batch DNS checker

I require a suitably experienced developer or team to produce a simple application to perform the following:

1. Accept input data from a large text file containing large volumes of domain names (one domain name per line)

2. Perform a DNS check on each domain name to determine:

a. If any NS records exist for that domain name, or

b. If no NS record is found do any DNS records exist for that domain name

If NS record is found, then skip 2.b.

3. Allow export of results/output via .csv file. Results should be presented in columns and indicate:

a. The domain name

b. If NS Record Exists (Y/N)

c. If Any DNS Record Exists (Y/N)


Domain Name: NS Exist: Any DNS Exist:

[url removed, login to view] Y n/a

[url removed, login to view] Y n/a

[url removed, login to view] N Y

[url removed, login to view] N N


4. The application should be able to process large volumes very quickly.

The application should be able to be run from the desktop, or the server.

Please suggest the most appropriate approach, and how you plan to maximise efficiency of the application in order to process large volumes of DNS requests as quickly as possible.

Project success will be determined by user acceptance testing. The successful developer or team should be willing to provide a level of bug fixes or support.

Thank you.


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