glasses website with virtual mirror

I need some one to set up an ecommerce website (to sell spectacles) for me,

It needs to be customiseable with the option of it being uploaded onto its own domain, I own several glasses domain names that I want to use with different opticians. I also want to be able to use subdomains on one or two of the sites so People can buy direct from my site by selling from their subdomain on my site. It need to be able to link into my database, but needs to customiseable so they can put their own logo on it and change the prices to what they want to charge or hide the prices. It needs the full ecommerce back end so I can see order details and change them, send automated emails for each stage of the purchasing and processing process and do automated emails for marketing etc.

My web developer has spent well over a year now and it still isn’t functional. He has fallen out with 2 of his flash developers. The layout and design and text is almost there with some tweaks needed on functionality.

The basis of what I want is on [url removed, login to view]

The test site is on [url removed, login to view]

It was based on [url removed, login to view] though he seems to have missed out somethings. Hopefully it is now far enough detached to be different. If you have any ideas or suggestions you would want to add they are welcome. Admittedly this will be after you have won the contract.

I have some of the flash files for the styling mirror. As you can see the frame on 11034 metal frame changes the frame colour on using the tints and opacity.

The photos are not loading when you try to, but it gives an idea of what it should be like. Unfortunately as it doesn’t work it is no use to me in its present state.

The opacity scale is wrong as where they have put none there is full opacity. So this needs to say 100%.

The “back to the top buttons” on the site, I asked him to put on look naff, I would like a good looking button.

Tint colours need to be grey, brown. amber, green, blue, rose

I want a Styling room Box to put selected frames in and also a way to get searched frames into this box (maybe an option to add them from search area).

The Ideas are also from

[url removed, login to view]

I would like an option to increase the number of test faces to upload. Also to be able to reset the frame position to centre after moving it around.

Frames to be centred over the face as they upload and to enlarge reduce over the bridge of the frames.

I also would like the lens details and pic of frame on this page as well.

The flash construction site is still present at:

[url removed, login to view]

this show the frames with the basic glaze look with no tint I prefer this to the one on [url removed, login to view] (i.e, standard CS10001) and a demonstration of the tints on the

premium frame model cs10008.

I would like them to only need to Register at the end when they are about to buy the specs not at the beginning as it puts people off as they have to register to view the site. It often means they move onto another website where you don’t have to.

There are certain lens combinations that are not allowed as they don’t exist or you get something included free in the price, so you don’t want to charge them for it again. (i.e, thinner lenses come with anti reflection coating included in the price.

On ordering a lens with a combined lens power of Sphere and Cylinder combined that is over +6 or -6 then they have to have thinner lenses and this option box needs to be checked as default.

I need to be able to change these options if possible. I also need to be able to add/remove the lens types and options along with their prices.

This is reconfirmed below.

I need it integrated with protx as the secure payment company and uploaded onto my domain. Though with instructions I can probably to this

I have access to adobe cs2, dreamweaver 8 and flash 8 pro, I can bumble my way through quite a bit in CS2, attempt some dreamweaver (unless there is another way to edit the text and pictures), though I am not too familiar with flash. So any thing needs very simple instructions with screen grabs where appropriate or preferable video screen grabs.

Here below is a page by page guide to make things easier. Most are just slight changes to the web pages I have asked you to clone it from.

Page by page guide

Index page,

Accor and NHS vouchers need to be linked to the section on the how to order page and a bit on NHS vouchers needs to be added.

The basket area seems alright, I would like the view button to be moved to make it smaller and put at the top after the “your basket”. The delivery charge also needs to be added to this area once they have chosen their delivery option. The developer at the moment says he cannot make the frames and lenses count as one object (even though other sites can) I require the option of a frame with or without lenses to count as one item as it looks strange to order a pair of glasses and have it called 2 items.

The lens replacement link needs to go to an uploadable file with the lens options on it and the type of frame they want the lenses fitted into. Unless you can come up with a better way of doing it. Example at the bottom of the page.

