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my name is steven, I would like to have a similarity web like this done: very much like this [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view], please give me the price? thank Steven

Status: Open

Budget: $3000-12000

Created: 12/3/2008 at 19:28 EST

Bidding Ends: 12/17/2008 at 19:28 EST (1 day left)

Project Creator: amitkapoor

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Description: Dear Designer,

My name is Amit Kapoor, an investor into online food ordering services. I need the following website to be done which will be launched in 4 different countries in quarterly phases.

I got your details from website and have submitted my requirements below. Please go through it and answer my question questions at the bottom of the page and let me know the breakdown cost and time for preparing the website in USD.

Project Name : - Online Food ordering

A breif description of the project is as fallows.

1 Backgroun

ONLY FOOD will have member restaurants, whose menu cards will be available online. The service will work in a manner that suits even the most layman and non-IT savvy restaurants. Radius search will be provided to locate restaurants also google interactive map search will also be needed to narrow down the seach. Restaurant menu will be defined in admin panel and directly on the website as well. Customers can place online orders and restaurants get notified by fax , email and SMS. Restaurants fulfill orders in either pickup or delivery mode with payment done either on delivery or by credit card over the website. Online payments are disbursed by wire transfer to restaurant bank account. Fees for the service is either billed fortnightly or deducted from online payments or a Direct Debit Mandate is setup. Several MIS reports are required in admin panel and order activity can be tracked. Returning customers get a login account as well as autopopulated form at checkout. SEO needs to be built into the project. Automated [url removed, login to view] submission is suggested. The site is needed with ASP.Net 2.0 and database can be MS SQL Server 2005 or MYSQL 5. This site will be designed as multinational portal SMS alerts have to be incorporated. I have done a capability analysis below and then giving an estimation sheet where feature lists are provided for a version of the site.

So how does Only-Food works !! !!

All we ask from restaurant owners, is to provide your menu card and other details such as opening hours and delivery areas, etc. This information is consolidated to build a separate homepage for the restaurant. Customers can then search these restaurants according through post code or the area they live in and select whatever they want to order from their menu card.

When a customer submits an order, it is instantly sent to the restaurant by Fax or Text Message or email or all three ways. This is then followed by a check from the call center team based in India to confirm the order with our customer service guys. The whole process only takes few seconds.

How do restaurants receive their orders ?'

They Receive their orders though Fax, Email and SMS.!

How does customer gets a conformation ?

They get an email invoice when the order Is accepted. They also can get an SMS if they provide us their mobile number.

How do Restaurant owners get their money from Just Food Customers ?

Customers who order Online can either pay on delivery, or they can pay online with a credit or debit card.

When customers pay on delivery, the delivery driver collects the money - just like normal. We keep a record of how every customer pays, and after every 15 days we will send them a full invoice showing exactly what payments have been made. A Direct Debit Mandate needed to be setup here

Customers can also choose to pay by card online. Our Streamline guarantees these payments, meaning orders are 100% protected from charge backs. The money takes 5-7 days to clear through our processor, and is then transferred to your nominated bank account of the restaurant owner through wire transfer.

I have not selected the payment gateway provider. Programming team has to work on this and include in the charges

How will Just Food Website work ?

A user visits [url removed, login to view] to place his order for various food items. He enters the postcode radius search or searches from the Google interactive map or from the drop down menu placed on the home page so that the nearest Only-food restaurants are displayed.

The user then browses the menu cards of the restaurants and selects the food items he wishes to buy and then places his order online. Once the user confirms the order, he/she gets a confirmation receipt by email and sms detailing his order.

The Only-food restaurant immediately receives the order by fax or sms or email or all three. Once the order is executed, the restaurant immediately marks the order status as delivered.

Only-food then pays the restaurant every week after deducting the commission as decided.

Techinical Stuff about software and its process

Capability Analysis

In this section, I have listed the capabilities which the site will provide for the various user types like site visitors portal, customers portal, restaurants portal and employee / administration staff portal.

Visitors Portal :- Here the customers need not be registered with us. He can browse and order food for the first time without entering his login details. After his first order he can use the same email details to earn points on every order or decide to create a new account with a new email address. This is basically where he can browse through and get a feel of out website and restaurant menu details without the need to log in.

Customer Portal :- is the public site where first time visitors can search restaurants of their liking and read about the service. Customers can do a variety of actions and the capabilities that the front end portal will offer are listed below:

CP1 Home Page will have a contemporary but fun design with informational pages about the service ( I have a design layout ready and will produce after the first quote)

CP2 There will be an advertisement banner on the top in header area and another side box for advertisement in right side. Advertisements will appear by rotation and views / clicks will be tracked. Advertising can be linked to IP address and postal codes so that particular type of customer can view a specific add. ( this will be used in phase 2)

CP3 There will be a section on home page for featured restaurants on lower right handside of the home page and inner pages. Featured Restaurants will appear by rotation and views / clicks will be tracked. Featured Restaurants can be linked to IP address and postal codes so that customer only on those postcode can see those restaurants.

