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I want a Wifi Monitor software made so users can monitor and find information about their [url removed, login to view] wifi connections. The software has to run on Windows 98SE,Windows ME,Windows XP SP2 and Windows [url removed, login to view] should work with all wireless access points and wireless network [url removed, login to view] just has to be a basic program with no graphics,just a logo for the software icon. I will tell you the name I want for the software.

The software must come with an Installer and Uninstaller.

The program needs to run WITHOUT needing .NET framework.I DON'T want it to use .NET framework.

Also you need to give the software a version number that you add into the binary file.( you need to tell me the version number)

The software WILL automatically disconnect a users wifi connection.

The main thing I want the wifi monitor to do is to tell users how far away in METERS a wifi access point is. The distance in meters will be shown in REAL-Time,so when users move closer or further away,the meters will automatically change. So apart from telling users how strong the wireless signal strength is,is it possible to display how far away the wifi access point is? eg. 12meters,50meters etc??

I also want these things to be displayed aswell,so tell me if each one is possible:

Show the SSID,EVEN if it is Hidden? Can you show hidden SSID's?

Signal strength. eg. 50% etc.

Show the dBi of the antenna a wifi access point is using eg. 4dbi,7dBi etc.

Show the MAC address of the access point,EVEN if it is hidden?

Show what channel the access point is using. eg. channel 1,2,3,4,5,13

Show what rates the access point supports. eg [url removed, login to view],[url removed, login to view],[url removed, login to view]

Show if they are using WEP,WPA,WPA2 or Unsecured.

Show if access point is a PAID public access point or a PRIVATE HOME access [url removed, login to view] the software tell the difference between the two?

Feature that automatically scans all wifi channels(1,2,3,etc) and tells users the BEST channel to use that has the LEAST [url removed, login to view] can rank the channels from BEST to WORST.

Display how long an access point has been online [url removed, login to view] . hours/minutes/seconds.

Display what brand the access point is. eg. Dlink,Linksys etc.

Have a option of when NEW access points come into range,it will play a "beep" [url removed, login to view] can turn this sound ON or OFF.

Automatically check for new access points every 1 minute by default. Users can change this to 2minutes,3minutes,and the maximum will be 10 minutes.

I also want a POPUP box to displayed when users start the program. The popup box cannot be closed until 10 seconds has been. The popup box will say this:

"This software is free and will always be free and you do NOT have to donate any money,but we do appreciate your donations"

Then i want a Moneybookers box( i will give you moneybookers html code) underneath the text telling people to signup for moneybookers(if they already haven't) and email your donation to my email address(i will tell you this).When you first signup for moneybookers you have to verify your credit card in the currency of Euros(only once),so if your credit card doesn't show Euros,just go to google and search for a currency converter".

I need to see a Video DEMO(upload you youtube) of all these features working on at least Windows 98SE or Windows ME,and also need to see these features working on Windows XP and Windows Vista. I pay you after I see the video DEMO.

I pay using GAF escrow only

I said this:

The software WILL automatically disconnect a users wifi connection.

I meant to say this:

The software will NOT disconnect a users wifi connection.

Habilidades: Programação C, Cold Fusion, Visual Basic, Área de trabalho do Windows, Wireless

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