 Alerts can be set for each General Log entry. Each Alert will be set for the Persona selected in the set up window and set the date to follow-up.


Email-it requires Professional, Custom or Bankers edition. Email-it requires the use of the SDK license and is limited to the number of users restricted by the SDK license. If you need more users please contact your Ellie Mae sales representative.

Irvine, United States

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