Children's Theater Performance Lighting & Sound

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I'm looking to add to our production some outstanding and engaging elements by hiring a sound and light technician for our children's theater performance.

- Current equipment: We already have a spotlight, par lights and other lighting equipment.

- Sound: I need help adding 6-8 individual mics into the current system. Also setting up a speaker for the actors in stage. I have the backing tracks already. I need someone to help set up, run rehearsals and shows.

- Actors: The performance will involve more than 25 child actors in each cast but only 6-8 will have individual mics.

Ideal experience and skills for this role would be someone who has prior experience with children's theater and is comfortable in operating modern lighting and sound equipment, QLab, and managing the complexity of a large performance cast. I invite you to contribute to our cause of educating children through engaging narratives.

Specific dates needed, May 11, May 15 & May 17-18 about 36 hours total for set up, rehearsals and performances

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