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I'm looking for a motion graphics (Animation) video artist that can produce my attached "Intro/Bio" script into a 4 minute video with the same or better quality as this one here <[url removed, login to view]> My production completion timeline is very flexible for the completion of this job. Please give me an estimate of your projected delivery date? The purpose of this video is to be placed under the "About Us" tab on our website [[url removed, login to view]][1] video is simply a better communication tool than a standard written bio to give our prospective clients more insight into the founder and the [url removed, login to view] maximum budget is $1,500 for the delivery of this project, to my complete [url removed, login to view] you have the equivalent [url removed, login to view] Animation and motion graphics talents and experience as in this "Nik Halik" Youtube example video (link above),If you DO NOT, then please DO NOT bid on my job.I'm looking for the level of animation expertise in the above Nik Halik [url removed, login to view] is imperative that you submit your show reel of similar or better quality work with your bid. My wife, Olga also needs a similar video done shortly. Please note that I have already outsourced my VO and custom choreographed music for my video script so your price should exclude those costs.I have the VO scratch track done and it is 4 minutes long. Please note that I have already invested over 40 hours in sourcing and compiling still images and videos, both from my personal collection (from my life) and stock, which should reduce your time requirements substantially. I have at least 90% of all the images you'll need for this [url removed, login to view] professionally prepared script is listed under Detailed Requirements,so you can get a very good feel for my scope of work. The fact that in less than 24 hours I've already received bids from highly talented animation talent, I really must stay within my $1,500 budget(to my complete satisfaction-guaranteed). Joe

## Deliverables

"Bio" Script for Joe Rickards

**Production Notes**:

**Edit**: As the video will be made up of largely still images, the cut should vary from fast-paced to "holds" on important images, with a mix of wide shots and "camera-pushes" used to emphasize particular elements. This will convey a sense of action to the reel, rather than a simple series of stills.

**Action footage**: Selection of stock footage will be needed to supplement the still photos provided by Joe. This footage should be in direct relation to the previous still; Example: after a still image of Joe scuba diving in South Africa, the stock footage should depict Great White sharks swimming toward the camera. This will give an added element of action and "adventure" to the video, and vary the cut to give greater visual interest.

**Music**: After the intro, which "builds" from the initial note, the score should paint in sound the peaks and valleys of the script-from "builds" to "decrescendos" as appropriate. Use the emotional quality of the music to underscore the message of the script.

**Graphics**: A long filmstrip traverses the bottom of the screen-this is literally the film of Joe's life. Each individual frame is a shot from Joe's past, and they spring to life on the overall screen at the appropriate moment in the story, and the filmstrip winds forward . . .

| | **Voice Over** | **On-Screen Material/Remarks** |

| **1** | Music: ???

Joe Rickards is a man driven by passion - whether at work or play, he always plays full out! He's traversed the planet perusing an extraordinary life - he's been scuba diving with Great White sharks in Cape Town SA, glided the ocean depths of the West Indies with giant manta rays; he's been barefoot water skiing, glacier mountain sledding, swinging through the jungle like Tarzan, he's jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and been deep-sea fishing around the world.

He even proposed to his wife in a helicopter over Niagara Falls!

Music: A long note held as the image of baby Joe on the farm comes up. Transition to build as cuts begin to roll.

VO: Joe rose from humble beginnings to succeed in building successful corporations with partners including Andrea Lucus, former director of the World Bank, and has a Billionaire on his board of advisors?

Joe has been inducted into "The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors."

He's been featured as America's premier real estate expert? on FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, [url removed, login to view], Wall Street Journal online and over a dozen other affiliates around the Country.

Joe's grateful for having a Lifestyle today that he never dreamed possible growing up as a poor farm kid?. he bought his wife the golf course home of her dreams, two waterfront summer getaways, the toys he's always wanted, and his family is committed to taking two months of vacations every year ? | Space view of Earth, coming down to ground level (like Nik Halik video, marker 0:13-0:17) at Cape Town, SA, then submerging into the ocean? segway to video diving with sharks, to video scuba diving w manta ray, to video skydiving, to still Joe in shark cage, video mountain sledding, to still barefoot waterskiing, stills of deep-sea fishing

Stills of Olga & Joe in front of helicopter (2 images)?

Video of helicopter taking off, flying over Niagara Falls?

Stills of Joe & Olga in limo & wedding

Super: image of baby Joe sitting in wheat pile on farm, then still of Joe at 9 yrs old standing on round bail on farm

Still of "Make A Difference Capital" logo

Still of Andrea, Bill & Joe (one image)

Still of cover of INC Magazine - "The Billionaire Know body Knows"

Still book cover of "The Next Big Thing."