CP4 There will be an area on home page where the site visitor can search for

restaurants by interactive google map and / or by using a post code form search with radius search and / or with criteria like cuisine or pickup only / delivery support and / or drop down menu to narrow search by city, crusine, restaurant etc. Search results will display on next page as a paginated list of restaurants which can be clicked to view profile or menu card

CP5 Visitors can fill a registration form on checkout to become registered customers. This form will be simple but will NOT require email verification and will have CAPTCHA security. User name can be email address or his phone number.

CP6 Customers can change the language on the site and browser cookies will be used

to remember the selection. ( a link from a website translator can be used in this case, will save time and money)

CP8 Customers get a drill down by province, county and city and cuisine leading to a list of restaurants through a drop down menu on home and inner pages

CP9 Registered Customers can login, logout, change password and recover lost password

CP10 Registered Customers can update their general profile including contact details, list of delivery addresses and list of credit cards

CP11 Registered Customers will automatically received (once logged in) a maintained list of favorite restaurants and select a restaurant anytime to initiate an online meal order

CP12 Registered Customers will automatically received (once logged in) a maintained a list of favorite orders and repeat any of these orders or import into the order tray for further modification

CP13 Registered Customers can be assigned an account to manage their own groups and have a administrator login for each of the groups. These are typically office employees in various departments with an assigned budget who want to order lunch or snacks together. Group can have one or more administrators who can act on behalf of the group. Will be done in phase 2

CP14 Registered customers can select any restaurant and start an order to view the menu card with sections, categories and items (with optional add-ons). Items with add-ons can be added to order tray and quantities can be edited. Similar process applies to group orders except that individuals add their items and the list is consolidated before final checkout by group administrator

CP15 Registered customers fill a checkout form and choose their credit card (else they can choose to pay while pickup or on delivery if restaurant settings permit) and delivery address on file (if applicable or choose pickup option). Customers can specify timing of delivery or select ASAP.

Credit card payment gateway provider needs to be selected. Please include the price in your quote.

CP16 Registered customers can view their order history and order details through their loggin

CP17 Customers can leave feedback and give a rating to restaurants on which they have

placed orders. Average rating as well as the list of review comments is visible in restaurant profile. Restaurants can request ONLY FOOD site administrator to remove any objectionable comments.

CP18 Registered Customers can book a table at a restaurant and view confirmation or cancel the reservation anytime (Just need a simple form – Further developments will happen in phase 2)

CP19 Some restaurants may provide the party option and registered customers can book a party with advance deposit if needed and also select the food package / specify number of guests (range). Payment can be made either at the restaurant after the party or some restaurants may want advance payment online while booking the party. There may be an option to cancel the booking based on settings and terms. (Just need a simple form – Further developments will happen in phase 2)

CP20 Some restaurants may provide the Tiffin option and registered customers can

book Tiffin for a week or month with advance deposit if needed and also select the food package. Payment can be made either on delivery / pickup or some restaurants may want advance payment online while booking the Tiffin. There may be an option to cancel the booking based on settings and terms.

CP21 Some restaurants may provide gift vouchers for sale and registered customers can buy gift vouchers with credit card payment and delivery to an address of their choice. (Just need a simple form – Further developments will happen in phase 2)

CP22 Some restaurants may give reward points based on order billing and customers can see a summary of their reward points. Reward points may be used to buy gift vouchers.

CP23 SMS Alerts and email and fax notifications will be sent when key events like payment or order checkout happen, The programmer needs to provide a SMS gateway provider and Fax gateway provider for such type of services. Please include the respective cost in your quotation.

CP24 Limited flash animation will be provided on home page to make the site more appealing.

CP25 Customer can also place a order by SMS and proper system needs to be integrated here.

CP26 Submit feedback about ONLY FOOD service

CP27 Customers with get a live chat text messenger to talk with admin or customer

service staff of ONLY FOOD

Restaurant Portal is the back office login for a restaurant which will also be accessible through a shadow login facility to the site admin staff. In this area, the restaurant can manage its profile as well menu card in addition to settings for table reservations and parties. The capabilities offered by this section to member restaurants are listed below:

RP1 Authentication including login, logout, recover lost password and change password

RP2 Restaurants can request for participation in banner advertising by choosing one of the available plans and pay using credit card. They can track views and hits on their advertisements.

They can also request for participation in Top Placement on the website by choosing one of the available plans and pay using credit card. They can track views and measure the order difference here.

