Finding traversals in solved sudoku puzzles

A traversal is one each of every digit 1 to 9 arranged in such a way that there is one in each row, column and 3x3 box. See example image.

I want software that will allow me to input a solved sudoku puzzle into it and then i want it to find every possible traversal that puzzle contains.

An Average solved sudoku puzzle contains 21 traversals but can jave as many as 279 (highest found so far) and they can also have zero but these are rare.

Id like a count all how many traversals a puzzle has.

Id like to be able to visually see the traversal in the output and also cycle through the results.

Open to offers

Please contact me with any questions.

Please dont ask my budget id rather you send me how much you would charge to complete the task.

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Habilidades: Algoritmo, Programação C, Programação C++ , Java, Matemática

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