Article Spinning - (text provided, no writing from scratch!)

This is a unique article writing job. The articles will be provided to the freelancer.

I will provide you with PART A and you will turn it into PART B by spinnning. Here are the requirements:

- Spinning characters { and | must be used correctly. See the attached document "how to spin an article".

- The three keywords at the top need to appear in their respective paragraph UNSPUN at least once. UNSPUN means that the words are not within the brackets. Example: The Turbo Booster {is|definitely is} {extremely|very} fast. Turbo Booster is UNPSUN in that example.

- Each paragraph in the Part B section needs to have at least 6 lines, make sure WORD WRAP is slected from the format menu in Notepad.

- Do your best to spin every word at least once. Obviously not all words can be spun; that is understood.

- The documents will be provided to the freelancer in Notepad. The finished product needs to be a Notepad document including the original PART A and the spin job, PART B.

- The winning bidder MUST complete the spin job in "test spin job" in order to be hired! I need to know if you can do what I need done. This job consists of 20 spin jobs. Set your bid based on your price per spin job times 20. ($2 per article X 20 articles = $40 bid)

Example Spin Job. (PART A provided by me, PART B completed by the freelancer)


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The Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill is specifically designed for people who want the convenience of a treadmill in their home, but who lack enough space to have a treadmill constantly in place. The treadmill is designed to store either upright or flat. When upright you can store it against a wall or in a closet. When folded flat you can store under many beds.

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The Riddex Plug In Pest Repeller Unit L1112 {converts|turns|switches} your {property|house|home|property's wiring|house's wiring|home's wiring} into a pest {repellent|repellant} {shield|force shield|force-shield|force-field|force field}. {Merely|Simply} plug Riddex into any {electrical outlet|outlet|electrical socket|socket} and it will send out {pulses|electric puleses|electrical pulses} {that will|that'll} {clear|cleanse|rid} your {home|house|residence|property|dwelling|living area} of almost any {animal pest|pest}. Riddex Plus is {excellent|perfect} for {rats, cockroaches, insects, and mice|rats, insects, mice, and cockroaches|rats, mice, cockroaches, and insects}. Riddex Plus {comes with|includes} a {built in|built-in} night light and {uses|features} {the patented|a patented} {digital-pulse|digital pulse} technology.

The horizon evolve sg compact treadmill is {constructed|built|designed|specifically designed} for people who {seek|want} the convenience of a treadmill {in their house|in their home}, but who lack {the space|room|ample space|enough space} to have a treadmill {in place|constantly in place}. The {horizon sg|horizon sg compact|horizon evolve sg compact treadmill} is {constructed|built|designed|specifically designed} to {be stored|store} either {flat or upright|upright or flat}. When {the SG is upright|the treadmill is upright|upright} you {might|may|can} store it against a wall or in a closet. When {the SG is folded flat|the treadmill is folded flat|folded flat} you {might|may|can} store {the treadmill|the SG|it} under {beds|many beds|most beds}.

The {most effective|best} {manner|method|way} to get rid of mice is to make your {home|house|residence|property|dwelling|living area} as uninviting to them as you can. Before you {put|throw} {some poison down|down some poison}, {ensure|be sure|make sure} {that you|you} {know|comprehend|understand} how to keep mice {out of your house|out of your home|off your property|out} with {natural mice {repellent|repellant}|natural forms of mice {repellent|repellant}}. Cleaning your {home|house|property|room} is the {very first step|first step} {to|in|towards} getting rid of mice. {Keeping|Maintaining} a clean kitchen will {help|also help} you get rid of mice, as you will {restrict|limit|control} their source of {food|foods}.

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