RP3 Restaurants can request for participation in featured restaurant listing and pay using credit card. They can track views and hits on their home page featured listings.

RP4 Restaurants can manage their public profile and the menu card with add-on options. There will be settings like hours of operation, pickup option, delivery option and radius of operation, logo changing, minimum order / delivery price option.

RP5 Restaurants can choose the default currency in which they prefer all transactions (latter)

RP6 Restaurants can select the default languages that they want to support and provide (latter)

a menu card / public profile for each language.

RP7 Restaurants can update their general profile including contact details, bank account details and list of credit cards and Direct Debit details

RP8 Restaurants can view summary statistics of activity related to their restaurant. (Like order log, payment log, subscription fee, commission pay to Only [url removed, login to view], etc.

RP9 Restaurants can view their new or pending orders and also get notified by email and sms

and fax whenever any new order is placed

RP10 Restaurants can view their payment records and make any payments due to

ONLY FOOD for orders where the customer paid the restaurant directly. ONLY FOOD will transfer funds to restaurants by ACH or wire transfer at a set frequency (bi-weekly) and restaurants can see the record of such transfers.

RP11 Restaurants can use Interactive Voice Response facility to dial a phone number and confirm the status of an order. Order status will automatically get updated in web application for all to see. (If you don't understand then please discuss this in detail in our telephonic conversation)

RP12 Restaurants view their order history and order details

RP13 Restaurants can view their average rating as well as the list of review comments

given by customers and which is visible in restaurant profile. Restaurants can request ONLY FOOD site administrator to remove any objectionable comments.

RP14 Restaurants can specify whether they wish to entertain online reservations and can confirm or deny reservation requests. Restaurants will be notified by email and fax whenever any reservation is booked or cancelled. Restaurants can view a summary list of reservations by date and time.

RP15 Restaurants can specify whether they wish to allow parties and can setup food packages and rates for parties. They can confirm or deny reservation requests. Restaurants will be notified by email and fax whenever any party reservation is booked or cancelled. Restaurants can view a summary list of party reservations by date and time.

RP16 Restaurants can specify whether they wish to provide Tiffin option and can setup food packages and rates for Tiffin. Restaurants will be notified by email and fax whenever any Tiffin is booked or cancelled. Restaurants can view a summary list of Tiffin orders by date and time.

RP17 Restaurants can view the summary of gift card purchases.

RP18 Restaurants can view the summary of reward points earned and used by various


RP19 Restaurants can blacklist a particular customer or IP address, home address, email address, phone number etc and such customers will be prevented from placing any further orders on the restaurant. However the ultimate control will be through Admin Panet if they want to release the block.

RP20 Setup VAT and any other taxes applicable on food and beverages. These rates

may vary across states and regions.

Admin Panel is the control panel for the super user and any admin staff to whom specific rights are delegated. Users, permissions, content and settings can be managed from this section. Order activity and site statistics can be viewed in admin panel. The list of features in the admin control panel is listed below: Deligation of rights is imperial here.

AP1 Authentication including login, logout and change password

AP2 Manage content of informational pages on home site with a WYSIWYG interface

(FCK Editor script)

AP3 Manage the news and highlights published on the home page

AP4 Manage featured listings published on home page

AP5 Manage advertising in top banner and side box on home page and inner pages (if

required). This advertising can be linked to IP address and zip code radius and views / hits will be tracked.

AP6 View a summary dashboard about the overall activity on the site

AP7 View detailed site statistics about events on the site

AP8 Create new restaurants and manage restaurants through shadow login facility

AP9 Manage customers through shadow login facility

AP10 Send an email or SMS or fax alert to any customer or restaurant

AP11 Create sub-admin users and selectively delegate rights in admin panel

AP12 Manage lookup options for all choices in drop down boxes within forms.

AP13 Update default settings related to email notifications or SMS or fax alerts which apply

all over the site.

AP14 Manage the rates for advertising and subscription on the site

AP15 Manage the rates for percent commissions charged, joining fees paid upfront, merchandise purchase, etc to restaurants for orders on the site

AP16 Send invoices to restaurants for offline purchases where customers did not pay

through the site with credit card. Direct Debit needs to be setup here.

AP17 View a log of all incoming and outgoing payments by time and date range,

AP18 View and track the periodic transfers made to restaurants by bank wire transfer or

ACH or manual checks

AP19 SSL security and encryption of credit card details while storing in database table

is essential. PCI compliance and shielding against SQL injection vulnerability is required.

Payment gateway provider needs to be slected here.

AP20 Automatic generation and submission of URL List and SITEMAP XML to Google and Yahoo search engines

AP21 Integration with Google Analytics to understand sources of site visitors

AP22 Automatically generated trend reports for analyzing internal site statistics. • Restaurants and items which can be sorted by value and date range.

