Editing PhD Research Proposal

Proposal title: Assistive services for Saudi students with special needs

Please follow this guidance:

Project title:

Provided, if it needs to be modified or changed please choose a title that describes the project clearly.

Structure and content:

(1) Background, context and significance.

Explain the issue you propose to deal with. Outline the relevant context(s) in which it sits. It may be an important issue in law, policy, or practice. It may have political, economic or philosophical significance.

(2) Literature review.

Outline the existing scholarship in the area. Explain how the existing literature addresses the issue which will be focus of the project. You should make reference to specific works in the area. It may be helpful to identify and distinguish the way that different works (or groups of works) take different approaches to the issue. Having explained the state of the existing scholarship, you need to then explain what are the gaps or shortcomings in that existing scholarship. What has not yet been done? Or what has not been done adequately? Or is it that something has not been approached in a particular way?

You need to refer to enough literature to make it clear that the student is familiar with the major works in the field and with the works that are of specific relevance to the issue he is dealing with. Fewer than 10 sources then that is probably not enough. You should be able to make a reasonable case by referring to 10–20 relevant sources.

(3) Research question or aim:

State the question or aim. State it clearly. It is helpful to simply use the words, ‘This thesis asks: …’ or ‘This thesis aims to …’. . Try to have just one single question or one aim. The question or aim should be quite obviously linked to the gap(s) or shortcoming(s) you have just identified in your literature review.

(4) Methodology :

It should answers: , ‘What am I going to have to do in order to find an answer to my question or to achieve my aim? What steps will I need to take? And in what order?’ Then – in a clear, logically structured way – describe the steps you will take.

Some things to consider are:

• Be as specific as possible when describing the steps you will take.

• Explain why your chosen method is a sensible method. Convince the reader that it is an approach that will enable you to answer your question.

• As a very rough guide, somewhere between 4 and 8 steps is probably what you should be iming for.

• You may need to set out the scope and limits of the project.

• Consider your ideas carefully. Are there criticisms that could be made? Try to anticipate and rectify any possible criticisms by refining or developing your methodology in some way.

• Does the research require materials or documents which may be hard to access? Explain how you will go about obtaining those materials.

• Does the research require any particular skills that you already have or would need to develop in the course of the programme (eg, statistical analysis skills or a foreign language)?

(5) Timeline - preferably in a list of points:

At what points or over what periods will you do the different steps you have identified in your methodology?

(6) The original contribution to knowledge:

State clearly and simply how the project will make an original contribution to knowledge. This should already be apparent in light of the literature review, research question and methodology, but it is worth stating separately.

Referencing and citation:

The work should be very thoroughly and carefully referenced. All references and citation should be complete, correct and consistent.


The document should be clear and well presented. It can be useful to use 1.5 spacing between lines as that makes it a little easier to read. Be sure you have checked all spelling.

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