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I am looking for graphics to use in Flash AS3 to create a "Race Viewer" for my website. My website is, essentially, a virtual thoroughbred horse racing game (with the jockeys on the backs of the horses, not in the sulkies). The Race Viewer itself displays replays of races and I will be doing the programming aspect of everything, I am just looking for the animations and graphics.

I would like to receive all images in PSD format for use in Photoshop. Each individual component will need to be in separate layers, but I will get into more detail on that and assist with the horse terminology.

The main component of the race viewer are the horses. I will need an animated race horse with a jockey on its back in 7 different coat colors. I would also like the jockey to either be broken down into numerous layers for potential re-positioning or a secondary horse animation with the jockey riding more vigorously.

I also need background images that would work seamlessly with itself. I need the background to scroll as the horses race over it so it is important it can do so without the start and finish of the image being obvious. I need both dirt and turf courses, along with an inside railing and possibly some turf to show the bottom of the inside of the track.

I also need a starting gate image with closed and open doors.

At a reasonable price, I would also be interested in some user interface graphics to give a more exciting and professional look to the entire viewer when there are listings of the entrants and results, as well as the fractional times while the race is running.

## Deliverables

My present website is located at [url removed, login to view] and you can find our very primitive looking Race Viewer there. I would essentially like a similar layout, but I would like it to be far more professional looking with much higher quality and more detailed graphics. My rival is [url removed, login to view] and while I am not necessarily looking for 3D graphics (I may be if the price is right), I would like something that would be competitive.

For the horse animation graphics I will compile the animation itself within Flash, so I am looking for all of the frames of the animation in photoshop. I would like these to be fairly realistic looking and I would like to be a part of the whole design process to ensure accuracy, as I am an ex-jockey myself.

I will need the following 6 coat colors and can provide examples of each to ensure accuracy: Bay; Black; Chestnut; Dark Bay/Brown; Grey/Roan; Palomino. Bay will be a slightly lighter version of Dark Bay/Brown and Grey/Roan will be a light grey color. The horses should be on their right lead (their right foreleg extends the furthest) and their movement should closely mimic that of an actual racehorse running in a race full out. Something similar to the image shown in my current race viewer for the horses with regard to their movement would be good.

I will also need the saddle cloths under the saddles of each horse to be a separate layer. There are 17 post positions available and I will need them to be the following colors for each:

1. Red with White Text

2. White with Black Text

3. Blue with White Text

4. Yellow with Black Text

5. Green with White Text

6. Black with Yellow Text

7. Orange with Black Text

8. Pink with Black Text

9. Turquoise with Black Text

10. Purple with White Text

11. Grey with Red Text

12. Lime with Black Text

13. Brown with White Text

14. Maroon with White Text

15. Khaki with Black Text

16. Copen Blue with White Text

17. Navy with White Text

The jockey itself can have black boots (possibly with red trim at the top for what would be about an inch if it was in real life, though that is optional), white pants and dark blue racing silks. I will likely bring in a silk feature in the future but would like all silks to remain the same now. They will be Caucasian and will have helmets of the same color with the "chin strap" being black. I want all parts of the jockey to be individual, from their lower legs, upper legs, torso, head, upper arms, lower arms and hands. This way I can position the jockey and create alternate animations with it.

I will also need a dirt and turf background, which should be seamless and allow me to have it "scroll" from one side to the other and meet with its beginning to show a seamless animation of the background moving. I would like an inner rail in white (with shadows for a 3D effect) near the top and grass to be on the other side where the bottom of the rail meets the track as the "infield" of the track will be grass. The infield can extend to the top of the viewer. I would like the dirt and turf to look somewhat realistic and not just a poorly put together green or brown block.

I also need a starting gate image. If you view my race viewer, you will see at the start of the race all of the horses are in this black contraption. That is supposed to be the starting gates. I would like something more realistic, possibly in a dark green or gray color, that would have shading to make it look a little 3D. I would like one version of the gates with them closed (the gates form a V if looking from a birds-eye view to give an example of how it works) and then when they spring open and are then perpendicular to the gate itself. There are many examples of how these look and how these work on YouTube and I expect it to hold the horses in place properly so they look like they fit within the gate. I would likely simply layer the entire gate image over top of all of the horses, too.

I would also like some User Interface images. I have another website at [url removed, login to view] that has a sample of its race viewer available. You will notice at the beginning it shows a description of the race and offers a "Watch Now" button. I would like something sleek and professional looking for this. Essentially, I would like one box where I could display information (be it race information, entries or results) and a button that says "Watch Race." I would also like a bar of some sort that would be displayed at the bottom of the race viewer, below the horses, and would contain text data of the fractions of the race and various other things. The colors of Equination are greys, medium to dark blues and medium to dark reds and I would like to stay along those lines.

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