• Fake orders with customer name, number and order value.

• Pending payments to be made to restaurants, highlighting the payments which have exceeded the due date.

• Report with details analysis of repeat customers, particular age group customer, particular postcode or area customer etc

• List of all blacklisted customers & their IP address for restaurants.

• List of all deleted restaurants or temporary offline restaurant.

• List of all merchanside purchased by the restaurant.

• List of all sales guys and revenue bough into the company as joining fee from restaurant or commission paid on every order

AP23 Integration to merchant gateway to accept online credit card payments

AP24 ACH transfer of cumulative daily or weekly payments to bank accounts of restaurants is done. Hence restaurant bank account status verification must be provided. I can do this manually or by exporting a CSV list of required transfers,

AP25 View feedback submitted by customers about ONLY FOOD service. There will be an option to reply such feedback and / or publish on home page.

AP26 Live Chat admin messenger window

AP27 Admin can maintain the list of currencies and exchange rates which must be

updated frequently.

AP28 Admin can upload / update the language master to support multi-language labels

on site

Some extra points added for consider of your quote

1) order by sms are welcome, you might have to integrate the admin panel in such a way that customer support staff can view the sms on their screen and will call them to conform or clarify their order and address.

2) Orders on telephone are also welcome, (any idea's ???? please sugest how the process wil flow ?

3) Microsoft Vista Sidebar (You can place the order from the sidebar instead of going to the website) Can this sort of a software be integrated on our website ?

4) A mobile version of the solution needs to be developed, so user can order it from their mobile phone.

5) An administrative console where the admin can keep track of all the real time transaction, can also do it using his windows smart phone device or Iphone ?



Only-food will be able to extract/print reports :

1) Orders listed as per restaurants & items, sorted by value, date range.

2) No. & value of fake orders.

3) Analysis of repeat customers.

4) Pending payments to be made to restaurants highlighting the payments which have exceeded the due date.

5) Print weekly, monthly, quarterly commission statements.

6) Any other customized reports as required.

7) Analysis of customers ordering history by postcode, area, city, crusine etc.

8) Performance analysis of sales guys (joining fee, revenue, merchandise sale and commission generated)

Restaurants will be able to extract/print reports :

1) Orders listed as per items, sorted by value, date range.

2) No. & value of fake orders.

3) Payments due from Only-food.

4) Any other customized reports as required.

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

SEO including keywords to be promoted on all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, AOL, MSN, AlltheWeb, Netscape & Earthlink. The Search Engine Rankings will be monitored on a continuous basis and a monthly report on the status of the ranking (like the one shown below) for various keywords will be mailed.

SEO work should start during the development of the web solution and keywords such as UK restaurants, order food online, Indian restaurants in London, Home food delivery, Free home delivery, pizza delivery and many more etc should be used for SEO optimisazation.

Please visit [url removed, login to view] or www.hungryhouse.co.uk. To get an idea of how things works .

I want to site with a replica of [url removed, login to view]

Some Questions answered will help me take my decision quickly:

(1) Approximately how long will it take to make the beta version ?

(2) How many programmers will be working on the webite ?

(3) I need a full time regular employee to monitor orders and chages to my website on daily basis. How much will you charge for that approximately. ?

(4) Will you be able to make bulk website for small resturants owners and how much will it charge (it will be four page simple html website which i will give restaurants owner for free ...How much will you charge per website ? or Can you design a software where once clicked will get different layout but same concept website ? In this application, I will be able to select the template, change the colors of the different area (background, buttons, header etc), populate with the content and pictures in a bulk way 9say 25 – 30 different templates can be created through admin panel.

(5) Have you done a similar kind of a website ? If yes then can I have a URL link or a demo version ?

(6) Im Based in London, do you have your representative based in London or UK for discussion if I have to award the project to you ?

(7) How many months of free service will you provide for such type of project, if there are any correction or bugs ?

(8) Whats your hour rate once the website is done and if I need to make certain changes or implement phase 2 or launch in another country ? (Rough idea about the price is expected)

10)What are your payments terms and conditions ?

11) Im also interested in sms and email marketing. Any Suggestion or quote welcome

12) Im planning to setup up a small call centre (to take a pass orders). Please let me know if you can help me in this as well and if yes then how much would it cost approximately. ?

13) Please pass me your contact details to contact you if further clarification is required or if i have to award the contract to you .

14) Lastly how much will it cost in total with all gateway integration etc (Approximate figure) A break down of the cost would be Lovely

Once again thanks you so much for your time and efforts ?

Once I receive your quote I will get back to you straight away .


Amit Kapoor

Ps: Remember time and quality is imperial.

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