Eye care products needs to go to a page like the one on [url removed, login to view] with the drop down list of choices that I can add to, then linked onto the page with the products and the option choices in drop down form if appropriate.

I need a drop down heading for ready readers with options on the drop down for different types of frames like [url removed, login to view]

Then on the ready readers page they need the choice of colours and lens power (the lens power will be the same for both lenses going from +1.00 to +4.00 in 0.25 increments as on the ready readers page with the lens power option being the powers as above. (like on thespecsplace)

I need to be able to add and remove the options on the links from this page or at least hide them.

I want a similar Accessories drop down with a similar page that it links to, like this one with numerous options to be able to be added to it. Also a Sports Specs drop down option with the ability to add and remove different sports. (like thespecsplace)

The flash on the first page is alright but the writing is tacky can this be changed/smartened up and can there be an easy way to change the flash and either replace it with a static picture or a new flash image.

I also need to be able to change the 6 linked pictures on the front page.

The get lenses in your own frame goes to the same place as the lens replacement option on the side drop down. (probably an uploadable file like the one at the bottom of this document)

Order a designer frame needs to go to a place where they can state which frame they with to order. This could be the contact page with the drop down option preselected.

The information drop downs seem to be alright so can be copied as is.

The search box and log in area are self explanatory.

FAQ’s is okay as is.

The contact us can remain similar, I need to give you the real contact details, numbers etc. I will be able to get the domain name back onto my hosting provider once I have parted ways with my original developer. I have other domains that it can be formulated for in the meantime.

The styling room needs to be smartened up. The dimensions are correct from this page.

There needs to be pictures of shapes of faces and skin colour hair colour to help people decide which frames suit them.

The about us page is correct.

The how to order is fine except that I need to add a bit about NHS vouchers.

Corporate eye care is fine.

The styling mirror pop up is fine text wise though it would probably be better to have it smaller so they can still see the styling mirror page behind it.

On Selecting a frame there are 3 choices one is to send it to the virtual mirror, one is to view detail and the other is to buy it, i.e, go onto the prescription page.

More info button leads to a page with all the frame information on it as in the website at present. And a choice of frame colours with a change in the photo with each new colour chosen. These images need to be the same size either automatically sorted by the programme or let me know what size I need to make the pictures.

The tick box to buy the frames alone is still required.

The continue button leads onto the prescription page.

On the prescription page could the left and right be swapped around. As all the prescriptions I have seen have the right lens power on the left hand side of the page so it reduces the confusion for the customers.

The pop up warning when they select a lens with the total value of the sphere and the cylinder (when added together) being greater then 6 either + or – and the thin lens box on the lens detail page needs to be ticked as default.

The lens details page is fine. The 1.8 refractive index box is not needed. I need to be able to add and remove options for each box and change the text associated with the box and the writing next to it.

The pop up boxes and the cancelling of some of the options on selecting others is correct on the page, but I need a way to change it later if new lens techniques allow different combinations of lenses. Also the pop up if they try to go to the checkout without chosing a lens option if they have chosen lenses for the frame.

The choice of Eye care products on this page allows for upselling and is a feature I want to keep.

The Basket page is good, but the fact they have to register here is a bit too early and I would prefer that they register just before they have to put in their payment details.

The registration page seems alright, but could you remove reverend and viscount.

Keeping the box to tick to register for new offer email, with the option for me to change this text.

After logging on the save and checkout button are good, but a continue shopping button needs to be added.

The basket page he has produced here would be fine to have as the ordinary basket page, the delivery options and charges is good and I need to be able to change these. On this site the delivery charges reset themselves on changing the page, I would like them to stay until they are actively changed by the customer.

The inputting of a voucher here is good so I would like that to stay. Along with the terms and conditions. And the tick box.

The next payment page is part of secure hosting. I would like to use protx and I am sure they have the same payment pages.

Could the continue shopping button and the Checkout button be put level and the button be changed to continue to checkout.

The default pop ups need to stay, i,e. you need to chose a delivery option and accept the terms and conditions.