Still logo of "The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors"

Super: "Joe is one of the foremost leading authorities in real estate and finance today," -- Brian Tracy, bestselling author & world-renown business speaker

Super: logo images of ? FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, [url removed, login to view], Wall Street Journal online, CBS News? NewsDay, Morningstar, Yahoo Finance, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, LA Daily News, Salt Lake Tribune, WorldNetDaily & [url removed, login to view] (similar to Adam Ginsberg's "Intro" video @ 1:02 marker)

Montage of images/video depicting "Luxury Lifestyle" - Joe & Olga in front of golf course home with 500SL, Harley bike, lakefront cottages,

Video/stills of Joe flying plane, stills/video of vacationing around the world? |

| **2** | Joe believes that "Winning isn't everything - attitude is!" and he attributes farming life for his drive to be successful and happy.

VO: With only $300 in his wallet, straight out of University, Joe bought his first investment property with no money down -

in fact he even put $43,000 cash profit in his pocket on the day he bought it. And over the next two decades he build his real estate empire ?and he did it part-time, while also holding down his day job.

Although Joe became a self-made millionaire in his late twenties, he didn't have an easy start. | Still of "Attitude" - fish jumping into bigger bowl

Montage of stills/video continues from seq#1 - depicting "luxury lifestyle" ? vacationing images

Stock image of $300 in a wallet

Still image of "Lougheed hwy" house

Stock video of real estate wealth creation |

| **3** | Joe was raised in a dysfunctional alcoholic family, in a remote farming town on the Canadian prairies, survived the family home burning to the ground and lost his mother to cancer at age 11.

In elementary school, Joe was a slow reader, so he was thrown into a remedial reading class with Down's syndrome children and he was teased and bullied by the other school kids?.

Driven by his battered self-esteem, Joe worked hard and graduated at the top of his engineering class and over the next 13 years he climbed the corporate ladder at leading Fortune 500 companies.

But Joe realized that engineering wasn't his passion? he *dreaded* going to work every day, but felt chained to his JOB? | Stock video of foggy farm in early morning?

Stock image of lonely boy

(Note: use motion graphics giving depressed feeling like on Nik Halik's video of kids on street)

Stock video kids on bus throwing trash?

Stock video of grad's throwing hats into air (optional)

Stock image showing "climbing corporate ladder"? image City towers do a "push" so looks like climbing up towers

Still stock image man on chair with ball & chain |

| **4** | Then came that fateful day - Dec. 23rd 1996 - Joe was rushing home for Christmas in a blinding snowstorm when he lost control of his car, it skidded sideways and was catapulted over a cliff?

?in the Ambulance, Joe's life flashed before his eyes in slow motion as he asked himself the 3 questions that would become the foundation of his new life?

Did I really live enough??

Did I really love enough?? ? and

Did I really make a difference?? | Stock video of driving in snow storm?

Wide shot of stock image of car accident,

move to close on of the wrecked car?

Stock still of Ambulance or stock video of ?

Motion graphics here? |

| **5** | Looking ahead Joe saw a clear fork in the road of his life ? this time he would follow his heart and his true passion by helping kids in poverty?. so he quit his successful engineering career, took 5 years off and set out to travel the world and make a difference.

On his journey, Joe helped build a school in the West Indies, he helped at an orphanage in Egypt, another school in Malta and now he's self-funding the building of a school in Uganda. | Juxtaposition of shots-stirring images/videos of children in poverty (push sympathy buttons first), the follow (by creating images of Hope), images of Joe with children in orphanages in Egypt, working on the school project in West Indies; personal shots of Joe interacting with children, back to impoverished kids in Uganda to stock video of happy kids in school in Uganda

Super: Did you know 47 million children can't go to school in Africa? And 18,000 children die of AIDS every single day! |

| **6** | Joe is the founder of Worldwide Luxury Homes Group Inc., part of the Luxury Homes Group of Companies - the recognized leader in the global luxury real estate investment market. | Image of SOLD luxury home--

Super: "I wasn't able to sell my luxury home on MLS even after 2 yrs. You guys are magicians!"

- Art Schwartz,

La Jolla, CA

Still of WLHG logo

Motion graphics showing WLHG is a Global Leader?

Montage of still/video of luxury real estate? |

| **7** | With him on the quest to live a full and happy life is his wife and best friend, Olga, author of the forthcoming book -

"Happiness, the Ultimate Currency."

Together they've experienced that giving back is one of the secrets to happiness?

For more information go to [url removed, login to view] | Super: Olga's book cove

Super: Endorsed by -

Mark Victor Hansen & John Grey

Happy video or stills of Joe and Olga together? |

Habilidades: Animação, Arte & Artesanato, Videografia

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