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I currently have a message board that uses a query in MS Access. I also have security/code on the website (VB I think) that requires a user name and password to get to the message board. On the message board people enter their name and comment and it automatically appears on the message board. Now, I'm trying to set it up to where the person's name (or screen name) actually appears beside their message.

I do have a table in the database that says USERS (for login and password) and one that says USER TEMP. When a person logs in I believe their information logs to the USER TEMP table and is removed when they close the browser.

The messages on the webpage come from a query in Access.

I can currently add a person's name and IP address in the USER table in the database and then, in the query I link or join their IP on file with the IP from their posted message and their name appears perfect.

But, if their IP changes I don't know what to do. I assume something has to be logged from the USER TEMP table, not sure. I want it all to be automatic. All I want the person to have to do is send me their name (or requested screen name) and password and that be it.

I'm sure an Access Expert could figure this out easy.


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