The programme needs to not only be able to have linked orders from subdomains and other domains, but I also need to be able to upload it from scratch to a different domain with out any links or data from the previous domain and hence act as a stand alone programme on this/these other domain/s.

I would also like to have:

Recently viewed items.

Tell (email) a friend.


And to be able to add and remove colour options from the database.

And to add/change RRP and price and savings.

The uploading a prescription needs to be included an example is like this one on thespecsplace site.

Lens Prescription

Price so far : £34.99

You will need a copy of your prescription to proceed with your order.

• Date of Birth - We cannot make glasses for anyone under the age of 18. Please do not order glasses on behalf of a minor.

• Prescription Date - Your prescription must have been issued within the last two years.

Dates must be entered as DD/MM/YYYY.

Date of Birth :

(you must be over 18)

Prescription Date :

(must be within the last two years)

Is Pupillary Distance (PD) shown on your prescription? Yes No

Don't worry if your Pupillary Distance (PD) is not shown on your prescription form. Our optician can take the measurement for you from a suitable photograph. You will need a digital camera or a mobile phone camera. NB: Your PD must be measured by an eyecare professional - please don't try to measure it yourself.

How do you want to send your prescription? : Upload




Image to Upload :

To use Upload or Email, you need a scanner or digital camera. If you upload a file there may be a short delay.

Please do not type your prescription into an email - we require the original document or a copy of it. Our email address, postal address and fax number are displayed on the order confirmation page.

I need to be shown/told How to Move it onto my server domain and what to do to upload it as a new domain to get all the links to work appropriately and how to load it up to a subdomain.(i.e, how to change the links to the new ones, I am sure it will be a easy) I have managed to get my own website up and running and loaded it to my hosting provider myself, but ecommerce is not something I am familiar with.

Demonstration of each facility either screen grabs or video grabs.

Flash how to upload


% discount of second pair,

buy one get one free. But 2 get 3rd free.

% discount off whole order

% discount off cheapest frame.



Our reglazing service lets you put new lenses in your existing frame. If you have a frame you would like to keep we can put new prescription lenses into it. We can also reglaze bi-focal and vari-focal lenses if you can supply a pair that already has bi/vari-focal lenses as we can get the necessary measurements from the old lenses.

Please select the type of frame you wish to have reglazed. (full frame metal and plastic 10.00)

Semi rimless 20.00

Rimless 30.00

Please Note: We cannot guarantee we will be able to reglaze a frame until we receive it, and you will not be billed until this is confirmed. We also recommend you send any valuable frames by special/recorded delivery as we cannot be held responsible for losses in the mail system.


All high index lenses come with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings. We also offer photochromic (darkens in the light) for all-round UVA and UVB protection.

If you have a pair of rimless frames we strongly recommend polycarbonate lenses as they're a lot tougher than standard lenses.

Lens Type





Standard (CR39) ?0.00



from ?29.00

Anti-Reflective Coated ?12.00


Polycarbonate (tougher lenses) ?20.00


Thinner Lenses - with anti-reflective and hard coating as standard

1.6 index stock

(approx 30% thinner) ?30.00


1.6 index surfaced (approx 30% thinner) ?50.00


1.67 index stock

(approx 50% thinner) 60.00


Photochromic - light reactive lenses

Photo-Chromics - Grey 25.00


Photo-Chromics - Brown ?25.00



No Tint Required All tints just ?8.00

We provide a full range of tints but if you want anything you don't see on offer just drop us an email.

Please Note: Only Standard CR39 and Hard-Coated lenses can be tinted.

Light Tint

Medium Tint



We can provide for over 95% of all prescriptions, unfortunately we can't handle vari-focals because we'd need to take measurements with the frame being work to ensure correct glazing. We can reglaze bi-focals if you send us frames with bi-focal lenses.

If you have difficulty entering your details please email

Prescription Entry:

ONLINE as below

By FAX to +44 (0)????????????

By EMAIL to [url removed, login to view]

Name on Prescription:

Sphere Cylinder Axis Add (Reading) P.D.


LEFT eye

Habilidades: Adobe Flash, ASP

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